21 Snapchat Pics The Marvel Cast Probably Regret Taking

The first thing we think of when we think of power and prominence is superheroes. Not only do they have the gravitas that can handle saving the day, but they also live on long past our mortal life spans.

Getting to watch Marvel’s superhero universe unfold over our lives has been a treat, both for us viewers and for the actors involved. But what happens when the cameras shut off and the actors are let loose? While many of us have wondered, it was definitely time to find out. Social media has helped us learn the secrets about what goes on behind the scenes in our favorite Marvel movies, and with our favorite Marvel characters. These are 21 of the best Snapchats and social media photos that prove even superheroes can’t be super all the time. In fact, some of these make us downright confused.

21 Thor Was Caught Looking A Little Rough

IG: @thejudgegunn

Like this one, for example. What the heck happened to Thor? This sneaky shot was definitely gifted to us from some kind of higher power, as it’s just too funny to look away from. This picture is a blessing, even though we’re sure that Thor wouldn’t want to be remembered like this; even if the guacamole looks delicious.

20 Paul Bettany Ruining This Costume Magic


This is the Snap photo that makes us a little irked, if only because it brings us back to the reality that these are actors, and not real superheroes. Oh well! Paul Bettany was bound to be the one to ruin the illusion for us, considering all the special effects makeup he has to wear. While we can’t say if he regrets taking this photo, we certainly regret seeing it.

19 Luke Cage Is Not Into The Snapchatting


The fact that these are primarily Netflix-heroes aside, they still count in the grand scheme of behind-the-scenes superhero photos. Especially when it’s the kind of golden photo that this is. Luke Cage isn’t the kind of say-cheese character we happen to be, and this photo absolutely proves it. What a grumpy face!

18 And Chris Evans Being A Little TOO Into It


On the flip side of the last photo is this one, which features a wild-eyed Chris Evans. It almost doesn’t surprise us that he’s so into the hilarious photos, based on that first one we looked at. However, it does raise an eyebrow when we stop to consider why he might be so happy. Also, that wig is not looking right without the rest of the costume.

17 Even Space Travellers Need Cell Phones


If movie magic is what holds these stories together, it’s the actors who are responsible for bringing in the pieces. Okay, maybe that metaphor doesn’t quite work. The point is, we always thought actors were always “in the zone” on filming days. Lo and behold, these space travellers want some back-down-to-earth time, too.

16 And The Avengers Need Their Bathrobes


If we’ve learned anything from these photos it’s that movie making has large portions of downtime, and actors like to be comfortable. Case in point: the dude front and centre in the bathrobe. Sure, it might be protecting a costume. But honestly? We think it’s just because the Avengers need some R&R too.

15 Chadwick Boseman Really Took The Life Out Of Rocket


This photo combines two of our favorite superhero movies: Guardians of the Galaxy and Black Panther. Out of all the superhero movies though, they wouldn’t be the two we would choose to mash up. Maybe that’s why this photo is so odd. Or, maybe it’s the fact that Rocket has all of a sudden turned back into a toy.

14 That Time Karen Gillan Made Nebula British


How could we ever forget about this social media gem? Cheat Sheet reminds us of the fact that, while Karen Gillan already has a thick Scottish accent, seeing her as Nebula places her in an out-of-this-world kind of frame. To add a British accent on top of that space age suit? It’s just too funny to ignore.

13 And That Time Star-Lord Pulled Off Duck Lips


We know that you’ve been in space for a while, but Myspace is long gone, Star-Lord. Time to retire those pouty duck lips, whether you want to or not. Though, we will admit that Nebula’s cute pseudo-duck-lip pout kind of works with the character. It’s just not in Star-Lord’s wheelhouse, you know?

12 This Meeting Of The Chrises


One Chris, two Chris, Three Chris...more? No thank you. While we love all these actors dearly, especially for the work they’ve done in the Marvel universe, we can’t seem to shake the feeling that three Chrises is just too many for the world to handle. Thank goodness they all play different superheroes!

11 Someone Caught The Scarlet Witch... Dancing?


There’s nothing funnier than looking at how they shoot magic or super powers scenes before adding the visual effects. This is an example of how funny it can be, with Scarlet Witch doing her dance moves/power stance (or whatever) and not regretting a minute of it. Trust us, it’ll look cooler when the superpowers are added in.

10 Jeremy Renner Seems Too Happy To Be Hawkeye


That is the smile of a man who feels more at home holding a crossbow than he does somebody’s hand. Honestly, we can’t blame him. He’s inhabited the character of Hawkeye for so long that it makes sense. The bow and arrows are a symbol for him now, at least when he’s on set. But does he have to look so ecstatic about it?

9 Especially When Getting All Of His 'Ink'

IG: renner4real

Getting ink is so cool, and must just be part of the process for being a superhero like Hawkeye, right? Well, yes and no. This definitely looks like he’s getting inked, but it seems to be more like a pen drawing on his arm than a tattoo machine. Call us wacky, but that kind of takes away some of the toughness.

8 Green Screen Snaps Sometimes Ruin The Magic


Green screens are a great invention, especially when so many Marvel movies take place in other worlds, dimensions, or even with huge explosions. Green screen is a great tool, but that doesn’t mean we want to see it! So much of the magic is lost when we realize these superheroes are just jumping around in a green box.

7 But Sometimes They Just Make It Better


However, it does give us some hilarious photos, like this image here. Who doesn’t love Drax? We certainly do. While we wish we could pinpoint which character he’s got a comforting hand on, it’s hard to tell; that’s just looking like a sad man in a green body suit to us.

6 Family Snaps Are Apparently A Thing


Objectively, there isn’t anything bad about this photo. It’s a cute portrait of the three of them, and their costumes are all looking spot on. When we think about them as actors, this photo is totally normal. But, when we look at it from a character perspective, we kind of have to say “um, what?”

5 It's Not Just Combat Battles That These Superheroes Do


Believe it or not, hand to hand (or magic to magic) is not the only way these superheroes fight. Based on this behind-the-scenes Snap, it seems like they’re also battling in the digital realm too. The Gameboys might not be totally appropriate for the Avengers universe, but they definitely seem to be keeping the actors happy.

4 Gamora Is Surprisingly Glam

IG: @zoesaldana

Truth be told, we don’t think we needed to watch Gamora putting on lipstick; especially if that lipstick is just supposed to be her regular lip color. The general alien makeup transformation is amazing, yes, but it takes away a little bit of the magic of the movie. Though, she’s such a good actor we guarantee we won’t notice.

3 These Two Tough Guys And Their Invisible Foe


In a similar fashion to the green screen stuff, there’s nothing funnier than watching our favorite superheroes beat up their invisible monsters. Yes, it looks cool after the special effects creators get their hands on it, but before that? It’s just two dudes in spandex kicking at the air; not exactly how we want to picture our heroes.

2 Sushi Is Not What We Assumed Thor Would Want


Maybe a burger and fries combo, a large sausage, or a leg of mutton. Those are the kinds of meals we could picture Thor having. Although, we suppose there is room in his diet for all kinds of delicacies, including that California staple, sushi. Man, Thor’s really turning Hollywood on us, isn’t he?

1 These Two Bad Hair Days


Adorableness aside, there’s nothing worth capturing about a bad hair day. Unless it’s to prove just how messy things can get, but even then; this might not be the kind of style that they’ll want floating around on the internet forever. It’s the same reason none of us post our middle school grad photos. Bad hair abounds.

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