21 Bad Roommate Posts That Would Bother Anyone

Roommates. We’ve all had them at some point in our lives. Whether it was an annoying little brother, a strange fellow college student, a friend we thought we knew or our spouse who tricked us into marriage before we knew they were weird—we’ve all experienced people who have habits different than our own. Some even take things to the edge of different and beyond. They define weird, strange behavior and we don’t even know what to do about their actions.

Are they just being funny? Are they trying to annoy us? Should we be frightened and quickly find another place to live? The choice is up to each individual and the situation they are in at that moment. But one thing is for sure—we’re glad some of these roommates weren’t ours. Sure, we’ve played pranks of our own and we’ve had them played on us. But when the roommate on the other side of the apartment, dorm or house starts acting this odd, it’s hard not to post about it so our friends and others who have strange roommates can sympathize. Yes, we’ve all had roommates. But have we all had roommates like these? Let’s hope not—for our sake!

21 Pets are family, too—get used to it

Aw yes, young love. We definitely remember what it was like the first time we fell in love. All we wanted to do was be with that person at all times. And when we couldn’t be with them in person, we were on the phone with them constantly. Back in the day, there was no such thing as FaceTime and couples in love over a distance had to make do with letters and phone calls. But now, FaceTime is here and those who love one another can spend time together virtually with both sight and sound.

It makes sense that this roommate would have a weekly date with his long-distance girlfriend. It’s even sweet! However, when the other person in the apartment or dorm room found out what was really going on, they had no recourse but to make a face and start sharing the news with everyone. After all, if there was a weirdest roommate contest going on around the block, they would surely win, right? Who talks to their cat over the phone—weekly—for an hour? What were those conversations like? Did the other person in the space overhear things that made him think his roommate was talking to a girlfriend? That makes it all that much worse!

20 The best roommates never spit in anything no matter what

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Roommates share everything, isn’t that how it goes? Okay, so maybe not. There’s a shared space, of course, but one roommate buys certain things for that space and the other buys different things. They might split the rent 50/50, but when it comes to groceries, what one person buys, they eat. What the other person buys is all theirs. Unless one roommate invites the other to use certain items, it’s an unwritten rule that when we buy it, we use it. The least we can do is ask if you want what someone else bought. Apparently, one roommate was using what the other was buying and so, rather than having an apartment meeting, it was simply easier to spit in the dressing to keep everyone else away from it.

What’s a salad without dressing, right? Unfortunately, the little note didn’t deter the stealer of the salad dressing. In fact, she just got even and did a little spitting of her own. This is more of a war than a friendly conversation about who bought what. We’re pretty sure everyone who saw this post took a side. Who’s right and who’s wrong in this situation? Does it really matter since, at the end of the day they're both eating dressing someone spit.

19 So this is what it feels like to be scared beyond belief

Have you ever woken to have someone inches from your face, staring at you? With any luck, it was your significant other who was staring at your lovingly. They love everything about you, right? Even how you sleep, whether you snore or not. But if you don’t have a significant other and someone you live with admits to watching you when you sleep, there’s something wrong with the situation.

Will this girl ever be able to sleep again?

We’re hoping she has a lock on her door because she will have to start making good use of it. No one wants to be watched while they sleep—especially if they don’t know there’s someone there doing it. The fact that they’ll never know because the staring doesn’t even wake them makes it worse. Except for now she does know because her roommate admitted to as much.

It’s one thing to wake to a dog’s watchful eye, but a roommate with nothing better to do? We think perhaps it’s time to move. And quickly. Before this obsession moves out of dreamland and into the real world for even worse things to come. This is how fatal attractions start and stalking begins.

18 Not every roommate finds clothes sharing acceptable

Sharing can only go so far between two people who live together. It’s nice when roommates share sweaters or when one is willing to lend the other a jacket that looks good with the rest of their outfit. Some roommates even go so far as to share food, bills, drink glasses and other personal items. When you live together, it’s hard to tell what belongs to who anyway, right? But when a female lives with a male roommate, it’s usually quite obvious who’s clothing belongs in what drawer. The female has underwear, bras and other girl-like support items. The male usually does not. That’s not always how it works, but it’s the norm most of the time.

When this girl got home from work, she got quite a surprise as she opened the door and saw her under things on full display—on her roommate—who also happened to be a male. What he does in his spare time is his business. What when it involves her underwear, we have to say that it’s somewhat her business as well. Does he wash her things between wearings or does she have to worry about her items not being clean even though she hasn’t worn them lately?

17 When chickens are taken in as children

Some people take things with their pets way too far. They treat their dogs or cats like children. There’s nothing wrong with that, really. At least the pets are well cared for and loved! But there are some animals that aren’t really considered pets and there are some roommates that seem to think they are—or perhaps that they are children. You see all sorts of things in college that you never knew existed. It’s a grand awakening for many coming straight out of high school who may have led a more sheltered life at home with their parents.

But of all the crazy things you expect you might see, you certainly never think you’ll see chickens in diapers coming out from the room across the hall.

And what did the roommate think of this escapade? Was he in on it or was this a complete shock to him too when he got assigned a random person to bunk with? It’s hard to hide even one chicken in a room as small as a dorm—much less four of them. And what size diapers do they wear? Do they ever outgrow them or is it a lifelong thing they have to endure?

16 How in the world does one lose a couch?

Losing things is simple do do, even in the smallest of apartments. Can anyone really keep track of keys for any length of time? They seem to have legs of their own and they walk off and place themselves in the strangest locations. But there are other things that are large enough you wouldn’t think they would ever get lost, right? The bed in each room, for example. It’s large and always in the same location. No one ever moves it and if they do, they certainly remember where they put it.

This roommate, however, seems to have lost at least a portion of the joint couch from the apartment. First, why did they move the couch in the beginning? Second, where did they take it and how can they not remember? If they put it somewhere else, you’d think someone would notice it and point it out. This must have been one of those evenings when things were flowing a bit too much in the liquid department for anyone to remember much of anything. How did she explain losing the couch to her roommate? It’s not something a person has to cop to on a regular basis—or ever.

15 When roommates feel the need to add comments to every little move you make

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There are no two people in this world that are exactly alike. There’s evidence of that in fingerprints and DNA. We’re all individuals and we have our own personalities, thoughts and opinions. It only makes sense when you take two completely different people and stick them in one dwelling that there might be differences on occasion. These two people, for example, disagree on what you should do with toast when you want to save it for later. One of them wants to put it in the fridge and the other one feels the need to comment on the fact that toast can’t really be refrigerated. We wonder what was going on in the dynamic of this relationship that the roommate felt the need to provide a running commentary on the toast in the fridge.

Is the other person in the picture taking up too much fridge space on a regular basis or what?

Do they like the nagging and nit picking? Probably not. There might be notes on other things in this apartment as well. The bathroom mirror, perhaps, if their towel isn’t hung up correctly. The sink if they leave a fallen hair behind. The options are endless and we feel sorry for them both.

14 Roommates to watch when the lights go out and they blend in

Ninjas are cool. They can do just about anything and you never know what they’re up to. In fact, you never even know they’re there. But would you really want to live with one? Wouldn’t it be dangerous? Aren’t they always fighting bad guys and figuring out puzzles that no one else can do? Living with one would be shrouded in mystery and you might never know what was going on around you. There are ninjas, however, and there are people who have ninja clothes. It’s likely a huge difference.

Ninjas are rather secretive about their status. People who have ninja clothes are likely wannabes who are nowhere near actual ninja-hood. So having someone with a dresser drawer of ninja clothes is worrisome. What do they do in those clothes? Did the roommate ever take a peak to see what was actually in there so they would know if the roommate wore the clothing out? They could have just been everyday clothes with a strange label to throw people out or impress the ladies. Either way, it’s not normal for someone to have a drawer labeled with anything other than shirts, pants socks and so on. Ninja clothes? Very odd indeed.

13 It's hard to eat angry eggs

Roommates have a tendency to get to know each other rather well, whether they want to or not. Sometimes, they get along swimmingly and other times, not so much. Whichever way it goes, they often know what bugs the other and how to push the right buttons at the right time. That can be good or bad, depending on the prank and the intention behind it. Drawing on eggs could be cute. For example, you could draw a bunny, your own face, a cat or another cute little animal. It’s probably best not to draw a chick, however, or you remember where the egg came from in the first place. But drawing mad faces on the eggs makes you wonder.

Are the eggs mad about being eaten?

Is the roommate mad that the person she lives with keeps eating her eggs? Was she just in a bad mood and wanted to vent with the eggs? This isn’t very normal behavior and we’re curious as to where it came from. Hopefully, the eggs were eaten fast so no one had reason to be mad about anything any longer—except maybe the eggs since they did get eaten, after all. What do you do!

12 Sneaky roommates

It’s hard to lose a pet. There are lots of pets who mean a lot to their owners. Dogs, for example, greet their masters with glee each and every time they walk into a room. They make people feel like they are the center of their world and everyone likes that on occasion. Then there are cats who, while aloof, are also very loving and enjoy snuggling with their owners. Snails, though—well, we’re not really sure how one gets attached to a snail, but this person may have been nonetheless.

Her roommate, knowing that attachment, was trying to do a nice thing. Or perhaps it was her fault that the snail passed on and she was trying to cover her tracks. Either way, how long can such a deception go on? Moving the snail daily is one thing, but was he still eating? Did the tank need to be cleaned at all since there was nothing running through his system? There were other clues and she probably should have just broken down and confessed to the truth of the matter. Trying to be deceptive during the passing of the snail makes her out to be the strange one—not the person who loved the snail in the first place.

11 The roommate who wants to go back in time

Many of us look back to our childhoods and think about how much simpler times were back then. Remember how your parents used to watch you take off on your bike in the morning and tell you to come back when the streetlights come on so you can have dinner with the family? Those were the times, indeed.

It’s not unusual to want to go back to childhood and live some of those memories again.

It was easier before you had to pay bills, have a job and do other adult-like things. But not many of us would go so far back that we would enter the womb stage. No one really remembers that so how do we know what it feels like? This roommate, however, apparently knows or at least thinks she knows what being in the womb would feel like. And it is somewhat like being in a tub full of Jell-O, we guess. We have to wonder what flavor of Jell-O and how she got ahold of so much of it. Was the entire tub filled or just a few inches on the bottom? We’re hoping it did the trick of taking her back in time so she doesn’t have to wonder what it would be like any longer.

10 The not-so-secret plot to harm you

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Roommates fight—some more than others. But when one is striking a plot against the other, there might be suspicions, but very little proof. In this case, there’s a lot of proof, not just suspicion. One roommate is annoyed by the other and wants to cover up his annoyance by pretending to buy poison for ants instead of the actual person in the apartment other than himself. However, this thinly veiled threat makes it obvious that his plan is out in the open. Perhaps it is just that—a threat.

She better behave or he might actually follow through with it. Do they even have an issue with ants or was that all part of his ploy to begin with? Don’t make him angry any longer, Bethany, for your own good. Or it might even be smarter to move on and move out. Because any time someone threatens to poison you, even if they’re trying to be funny about it, it can’t help you sleep better at night. Do you really want to eat anything in the fridge or drink anything that’s been opened? That’s no way to live. She will always wonder when the poison might come out and hurt her.

9 When in doubt, go to God

Roommates that end up together aren’t always in line in every way. One might be into golf, while another likes tennis. There are varied religious beliefs as well and varied practices when it comes to being a “good girl” or a “rebel.” But when one roommate decides to keep track of what the others do wrong for God, it seems to be taking things a bit too far. First of all, God is all powerful and all knowing, so wouldn’t He already know all of those things? No one needs to keep track for Him, so what was her purpose in doing so? Was she trying to make herself feel better about her own righteousness?

Perhaps she just had nothing better to do?

It’s hard to say, but this definitely qualifies as something strange in the roommate department. It would be interesting to know if she was open about this book or if she kept it secret. Everyone knows now, but did they know all along or was it something that came out later? They better watch their step around her or who knows who else she might tell about their behavior. God isn’t the only one watching this dorm room!

8 Taking passing on too far—for a fish - "died"

Fish come and go on a regular basis. Anyone who has a fish longer than a year should probably throw some kind of a victory celebration. It's really hard work to keep them alive, even if you do everything right. And no one really knows what causes the passing. Did you feed them too much? Too little? Not change the water enough? Were they too cold or too hot? There’s no telling.

This roommate, however, was bound and determined that her fish had tuberculosis. She knows that some fish are naturally yellow, right? She likely didn’t have blood work so how would she really know? That’s beside the point. She can think what she wants to think. But a full Catholic funeral for the little swimmer?

It would be amazing to hear that she actually got a real priest involved in this. Was there a casket and a little plot of land somewhere complete with a headstone? And what does such a funeral cost for a little slippery finned friend? We’re pretty sure she forced her roommates into attending, but there’s no way she could know what they said about the incident when she wasn’t around—like post tweets about it, for example.

7 Sleepwalkers are never cool roommates

Sleepwalking is both strange and disturbing. You’re not supposed to wake a sleepwalker, but if you have one in your residence, you don’t want them to get out of the home and cause trouble for anyone or hurt themselves. You watch them in awe and wonder how they could possibly do what they’re doing without ever knowing it. Are they dreaming? Do they get bruised up from running into things and then have no idea where the sores came from? It’s all possible.

And while some people talk in their sleep as well, the worst roommate is one who does both.

And this guy doesn’t just mumble little things here and there in his native language. He switches languages completely. What would be interesting would be to have a German translator handy to find out what he’s saying. Does it make sense or is it mumbo jumbo of the best kind? Has he ever studied German or where did this new language come from? Ah, the human mind at rest. It’s acting in overdrive with this guy—as is his physical body since he’s up and moving around the apartment at the same time. Lock your doors, fellow roommate. You don’t want company that’s still asleep and yelling German.

6 There's icky and and then there's this

Everyone has their own habits when it comes to undergarments and it’s not generally common knowledge what people do with their underwear. However, roommates are people that get to know each other well enough that habits like these tend to come out. There are some who have a different pair of underwear for every day of the week. They wear them, wash them and then repeat the process. There are others who have drawers upon drawers of underwear. So many, in fact, that they could probably go a month or longer without wearing the same pair twice. But most people generally wash their underwear on a regular basis and, at the very least, change to a new pair daily.

This roommate, however, only had two pairs of underwear. It’s better than one, we suppose, but two pairs? Really? And a weekly rotation is all? She wore one pair for a whole week before washing? Those must have been sturdy underwear to stand up against all that wearing. Maybe because she didn’t dry them. That would save the material a bit, but still. How did this person stand living in the same location with someone who would probably stink that badly?

5 The grammar king at work

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If you’re a girl, you know how annoying it is to live with a boy who doesn’t seem to understand that the toilet seat goes in two different directions. What goes up, must come down. It’s a simple rule. Of course, some guys argue that it’s only polite if the girls put the seats up for them instead. Especially if they don’t want a mess.

Every lady knows there’s nothing worse than going to the bathroom in the middle of the night and soaking yourself in toilet water because the lid was left up by the male roommate in the apartment.

So, it makes sense to leave a friendly note about putting the lid down when the man in the apartment needs to be reminded. However, if that man also has a sarcastic streak and an automatic spell check in his brain, he’s not going to take the comment lightly. In fact, he’ll check your spelling and leave a note in reply. It was nice of them to color-code their notes based on gender. The girl left the pink note; the boy the blue one. In case there was any question, we’ve got everything straight now. Including how to spell toilet correctly.

4 There's simply no explanation

There are times in anyone’s life where they will see or experience something that they’ve never quite seen or experienced before. They might be amazed by something new or in awe that someone is able to do something they can’t. Just visit an acrobat show and watch how people can flip themselves around and it’s hard to explain how it’s done, even though they make it look easy.

But when you come home and find hot dogs and cheese stapled to the bathroom wall, there’s truly no words to describe what’s going on. Perhaps the roommates crying in the tub with coconut rum is part of the explanation, but even at that, who comes up with stapling food items to the wall in the first place? What were they expecting to happen when the foods became less than fresh? And is this new sense of style going to become a trend someday? We hope not because that would cost a lot of money in perishables. Plus, it would make you hungry every time you visit the bathroom. At least you could easily cook your hot dog and melt your cheese with your nearby, trusty hairdryer. Now that’s a meal one wants when getting out of the shower!

3 Act first, apologize later

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What your roommate doesn’t know, won’t hurt them, right? So, if you put something mysterious in the fridge and leave it unlabeled, that’s that. No one has to know what’s inside or why it’s there. It’s private and personal and completely sealed up. But this roommate didn’t want to leave things at that. In fact, she felt so badly that she labeled her strange item and apologized for its existence in the fridge. We’re thinking, had she not posted this, no one had to know what was in the box in the first place. But since she did, now everyone in the apartment is grossed out and wondering why it needs to be refrigerated and what she needs it for.

Her business is no longer her own, but one filled with apartment gossip and wonderment.

And that’s her own fault for stating her case in big black letters in the fridge for all to see. Was there nowhere else she could keep this, um, specimen cool other than the bottom shelf of the joint fridge? There is such a thing as too much information when it comes to living in a confined space with other individuals. This would be one of those cases.

2 The list of the irresponsible goes on

Ah, to be Spider-Man. Most people think it would be pretty cool. After all, who wouldn’t want to climb buildings in the middle of the night and swing from place to place? It would be fun! But with great ability comes great responsibility and Spider-Man has a lot to keep on the down low. He has to keep his identity secret so he never really gets credit for the good things he does and the people he saves. He also gets shamed if something goes wrong or he misses out on saving someone. So we can understand why some people wouldn’t necessarily want to be this fictional character.

We even get why some people are afraid of spiders—butterflies, we’re not so sure. But the reason for that fear should never be because they don’t want to be Spider-Man. Average spider bites itch and that’s it. There’s nothing more that comes along with them. It’s that simple. Scratch for a few days and get over it. You’re responsible for avoiding a scar by too much scratching, but that’s about it. Apparently, those who come from Norway think a little differently than those who live in London. Do they teach Spider-Man comics as reality in their schools?

1 Who eats in the shower?

They say it’s healthier to eat lots of small meals in a day, every few hours or so. Eat a little at a time instead of three larger meals. It’s better for the metabolism, right? And we get hungry between meals anyway so it would be easier to have a guilt-free snack that’s really part of our daily meal intake. So, why not keep snacks around the house so you have access to things when that hunger hits!

Perhaps keeping a bag of crackers in your room would be acceptable, but cheese in the shower?

Now, that’s just plain weird. And when asked about it, the roommate simply admits that it’s his shower cheese. No further explanation. He says it like it’s the most natural thing in the world. Who eats cheese in the shower? Does he wash with it or what? And how long is the cheese in there before it starts to mold over? No one likes moldy cheese and no one wants to see it in the shower—other than this guy, we guess. There’s snacking between meals and then there’s the extreme measures of actually taking cheese into the showers for all to see. As a shared shower, you’d think he would be afraid that someone might eat his cheese.

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