21 People Who Beat The System In The Most Clever Of Ways

The system. It’s there to protect us, in many ways. There are rules set up for a reason, but that doesn’t mean everyone always appreciates them. And looking at those rules, there are ways around them at times. Not everyone sees those ways at first, but those clever, creative people can find a way. If there’s a way around the system, there’s someone out there who will find it. And that’s exactly what these people have done. Some of the rules are small and don’t seem to be a big deal. But any victory over the system is exciting to certain groups.

There’s no way the rules can win every time and these people are proof of that. Their creativity and lack of respect for authority bring them to a whole new level. We applaud the way they got their juices flowing and found a way around the rules that were bothering them the most. They might seem like small victories, but beating the system is never a small thing, especially when it’s done in such a clever way. What rules will be bucked next? And how will the system be run down by more creative individuals looking just to win?

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21 The coolest way around a rule

There are fans and then there are fans. When this fan got banned from the stadium for a whole year, there was no way he was taking that rule lying down. If most fans got banned, they would just watch the game at a nearby bar or even at home. But this guy? Not happening. He doesn’t like the fact that he’s banned, but no one can prevent him from watching the game in person, even the stadium. He rented a crane and watched the game from his own personal high rise. That had to cost more than even the best seats in the house.

20 Beware of literal statements around kids of any kind

Making rules for any child is complicated. Parents have to think about those rules long and hard before they enforce them because if there’s any way around them, the kid will find it. Take this kid, for example. He isn’t allowed to have food in the living room and he can’t have his tablet in the kitchen. And yet he found a way to get both of the things he wanted by toeing the line—quite literally. He is breaking no rules and yet this is not likely what mom had in mind when she made this up. Back to the drawing board, mom.

19 That's one expensive peanut

Via: reddit.com

What kind of festival is this that doesn't allow stores to sell drinks to customers that might be wandering by, thirsty and ready for a beverage? This store doesn’t like that rule one bit and so they went around it and decided to sell peanuts instead—with a side of water for free.

This is the perfect way to thumb their nose at whoever made the festival rules without actually breaking them.

The water is free! It’s the one peanut that costs a dollar, right? There shouldn’t be any complaints about this—especially from all the thirsty people at the festival who want a peanut.

18 Too hot for pants? Wear a skirt

Private schools often have dress codes or even uniforms and at this school, there were no shorts allowed. Well, the boys were hot and on a particularly hot day, they got together and decided enough was enough. They wanted to wear shorts, but they couldn’t—so instead, they wore skirts. It wasn’t against the rules, and yet it was. It was the perfect way to show the system what they thought about their rules while somewhat following them at the same time. These boys were likely in detention later, but they should get creativity awards for their constructive criticism of this rule.

17 Dogs this big should buy their own seat

Via: reddit.com

With people toting their animals everywhere they go, there has to be a line somewhere. In New York, you can take a dog on the subway, but they have to be in a carrier.

Technically, this bag is a carrier, right?

The dog is, well, being carried. It’s one thing to see a woman carrying a small teacup pup in her purse, it’s quite another to see a man carrying a giant dog in a tote bag about as big as they come. But hey, the dog is technically in a carrier so he’s free to ride the subway anywhere he’d like.

16 There aren't any rules against this, are there?

There are plenty of school rules at any school and this particular school doesn’t allow girls in the boy dorm rooms or boys in the girl dorm rooms. When date night comes around, what’s a couple to do? Well, they could go out to a movie, but what couple in college has the money for that? Instead, this couple gets creative and watches a movie on the couch outside of the dormitory. They are breaking no rules and they are in plain view so there’s really no harm, right? It’s a nice night so why not enjoy it outside the room?

15 These are some odd-looking boys

Iran has some odd rules by American standards and one of them is that women aren’t allowed to attend soccer matches. However, these five girls sneak into the Azadi Stadium to see their favorite team dressed up as boys.

There’s nothing wrong with a girl who loves soccer and if these disguises were good enough to get them past the rules to get into the stadium, they deserve it.

We hope there aren’t repercussions for this event because this ancient rule isn’t one that we appreciate in the first place. Some rules were meant to be broken and perhaps this is one of them.

14 There's a way around every rule

Via: reddit.com

When a town mayor in Brazil decided to prohibit bar owners from putting tables on the sidewalks so their patrons could enjoy being outside while they chatted with friends and had a drink, they fought back against the rule with a vengeance. This owner simply parked a truck outside his bar and placed the tables and chairs on its bed. They’re not on the sidewalk, right? There’s a way around almost any rule if you look hard enough. And this bar owner didn’t have to look very far to keep his patrons—and his mayor—happy. Though we’re betting the mayor isn’t happy.

13 The pineapple carving contest begins

Dorms have to have rules. With that many college-aged kids living in one location, it’s a miracle that more accidents don’t happen than those that do occur. Many dorms outlaw candles because they don’t want fires to start—with good reason. This dorm apparently has a rule against pumpkins.

Perhaps it’s because they don’t want the students playing with sharp utensils or maybe they don’t want anyone burning candles inside them.

But they didn’t say anything about pineapples and so this student carved that instead one Halloween. There’s no telling whether or not they got to keep the pineapple. Maybe they even started a new tradition in the dormitory.

12 What's more important than a new puppy?

Via: reddit.com

When you get a new puppy, there have to be rules or the dog will walk all over you and take over the house, right? That’s what this girl thought. She started out early and put her foot down about the new puppy. The dog was not allowed in the bed and that’s all there was to it. She had no idea her guy would find a way around that. He brought the bed to the dog instead of the other way around. Dog can’t go in the bed? No problem! I’ll sleep on the floor with the dog and I’m taking the quilt with me.

11 Teachers always must handle instructions with care

Please tell us these Chinese symbols actually mean something. Because if they do, this is rather impressive and deserves a good grade. After all, the teacher said they were to write a letter as a Chinese immigrant.

This is more likely what the letter would look like than something written in sloppy handwriting all in English, right?

While this wasn’t what the teacher likely intended, it was clever and a great way to get around actually writing a letter she could read. But writing in this manner had to take a lot more time than writing a letter in their native language at the same time.

10 Just doing as mom requested

Via: imgur.com

It’s too nice to sit around inside and play games, she said. It’s better for boys to be outside on such a nice day, getting fresh air, she urged. And so her son did just as she requested. She’s right, really. It’s a nice day. He shouldn’t sit inside playing games on the computer all day. He really should be outside. So he set up a table and chairs and took that game right outside to the shade so he wouldn’t get too hot while he played. Was this what she had in mind? No way. Did he do as she requested? Yes, ma’am.

9 You gotta do what you gotta do to eat

Via: reddit.com

Many of us have been to camp and we know what it’s like to feel a little homesick, even if we are only away for a few days. This kid, however, was feeling no such homesickness. He had to write a letter home from camp as part of a requirement that the camp enforced.

He wrote that letter, but that didn’t mean he had to say much—or anything, really.

He didn’t talk about swimming, games, the good time he was having, the campfire, or anything else. He just told mom the facts. He had to write the letter or he wouldn’t eat.

8 No bears have been denied at this school

When schools have dress codes, most students just go with it, whether they like it or not. They knew going into the school that they had to dress a certain way and they made peace with that. They can dress how they want on the weekends and when they get home. But there’s always going to be one student who bucks the system and tries to get away with something. At this school, they have to wear a suit and tie every single day. But when it’s cold out, they can also wear a coat. The school didn’t write down anything specific about what kind of coat you have to wear, so this guy wore a bear.

7 To make glasses even cooler

Via: reddit.com

What’s this poor guy supposed to do? He can’t see without his glasses, but after septoplasty surgery, his doctor said he’s not allowed to wear them. After all, they put too much pressure on his nose. Instead of giving up on sight completely, he rigged a new system to hang the glasses over his face, not touching his nose at all.

Not only can he see not, but his nose is safe and he looks super cool.

He could really go somewhere if he patented this look and sold it in stores everywhere for glasses-wearers to enjoy along with their own hats.

6 Following renter rules can be hard

Some people move into an apartment thinking they have the freedom to make it their own, but there are often renter rules. They aren’t allowed to paint, at times, for example. This renter can’t paint their walls so they find a way around that rule by simply picking up every paint scrap they can find and creating a masterpiece on the wall instead. What did they use to put these up? Is it really better than paint when it comes time to take the mess down? It’s certainly beautiful. Maybe the landlord will like it and leave it if they ever move out.

5 They never said he had to wear the suit

Via: reddit.com

Getting a new job is very exciting. There’s a lot to learn and some jobs require certain things of their employees. When this guy got a job, he was very excited. The only problem was they needed a picture of him in a suit to put on their website—and he didn’t have a suit.

That’s nothing a little photo magic can’t fix and fix it he did.

They didn’t say he had to be wearing the suit in the picture, just that they needed a picture. As long as he doesn’t have to wear it to work, that might get awkward.

4 Time to define green again

Via: imgur.com

It’s nice for this parking lot to give people a preference if they care about the ecosystem enough to get a car that is designated as “green.” What they didn’t anticipate is that people with actual green cars, as in the color green, would utilize the spot just as much, if not more, than people with eco-friendly cars. We get that eco-friendly is a long thing to spell out on a sign, but next time, it might be worth it to avoid things like this from smarty pants drivers who may really think this spot is for their gas guzzler.

3 When the cat's away, the son will play

What happens in Vegas is supposed to stay in Vegas, as they say. But dad didn’t think the same should be true for what happens when he is away in Vegas and his son is home alone.

Rather than trust his son, he installed a camera so he could keep an eye on the living room and make sure there weren’t any huge gatherings and parties while he was away.

His son, however, had one up on him and simply took a picture of the living room and trained the camera on it. Now he can do what he wants and dad, away in Vegas, will be none the wiser.

2 Just doing as requested

Those who post signs like this are trying to be thorough. They want people to know exactly what they can and cannot do in this area. And this guy is absolutely not doing anything the sign tells him not to. He’s not on a bicycle, after all, but rather a unicycle. They might have to get a new sign if they want to cover all wheeled items because at this point, while he might not be doing what they want, he’s not breaking any rules according to the sign that tells folks what they can’t do on this little sidewalk.

1 The best parking job ever

Via: reddit.com

When it comes to parking, sometimes you just can’t win. If you park on one side of this line, you are in the tow zone. Well, you don’t want to do that. Your car might not be there when you get back, after all. But if you park on the other side of the line, you have to pay for your parking and you’re plumb out of cash.

What’s a driver to do?

Luckily, this guy had a small vehicle and a brilliant mind. Parking right between the two signs means he doesn’t get towed and he doesn’t have to pay—he hopes.

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