20 Worst Things Kody Has Ever Done To The Sister Wives

TLC’s Sister Wives that premiered in 2010 is a reality show that focuses on plural living. Viewers follow the lives of a polygamous family consisting of four women and one man. Kody is the man at the center of it all and has four wives; Meri, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn. The union with all four women has resulted in 18 beautiful children.

The women live in separate houses with Kody tasked with the job of doing rounds in every home and making sure that the women get equal attention. The women try to get along for the sake of the kids and of course, to please their husband. Kody, on the other hand, does whatever he pleases. He has, on several occasions done things that have offended one or all of his wives but here are 20 instances we think Kody may have crossed the line.

20 He Admitted He Was Not Attracted To Christine

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Christine is the neediest wife out of the four women. The show has also portrayed her as the one who loves Kody the most. Sadly, her husband does not have the same feelings for her. According to intouchweekely.com, Kody is not attracted to Christine. He even gives a story of how her eating repulses him.

19 Prevented Meri From Having More Kids

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Meri, the first sister-wife was unable to have more children after she gave birth to her firstborn daughter. When Robyn came into the family, she offered to be a surrogate for Meri as revealed on cheatsheet.com and gave her hope of becoming a mother a second time. As soon as Kody got wind of the idea, he dismissed it, so Meri has had to be content with just one child.

18 He Admitted Not Being Attracted To Robyn At First

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Although Kody appears fond of his fourth wife more than the other wives, he was not attracted to her when they first met. According to cheatsheet.com, Kody had already formed a certain picture of her in his head. He had labeled her as a soccer mom with kids and a van. Robyn at the time was divorced with three kids and Kody thought she was the last woman he could be attracted to.

17 Refuses To Consult His Wives In Important Decisions

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Kody is the king of the castle and definitely acts like one. He sometimes makes decisions without consulting the sister wives. According to goodhousekeeping.com, he wants to move his family from Nevada to Flagstaff, Arizona. None of the wives are thrilled about the move and neither do they know that he intends on them all living in one house so that he can see all his kids.

16 He Plays Favorites

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Although Kody expects the sister wives to manage their jealousy, sometimes the wives cannot help but be envious of one another. Kody is fond of Robyn and spends a lot of time with her. It is arguably understandable since she is the latest catch but as stated on yahoo.com, the wives do not like it when Kody gives one wife too much attention.

15 Kody Plays With The Boys While The Girls Stay Indoors

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According to cheatsheet.com, Kody is an absentee dad and we can guess why. The wives complain that Kody does not spend meaningful time with them. Now imagine him having to give all his 18 kids one on one time. When he has time, he mostly plays with the boys and makes the girls stay inside the house with the moms.

14 He Divorced Meri To Marry Robyn

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Kody can only be legally married to one wife at a time. The other wives who are not legal wives are his spiritual wives but they have had some form of a wedding ceremony. Robyn came into the family with three kids and for the family to fully recognize the kids as Kody’s he had to divorce his first wife Meri, and give the ring bearer role to Robyn as is explained on babygaga.com. At least that is the reason he gave her.

13 He Married His Ex-Sister-In-Law

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Janelle is Kody’s second wife. Interestingly, Janelle was once married to Meri’s brother. In a funny twist of events, Janelle managed to divorce Meri’s brother and somehow found herself in her ex sister in law’s house and ended up marrying her husband. How that happened still remains perplexing to many of us.

12 He Married His Step Sister

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If you thought Kody marrying his ex-sister in law was weird, how about the fact that he also married his stepsister? As explained by cheatsheet.com, Janelle (yes, it is Janelle again) is Kody’s step-sister. How? Kody’s father is married to Janelle’s mother, which makes their children step siblings. Too weird!

11 He Wanted To Marry His Niece

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If you thought Kody was done being weird, you are highly mistaken. Six years after marrying Robyn, Kody vocalized his interest in wanting to marry a fifth wife. His eyes were set on Robyn’s niece, Mindy Jessop, who as revealed on nickiswift.com was also working as Robyn’s nanny. Of course, Robyn would have none of that and threatened to leave if Kody went ahead with this plan.

10 Kody Could Not Take Good Care Of His Wives

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In 2005, Kody and Meri barely had a penny to their name and had to file for bankruptcy as stated on cheatsheet.com. When Janelle, the second wife came into the picture, the family continued to struggle financially until it got so bad that Janelle packed her bags and left. Many people wonder why Kody took another wife when he could barely provide for one.

9 He Had The Family’s Income Slashed

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According to nickiswift.com, the sister wives had to take a pay cut or otherwise lose their paychecks and of course, Kody being the man of the house, was the one who negotiated the new salaries the family would get. The wives went from each getting $180,000 to sharing the $180,000.

8 Kody Wants A Fifth Wife

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We do not know how many wives Kody intends on marrying so that he can finally feel settled and happy. Nickiswift.com reveals that Kody is intent on marrying a fifth wife. However, he wants a younger woman, possibly with a hot body like Robyn initially had. At the beginning of 2019, there were rumors that he had succeeded in doing this but the Browns are yet to confirm the news.

7 He Brought Bigamy Charges On The Family

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In 2010 while the Browns were still living in Utah, the family was almost charged with being polygamous. The family had to move to Las Vegas where the laws are a bit more lenient as confirmed on cheatsheet.com. It is unfortunate that Kody had to put his family through that for his own selfish desire to have many wives.

6 Expects Each Wife To Be A Mother To All The Children

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According to babygaga.com, Kody expects his four wives to mother one another’s children. The children consider each adult a parent and each mom considers herself a mom of 18. As if that is not already enough, the wives are also expected to include each other in life choices and participate in each other’s lives.

5 He Led Meri To Being Catfished

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By the time Meri was signing the divorce papers to let Kody legally marry Robyn, the two, Kody and Meri, were going through a rough patch. They were barely seeing eye to eye and Meri felt very lonely in the marriage. According to the thelist.com, this pushed her to have an affair with a man who was later identified as a woman.

4 He Often Loses His Temper 

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Kody is at times a different person from the one we see on TV. Apparently, he has a hot temper and this is something his wives know all too well. Even some of their friends have seen it too. His hotheadedness has even affected his once-perfect relationship with Robyn as reported by nickiswift.com.

3 Kody Expects The Wives To Be Good Friends

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Another rule imposed by Kody is that the wives should try to get along as much as possible. Expecting these women to co-exist is already too much to ask, asking them to be friends is pushing it a little too far, Kody. Nonetheless, the wives adhere to their husband’s demands and hang out once a week as revealed by babygaga.com.

2 He Forbade Brother-Husbands

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Kody has been labeled hypocritical for forbidding his wives to have relations with other men yet he allows himself the company of four women and is at liberty to add another wife if he wishes. Even Kody himself admits on babygaga.com, that he is a hypocrite for asking the wives to do so but he also adds that it is wrong and against God and nature for a woman to be involved with more than one man.

1 Kody Hit On A Sister-Wife’s Friend

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There is a possibility that Kody can bring home another wife and if he ever does, he should at least have the decency to pick someone that the women have never met. Kody does not seem to have the same thoughts. According to nickiswift.com, he hit on Robyn’s friend right in her face by asking her bluntly to be his fifth wife.

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