Man Finds Over 200 Walnuts Stashed Under The Hood Of His SUV From Squirrels

A Pittsburgh man found over 200 walnuts under the hood of his wife’s SUV earlier this week.

It’s sad to say, but summer is over. We’re well into fall and as Game of Thrones always said, winter is coming. That means various critters are making their preparations to make it through the long, cold months before next spring. For squirrels, that means finding nuts and packing them in cozy nooks so they’ll have food for the winter months.

One squirrel picked a particularly poor spot to stow its nuts and caused a ton of problems for its human neighbors.

Chris Persic, a Pittsburgh native, was already having car troubles when he got a phone call from his wife. She was at the Northland Library but noticed that there was an odd burning smell coming from under the hood of the car. Fearing even worse car troubles, Persic asked his wife to pop the hood and snap a photo so he could check it out.

This is what he got back.

Here’s a little PSA for everyone on this rainy Monday: Rodents and vehicles do not mix... My wife called me from...

Posted by Chris Persic on Monday, October 7, 2019

It seemed that a squirrel had somehow managed to wedge a winter’s supply of walnuts under the hood of his wife’s SUV. After arriving on the scene, it took him and his wife almost an hour to remove over 200 nuts from in and around the engine, all of it packed with grass for the squirrel to bed down in.

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After removing the bulk of the nuts they took the car to a mechanic to get it checked out. No lasting damage was found, although the squirrel that had planned to hibernate in style now has to make up for the loss of a cozy SUV and several months of walnuts.

Chris Persic
via CNN

Oddly enough, Chris’ own truck had also been having trouble recently. In fact, he was at the mechanic getting it checked out and only found out later that his fuel injector hose was likely chewed through by a squirrel.

The Persics have a large walnut tree in their front yard but plan to get a quote for its removal. “Funny thing is I was thinking that for how massive the tree is, and how many walnuts have fallen (and how many dents our vehicle received), there really aren’t many on the ground,” Persic told KDKA.

(via CNN)

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