21 Fake Celebrity Tweets We Wish They Had Actually Tweeted

The Internet keeps advancing every day and it's becoming difficult to figure out what is fake and what is real. You don't even have to be a Photoshop master to doctor your favorite (or least favorite) celebrities' tweets — they've got free generators on the web to do that for you. Fake tweets may look like the real deal to the untrained eye, but people who are more Twitter savvy will know how to tell apart the genuine tweets from the fakes. It's really not that hard, though. A quick Google search can do the trick. Even so, it seems like that's too much work for most people to figure out if a celebrity tweet is real or not. Here are some of the best fake tweets that made their rounds, only to be discovered to be untrue.

21 May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor

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There are just too many people in the world today for the phrase "one in a million" to be relevant. At one point being one in a million was quite the feat, and really meant that you were unique, but now that there are 7.5 billion people and counting, and being one in a million isn't that great. There are almost 7,000 people exactly like you. Sure, in the world of several billion people, there's a slim to none chance that you would ever come across the people who are similar to you, but you can't take your chances. There really can only be one, and you're the one that's going to come out on top.

Next time when you're trying to make a friend feel good about themselves, tell them that they're one in a billion because then they'll only have to fight off seven people to get to the top. 

20 Take Me Back, Too

The Office is full of timeless and iconic moments, and the time when Michael Scott pulls up in his convertible listening to "Just Dance" by Lady Gaga, only for him to reference Britney is one of the best ones. I feel like as time goes on, this joke gets funnier because after hearing "Just Dance" hundreds of times on the radio, you would assume that everyone knows who it's by. It's too bad that Steve Carell didn't actually write this tweet but I have a feeling that he'd like to be taken back to 2008. I feel like everyone wants to go back to that time, where we can all listen to "Just Dance" for the first time and everything seems normal. Who would have thought that in just 10 years things would change so much? The one thing that didn't change, though, is everyone's love for referencing The Office.

19 Please Don't Do The Third Thing

It's hard to tell if a Ryan Reynolds tweet is real or not considering the fact that his Twitter account is full of weird jokes, but this tweet was definitely not created by the man himself. Even for someone as quirky as Reynolds, this tweet is a little too much, and a little too specific. I bet that someone out there had done this at a party or something, though, because when you put drunk people together, things are going to get weird. There's always that one frat guy who starts climbing on stuff, or burning couches, and someone is going to be playing wrestling theme songs ironically. While I would not follow this advice, I feel like someone will have a good time following these instructions the next time they hear glass breaking.

18 That's Some Shade

If only corporate brand accounts could actually be this shady, right? I know a lot of people in America were sad that the Patriots didn't win this year's Super Bowl, even though they pretty much win every Super Bowl. It's high time that an underdog team won, and since the Falcons were robbed last year, I was rooting for the Eagles all the way (not like I really care that much about football, though). Tom Brady must also be stopped, and it seems like every Patriots hater is starting to have their wish come true. He didn't play his usual 110 percent and even had a case of the butterfingers when handling the ball at one point. More incidents like these—and maybe other football teams—will have the chance of winning every once in a while.

17 Can't Wait For The Pizza Truck

The idea that a self-driving truck would be able to deliver your pizza hot and fresh without a person manning the vehicle—or the pizza—is the future. Sure, self-driving cars as a concept have been slowly in the making for people to use in their daily lives, but I just love the fact that the first thing Pizza Hut tries to do with this new technology is to make a giant drivable pizza oven. I also don't really know how well this idea will turn out in reality, but it's definitely an interesting and exciting concept. While the idea is cool, the concept model of the truck itself is quite the opposite of cool. Snoop Dogg is right, it just looks like a giant toaster on wheels.

16 Melania, What Are You Doing?

Nobody really knows what Melania is up to these days; probably because she doesn't want anyone to know what she's up to either. I mean, having the job as First Lady, when you didn't even want it in the first place, can be a hard reality to face. She's a total mystery. I mean we don't even know if she actually stands by her husband during speeches and stuff, or if she just hires a doppelgänger to go in her place. Nobody knows who the true Melania is, but do any of us really have a right to know? If she were to ever tweet out, "Hope Everyone Likes Pancakes!" how would the public really react? Who is everyone in this situation? Her closest friends and family or the entire United States? That would be quite an interesting use of power to make pancakes for everyone in the country. For now, we'll just have to wonder what Melania wants to tweet out from her heart, and we may never find out.

15 Bill Nye The New Year's guy

Bill Nye is pretty cool since he created that show that every American watched in science class and are obsessed with even now, but he's a pretty straight-edge guy. He spends most of the time talking about how science is the only thing that will save humanity, and tweets some passive-aggressive things towards conservative politicians about climate change. He's a pretty cool guy but lately he's been pretty preachy which means that this tweet would probably never happen. Someone as smart as Bill Nye would definitely be able to differentiate tweets about him and tweets about New Year's Eve — especially since nobody refers to Bill Nye by just last name. I feel, though, that this Bill Nye is a little bit more fun than the real one, even though the real one is pretty cool.

14 I'd Follow Britney Through Anything

This tweet is a little bit different than the rest because this tweet actually popped up on Britney's feed, but it was just a hack. Fortunately (or unfortunately depending on who you are), Britney never actually made the decision to follow the word of Satan. What a world we would live in if it turned out that Britney was really a member of some sort of cult or fringe religion? If this were true then her Instagram feed would look a lot different. There would be less videos of her painting on the veranda and more things that are a bit dark and creepy.

I feel like now we have to rely on completely fabricated tweets to have celebrities say outlandish things because it's a lot harder to hack into celebrity accounts than it was back in 2010. There's still the controversy, but there isn't that feeling of shock after seeing an actual tweet like this come from the official account.

13 It Could Be A Real Tweet

Sorry, Paris Hilton, but there was a part of me and pretty much everyone else on the Internet who thought that this was a legitimate tweet for a while. Of course this was debunked, but there was a part of me that really thought that she would be this out of touch. I would like to give celebrity socialites the benefit of the doubt, but Paris hasn't had the best streak of saying very intelligent things.

You know that there was probably someone at your school who was dense enough to confuse Nelson Mandela and MLK as one person, considering that they probably also thought that Kanye and P. Diddy were the same person, too. Luckily, Paris turned out to not be that dense of a person...yet.

12 Get It, Jonah Hill

I honestly hate this tweet and I'm glad that Jonah Hill didn't actually tweet this out because the relationship between Jonah and Emma's characters in Superbad was a complete joke. It was basically like Jonah was just some sad dorky boy who had a crush on hot Emma Stone, and they had like one interaction in a cooking class. Then he goes to a party at her house and gets super drunk and cries about how he wants to get with her. In real life, any guy that creepy would never get the girl, but for some reason Emma Stone still kinda ends up with him at the end. There was nothing romantic about that relationship, so you can assume that she left him shortly after the movie. There was no looking for a rebound if they were never dating in the first place.

11 Trying To Stay Relevant

Unless Katy Perry gets her old hair back and soon, she's going to continue to lose her relevancy. Just look at Miley — that blonde pixie cut is a cursed hairstyle and the only way to get your music career back is to change that hairdo up a bit. I bet there are a lot of teens nowadays who aren't super aware of Katy Perry. Even though all of my favorite artists from my high school days are still making new music, not a lot of the cool teens now know who they are. It's going to be tough for Katy to keep her relevancy as the years go by. Maybe fidget spinners are the answer, but I seriously doubt it. The hair is the first thing she's gotta work on.

10 If Only

Justin Bieber has turned out to be kind of okay as time has gone on, but I remember the Biebz back in 2012 and I feel like everyone wished that he would stop singing, or talking in general. He was quite a mess as a young lad who was completely out of touch with the world, and it would have been a great improvement to his character to just shut up and become a mime.

While he's still pretty problematic, and I kind of hate myself for saying this, Justin has improved in the past five-ish years. His voice has grown into something that's quite pleasurable to listen to, so he can still pursue singing I think. His personality is still kind of bad, but he's getting a little better.

9 It's Just That Simple!

After spending billions of dollars for NASA to lead the United States in the space race, going to the Moon and potentially other planets, they must feel stupid that they didn't think of this simple solution to their problem. Why spend so much time and money building a rocket that may not work properly when you could just build a lot of stairs all the way into space? It just makes so much sense! It's not like weight, gravity, or the sheer distance to the closest thing would ever make stairs to space impossible. Anything is possible if you harness your sheer power of will. I hope this person wins a prize for their great scientific innovation. How something so obvious could go unthought of us beyond me.

8 How The Tides Have Turned

After all this time, I can't believe that the Taylor and Kanye feud had festered so much for both of them to have a kind of mental breakdown and a lot of drama whenever a new album comes out. This was literally just like two minutes at the VMAs but it ended up changing both of their lives for the worst. Instead of dropping a bunch of very obvious diss tracks, I feel like the mental health of both artists would be better if they just dissed each other on Twitter every once in a while. If Taylor really tweeted this out to Kanye, I feel like their feud would be over. I mean, he would have to agree because pretty much everything Beyoncé does is better than anything Kim could do. They would finally be in agreeance and become best friends, right?

7 Is Anything A Real Jaden Smith Tweet?

Via: Imgur

Jaden Smith's Twitter feed is random and strange that pretty much anything could be a Jaden Smith tweet. The only requirements are that it has to be pretty vague and formatted in such a way that it looks like a title to a Fall Out Boy song. I don't know what goes on in that boy's head but a lot of times his tweets make me think, too. Sure, this isn't an authentic Jaden Smith tweet, but it pretty much could be.

So now I'm thinking, how is this possible? There are people that look greasy but they shower frequently. Some people try to have that eyeliner-from-last-night look on a fresh and clean face. I don't know why some people try to look dirty when they're not, but it's some sort of trend.

6 He's Said It Himself, Folks

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It's about time that politicians start calling themselves out online. Sometimes they've got to be edited by some random person on the Internet, but at least the message is out there in some form. If only the real Jeb Bush would be as honest as this fake tweet is. It's true, no matter how much he would like to deny it, he is quite a mess of a person and a politician. Those debate cowboy boots may have amused people for a little bit back in 2015, but now it's pretty clear that Jeb, exclamation point or not, is just as bad as all of his other colleagues. Then again, pretty much everyone in politics these days are all messes, but none of them will ever admit it.

5 The Rock, A History Scholar

If you know me then you'd know that I am obsessed with Aaron Carter and am just so fascinated by him and his life. Since I'm an Aaron Carter superfan, the drama between him dating Hilary and Lindsay at the same time in 2003 is something that I think about very often. I didn't know that the Rock, of all people, is also interested in one of the best teen heartthrob scandals of all time. The Rock knows what's up. There's a lot of interesting things that have happened in the history of the United States, but pop culture in the early 2000s is really the most important part of American history as a whole. My history teachers may not agree with me, but I know a lot more about Aaron Carter than I know about older presidents. That's a lie, of course. I actually love U.S. history, too because I'm a huge nerd.

4 Preach It, Janet

After watching Justin Timberlake's pretty lackluster Super Bowl halftime performance on Sunday, I'm even more livid that Janet never had justice for what happened to her over a decade ago. After the wardrobe malfunction (which was all Justin's fault by the way), Janet's career was pretty much over. Even though Justin was a part of the controversy, he was given the opportunity to redeem himself in his own halftime show only for him to flop pretty badly. At least with Janet, that performance was good and is still talked about over a decade later. Justin's performance this time is going to be forgotten in the next two weeks. Justin had a time to shine, but we all know that it was really Janet who was the star of the show — malfunction or not.

3 Best Friends

As the end of the Obama era gets farther and farther away in time, I miss the great friendship of Joe Biden and President Obama. If you saw pictures of them together, you know that their friendship wasn't fake for the cameras--they were true bros. You know in real life Obama wouldn't be so cold towards Joe, but it is a well-known fact that Joe sometimes has the habit of invading people's personal space, but he's just trying to be a friendly guy. The relationship the president and VP had for those eight years is pretty much friendship goals. I don't know if I'll ever have a friendship like that, and I really doubt that we'll see that kind of bromance in the White House for a long time.

2 Don't Eat The Laundry Pods...Or Do

It's not that I would really like to see this tweet come from Trump's actual Twitter account, but let's be real — I really just wish that he would stop tweeting altogether. Even though this tweet is pretty outrageous, it wouldn't be that surprising if he tweeted something as absurd as this. All it would take would be for someone to tell him that he cannot eat Tide pods (which seems very rational by this point) for him to go on a tweeting rampage about how his opponents are just trying to take all the Tide pods for themselves. Just remember that time when he looked straight into the eclipse without glasses. If you tell him to not do something, that's a sure way to know that he's going to want to do that thing now.

1 Twitter Isn't Google

While older people like to think they know everything, for most of them the Internet is not something they're ever going to be capable of mastering. I've been trying to explain to my dad for years that Google isn't the Internet, but I still see my parents typing in Google.com before they go to the address bar...to put in the website they're actually looking for. It may seem like a no-brainer to us tech-savvy young people to differentiate the difference between the Twitter app and the search function on our phone, but it's not hard to believe that some people out there can't tell the difference. Especially when we consider how unintelligent the US President really is. And let us not forget the time his Press Secretary accidentally tweeted out his Twitter password because he didn't realize he was logged in...

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