21 People Who Could Teach A Masterclass In Hilarity

Nothing better to start the day than having a good laugh! We like to surround ourselves with people who have a good sense of humor and can make the best of their situations. Sometimes we just have to laugh about our circumstances. But there are those folks who seem to have a better handle on what's funny than the rest of us. Maybe we struggle to get the punchline to jokes or all of our jokes completely fizzle when we try to impress our friends with our sense of humor. The good news is that most of us are only funny to our closest friends, and that's OK. Yet, we are also grateful for the people who make us laugh and make us think at the same time.

The following 21 people could teach a master class on being hilarious. They have hilarity down to a science, and we can't help but laugh. So, be ready for some serious chuckling and belly laughs because these social media posts had us literally rolling on the floor with laughter. Our cats were really confused about what was happening. The secret to humor might be totally subjective, but we think that these folks could definitely teach us how to be funny!

21 How to be a genius 101

We used to watch Jeopardy with our parents. Knowing huge amounts of random trivia seem to be a mark of intelligence in our society (although actual intelligence is much more than "what we know" and involves our ability to solve problems in a creative way), so it makes sense that Grace's dad thought his wife was a super-genius because she knew all the answers. But what he doesn't know is that she studied ahead of time and remembered the answers from watching the episode early. Grace's mom definitely used a brilliant plan to make it seem as if she knows loads of trivia!

20 Same for us

We've tried to make it to the fitness center more often, but it's not easy to get back into a workout routine. In fact, working out is hard. It takes determination and dedication because getting fit is so NOT FUN when we first start doing it. Like that adorable hedgehog, we might find ourselves screaming into the ground as we attempt a push-up. Raina's joke is so relatable for many of us. Sometimes laughing at our own foibles is all we can do to get on with life. And maybe one of these days, we will be able to handle a push-up without too much trouble.

19 Target, take us away

What is it about Target that makes us end up buying more than we meant to purchase? We just walk in to get this one thing and leave with an entire cart full of stuff that we definitely don't need (or do we?).

But we manage to forget the one thing that we actually came into the store for.

Yep, it's so relatable that it's funny. It's rare for anyone who has ever shopped at a Target to go in and get what they came for and nothing else. That person would be impressive, and we have yet to meet anyone who can resist the charms of Target.

18 Let confusion ensue

Imagine how this would go down. This person would have guests over, and the guest would see a cat seemingly zooming all over the room. The cat would seem magical, but it would actually be one of 15 cats that look identical around the house. Of course, the game would be up if all the cats decided to walk around at the same time. Cats tend to do what they want, after all. And having 15 cats around would be quite the handful. As funny as this prank would be, we do not recommend it. Some things are better left as hypothetical jokes.

17 Preparation for the robot uprising

As our world becomes more and more connected, we start thinking about the potential of a robot uprising. Artificial intelligence is pretty much here. At some point, artificial intelligence may eventually surpass us; that raises a bunch of ethical questions.

Well, this person was thinking that their Roomba was frightened of a thunderstorm and decided to comfort it in their lap.

There's a good chance that the boom from the thunder still created a wave that activated the Roomba. We're not ready for Roombas to have thoughts and feelings of their own yet. Hopefully, that's still a few years away for us.

16 Typos are never forgotten

Our URL bars never forget a typo! Mark is so right and so hilarious in describing the way it feels when our URL bars try to get us to go to the wrong website because we made one typo several years ago. But this particular typo is downright hilarious. If boots had their own social media platform, would it be called something like his typo suggested? We could take this joke to the stars and back if we wanted to do that. But it's enough to make us LOL all over the place, and our cats think we're even weirder than they had before.

15 That's a new way to sing that song

There was once this song called "Ms. Jackson" by a group called OutKast, and the lyrics were definitely not what Josh is quoting here. But that's the joke. Josh came up with an alternative story that would be hilarious and ridiculous if it were for real.

How funny would it be to find out that someone we were introducing to our parents was actually a bunch of eels in a trench coat?

Yeah, it would be weird but hilarious. The made-up lyrics work with the music of the actual song, though, and now it will be stuck in our heads for quite a long time.

14 Nature at its best

Well, what does that lightning look like? Exactly! It looks like a hand reaching down to grab something between its finger and thumb. If we don't see that, then the joke "got 'em" doesn't make sense. But as we can see, this is a really clever and hilarious joke. Lightning is a phenomenon that shows the power of nature on the Earth. Lightning is electrical energy released toward the Earth, and another electrical charge reaches up from the ground to meet it. It's fascinating science that we get to witness. But, of course, we want to stay out of its path.

13 Did he prove his point

This made us chuckle. What do dogs often do when people walk past the house? That's right. Dogs will start barking at the top of their lungs. Landon was joking when he said that he was trying to prove a point to his dog.

But if he had been actually doing that, then this tweet would have shown how humans don't bark whenever people pass by their houses.

Landon could indeed teach a master class on hilarity with posts like this one. At least his dog is good at protecting the house. But maybe he will learn when to bark and when to stay quiet.

12 Well, he's not wrong

Let's talk about pet peeves. There's something that bothers us about the fact that chip bags are rarely filled to the top. It's like some bags only have three or four chips inside, and it does not satisfy our craving for chips. The bags are mostly filled with air. The joke is that those bags of air made the truck so light that, of course, it tipped over when the wind blew! There was nothing to hold the truck down. It must have been some gust of wind to knock over that truck, though. And if it did that to a truck, then it probably threw around a few cars, too.

11 Like, that should be enough reason to plant trees

Trees perform an important function for sustaining life. Currently, we need oxygen to survive. This might change if humans develop a way to be "alive" inside of synthetic bodies or robots, but we are definitely in need of oxygen and clean air for the time being.

Oxygen production should be enough reason to want to plant more trees.

But of course, some folks might need another reason to do something that would be good for everybody. The need for oxygen is even greater than the need for WiFi when it comes to our survival. Baeler is a genius in the most hilarious way.

10 This would be wonderful

We can never get enough of cat photos on the internet. Cats are adorable, and we love to see them. The world is totally made a better place because of cats. OK, we love cats so it's our opinion. And this post is really funny because it looks like someone brought up a cat from the pot of soil. The truth is that the cat likely knocked over the pot of soil and got caught playing in it. We don't know the full and official backstory on this photo, but that's what it looks like. It's the people's responses that make us laugh so hard, though.

9 Drinking enough water is good

We shouldn't compare ourselves to others. Everyone meets their goals at different rates, or their lives take unexpected turns. But Kelly makes a hilarious point. Drinking enough water for the day is an achievement all its own, even if it seems like such a small thing. We need water to survive.

Not everyone drinks enough water during the day, and this is true of otherwise successful people.

If all we have done is drink enough water, then we should be quite pleased with that. It doesn't seem like much, but it most certainly is important in the long run. Mmmm, more water, please!

8 Procrastinator's favorite words

If ever a joke is relatable, this one is it! The person who wrote this knows all about procrastination and how it can be comforting to hear when our classmates or co-workers say that they haven't started the assignment either. We like knowing that we are not alone in our procrastination of putting things off until some other time. It's really bad how we procrastinate, though. It means that we have to cram to get things done instead of spacing it out and not having to stress about it. But sometimes we just don't want to do things at all. Napping sounds better.

7 We all have our skills

Procrastinators know what's up. Some of us can get so bad at procrastinating that it becomes a skill unto itself. If it were a special skill, then chronic procrastinators would be able to claim it in job interviews and on job search sites.

But it would take some serious procrastination to turn a simple task into a month-long process.

Why do we do this to ourselves? It's a cycle that constantly repeats to the point that we seem to never learn from it. Of course, do not put procrastination on a job application. Employers will not be impressed with it at all.

6 How the cat uprising begins

As someone who lives with five cats, we can attest that cats are (generally) nice. Our kitties enjoy cuddling and snuggling. Sure, they sometimes do stereotypical cat things like push things off the table, but it's not like we humans totally have the best manners, either. So, we were happy when we read that science agrees with our personal experience. Hooray! Research shows that our cats really DO love us! Only cat owners will understand what it's like to be friends with the feline species. It's great to be validated by science that our cats love us back. Time to spoil them some more!

5 We're in stitches over this one

One of the things we wished we had learned was sewing. It's a skill that has been forgotten in a digital world, but there are still plenty of folks who engage in the art of sewing. Embroidery is essentially sewing designs into fabric.

Embroidery designs can be simple or ornate, but they're usually beautiful.

According to My Modern Met, embroidery has been around since ancient times(like around third century BCE China). Stories in visual form were woven into fabric to be passed down through generations. Well, embroidery is still around. This joke makes fun of puns and that friendships can be tested when people rely on puns too often. Not everyone enjoys a clever pun.

4 But those four lunches make us happy

While our goal is to reach a healthy level of nutrition and exercise, things don't always go as planned. We think we are eating healthy but ignore how we ate four lunches or just overate in general. Of course, we aren't going to be meeting our health goals if we keep breaking the rules of science! But at least those four lunches were enjoyable. Food is one of our joys. Anyway, we actually read this tweet in the character voices, which is what makes this even funnier. There is truth in the joke, and we are the first to admit that it applies to us, too.

3 This is a legitimate question

We know that there are lowercase and uppercase letters. According to Dictionary.com research, uppercase letters came first from Old Roman cursive called uncial. The lowercase script was added later, and people became to use both in their writing.

At some point, it became convention as to when to use uppercase and when to use lowercase.

It's not like this rule happened overnight. But numbers do not follow the same type of rules. It's a ridiculous question to ask a higher power but still legitimate. We have language rules so that we are able to understand each other. Numbers are actually considered the "universal language."

2 Well, that explains it

The concept of names has been around for quite a long time. It might not even be possible to trace back to when naming became a thing, but it makes sense for why we have names. It makes identification of a particular person or thing or concept much easier. When we name something, we know exactly what someone means when they reference it again. Words, as they say, have meaning. And names certainly make it easier to call on a specific person in a crowd of people instead of yelling out "hey" and having everyone turn around. However the naming started, this joke reveals exactly why it makes a difference.

1 Trapped in a captcha

We have to enter Captchas to verify that we are human and not bots. But it's certainly funny when the Captcha has actual words generated inside of it or a familiar phrase.

The "halp meh" phrase is a funny way of saying "help me," and of course there is no artificial intelligence, ghost or human trapped inside of the Captcha.

But it does get us wondering. This random Captcha certainly has our attention. And here's a bit of trivia for parties: The word Captcha is an acronym for Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart. What a mouthful!

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