21 Dogs That Take Being Awkward To The Next Level

Just because dogs are arguably the best things on the planet does not always mean that they have it more put-together than the rest of us. While sure, some doggo's are perfectly coordinated and agile, sometimes going on to win competitions and such, others can barely catch a toy during a game of fetch. And if anyone thinks that's bad, there are other dogs who not only can't catch toys during fetch but can barely even navigate through everyday life without tripping or getting stuck in things.

No matter what they do, their awkwardness just seems to always get in the way. While those doggo's may have a hard go at life at least they are not on their own. Don't worry, there are plenty of us who are equally as awkward and if there's one thing that can make all of us feel better, it's that we are in it together. For those of us who have ever tripped walking up the stairs or told a cashier to "also enjoy their flight" when at the airport, it's pretty clear what we are talking about.

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21 We've all been there

For anyone who is slightly introverted or can't stand small talk while at a party, we can definitely relate to this dog named Beya. While all of her doggy friends are having a blast at the pool party, Beya decides to just awkwardly stand still in the pool while everyone swims around her. Pretty much everyone has been in this dogs shoes at one point or another.Whether it was at a family function and we just didn't feel like participating, at some sort of school reunion or at someone's birthday party where we really didn't want to be, it can be hard to hide our true feelings sometimes. So while this dog may look a little out of place at this pool party, we totally get it.

According to, Your Daily Dish, when Beya's owner was asked why she was being so awkward, he said that she was just patiently waiting for the ball to be thrown to her. We think we prefer to believe that she just wasn't into the party. After all, that look on her face is pretty telling if anyone asks us. If she were just waiting for the ball to be thrown, wouldn't her level of excitement be slightly higher?

20 Out of luck

This Dog Can't Catch

This golden retriever can't catch anything...😂🙈

Posted by LADbible on Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Sure, most dogs are motivated to perfect their fetching technique when it comes to food, but not this dog. Despite having a ton of enthusiasm, no matter what this dog does, it cannot catch any food thrown at him, even though it's aiming right for his mouth. In fact, this compilation of his catching fails may make him the most awkward catcher we have ever seen. The good news is that it's not like this dog is trying out for a sports team or has to be picked for a team in school (because he most certainly would have been picked last).

At the end of the day, even if he is far too awkward and clumsy to catch the food being tossed his way, at least he can just pick it up off the floor and eat it shortly after. So who really gets the last laugh? Well, we still do. But at least this dog is still pretty happy about all the snacks he gets too consume. If anyone is wondering, the Ladbible reveals this dog's name is Fritz and he seems perfectly OK with his inability to catch stuff. It's not like he won't still eat it off the ground when he falls and dogs don't get embarrassed, so it's not a loss for him at all.

19 There's always that one friend

Why is it that in every group of friends, there is always that one friend that just cannot take a normal photo? You know like that episode of Friends where Monica is trying to take a photo with Chandler but every time the camera starts clicking, he starts making a face? Well, this photo that The Chive posted is basically the same thing.

We are not sure if this dog just wants to be the center of attention or if he genuinely doesn't know how to pose but this attempt at a smile is all sorts of awkward.

Do we dare say this could be the equivalent of a girls duck face? Like when everyone around her is posing normal and then she decides to whip out a duck face for no apparent reason. We suppose we've been guilty of that ourselves so who are we to judge. Perhaps on the other hand, maybe this is what happens when you catch someone's bad side? You know how most girls and boys probably too, are well aware that one of their sides photographs better than the other? Well, maybe this is what happens when the bad side is shot on camera.

18 Stick to the day job

We do think it is honorable that this dog is going after what he's always wanted and trying to pursue a career as a news anchor but apparently it is not going so well for him. For starters, it may not be going so well because he's a dog, so naturally it can be difficult to read off a teleprompter. Second, he's not only a dog but a super uncoordinated one. How on earth does he expect to do his job if he can't even sit upright to get through an introduction? Lastly, this dog on Daily Mail has really taken awkward to whole new heights with this attempt of trying to stop himself from falling off the news anchor chair.

Just look at him trying to hold onto his little leg to keep himself elevated.

While it is apparent that there are a few logistics standing between him and his dream job, we have to admit that he does look very cute in his little suit. So if this whole news anchor career does not work out (let's face it, it probably won't), he should consider a job as a doggy model. After all, he's got it about as much together as Zoolander and he seemed to do alright as a model.

17 Derp...

This dog is many things but smooth is apparently not one of them. While trying to chow down on a stick, this pooch got a little more than he bargained for when he tried to bite into it. As it turns out, he underestimated the size of the stick and the next thing he knew, he found himself looking a bit awkward with his lip raised all the way up. For his sake, we hope that he was not trying to impress any lady friends with the size of his stick when this happened. (We mean an actual stick. Get your mind out of the gutter, kids.) because if that's the case then he's got no game.

On top of looking a little worse for wear, we can't imagine that having a stick lodged in your mouth like that is all that comfortable. Poor little dude. We've all been there while trying to impress a love interest, too. We just hope that he had a smooth recovery after this and dislodged it from his mouth casually, instead of just sitting there like that waiting for his owner to do it. After all, when it comes to being awkward, it is OK as long as you know how to pull off a smooth recovery. Although looking at this guy, we are not so sure.

16 Now might be a good time to tell him

Via: imgur.com

We cannot decide if this dog is really smart or he's a little slow and that's why he's lining up to get a treat. On the one hand, he's very obedient and orderly to have gone to the back of the line like that. On the other hand, he's not very efficient with his time. This is that awkward moment when you have to inform him that he's waited 10 minutes in a non-moving line behind stuffed toys to get a treat when he could have just come up right away to get one.

It's like those photos that occasionally surface online of people at department stores standing behind mannequins.

Like do they actually not realize that the mannequins are ghostly pale? Or did they not at any point think it is weird that all of the people in front of them aren't even moving in the slightest to grab their phones or scratch something? Although we suppose in their defense (or perhaps our own), those store mannequins really do look life-like sometimes. Anyway, back to this dog, we can say what we want about him but at the end of the day, "who's a good boy!?" That's right, you are.

15 Well, this is awkward

Via: imgur.com

Yes, we know that this whole post is about awkward dogs but being caught stealing something may arguably the most awkward thing ever. How are you even supposed to pull it off once someone has busted you in the act? Well, we suppose a smooth operator would just pretend they were looking for a mint or something. But when it comes to living life as an awkward dog, you just don't have the luxury of thinking quick on your feet. And even if you do come up with a cover-up plan quickly, you will probably struggle with executing it by stumbling over your words (if you are human).

If you are a dog like this one, however, you will just proceed to make a guilty face like this doggy. Next time, this dog should save his pickpocketing for when everyone is already asleep. Or better yet, just don't pickpocket at all. Although we guess that's hard to do when you have sticky fingers like this guy. We hope it was worth it, buddy. Let's hope they didn't punish you too much for this one. We bet you're wishing, that your rat brother didn't have a Snapchat account to blast your indiscretions on right about now.

14 Back it up

Doggo does the "but wait , there's moar"

A post shared by John Trulli (@doggosdoingthings) on

Now hang on, is this some sort of dance move or is this dog just trying to get someone to back off? Based on his facial expression, if we had to venture a guess, we would say he is dancing. The other giveaway that this is him dancing is also because, as fellow awkward individuals, this is basically how we dance. With our rigid hands out in front, with our feet hip-width apart to achieve a nice two-step and with a silly grin on our faces because we are not so certain about the movements we are performing.

At the end of the day, though, when it comes to dancing isn't it supposed to be an expression of one's inner self? So if that's the case, isn't this dog nailing it with his awkward dance moves? Evidently, he's just letting his spirit shine through, so way to go Fido—we're impressed with your level of confidence. Perhaps he can teach all of us a thing or two about letting go of what others might think and just working it for ourselves and nobody else. On the other hand, perhaps he is just telling someone, "back off" and we just let our imaginations get carried away.

13 One too many

This looks like us after a night of having one too many drinks. This probably also explains why the ones of us who look like this when sleeping are still single. Perhaps one look at this mug after a night together and the other persons just like, "no, thanks, I'll pass". Meanwhile, you are stuck trying to figure out why? But don't worry, just as we find this doggo to be adorable, you will find someone who thinks your chubby face and triple chins are adorable while you are sleeping too.

The problem is that as much as we can try and control the way that we look while we are in bed, sometimes these things are just out of our hands.

We bet when this dog started to doze off, the last thing she was thinking was, "Yes, I want to look like I've been stuffing my face with donuts all winter while I'm in dreamland." So, yes, you can try and put makeup on before bed and sleep on your back throughout the night with an angelic expression on your face, but chances are, at some point mid-sleep, you will lose control and the facade will be over. Unless you're Kim Kardashian, since she somehow always looks put together (unless she's crying, that is).

12 Peekaboo

This reminds us of that awkward moment that someone is not invited to a party, but they find a way to make an appearance anyway. When we look at this awkward little dog, which we think is a Shiba Ina, we can't help but wonder what he did to end up here? For starters, being of such a small stature how did he climb up so high? Secondly, how did he find a hole in the wall that would fit his fluffy head perfectly?

Lastly, what are his intentions? Is he trying to crash a doggy party that he wasn't invited too?

Or maybe he's trying to crash a feline party? We all know how catty those felines can be. (Ha, sorry, was that too much?) Or perhaps this guy was just seeing his owner off to work and perches up there daily in hopes that his cute little head will lure his owner back to the couch to snuggle with him. Either way, no matter the reason, if we saw this cute albeit awkward head poking out of a wall, it would most definitely make our day so much better. So keep up the awkward work, doggo.

11 Awkward by nature

Some people, much like some dogs, are just awkward by nature, so no matter the situation they may find themselves in, they will find a way to make things awkward. This dog reminds us of one of those times you come to someone's house to say drop something off with the intention of getting out of their quickly when you get roped into staying. Like when you drop by an ex-friend's place for closure, then their parents decide to make things weird and invite you to take a seat and get comfortable.

Of course, you can't get comfortable because, for one, you don't want to be there; secondly, you are just super awkward so how on earth do they expect you to get comfortable? So instead of taking a seat and making yourself comfortable like a regular person, you awkwardly perch up on the edge of the couch similar to this dog. Now, of course, we don't know exactly what's going on with this dog at this particular moment, but we are pretty certain whatever is it, he doesn't want to be there. The thing is that now he's sitting so awkwardly that standing up from that position will be even more awkward. This dude is in quite a pickle.

10 Tight squeeze

Considering how enthusiastic golden retrievers are in their everyday life, we are not too surprised that they overestimate their abilities at times. Like this sweet, but possibly slightly hopeless, dog who thought she could squeeze behind a toilet to get to where she's going. Sweetie, the only pet that's fitting behind that toilet is probably a cat so don't take it too personally. Nevertheless, this overly ambitious dog decided to try her luck and, of course, it was not long before she found herself in a bit of a tight spot. So what did this dog do? Well, instead of attempting to get out of the situation before anyone caught her, she ended up wedging herself in there even more, resulting in this spectacular image.

The truth is, when you are an awkward dog, you really don't outweigh the risks of certain things as much as maybe the next guy.

The thing is also, while a regular dog or person may be able to pull something off like sliding through a tight area or climbing a fence, the awkward individual will almost always do something to mess it up.

9 Best seat in the house

Via: imgur.com

Looking at this photo, we are not exactly sure which one of these dogs is more awkward. Is it the dog that blatantly took a seat on the other dog with no regard to the fact that there is something living beneath him? Or is the dog that is acting as a seat more awkward for just laying there like a potato and not saying anything to the dog on top of him? We guess the whole situation is rather awkward, but we would probably have to say that the dog underneath takes the awkward prize on this one.

This image reminds us of one of those times when you get put into an uncomfortable situation, but just can't muster the courage to say anything so you just sit there and take it while cringing on the inside. Like when you are on the subway and someone stands on your coat so you can't move, but you also don't want to engage with the stranger so you just stand there twiddling your thumbs until they get off. So even though this dog underneath should probably do something about the fact that there's someone sitting on him, we get where he is coming from.

8 As graceful as it gets

This is basically the dog version of that photo of people on the Splash Mountain ride and their reactions to it. You know the one where people make a funny face in response to the lurching of the roller coaster? Well, this is the same except that the slide is significantly smaller and it's a dog experiencing it. Despite looking a bit goofy, we have to give this dog props for even attempting to go down the slide in the first place.

We are not sure if you know this, but we were always under the impression that dogs were not built for slides.

But, alas, this doggo has proved us all wrong. Although he looks somewhat bewildered at the bottom of this slide, we can't figure out if it's because he wasn't expecting to be propelled out of the bottom of it. Or if it is because he's enjoying himself so much that even he's surprised by it. Or if it's because he just lost his toy as he reached the bottom of the slide. Perhaps, it is because of the toy, given how longingly he is looking at it. Or more likely it is just a combination of the three.

7 Not exactly the perfect fit

If we had gained a few extra pounds and someone tried to post us up on a seat that didn't necessarily fit us, we would be pretty awkward in that situation too. Although this pug does look like he is making it work, it is more than likely that he is having some serious questions run through his head right now? Like, "Am I going to fall off this thing?" "Do I look silly with my behind about to slip right off it?" "Who on earth thought that I would enjoy this?" We wish we had the answers for you little guy, but we do not.

The truth is that this is like when you sit down on a small chair after a long, cold winter and hear a creak underneath you. Then, naturally you fall into a panic because you really don't know if the chair can hold you or if you will go falling to the floor. Of course, a regular person would just get off the chair, make a joke and move onto something that supports them. But alas not the awkward person. The awkward person will continue you to sit in that little unsupportive seat with a cringe on their face until everyone has left the room and it's safe to get up.

6 Uh-oh, someone's toast

We don't know what it is about these photos but we can't help but go just a little bit overboard with the captions. Yes, we know it may sound just a touch cheesy but what better way to describe this dog than to say he's toast? This stuff basically writes itself. Anyway, this image is a prime example of what happens when an awkward individual or rather a dog, get excited. Instead of this dog expressing himself in a regular excited manner and jumping up and down or barking for a second, this dog really put his face in it. (Sorry, there we go again.)

Now, look how embarrassed he looks, the moment he realizes that he won't be able to necessarily get his head out of the piece of toast before anyone notices.

Instead, he had to shuffle over to his owner and look up at him with half-embarrassed, half-wishful eyes so that he help to get him out of there. The look of shame on his face probably stems from the fact that his owner had warned him plenty of times not touch food that's not given to him. Although the closer we look at the piece of toast, the more we are starting to think this pooch was set up.

5 Smooth operator

Via: reddit.com

It's bad enough having to flirt with someone, but then to have to be the one to initiate a kiss? Well, that almost never ends well. Instead of easing into it so that your lips align with theirs, you somehow end up missing the mark and ending up somewhere else on their face where you probably shouldn't be. Why does this happen?

There's no real answer for why awkward people and animals function the way that they do, but it's almost like they are just a touch unlucky in the smooth department than others. To make matters worse, it doesn't even seem like this Golden Retriever is all that into this Husky. At least if she were into him, then maybe she would forgive this awful attempt at a kiss and let him try again. But judging by the look on her face, we are pretty sure that this love ship has sailed. So move on buddy, we don't think she will be the girl for you, after all. We wish you better luck next time!

4 "Athletically challenged"

Via: imgur.com

Just when you think this dog has her life together and all figured out, you attempt to play a game of fetch with her. Then, suddenly all the facades melt away and you see her true self. While this dog tries to be poised and keep it together as much as she can in everyday life, there's no denying that when she puts her guard down you see a different side of her.

That awkward side of her that we all have buried inside of us and just proves to be more prominent in some than others.

This photo reminds us of that episode of Friends where Phoebe and Rachel go for a run in Central Park. As the two of them start to run, Rachel is instantly embarrassed as she sees the way that Phoebe runs. Do you remember what we are talking about? The one where her arms are flailing and she basically runs with reckless abandon? Even though Phoebe was always quirky, you never really expect that she would run like that until you see her do it. And this dog is basically the same. In fact, her owners refer to her as being "athletically challenged." It's possible that they are not wrong.

3 Warm buns

Don't look at this old boy in a judgmental manner because who doesn't like warm buns? Both in the sense of the buns that you eat but also of the ones that we find on our bodies. Although this dog's awkward nature has become very transparent, we do have to say that he is pretty innovative for a pooch. We imagine if we were a dog, we would not be that smart to figure out that we can perch ourselves up like that in front of the fireplace to heat the one part of our body that we want to warm up. We are pretty sure it would have taken us longer than it took this dog to figure that out even when we were toddlers.

So this dog may be awkward in his methods, but at least there is a very logical reasoning behind his behavior. While we may look at this dog and laugh, deep down we are always just truly impressed with you, doggo. It's not every day that you see dogs figuring life out so flawlessly, but this guy nails it. So way to go. Don't let the naysayers bring you down pooch because we could all learn a thing or two from you.

2 Picture perfect

Wow, this dog is picture perfect. Just kidding. Unless of course, we count him as perfectly imperfect. Or imperfectly perfect? Or picture perfectly imperfect? We are not sure how best to describe this dog, but his camera-ready face is making us feel some type of way. This dog is basically us after a long day when someone says something silly or when someone asks us a question for the second time that we have already given them an answer to. Like, this poor dog is probably just having a relaxing time on the couch after a long day of napping and going to the park to relieve himself and now his owner has redundant questions for him like, "Who's a good boy?"

"For the hundredth time Susan, have we not already established this?" is what we imagine this dog is thinking.

We don't exactly know the ins and outs of how a dog's brain works but surely it must get tiresome having to hear the same phrases over and over again. We are pretty sure this dog would rather hear about Susan's divorce drama or her workplace gossip, instead of another question pertaining to how much of a good boy he is.

1 "Please stop taking photos"

Via: reddit.com

Believe it or not, not everybody likes to be the center of attention. Take this doggo for example, who may be a little self-conscious of his underbite and the silly hat on his head to want to be taking pictures. While he knows it is his birthday, he also doesn't seem to understand why his owners insist on taking these photos of him year after year? We bet he's worked hard to build up his street cred and having photos of himself like this floating around probably do not do much for it.

Instead, they probably diminish any respect he gets from the neighborhood strays. One would think that this dog would be happy that it is his birthday, but he had one wish this year and that was no photos, so we don't blame him for the look on his face. We would be pretty awkward about it as well if we had asked people to refrain from taking photos of us, but then kept seeing a flash. Enough is enough already, people. You can take photos of the cake, the decorations and even the other doggy guests as much as you want, but if the boy doesn't want any photos, then quit taking them. It is his birthday, after all.

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