The 2020 Corvette (And 14 Other Cars That Were Overhyped For No Reason)

The long-awaited mid-engine Corvette is here and the news looks pretty good so far. At least from a numbers perspective, the fact that Chevy plans to release a supercar that can run 0-60 in under three seconds with a starting price under $60,000 seems almost too good to be true. And that's not even going into all the options and trim packages that are sure to balloon as time goes on.

A mid-engined Corvette has been hyped for decades, though, and there's no doubt that the exterior design of the eventual product looks a little too generic. Plus, if Chevy truly plans to keep costs that low, the interior will have to be closefisted at best and buyers would do well to wait until long-term tests reveal whether the car will end up being reliable.

But the automotive industry has always been about building the hype, without a doubt. Keep scrolling to learn more about the 2020 Corvette and 14 other cars that were totally overhyped for no real reason.

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15 2020 Chevrolet Corvette

via CarBuzz

The forthcoming, long-awaited Corvette features a mid-engine layout and boasts some incredible stats, including a 0-60 time under three seconds for the base model that is priced under $60,000. But something's gotta give and with GM's reliability already in question recently, all the hype about this Corvette may be short-lived if it can't handle that kind of power without falling apart.

14 Acura NSX

via Motor1

The original Honda (or Acura) NSX proved to the world what brilliant engineers could do in the supercar arena. Specifically built to beat Ferrari in every aspect at a fraction of the price, the NSX is still a stunner to this day. The new version, though, lost all the brilliance of the original concept and is now an overly complex, extremely expensive supercar for the 1% only.

13 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon

via Roadkill

The automotive press and Detroit muscle fanboys can hardly contain their excitement every time news of another special-edition muscle car emerges from the Big Three. Whether any of these models will outgun the Challenger Demon remains to be seen and yet, this is another car that was seriously overhyped. After all, it's a Fiat product with over 800 horsepower. How is it supposed to survive?

12 Hennessey Camaro Exorcist

via Motor1

Hennessey Performance has created some absolutely astounding machines over the last few years, including the Camaro Exorcist. The name is a joke about the Challenger Demon, but the Exorcist has serious performance potential. However, images like the one above only served to overhype the 1000-hp Camaro, which is so beefy that no one will ever be able to drive it all-out on the street.

11 Hennessey Venom GT

via Hennessey Performance

Hennessey is a Texas-based tuning and modding company that got their name out around two decades ago with their twin-turbocharged Dodge Viper and their Venom GT supercar. Intended to set every record ever, the Venom GT was a Lotus with the wheelbase lengthened to house a larger engine and produce more beneficial aerodynamics. Hennessey tried to set those records but only managed the feat in one direction. Why not just go back and do it?

10 Mercedes-AMG GT

via CAR Magazine

In the evolving lineup of Mercedes-Benz's supercars, the current GT follows the SLS AMG and the SLR McLaren—both of which are homages to the original 300 SL "Gullwing" from the 1950s. But the new GT is more tech-laden than ever, heavier than ever, and despite having a few powerful engine options, it even lost the gullwing doors.

9 Lamborghini Veneno

via GT Spirit

Even Batman wouldn't drive the excessively styled Lamborghini Veneno. The Italian company had been doing so well with their designs, having toned them down after a radical period during the 1980s and 90s. But the Veneno is a return to form, with all the angles and fascias possible—just don't ask the owners about that fire recall.

8 Fiat 500X

via YouTube

The current Fiat 500 is a perfectly acceptable little city car, even if it is so unreliable that Fiat themselves won't lease the gasoline version because they don't want to inherit the car after 36,000 miles or so. The Fiat 500L was a huge disappointment but the 500X hit the industry with an awesome commercial featuring a bouncy blue pill. But the little crossover certainly couldn't live up to that fun ad.

7 Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk

via Amazon

Fiat-Chrysler owns both Dodge and Jeep, so it should have come as no surprise that the Hellcat engines that they dropped into the Challenger and Charger would start making the rounds. Just about the silliest iteration of the concept, though, is the massively overhyped Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk. Great, now there's an off-roading drag strip monster for almost $90,000 on the market.

6 Jeep Gladiator

via Jeep

Jeep fanboys and the automotive industry as a whole have been waiting decades for another Jeep pickup truck and, to be fair, the Gladiator hits all the right notes. Based on the Wrangler but with a stretched wheelbase to accommodate the longer bed, it's even got a Rubicon edition. But what it really is is an overly large Wrangler that is less convenient in town, can't off-road as well, and costs a huge amount more.

5 Chevrolet Blazer

via The Drive

The new Chevy Blazer is another car that people just couldn't wait to get their eyes and hands on. It seems like auto manufacturers just can't go wrong with reboots—perhaps they're learning from the film industry. To their credit, Chevrolet did the right thing and made the Blazer a true SUV rather than a crossover—but the sad part is that the end result is just another SUV.

4 Lincoln Continental

via Detroit Free Press

The original Lincoln Continental is a legend in the automotive world, especially the sleek fourth-gen with its rear-hinging doors. Younger car buffs know about the car from The Matrix and perhaps Ford thought bringing the model back was appropriate enough. But plenty of car buyers don't even know that Lincoln still exists, much less want to spend gobs of money on a luxury Ford product.

3 Toyota Supra

via Jalopnik

Perhaps one of the most hyped-up car releases in recent memory, the new Toyota Supra could have been a stone-cold stunner. After the MkIV Supra, made uber-famous once again by a movie, went out of production in 2002, the world began to truly appreciate its legendary 2JZ-GTE engine. But the new Supra is just a BMW with fancy clothes—and doesn't even come in with a turbo at the moment.

2 Porsche Taycan

via Motor1

Porsche's secretive "Mission E" project has been a long time coming and Porschephiles have been holding their breath to see what would come out of Stuttgart. The result was the Taycan, which might prove to be a Tesla-beater. But if it looks familiar, that's because Porsche dropped much of the concept's design and went with a more tried-and-true Audi RS7 and Panamera sibling.

1 Audi e-Tron GT

via Wired

The Taycan is matched by its true sibling, the Audi e-tron GT. Audi has a bit of a design edge on Porsche these days, to be fair, but still, the fact that the car featured in an Avengers movie only served to overhype what will be another extremely expensive electric car with a silhouette reminiscent of every other extremely expensive electric car.

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