20 WWE Stars Who Moved Away To Areas Far From People

A lot of fans dream to live the life of a WWE star. However, when the cameras aren’t rolling, the reality might be difficult for a lot of people to sustain. Not only are the wrestlers living out of a suitcase for a majority of the year, but they’re also constantly approached by fans, especially at airport settings.

Most WWE stars choose to live in the Florida or California areas. However, in this article, we’ll feature those that moved a little further in order to get that privacy and peace of mind that they desperately need when off the road. In some cases, wrestlers reside in places with less than 300 inhabitants!

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20 Mickie James

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In the later stages of her career, Mickie decided to move off the grid recently (well, at least considered off the grid for a WWE star). She’s now residing in a quiet Virginia area alongside husband Nick Aldis and the couple’s child, Patrick Aldis.

She’ll be spending lots of time at home in the upcoming months, currently rehabbing from a serious ACL injury.

19 R-Truth

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Out of the ring, Truth lives in a quiet community isolated from the rest of us. His home in Indiana Trails is a stunning one featuring lots of land.

At age 47, it is an understandable decision for Truth to move to a quiet and secluded area – especially given that he’s all about the family during his time off the road.

18 Karl Anderson

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Anderson and Gallows really didn’t need WWE contracts. The two were thriving overseas with New Japan and could have easily made a living following the same trajectory.

They decided to sign WWE deals not only for added security, but to also finally move back to the US permanently without the hectic back and forth. Anderson’s living the good life in a small Ohio town alongside his wife and their four children.

17 Chris Jericho

Okay, so we’re cheating a bit given that Jericho’s currently with AEW but hey, his inclusion is well worth it given that he just bought this stunning home.

According to the LA Times, Chris dished out $3.225 million for this breathtaking waterfront home in Florida, one that is totally secluded on Lake Keystone. He didn’t waste much time following that new AEW contract!

16 Lana & Rusev

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The couple previously resided in the busy Florida area, a mainstay for most WWE stars, especially those that join NXT.

The duo would opt to sell their home moving to a quiet location over in Nashville, Tennessee. Living in the area is out of the norm for WWE stars; Eric Young is one of the few that also resides in the sector.

15 AJ Styles

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At the age of 42, AJ admitted that he’s more than content on calling it a career with WWE. The Phenomenal One won’t seek a contract elsewhere, he recently declared that his extension with WWE will be his last.

Out of the ring, he’s living the family life in a small Georgia town, Gainesville. Fans that spot Styles in the area are always surprised to see the popular WWE star in the low key neighborhood.

14 Stone Cold Steve Austin

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Despite so many rumors, Austin stayed true to his retirement. In truth, Austin has more than enough money for multiple lifetimes. He made a fortune during WWE’s boom period and the same holds true today, recently renewing with WWE and coming to terms on another lucrative deal.

Not only does he live on a secluded Tilden, Texas ranch, but he also added another stunning home to his assets, purchasing a gated residence in Marina del Rey.

13 Scott Dawson

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Making it in the world of wrestling was never a guarantee for Dawson. He started in 2004 and actually contemplated leaving the business in 2012, wanting more stability for his family.

An NXT deal changed everything for Dawson – he finally got a guaranteed contract. Despite the added income, Dawson remains in the North Carolina area – away from people.

12 Bobby Roode

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Bobby does a little extra traveling while on the road with WWE. While most are dropped off in the Florida area, Roode heads way north to Canada.

He’s living the family life in Toronto alongside his long-time wife Tracey Roode and the couple’s three children. At the age of 42, Roode doesn’t mind the extra miles at this point.

11 The Miz & Maryse

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With a child on the way, Miz and Maryse decided that it was best to put their LA life on the backburner. As seen on Miz and Mrs, agreeing on the new location wasn’t the easiest. Miz wanted to move back home to Ohio while Maryse had other options in mind, like Texas.

Of course, Maryse got her way with the couple moving to a gated Austin, Texas community. One that’s a lot more tranquil than their previous LA home.

10 Heath Slater

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Fans tend to get frustrated with Slater’s booking. Time and time again, he has the ability to make something out of absolutely nothing.

Slater is a lot less concerned especially given that he has a family outside of the ring to take care of. Slater is nothing but grateful for his family life out of the ring, residing in a small South Carolina area, away from the fans.

9 Sasha Banks

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This one really shouldn’t be too surprising. Sasha isn’t the biggest advocate for fan interactions, especially out of the ring when they aren’t planned. Banks put multiple fans on blast in the past for approaching her at an airport setting.

That said, she likes her privacy away from the ring, currently residing in Boston. She also spends a lot of time in the Florida area – though we would assume in a secluded area.

8 Randy Orton

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Similar to Sasha, Orton likes his privacy – though to his credit, he does accept candid pictures – he has a lot at airport settings.

Nowadays, Orton is all about family out of the ring. Heck, he’s currently on a vacation alongside his wife Kim. Orton enjoys his off days back in Missouri.

7 Matt & Jeff Hardy

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Given Matt’s past videos at the Hardy Compound, it seems like his home stands alone with archers of land and no other home insight.

In fact, Cameron has only 332 residents living in the area. If that’s not off the map away from the people, then we truly don’t know what is!

6 Daniel Bryan & Brie Bella

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According to E Online, it appears as though Bryan and Brie are planning on moving back to Phoenix once their San Diego lease comes to an end.

The couple loves to live a secluded lifestyle away from the madness of it all. Bryan, in particular, loves to take trips to quiet areas – we imagine they’ll move to another secluded area once Bryan calls it a career – hopefully though, not anytime soon.

5 Seth Rollins

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Despite all his WWE fame and wealth accumulated in recent years, Seth continues to stay true to his humble beginnings back in Iowa. He currently resides in Moline, living near both family and friends. Seth also is the owner of his own wrestling school/gym.

The former Universal Champion is more than okay off the map and that isn’t likely to change – unless maybe Becky forces him to...

4 Finn Balor

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He was residing in Florida during his NXT days. Once he transferred onto the main roster, Balor moved to Brooklyn, New York. Now Brooklyn isn’t off the map, but it definitely is for WWE stars.

Paul Heyman and Mick Foley are some of the others that live close by, though both aren’t living the grind travel life similar to Finn.

3 The Undertaker & Michelle McCool

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He lives in a gated community over in Austin, Texas. Unfortunately, Death Valley is just part of the gimmick. The real Undertaker is all about family, living a humble life away from the spotlight alongside Michelle McCool and their daughter.

The two recently went off the map, enjoying some vacation time following Undertaker’s appearance at Extreme Rules.

2 Triple H & Stephanie

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Take an aerial view of Stephanie and Triple H’s Weston, Connecticut home and it becomes rather obvious that they live off the map, secluded in forestry and all kinds of land next to their stunning estate.

They don’t live too far from pops, Vince McMahon that is, who’s just a 20-minute drive away.

1 Brock Lesnar

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Brock’s current hometown population? 348... this according to Stats Canada.

The weather gets insanely cold in the winter as well, but hey, Brock doesn’t mind as long as he’s living the secluded life on his ranch, similar to his earlier days out in South Dakota. Sable is just as content with this lifestyle, choosing the private life alongside Brock and the family.

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