19 Awkward Couple Photos That Were In No Way "Accidental"

Love is such a beautiful thing and a lot of the time, it can bring out the best in people. However, there are other times that love can bring out the worst in people. From making a person jealous to making someone sob over something small because they are so infatuated that every argument feels exponentially worse.

Then, there's also the chance love will make a couple take really cheesy photos with each other because they are totally enamoured and need the whole world to see it. This one's arguably the worst example. Of course, instead of the photos looking adorable, they look super awkward and yet couples continue to subject us to them. Cheesy couples photos have always been a thing but now with social media, they have just gotten out of hand. Whereas before only a few select unfortunate individuals would see these photos, now they live on forever thanks to the internet.

19 The most staged accident ever

Via: pinterest.com

Now we know that iPhones are considered "smartphones," but there is no way that they so clever now that you can get one to act as your personal photographer. Sure, they occasionally pocket dial someone or send them a weird emoji, but we can't say we have ever seen them take an impromptu photo with perfect timing.

Steve Jobs was a genius, but even he didn't program the phone to be able to identify a picture-worthy moment.

So that's why we are onto this couple and their sneaky ways. Clearly, we know that the phone did not accidentally take this photo. But rather one of them took it or they put an auto-timer on the phone. You are not fooling anyone, lady. And to be honest, we would much rather you keep photos like this between you and your honey.

18 A natural way to hang out

Via: pinterest.com

Sure, Deborah and Bill hang out like this all the time. Don't you? Oh, you don't because it's super weird? Well, you don't say? While Deborah and Bill may think that they are fooling us with their behavior, we know better than that. We know that this is probably a pose for an engagement photo or their new matching Facebook profile photo. Under no circumstances could this photo be genuine. There is nothing comfortable about this for either of them by the looks of things. Her back is probably killing her and his legs are probably burning from trying not to put too much pressure on her. We have seen some awkward couples photos, but this may take the cake. At least put her on your back next time Bill. Perhaps, we would buy into your "candid" couple photo lie a little more.

17 Casual

Via: pinterest.com

Let's just get one thing clear here—no one kisses like that. We don't care how creative you like to get, there is nothing natural about this setup. We are not sure what this couple was trying to achieve with this "casually candid" photo, but it's a big fail. We are also pretty sure that even the woman is not enjoying this staged photoshoot. In a way, it seems like they want us to believe that this is how they interact in everyday life, but we know better than to believe that. We are pretty sure that if this is how this couple actually interacted, the woman would be a lot less awkward. All it takes is one look at her hand placement and her puckered lips to know that this is staged. Why not try sitting on her lap next time? We are pretty sure that even that would look less awkward than this.

16 Did someone say extra?

Via: pinterest.com

Pretend all you want that this is how you drink from a water fountain, but we know that this is all a lie. Let's start out by pointing out the obvious—a water fountain is designed for one person. Logistically speaking, it would be pretty hard for you to both drink from the water fountain at the same time. So already we know that you guys are being fraudulent with this supposed cute, candid image. Second, even if you figured out how to both drink from the fountain at the same time, you would have to become better actors to fool us into believing that you are actually drinking. In order to consume the water, wouldn't one have to part their lips at least slightly? Not according to this couple, who think that pursed lips are enough to get away with making it look like they are drinking.

15 Leave the animals out of it

Via: pinterest.com

Do you mean to tell us that all of these bunnies just happened to be hanging out with you like this celebrating your love? No, we are pretty sure that they were probably having a good time munching on some carrots before you dragged them into this photoshoot. There is absolutely nothing candid about this. In fact, we will be the ones to say it that this mega-staged photoshoot just looks awkward. From the way that this couple is posed to the way that the bunnies and flowers are framing the photo, we just can't stop looking and not for any positive reasons. Now we just wonder if this couple owns all of these bunnies or if they are just at a super cheesy photo studio. If the latter is the case, it seems to us like this studio needs some fresh ideas that leave the bunnies out of it.

14 No one hangs out like this

Via: pinterest.com

This couple can pretend that they are comfortable all they want, but we all know better than that. The first question we have to ask is how on earth did they both get in there? And of course, how on earth are they going to get out? Logistically speaking, we just don't see a way out of this that doesn't involve at least one person's body parts getting smooshed in the process. Second, we have to ask whose idea was this? While it may look like they are having a good time by the looks on their faces, we know better than that. In fact, we are almost certain that when the photo is over, at least one of them expressed their displeasure about this situation. And if we had to guess, we would say that woman's not going to be happy considering that it looks like the man is sitting on her lap.

13 A bad hair day

Via: youtube.com

Come on guys, don't pretend like you just hang out like this on a daily basis, because there is nothing natural about this image. Who would suggest such an idea for a photoshoot? Not only have we heard that beards are a cesspool of bacteria so we wouldn't want to put our hair in it, but it also looks super weird. This image is the epitome of an individual taking clingy-ness to the next level. Like not only do they have to hang out all of the time but now this woman is weaving her hair into the guy's beard? What happens when someone needs to go to the washroom? We don't even want to think about that. While this couple may think that this is a cute photoshoot idea, they are sorely mistaken. And there is no doubt that when they got the images back, they may finally realize it.

12 Just, no

Via: pinterest.com

There is so much no in this photo, it is making us uncomfortable. From the poorly executed love heart with their arms to the guy's dirty feet and the half-lit candles, we just can't look away from the awfulness. It's like a car wreck—we know that it's bad and yet, we are holding up traffic to stare at it. This photo is so terrible and there is no way that it was accidental. Surely, the photographer could have pointed out that their love heart looks more like an unidentifiable blob? While we will give them points for trying, we take all of them away for purposefully sabotaging this would-be cheesy but cute photo. Surely, this guy also knew that his dirty feet would distract from this image entirely? If you are going to subject us to cheesy love photos, at least make more of an effort to execute them.

11 The look of love

Via: pinterest.com

If this is what love looks like then sign us up. While there is nothing natural about this photo, we have nothing against a good old-fashioned wheelbarrow pose. Although perhaps this unnatural pose would not be our first choice for an engagement photo, we are kind of digging it. We are also onto this couple with their pretending that they would actually pose like this for an engagement shoot. It seems to us that they are mocking some of the cheesy shoots we so frequently see and we don't really blame them. Someone needs to put an end to them, so what better way to do that than by showing people how ridiculous they look. So while, yes, this photo was not accidental and does look incredibly awkward, our guess is that it was intentional. Bravo.

10 Young love

Via: pinterest.com

Ah, this reminds us of the good ol' days when we had to go to school dances and navigate the dance floor with the opposite sex. There is nothing quite like having a crush on someone, but then feel so shy about it that you hold each other at an arm's length. We can't help but question this photo, though. To us, it just seems so awkward, that we question how could it possibly be accidental? From their faces to their outstretched arms, they are taking the whole "keep each other at an arm's length" advice from their parents way too seriously. It's okay if you move in a little closer kids, there's only a slight chance that you will get cooties. On the flip side perhaps these kids are smarter than they look and this photo was just a ploy to deflect their parents from thinking that they actually liked each other. Clever, kids.

9 Even the cats uncomfortable

Via: pinterest.com

The only unstaged, accidental thing about this photo was this cat's reaction. Clearly, this kitty is not having any of it. While they may be trying to make it look like they just casually hang out like this at home, we are onto them. We are pretty certain that this is not normal behavior for them, so much so that even the cats freaking out. First of all, there is only room for one cat in this household so why are the parents of this cat tormenting him with such imagery? Second of all, no one in their right mind would wear outfits like this by choice. It's just not a very becoming look unless maybe you're in some sort of a theatrical performance and this is your costume. But something tells us that this is not the case. Next time, perhaps, leave the cat out of this.

8 A super chill way to have a conversation

Via: pinterest.com

Oh yeah, we are sure that this is how you hang out on a daily basis and have conversations. What better way to communicate with your significant other than by gently resting on a tree while doing so? Well, we could definitely think of a few things. Arguably, nothing screams "awkward" more than this photo. We would also like to know what this couple is looking at? At the very least, if this woman had turned her head around and pretended to look into his eyes or something we would have an easier time believing that this was genuine. But alas no, they decided to practice the art of awkward instead and quite frankly nailed it. We do have to say if there were any two people made for each other more than these two, we have yet to see it.

7 Overkill

Via: pinterest.com

These two can't possibly be serious? First of all, we would like to start by pointing out that the man looks like Dwight from The Office. Yes, we know that it's a little off topic but we just cannot stop staring at him. Second, there is no way that this photograph wasn't staged. It's making us squirm how much this couple is trying to look casual, all the while awkwardly holding a cat and with a giant tiger rug (or is that carcass?) hanging behind them. It feels to us like they are almost trying to pull off the whole, "oh hey didn't see you there" thing with the way they are looking at the camera. But given their somber expressions, the position of the cat and the background that they chose, it does not get more staged than this.

6 Act natural

Via: pinterest.com

Some people flourish in front of a lens and others, well, let's just say they have a much harder time, like this couple. While shooting their engagement photos the photographer undoubtedly encouraged them to act like they do in everyday life. You know, like sit and stare at each other lovingly or whisper sweet nothings into the ear of your soon-to-be wife. But alas, all of this direction was lost on them. Instead of acting naturally so that their engagement shoot wouldn't look staged, they achieved the opposite effect. At least crack us a smile guys, come on. You haven't even been married yet, so trust us it will probably get worse. Based on this photo we can say with confidence that it is no accident that this image was taken. It's just two people in love who are questioning if they should even be together.

5 Pucker-up

Via: pinterest.com

Sometimes, you can't fake your feelings, not even for a photo. Other times, you can totally fake your feelings, especially when it comes to a photo. Thanks to the world we are living in now where everything basically revolves around us posing, we are always thinking about our next photo opportunity. Like this couple who decided to take their engagement photo to another level by pretending that they are not very fond of each other. We must admit, that despite it being staged, they do totally pull it off. The level of awkward in this image is on another level. To the point that this has got to be an intentional photo. While we could imagine reacting this way if a mustache of that caliber was coming in to kiss us. Their facial expressions are just too on point to not be deliberate.

4 Happiness overload

Via: pinterest.com

We do not care how happy you are, there is no way that you just casually jump up in the air like this while going for a stroll. There is nothing organic about this picture from the jump to the way that she is looking at him. If we were her we would not be looking at him so lovingly when he is trying to get all of the attention on himself in this photo. We suspect that the reason that she is smiling so much is that she is just grinning and bearing his behavior. We all know that behind that smile she is probably thinking, "Cut it out, Craig. Get back down to earth already." But Craig does not care because he saw an opportunity to be the center of attention and he took it. What's possibly worse than his comical, totally stage jump is that smile on his face. So extra.

3 On a scale of 1-10, how staged is this?

Via: pinterest.com

While we are sure that there have been plenty of moments when guys have snuck a glance at a girl when she wasn't paying attention, this is just too much. There is no way that there was a perfectly positioned opening like this on the bookshelf for this creeper to poke his head through. Unless of course, he moved the book aside to create the hole, but we are pretty certain that she would have noticed. Obviously, this is not a candid photo of two strangers but rather an engagement photo gone wrong. Can you get more awkward guys, come on? Surely, you could have done a cuter photoshoot in a quaint setting like a bookstore. Instead, you made the hubby-to-be look like a predator and that's not a good look on any day of the week.

2 Surprise!

Via: pinterest.com

"Oh hey, we didn't see you there," is what we imagine this couple is trying to emulate with this photo. While they may think that they look cute in this photo, trying to make us believe they normally hang out behind the garbage, it doesn't take a genius to figure out that this was staged. Why do couples feel the need to experiment with these photoshoots? Whatever happened to a good old-fashioned standing and kissing your partner on the cheek photo? We understand you want to be alternative and try something different, but it is just not something that ever really works out. How about you be different and alternative by not posting anything at all? Because the last we checked, everyone keeps subjecting us to these photos, but no one actually wants to look at them.

1 There's no way he rocks this in public

Via: pinterest.com

Think what you want about how clingy this little lady is, but this photo is all too perfectly staged. We find it hard to believe that this guy actually goes out in public wearing this shirt. And if by chance he does, we feel sorry for you, bud. There's such a thing as a clingy girlfriend and if this happens to be real, this girlfriend definitely fits the bill we aren't buying it. They are just playing their roles far too well in this photo. If she actually was this clingy we are pretty sure he would not be taking this photo right now but running for the hills. Instead, he's playing the role of whipped but "kinda mad about it" boyfriend. And she's playing the role of "I'm crazy but I totally know it." We aren't buying what you're selling kids, but we would like to know where we could get one of these shirts? We're asking for a friend.

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