21 People Who Set The Fashion Bar *Low*

No matter what our style is, we can find a store that will cater to it. Want to wear cat-themed everything? The internet’s got it. What about cheap Halloween costumes in the middle of August? Believe it or not, the internet still carries them. It’s a privilege to have access to anything we want and we know not to mess with it or take it for granted. These people, though…they’ve taken advantage of the internet’s endless accessible costumes, weird shirts and uniquely colored clothing. It’s hard to watch, but we almost can’t look away. Some of these people have full ombré suits, pastel shirts that match their pet and unique shoes which are more awkward than stylish.

The worst part is that they don’t even know they’re unfashionable. Anyone who’s wearing these things thinks that they’re the bee's knees and deserves a spot on the red carpet. After all, no one in their right mind would wear these outfits if they thought otherwise. Sometimes bold is not better, as these people haven’t figured out yet. We hope that they take a good look at these outfits and maybe retire a few of the more questionable elements. These 21 people have set the bar LOW for fashion and they don’t even know it.

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21 This person who just realized they're not on the best-dressed list

via ajc.com

It’s always rough to realize we’re the last person in on a joke. It’s especially rough when we realize we are the joke. We have no doubt that that happened to this poor woman. Not only is she rocking some incredible colors, but we’re not convinced that she actually likes this outfit. Just look at the expression on her face. It’s a little empty, making us think that she did actually get to look in a mirror before getting placed out there on that rock. It must have been a full-length mirror, as the top half of this outfit actually isn’t the worst.

We don’t hate the bright pink shirt and black shrug. That’s been a classic silhouette that many gorgeous dresses share, even if they’re not in the same color category. Once we get past her waist, that’s when things really start to look bad. The skirt looks more appropriate for a ballet dance party, especially when paired with those double-layered tights. Of course, she needs to wear black tights underneath; we wouldn’t be able to see the neon fishnets if they weren’t there. What a tragedy that would be. And the shoes! It’s the perfect pair to top off this look. Let’s just call it a look.

20 This outfit which might be sporty chic, but also might just be odd

Baseball cap, sneakers, bright pink terry cloth jogging shorts; this is definitely what people are calling “athleisure” nowadays. There’s nothing like walking the aisles of Walmart wearing athletic casual wear. After all, those aisles can get pretty long. No wonder she needs her proper running sneakers. Is anyone surprised that this made the top 20 list of ridiculous fashion? We certainly aren’t shocked. It’s not just the athleisure angle that makes us recoil. It’s also the strange white poof that’s drawing so much attention to her midsection. We aren’t sure what to do with it, and it looks like she’s not sure either. It seems like it’s a dress, but her sleeves are definitely not on her shoulders. It’s almost like a large reusable shopping bag that she was asked to carry, but instead, she stepped through the bottom and turned it into fashion.

We are absolutely not into it, and we’re so confused as to what she’s trying to attempt. Like, it’s not athleisure anymore if she’s wearing a shopping bag as a dress! We just can’t get over this strange fashion item. It wouldn’t even be that bad if it was just the athleisure. But no, she took it the step further. Hopefully, this reusable shopping bag went right back into the cupboard when she went home.

19 He might have done "this", but he shouldn't have worn that

via wpxi.com

Imagine, ladies: it’s years in the future. You’re 35, you’re pregnant and you’re ready to go to the hospital. You look at the partner you love and cherish and say that you two need to go. He grabs a backpack and you think it’s a care package full of treats, post-baby clothes and water. When you get to the hospital he disappears and comes back with an empty backpack. He’s pulled out this shirt and slips it on over his head, asking you to look at him while you’re in the middle of pushing out your child. You do not laugh. We don’t blame you. We wouldn’t either.

Not only are you stuck in the bed while your cherished partner wears that ridiculous shirt, but it kind of detracts from the event itself, doesn’t it?

If our partner wore that, we would be livid. No one would get out with their eardrums intact, especially when there’s a baby on the line. If it was up to us, we’d rip this shirt right off of his back. It’s not funny! Well…it’s a little funny. But only a little bit. It actually makes us think of those shame cards that people make their pets wear. You know, the little cats with the cards beside them that say “I shredded all the toilet paper” and such? It’s like that, but on a shirt. And for your partner!

18 These two fashionistas are setting our hope for the future low

We’re not only shocked by these outfits, but we’re actually a little jealous. We wish we looked that good in leopard print leggings! There’s so much going on here that it’s hard to know where to start. We think that, overall, the colors are just a little too much of a clash to count as fashion. There’s something that’s just not right about having hot pink and soft peach in the same look, especially when your accent piece is two-thirds of your body painted in leopard print.

The other person’s dress is a little better, but by only integrating the reddish pink stripes on the dress sleeves those blue tones look very out of place. Plus, can we talk about the shoes? Not only are these two wearing catwalk heels out on a casual stroll, but they’re also just a little too dramatic for the rest of the outfits. The sweater vest outfit has a ridiculous belt to top it all off and poofy sleeve dress has some strange grip gloves masquerading as a fashionable accessory. How many more ways can we say it: these two aren’t getting on the best-dressed list, but at least they look happy. And in the end, their happiness is all that matters.

17 This outfit which takes festival fashion to a whole new (basement) level

Where do we even start with this one? There’s so many colors and patterns, and absolutely none of them are matched with each other. Not only is the poncho all over the place, but the accessories are as well! Who wears patterned sunglasses with patterned boots, while holding a patterned clutch and wearing a patterned poncho? Only this person. This is the only person in the world who would want to wear this incredibly loud statement piece, and we think that even this is one too many wears.

No one should be allowed to put this on. Not only are the colors various shades of neon, but it has absolutely zero shape.

It’s also got some tassels on it (which clash with the pom-poms) and some drawings that maybe shouldn’t have been plastered all over it. It’s the definition of too much, and we’re not surprised people are staring…we certainly would! Also, take a look at that poof of hair on the top of her head. Did she tease it? Did she wake up like that? Did a small bird get caught in it and make a mess? Who knows. We just hope she decides to fix it and to take off that ridiculous looking Urban Outfitters-style festival gear.

16 This guy, who could be quirky enough to pull it off

There’s something about the level of personal quirkiness that can make poor fashion statement suddenly become an inspired style choice. Just think of hipsters: the more quirky the person is, the more you expect them to wear (and pull off) unique fashion items, like overalls, '90s sweaters and thigh-high rain boots. Sometimes, these fashion choices actually look good and the person rocks them with confidence. Sometimes, the person just isn’t weird and confident enough to pull it off. Then, you’re stuck with a situation where someone is in a ridiculous outfit they think is a style choice, but it’s actually just a poorly constructed and ill-fitting fashion faux pas.

We aren’t sure which label this guy falls under. Is he a quirky fashion god, or is he a self-absorbed wannabe hipster? We actually think the former, which might come as a shock to anyone reading. Putting your face on a shirt is bold, strange and kind of pays off when you’ve got such a hilarious look going on. Plus, pairing it with that shirt makes us think that he’s had big plans for this outfit since the shirt came off the printer. The button-up/cardigan is sparkly, gorgeous and just a little too small. It’s the perfect accent for his strange shirt.

15 Love the sunrise? Why not put it on your clothes!

Thank you to the website Poorly Dressed, as they’ve been capturing the strange and unusual people strutting on the cement catwalk, AKA the sidewalk. These people have no shame about leaving the safety of their houses wearing ugly colors, ill-fitting dresses and ridiculous shirts. Sometimes you even get gems like this, who have not only color coordinated, but color matched the pieces of their suit together. Here, we have someone who doesn’t mind the fact that they stick out like a sore thumb; they’re happy with wearing the sunrise, carrying around the happiness of a good morning wherever they go. If the suit was just the one color, we wouldn’t mind it so much.

As it is right now, it seems too ridiculous to be real.

There’s no way someone went to the store, tried this on, paid for it at the cash register, then woke up one morning and decided to wear it out. It’s way too bright for the office, and way too strange for door-to-door sales or customer service. There’s just no situation where a sunrise-style, ombre, vinyl or pleather suit is appropriate outside of this list. This list is the only place it fits in, we’re sorry to say.

14 Every fashionable outfit needs a coordinated dog

Do you want to pump it up? We certainly don’t when faced with this horrific feat of style malfunction. The best part about this outfit is the dog, who seems to be less than thrilled about sharing in this photoshoot. The little pup knows just how poorly styled its owner is, and even the dog is ashamed that this guy is attempting such a bold and uncomfortable fashion statement. You can only really pull off these fake-confident joke photoshoots if you’re the right amount of quirky. (Remember when we went over this with face-on-shirt guy?)

Unfortunately, we don’t think that this dude gets it. He’s too busy actually trying to pose and look good that it detracts from the whole pastel-'90s-workout vibe. We want sweat! We don’t want sly glances through your ugly sunglasses! That’s the other thing about this outfit: the accessories don’t have any through-line. Sure, the dog matches your shorts…but what do those sunglasses match? Absolutely nothing. We also wish that he took the workout sweatbands to the next step. While wristbands are a good touch, we want a legitimate sweatband on making his hair stick up. That would have made this photoshoot a little more clear and really elevated his style to that ultimate hipster level.

13 Fanny packs are back in fashion, but they're not a replacement for pants

Repeat after us: fanny packs are not pants. While they have recently come back into fashion, they need to be paired with just the right items to look chic and cool. The way we think about it is like a pair of scales. If there are too many items on the uncool side, the scales tip in that direction and the fanny pack is written off as a seriously uncool choice. If there are too many items on the cool side, the scales tip in that direction, and the fanny pack is considered out of place and poorly integrated. This guy doesn’t have enough clothes to even get a scale going, which is why we just have to tell him that he isn’t making the fanny pack cool. In fact, he’s not making anything cool. The only thing he’s doing is giving himself a sunburn, wearing a lack of pants and rolling up his shirt.

Sunburns are super uncool, as skin health is important to general, overall health.

We think that this guy doesn’t have a clue about what’s cool, and is just rocking what makes him feel good. While that’s nice for him and his feelings, we wish he would have considered our eyes. We don’t want to see what’s behind the fanny pack…especially when the fanny pack isn’t covering the fanny. We’re glad this photo was taken from the front, as we’d hate to see what’s happening in the back.

12 This person who literally looks like bubblegum

Anybody getting a bubblegum taste in their mouth right now as they look at this photo? We can almost smell the Hubba Bubba from here, gazing upon this vision in pink. While we appreciate those people who have a unique style and gain confidence from looking different, there’s a way to do it well. This person doesn’t quite have that down, yet, which makes us think that maybe this outfit was just a one-time offense. There’s no way they would have worn it more than once, right? It’s just so ridiculous. While there’s a place for all fashions in this world, it makes us sad when people aren’t dressing in a way that makes them look their best.

Look good, feel good is what all the style magazines say. This person seemed to go the other way, where if they felt good it must mean that they feel good. There is some logic to it. And they don’t look bad! It’s definitely an outfit. Our critique is mainly with the sheer amount of pink that’s going on, and with those weird ruffles on the dress. It really does give us visions of chewed up bubble gum, just with the way the skirt is ruffled. Yikes! We’re sorry to say, but this isn’t a style we’re going to be trying anytime soon…but if they want to keep it, they have every right to.

11 This guy who's wearing an outfit we swear we saw in Urban Outfitters

Wait, didn’t we see this outfit on a mannequin the other day? Tracksuits have come back into style, especially in unique fabrics with branding on them. This tracksuit checks all of those boxes, and even adds on a popular color scheme with it. There’s something about those '80s-era colors that evoke fun, freedom and a desire to hit the aerobics class with your best pals. The fishnet trend has come back in full force as well, with many celebrities rocking lattice-style dresses and fishnet skirts on the red carpet. We’re big fans of it, as we think fishnet is edgy, comfortable and breathable. That’s probably what this guy thought when he paid for that neon orange fishnet undershirt.

“The perfect workout shirt,” he sighed, pulling it on over his white-haired head, “this fabric really hides the wrinkles, too!”

Well, maybe he didn’t think that last part. Maybe he didn’t think any of it. All we know is that outfit might be fashionable, but it’s certainly not styled right when he’s got chains, watches, and rose-colored glasses on. Trying to recapture his youth? Probably. Achieving it? Not at all. We shouldn’t be too mean, though…we swear we tried on the same outfit the other day.

10 This person knows we all need a little Superwoman

Just the person we’ve been waiting for! Everyone needs a hero, and we’re happy to say that Superwoman is ours. Finally, we’ve found the person who’s going to save our cat from the tree, capture the bad guys when they try to rob the bank, and save the Earth from assured destruction by an alien invasion. At least, once she finishes hair spraying her huge mountain of hair. It looks like she might need a bit of time to get that look sprayed and set, which gives us the impression that saving the world is not high on her list of priorities. Plus, that outfit doesn’t look like exactly like how we remember Superwoman’s outfit looking. And those glasses? That wasn’t in the comics.

While we appreciate the fact that she matched the purse to the bodysuit, we don’t think it was worth her while getting into this look. We’re not sure why she’s walking around like this, as it’s not an outfit we’d ever want to leave the house it. In fact, we’re kind of really confused as to why she would ever want to go anywhere in this outfit. We all want to feel like a hero, but there are easier ways to do it than using a can of hairspray and matching your glasses chain to your “armor.”

9 We wonder what Britney Spears would say about this one


The great thing about these lists is that we’re never sure if there’s a real reason behind these outfits or not. Take the last point, for example. Maybe she was going to a costume party that was elderly superhero-themed. You just don’t know, which is why it can be fun to speculate why these outfits came into existence. Sometimes one outfit is harder than another, though, as we’re finding with this one. Between the Britney Spears shirt and the pepperoni pants, we can’t figure out why this exists.

It’s like he asked a 14-year-old girl from 2007 what her favorite things were, and then slapped it all into one glorious outfit.

He’s even brought a white, sideways ballcap into the mix, which screams “I’m really cool” to everyone. No doubt those specialty printed articles of clothing were expensive, which makes us raise an eyebrow. Were these gifts? A dare? Or did he legitimately want to spend an arm and a leg on making his pizza-party-Britney-Spears outfit dreams come true? We’re shaking our heads at this whole fashion fiasco, because the truth is…we’ll just never know. Similarly, he'll probably never know just how bad he looked in this Britney Spears-inspired getup.

8 Mom would be anything but proud

You think your parents will be proud of you for almost anything you do, right? As long as you’re keeping a roof over your head and food in your cupboard, your parents should be happy their baby is doing so well. That’s what parents are for, after all: support. But all that goes out the window when a mom-themed grill comes into play. For some reason, parents don’t like that, especially when it’s paired with an ugly outfit. It really makes it come across as more of a costume than a true fashion choice, and we can’t stand the idea of it being worn out in a serious way.

Plus, how did they ever manage to get “mom” on their teeth in the first place? It’s a fashion mystery, like many of these other outfits. The pattern is hard to look at, and the shoes don’t match anything. There’s so much happening in this look that we’re pretty sure it’s not serious. It can’t be serious, right? Right?! Sigh. Some people turn into rebels as teenagers and some wait until they move out of the house. Unfortunately, this person’s attempt at rebellious fashion just ended in sadness, confusion and a disappointed shake of mom’s head.

7 This kid who just wants to spread the holiday cheer

Happy winter, young boy. While we know it’s not snowing outside anymore (thankfully, summer is officially here in North America), the winter holidays are never too far from our minds. Not only do we have to be on the lookout for good sales to stock up on gifts, but we also have to plan far in advance if we want to go anywhere for vacation or visits. The holidays are full of stress, joy and winter chills, which we’re seeing encompassed in this sweater.

Those snowmen are not happy to be placed where they are and the carrots are giving us high-stress levels.

This kid could poke grandma’s eye out when he goes in for a hug. Not to mention how the tassels are just hanging there, ready and waiting for the local holiday cat to come and jingle the balls. The look on the kid’s face says it all: “What the heck was my parents thinking?” There’s no way he bought this sweater for himself. The person who got it for him was either playing a cruel trick or they legitimately thought it would be funny. Honestly? It is a little hilarious, but only because of his reaction. Thankfully, the holidays are the one time of the year when you can get away with a ridiculous look like this one.

6 This clown face will DEFINITELY confuse you when you see it peeking out of your closet

Destroy it. Quick, before it eats you! We’re not sure why anyone in their right mind would want to wear a sweater like this. Not only do the sleeves look ridiculous, but the face is terrifying. Just look at its human-like eyes. There’s intelligence hiding there and too much power for one person to wear. The smile is creepy and makes us think of the villain from the movie It all over again. While this dude looks old enough to handle an evil sewer clown, we’re not sure that he should tempt it by wearing this sweater. Even the bravest of us get freaked out when we see shadows on the wall in the night. That fear grows ten-fold when you add a creepy clown sweater into the mix.

Just think about it…you’re lying in bed trying to fall asleep, when you hear a noise in the kitchen. You come out of your half-slumber to realize it was probably the cat paying at the recycling. But not before you lock eyes with this sweater, lying across the top of your clothing holder chair. Your heart leaps out of your chest, and you think: “This is it. This is the end.” But it's just that sweater your friends bought you because they thought it was a good joke. Nobody’s laughing now. Not when there’s a creepy clown sweater lying around.

5 These shoes which are potentially small dogs?

No, this person is not walking two small dogs. We almost wish they were, as that would be so much more bearable than looking at what they are doing. The little animals on their feet are actually shoes. Poorly constructed shoes at that, which make us concerned for the sanity of the people who conceived these. They really do look like the feet of small dogs, which is extremely worrisome to anyone who glances in this person's direction.

While we appreciate the fact that people can wear whatever they want, as long as it’s ethical, we don’t really like the idea of tiny fake chihuahua shoes.

Or tiny dachshund shoes. Or tiny animal shoes in general. It makes us sad for the poor puppies they’re representing. Also, from a practical standpoint, how do you wear these without tripping?! There’s no way you can walk on them normally. They look more like stilts than anything else, and we’re pretty sure you can’t treat stilts like normal shoes. Truthfully, we’ve never walked on stilts and we’ve definitely never walked on dog-themed stilts. This person is bold, but not in the right way. The fashion is almost as confusing as the snowman sweater, and is definitely not something we want to encounter walking down the street; we wouldn’t be able to contain our yips of laughter.

4 Color coordinating doesn't mean dressing in only one color

We went over this once already with the sunrise suit person, but we have to go over it again now. Color coordinating doesn’t mean matching. You don’t need to wear all of the same color in order to look like you’ve got a full-fledged outfit on. It doesn’t work like that. Color coordinating means you integrate colors of the same scheme or mood to make one cohesive outfit. This isn’t cohesive. This is barely an outfit. It’s an outfit in the sense that this person is wearing clothes on their body, but it’s not a fashionable or stylish outfit outside of that. In fact, we’re sure that this look would be better off tossed in the trash than put on the rack at a store (or hung in your closet).

We do love her hair, though, and think that the color is amazing. The shirt isn’t terrible, as it looks like a practical and cozy shrug. But the shoes. Yikes. It’s like she took Cookie Monster’s arms and put them on her calves. That’s nightmare fuel. In the entry above we talked about how small animals shouldn’t be worn on your feet and the same is true here, even though we have no idea what animal is that color. It’s so bright, so fuzzy and has to be fake. And, while we’re definitely in support of fake fur over real fur, this isn’t even good-looking.

3 This professor who wants to take his kids on a mystery hunt

via ajc.com

Scooby-Dooby-Doo, where are you? Looks like you’re at the front of the class, teaching kids about solving mysteries. Just kidding! This is clearly an old man in a onesie, which is a little more uncomfortable than we thought it would be. We wonder what the situation was that prompted this. Was it a dare that a student put forth? Did he lose a bet? We’ve heard of teachers offering incentives to their class to make their kids study harder, resulting in higher average test scores. This method is smart, as it makes the kids work harder and the teacher look better.

If one of our teachers had offered to dress up as Scooby-Doo for a day in order to get us to study more, we certainly would.

No doubt these kids wanted to see him cozy and comfortable for the day as a reward for their hard work. While it’s a little odd, we don’t see anything wrong with it. It’s not fashion forward, but it’s also not the worst thing we’ve seen. This one also might have a logical explanation, which is more than we can say for some of the other outfits we’ve looked at.

2 Walmart shoppers can get odd, but you don't need to prepare for battle

via smash.com

The battle for deals is on, and this guy is totally prepared. We can imagine him running through the aisles, blue face paint on, screaming in a thick Scottish accent. Not only does he have his armor strapped on over his shoulder, but he’s also got his kilt strapped around his waist. This is clearly his battle kilt, as it’s in a non-traditional camouflage pattern. He’ll be able to blend in with the chips, dips and sporting goods. While we’re not sure how practical kilts are in the grand scheme of battle, they’re certainly eye-catching. The rest of the shoppers know that he means business and have been well warned away from fighting him for the last roll of discount toilet paper. His boots are really the cherry on this battle sundae, proving to everyone that he’s heading toward success in this war.

If only everyone else came prepared, right? Wrong. It’s Walmart. You really don’t need all this gear to score a deal at Walmart. They’ve got discounts and rollbacks everyday. Plus, the checkout line isn’t the frontline of a battlefield. Nobody is going to budge in front of you or fight you for your place in line. Sit down, relax, and leave your armor at home. At least he didn’t bring a shield, right?

1 This person who proves one accessory can make or break an outfit

Finally, we’ve come to the final spot on the list. This is the ultimate look that proves people regularly set the fashion bar low. A blue dress, crocheted, with a large sun hat. It sounds like an adorable hipster girl’s outfit of the day, right? Think again. No matter how good it looks on paper, some things just don’t transfer well to real life. Think about the dog shoes and the clown sweater. No doubt someone went, “Hey, these would be neat, fashionable items” and went ahead and manufactured them. The results were worrying, confusing and gave us a lot of mixed feelings about exactly what these people are like.

At the end of the day, fashion is what you make it.

You can choose to look like this person, who’s simultaneously overdressed and underdressed or you can look like Kim Kardashian: chic, cool, and on the cutting edge of trends. Whether you want to be bubblegum or battle kilt guy doesn’t matter, though. As long as you’re happy with who you are, inside and out. Just be wary of cameras if you are thinking about stealing these styles, as you might just find yourself on our next fashion faux pas list!

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