The 2019 American Girl Doll Of The Year Is Disappointingly Basic

American Girl introduced their 2019 Girl of the Year just ahead of New Year's Day and while she is super cute, she is perhaps the most basic American Girl doll of all time. It's disappointing, hilarious, and eerily relatable at the same time. We all know a Blaire Wilson, or perhaps you are her.

She hails from present-day upstate New York and lives on her family's farm that also doubles as a bed and breakfast which sounds adorable. She loves decorating, gardening party planning, cooking, and her phone. To appeal to the 21-st century audience, Blaire's screen time addiction and newly discovered food sensitivity are major plot points in her life. See, you know this girl.

Both of those developments play big roles in her character backstory that you can read and learn all about it in her first available chapter chooks: Blaire and Blaire Cooks Up a Plan. The books were written by Jessica Castle and published by Scholastic. They follow a similar format and will introduce Blair and then follow her life as she learns how to put down her phone and accept her food differences. Her major themes will also include loving her family and learning to spend more off of her phone in real-life situations.

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The red-headed, green-eyed Blaire is certainly a doll and was introduced by USA Today. They dished about her debut and her accessories set. Blaire will retail for $115 and is featured with lamb, piglet, garden tools, and party decorations.

She is the doll of 2019 created and designed to represent an American girl in 2019. While the year just started, we can imagine that there could never be a more accurate representation than a girl with a food allergy who is addicted to her phone coming of age with modern technology.

Blaire joins OG American Girl dolls Felicity, Samantha, Addy, and Molly. Blaire is cute and all but a little underwhelming. In a unique, American world, her background will no doubt appeal to plenty of little kids but many will be going, what makes her so special? But maybe that's it. Blaire is "the every girl", and apparently, there is nothing more American than that.

Are you a Blaire? Or do you think she's an overly basic doll?

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