21 People Who Had No Choice But To Get Creative

When life hands us lemons, we have to make lemonade. Life is full of surprises. Not all of them are enjoyable, so we have to make the best of it. That requires being creative. Maybe we have to fudge the truth just a little bit to make it work. Or, we have to completely change our plans and come up with a new way of doing things. That's where "life hacks" come in and why they have gained in popularity. People had to come up with unique ways of getting things done.

We're forced to be creative at different points in our lives. Maybe we had to figure out how to pay bills when our paychecks weren't the greatest, or something broke in the house that we had to "fix" ourselves. Duct tape can't fix everything, but it's sure useful in a pinch! These 20 people prove that being creative leads to rather hilarious results, if not actually doing any good in the long term. We might find some inspiration from these inventive ideas. But there's a good chance that they should not be repeated by anyone else now or in the future! Without further ado, let's see what people came up with to solve their problems.

21 When delivering pineapple pizza is against someone's morals

Why do people hate on pineapple so much? The fruit is sweet and delicious, and it adds a hint of that sweetness to pizza. Some folks just like a touch of tropical sweetness when they eat spicy foods. It's honestly okay. But there are other people who are adamant about their dislike of pineapple on pizza. It's an extreme reaction that results in some hilarious memes. Ali's pizza delivery person could not deliver the pineapple pizza in good conscience. It went against everything they believed in, and so the pizza delivery person was forced to get creative.

They left off the pineapple and taped a dirty $5 bill to the inside of the box. The money was a refund on the pineapple order, but why wouldn't the pizza maker just add the pineapple? The person ordered it, and it's on the menu. Not to mention the fact that dirty money touching a pizza is even more disgusting than pineapples. Money carries so many germs once it's passed through a bunch of hands that the delivery place could have given Ali and her friends some blend of bacteria and viruses. Pineapple on pizza does not so bad when compared to that, now does it?

20 No need to wash these bowls anymore

One of the most despised chores in First World countries happens to be doing the dishes. Even people with dish washer appliances will complain about having to "do the dishes," and all that entails for them is placing the dirty dishes into the dishwasher and pressing a button. Hand-washing dishes is much worse. Bethany's friend Morleigh (super-cool name, by the way) came up with a brilliant solution to the dilemma of having to wash dishes. She covers bowls with saran wrap so that the bowl never gets dirty! After she's done eating out of it, she can toss the saran wrap. It might be a good idea to still wipe down the bowl afterward, but it might not even be necessary. Talk about creative brilliance!

This trick might not work in every situation. Imagine holding a dinner party for the in-laws with saran wrap covering all the china! There's a good chance that it would not go over very well. But when it comes to eating alone at home, this might be exactly the solution that most of have been looking for in our lives. We could avoid having to wash tons of dishes while also protecting the planet because we aren't using and throwing away foam plates and bowls every day.

19 Go large or go home

Sometimes we're just so stressed that we need lots of caffeine and carbonation. The little cups that we get at fast food places just isn't enough for us on those days. And for this guy, it definitely was not enough. He used an entire KFC chicken bucket for his Pepsi. Never mind that the bucket may still have chicken grease in it (because, that's just gross), we can tell that this guy just needs large amounts of sugary carbonation.

Using the bucket for his glass is creative brilliance at its desperate finest.

Bet the fast food place did not think this would ever happen. And while we happen to drink too much Pepsi ourselves, this also seems like it's a kidney stone waiting to happen. Too much of a good thing is also a very bad thing over time. We would have been so surprised to witness such a thing. How much liquid does one of those chicken buckets hold, anyway? Maybe that guy intends to guzzle that soda like there's no tomorrow. We've had those days when all we want to do is drink too much Pepsi. It usually means that we are very stressed. Perhaps it's the same deal with this guy. Life is hard, y'all.

18 Well, that's one way to do it

Apparently, SPAM used to be a big thing. What is SPAM, or Spam? Well, we aren't talking about the type of junk mail we get in our email inboxes. The original SPAM was super-salted pork shoulder meat congealed inside of a can. This is the meat that would survive an apocalypse. In fact, it rose to popularity during WWII to keep the troops fed and energized, according to TIME. A man named Jay Hormel invented SPAM in the late 1920s as way to sell preserved pork meat, and it just went from there. Love it or hate it, SPAM was here to stay.

Well, it seems to be feeding broke college kids these days. Most dorm rooms do not have a stove or oven, so college student have to get creative when they don't have money to eat in the dining hall and they're hungry. This guy decided to light hand sanitizer on fire (not really a good idea) to cook his Spam slices. So, it's a combination of creative brilliance and a fire hazard. The salt from SPAM is also not that great for our health if consumed in large quantities. But hey, we hope it solved his hunger for the day.

17 Outsmarted the charge cords

What can be more annoying than the charge cord falling off the desk? Well, we could think of a few things, but charge cords are definitely at the top of our list of workplace annoyances. And this person had a creatively brilliant idea that solved the problem. Lego characters have tiny hands that are perfect to grip charge cords and hold them in place. It would have never crossed our minds to do something like this, mainly because we don't have any Lego people around. Only a parent or someone who collects Legos would have been able to come up with this idea.

Sometimes objects can find new purpose in creative ways.

Now if only we could find a way to avoid hurting our feet with Legos that have fallen on the ground, we might be on our way to developing world peace. We have to start small. What's that saying? Take care of the individual, and the world will take care of itself. That means that if we take care to be better humans individually, then the world will improve as a result. Maybe it starts with Legos. We learn about building things as children when we played with Legos and that some things take teamwork.

16 Missing a letter, eh

We never realize how important one letter is until it's no longer available to us. The letter "M" is in a lot of words, and we just don't think about it. Well, this student learned the hard way how much the letter "M" plays in the words they wanted to use in their report. To counteract the bad grade they were going to get for what looks like misspellings, they put a creative and hilarious disclaimer at the beginning of the report. Of course, points might still be taken off because it will be hard to read and hard to grade as a result. Maybe they should have tried to find time to use a library computer or something, but we realize that sometimes people can be so pressed for time that it's not possible to borrow another computer.

We struggled with a broken keyboard once and had a bunch of things due. It was a rough time. College is stressful already without adding in a broken keyboard or a defunct laptop. Being late on an assignment is often out of the question if we want to receive a good grade and keep our GPAs up. Life doesn't always care about our deadlines, though.

15 An imaginary son

One of our pet peeves are part-time jobs that require open availability. Those jobs don't want their employees to have any sort of work/life balance and want them to be ready to work at a moment's notice. It makes life hard to plan, and workers sometimes end up working more than full time hours and never getting to enjoy their lives or relax. So, this person had a brilliant idea to claim that they had a son and needed a particular day off to care for that son. The only downside to lying like this is that now the lie has to continue. This is often the premise for sitcoms.

Eventually, the lie will be too hard to keep up with or someone will snoop and find out the truth.

But this person is quite invested in the lie and has created a character who seems very real. The only question we have is, does this person have photos of their "son" to show people? Co-workers will always ask about photos, so that could make the lie even trickier. Stock photos almost ensures that getting caught in the lie is inevitable, but it seems to have worked out for five years so far. Impressive.

14 It's hard meeting new people otherwise

In this busy world, it can be tough to make new friends. This person decided to take a chance and text the driver in front of them who had posted their phone number on the back of the car using a bumper sticker. The driver thought that the compliment was funny. Unfortunately, the option to hang out is not on the table. Maybe it was expecting too much. At least they gave it a shot, right? We'll never know if we never try!

The driver probably did not expect to receive such a funny text. Maybe they're used to getting other types of texts about their driving, but nothing like this. If nothing else, it probably made the day of driving all over the place much more interesting than it normally is on a typical day. We will take a guess and say that proclaiming such strong emotions to strangers is going to make them NOT want to hang out. Even if it was really just hyperbole and meant to be funny, people will shy away from people who proclaim L-O-V-E without having ever met them. It's almost as bad as accidentally sending a heart emoji to one's friend's father or something, or worse, to one's boss!

13 Rescuing baby foxes

Baby foxes are not meant to be pets. As adorable as foxes are, they are wild animals that can't (generally) be tamed. In some countries, like Sydney, foxes can be kept as pets as long as they have been fixed and vaccinated and kept in secure enclosures. The wild is the best place for them.

But we can understand why this person's mom wanted to save a little fox from getting beaten up by a cat.

According to the Humane Society, foxes are not really a threat to humans and pose a threat to certain animals that the fox is tempted to eat (such as chickens and guinea pigs). Large house cats can defend themselves against a fox. This particular baby fox was probably at the wrong place at the wrong time and got into a fight with a cat. The baby fox will need to be returned to the wild or given to an animal rescue, but the human got creative and decided to save the fox from the kitty. Foxes can be trained to get along with other animals, especially when they are rescued as babies. We can all agree that baby foxes are definitely adorable, and it just makes our hearts melt looking at this photo. So cute!

12 Give grandma her Wendy's

Baby Boomers may have a hard time grasping all this new technology, but they can recognize a good thing. Uber Eats makes getting food from places that generally never deliver much easier. Finding places that use Uber Eats means that we never have to leave the house to get food again, if we were to choose to become total hermits. Well, grandma has learned about this way of getting food and will never go back to the old way again. Now grandma has a creative way to get her fast food when she wants it instead of relying on her grandchildren to buy her food and bring it to her.

If only other world problems could be solved this easily! Her cravings for Wendy's are going to be met all the time now. Maybe one day she will want Taco Bell or something instead, and that will once again change the game. Grandma has taken control of the Uber Eats account, and there is no going back. Has a monster been created? Well, no, but it's hilarious how quickly grandma caught on to technology when it involved getting the food she wanted. Food can be a great motivator to learn new things and adapt to new technologies.

11 Introducing the spoon lock

What can we do when our door locks are broken and we don't have the funds to get a new lock? Get creative! This person was really creative and used a spoon to lock the door. It's an effective way to keep a door locked from the inside, especially if the spoon is sturdy and strong. Only a determined individual will be able to break through the door with the inventive spoon lock. Spoons have the basic shape for old-fashioned locks that relied on wooden boards across the door. It holds the door shut and requires immense strength if someone were to try to break through the door that is locked in this manner.

Sometimes old ways can be used in the modern world and outsmart people who expect new technology to do the job.

Being inventive and solving problems is what creativity is all about. Without creativity, the world would be boring and no problems would ever get solved (now see, that's how liberal arts education makes a difference). A blend of creativity and logic does the world a lot of good. And using a spoon to lock the door from inside certainly solved their problem for them. Love it!

10 Working all the time

#IngenioMexicano Ese momento cuando tienes mucho trabajo pero ya te quieres ir a tu casa.

Posted by Eduardo Giovanni on Friday, December 29, 2017

What can we do when we're running errands but have a bunch of deadlines, too? We can strap on our laptops and write while riding the train, of course! Well, we have no intention of doing that, but this man had to get whatever done and found an inventive way to keep working. His circumstances did not prevent him from meeting his goals for the day. He found a way to get things done.

Even if it would be too hard for us to type while standing up and too awkward for us to have our desk strapped to us like that, he seems to be handling it very well. That takes some major skill, and we are quite impressed. Some bosses won't give their workers a break, though, or maybe the project is just so huge that he has to work nonstop on it. He found a way to be productive even when traveling to and from work, though. Most of us would have said, "The boss can just wait until we get to the office," and then we would face our boss's wrath because we were late in turning in our presentations to an important account. Maybe this guy has the right idea...

9 Getting the necessities as a broke college student

Via: reddit.com

When we are in college, all of our funds go toward tuition, room and board and textbooks. We don't have money for things like milk and food. Come on! So, this girl got creative and filled a milk jug with milk from the dining hall. The meal plan was already included in her college price tag, so why not take advantage of it? It's really just getting her money's worth at this point. We assume that she must have a fridge in her dorm room, though, so that she can store the milk. Then she probably eats cereal for breakfast or for snacks, or maybe she just likes to drink lots of milk.

Now she doesn't need to shell out $3 to $4 for a gallon of milk because she used the milk from the dining hall.

Having enough milk to get through mid-terms or finals is important. We need that brain food in order to survive all that hard thinking and memorization. We can't really blame her for taking desperate measures to get the milk that she wants. Sometimes that's just the way it has to be when we get to the point that a quarter under the couch cushions makes us feel like millionaires.

8 Making pasta in the dorm room

Via: reddit.com

If someone doesn't have a way to boil water in their dorm room, then this so-called "life hack" might be creatively brilliant. We do have a few suggestions, though. It would be a good idea to break the pasta into smaller pieces and to measure the water before putting it in so that the noodles are more evenly cooked and do not become too squishy. The next problem will be draining the water. Watery spaghetti noodles are not very good. Hopefully, the person who came up with this creative idea had another creative idea to deal with the water.

They might have to take the coffee carafe to the nearest bathroom to drain out the water and pray that they don't have any noodles that touch anything in the bathroom sink. Bathroom air is also really gross to think about. Maybe this brilliant idea is not so brilliant after all. We would need to tweak it a little to make sure that our spaghetti noodles turned out the way we wanted and that we could drain the water. Another issue is the sauce. How will we heat that? Do not put sauce through the coffee brewer! That would be such a bad idea, but we can imagine that someone would try it.

7 The best way to avoid orange fingers

I eat Cheetos with chopstick to avoid orange fingers. #lifehack

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We love to eat Cheetos, especially the crunchy kind. The cheese puffs are good as well. But the worst part of eating Cheetos are the cheesy fingers. We can't touch anything when we want to gorge on Cheetos because then the cheese powder just ends up on everything. It's sticky on top of being a gaudy orange color. So, what's a person to do when they want to eat some Cheetos and still live their lives?

This person came up with a creatively brilliant idea. Use chop sticks to eat to Cheetos!

That keeps our hands free from the orange cheese powder, and we can still enjoy one of our favorite guilty snacks. It's such a simple solution that we are surprised that we never thought of it before. But we don't eat Cheetos enough to come up with brilliant lifehacks like this one. And we don't have any chopsticks and need to learn how to eat with them. But the idea is a really good one and solves the problem of cheesy, orange fingers when eating Cheetos. Maybe this person deserves a medal for coming up with such a brilliant idea? We don't know what the award should be called. Someone get working on that.

6 What to do when your bucket is larger than your sink

We out here! #lifehack

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What should we do when we have a small sink and a large bucket? The bucket would not be able to fit in the sink, so how would this person be able to fill the bucket? They found a creative way to get the water to go from the sink into the bucket without spilling it everywhere! Sometimes we have no choice but to get creative when we need to get things done and our resources are limited. It might take a while to fill the bucket, but the setup is definitely going to do the job. The bucket will be filled and ready to use for cleaning various rooms or things in the building.

Life hacks should actually make a difference, and we think that this one would be a winner. Finding creative ways to get things done is the hallmark of intelligence. Being able to solve problems and thinking outside of the box gives us hope for the future of humanity. Sure, this solved a small problem, but the inventiveness of it is impressive. Never let a small sink stop one from filling their bucket. It's a lot like having big dreams that seem so impossible. Sometimes there is a way to achieve those goals; we just have to find it.

5 The best way to fix a hole in your jeans

Via: imgur.com

Holes in jeans might be the style, but this hilarious patch that resembles a cute character with teeth is beyond awesome. This person did not want to have a hole in their jeans and gave them to their mom to fix. Well, mom is a creative genius and turned the patch into a character. We can't get over how freaking adorable this looks. Seriously, we want a pair of jeans like this.

Being 23 doesn't mean that we stop liking cute things, nor should we.

We can totally be adults and enjoy the cute things in the world, like patches with cloth teeth. This could even start a new trend! Maybe the mom imagined the face because two of the small holes look a little bit like eyes, and the bigger hole was clearly a mouth. The cloth teeth are a sign of pure cleverness and creativity, and we absolutely love it! Creative patches can give new life to old clothes and make them see like a new style. Sometimes it's a great option to fix the clothes we already own or re-purpose them instead of buying something new from the mall. Bring on the cute and adorable creature patches, please.

4 Nowhere to hide

Remember the Snapchat update that allows everyone to see where their friends are hanging out? Keith decided to use it to find out where his friends are going to eat and asking them to get him some food. They can't even deny that they are at McDonald's or some restaurant because Keith can snap a photo for proof of their location if they try to lie. And chicken nuggets are very clearly something that Americans enjoy eating all the time, every time. We can't seem to get enough of chicken nuggets. They're just so good, and maybe the salt in them makes them extra delicious and causes us to crave them more often.

Keith has gotten creative when it comes to dealing with his hunger and getting his friends to bring him some food. Of course, his friends can still say no to bringing him some food. Maybe they don't have enough money or time to come back and give him some chicken nuggets. But in Keith's defense, it's definitely worth a try to get friends to bring food to him. Some of them might say yes, and then he would have totally won for the day. He would have those chicken nuggets.

3 Clever way to nap in the pool

For some people, napping in the pool is living the dream life. They love the way the water feels and think that it is so relaxing. Of course, there is one problem. Humans can't breathe underwater on their own. So, what's a human to do when they want to take a nap in the pool? Enter this brilliant guy who had no choice but to get creative to achieve his dreams of napping in the pool. He purchased a snorkel so that he could oxygen while he floated face down in the water.

Napping in the pool has become a reality for him, and anyone who has always wished that they could nap in the pool has a possible way to achieve their own dreams of doing this exact thing.

Being creative has major benefits, and this is proof of that. Of course, sleeping in chlorinated water seems like a bad idea in the long term, especially to our skin, but it makes him happy. We can't judge. He is getting the rest he needs in the pool, and it makes him happy. That's all that matters in this case. Napping in the swimming pool has been achieved, and he has unlocked a level that many of us will never reach.

2 Business cards for dating is the future

The world of dating is becoming more and more corporate. Just look at this post. This guy has decided to just lay it all on the table in a professional way by creating business cards with his social media handles and giving them to people that he finds attractive. That way, they can look him up and see the image that he is presenting to the world. It cuts out a lot of the secretive stuff that we do, like checking someone's social media pages, by putting it all out in the open.

The business card presentation of it is very unique and definitely makes him stand out in the crowd. Whether nor not it's effective is up to discussion. He probably gets a few people who respond to his methods. It also ensures that the people he thinks are attractive have enough of his contact information that they have no excuse not to contact him if they're interested back. And maybe he's cool getting notifications from random people. It makes him feel famous. While we have no intention of racing out there to buy business cards for dating, we do think it's a clever idea and might work in some cases.

1 Whole new meaning to "try before you buy"

Sometimes we have to find inventive ways to get our laundry done. This guy must not have had access to a washer and dryer and didn't have any money to go to the laundromat, so he got creative. His clothes were dirty, and he needed to get them clean. So, he answered an a sales ad for a washer and dryer and brought his clothes along. It's reasonable to want to make sure that the used washer and dryer work before purchasing them. He took advantage of these people, though.

He was able to get his clothes washed and did not buy the washer and dryer.

Oh, no, he ran away after having used them. Now that's one way to get clothes clean when we are broke. People will find creative ways to get things done if the situation calls for it. Now whether this was ethical or not is another discussion. It is definitely hilarious. We can testify to that! If this had happened to us, we would have been surprised, a little angry, but we still would have laughed about it and learned our lesson. He just wanted to get his clothes cleaned. Imagine how often he is answering sales ads for washers and dryers so that he can have his clothes washed. Once a week, right? So much work involved.

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