21 Times Dogs Tried Their Very Best To Catch Things... And Failed

When one thinks of a dog, the usual words that come to mind are "loyal," and "guardian." Dogs are considered the best companions because, honestly, they make us feel loved and we know that they will never let us down. While their unwavering loyalty is an admirable quality, there are other qualities about them that make them loveable as well. As much as dog lovers like to stress the majestic qualities of these animals, ultimately, one of the most charming things about them is just how humbly honest and unknowingly goofy they are.

Case and point: These dogs that tried their very best to catch things. They're so sincere, and they try so very hard, and that's what makes them even funnier!

21 This is Fritz, the Golden Retriever, who has become an internet sensation, and the ambassador for all dogs who have not yet mastered the art of catching things!


Hey Fritz,  you DONUT want to miss this catch!

20 This dog that gets an A+ for effort!

Via: giphy.com

Nice try, bud. Maybe next time?

19 This Frenchie that seems to be absolutely shocked that he did not catch that ball.

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Frenchies make everything look adorable.

18 This puppy that just needs to grow into catching things.

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You may need to grow a little bigger to catch this toy. Give it a month!

17 This dog that was so focused on catching the frisbee that he didn't see the tree coming.

Via: collegehumor.com

Don't worry, we'll just say you were celebrating National Tree Hugging Day early ?

16 This dog that just came in too hot to catch that massive ball.

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This dog's flip skills are superb! Those stop and catch skills? Not so much.

15 This dog that is clearly showin' off his catch skills.

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Can you do that trick again? If so, sign this dog up for a baton squad!

14 This dog that thought that closing his eyes might improve the accuracy of his catches.

Via: youtube.com

Not sure where he got that idea from... but he sure is cute!

13 This Corgi that thought that water was catchable.

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12 This Golden Retriever that was completely discombobulated by the treat that got stuck on his forehead.

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I bet him and Fritz run the support group for Golden Retrievers that can't retrieve!

11 This dog that really misjudged the trajectory of this stick.

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10 This dog that thinks that catching frisbees is way below him.

Via: The Huffington Post

"You go fetch the frisbee, human."

9 This Pug that won't let the glass stop him from going after those windshield wipers.

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There must be electric dance music (EDM) playing in the background.

8 This dog that got *so* close.

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We'll say it was intentional for the sake of your ego.

7 This dog that unknowingly performed an act of kindness.

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6 This Bulldog that was a little too enthusiastic in his attempt at catching the football.

Via: tastefullyoffensive.com

A chubby Bulldog tumbling! Cuteness overload!

5 This dog that forgot why he was diving.

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"Was there a ball involved? Why the heck did I jump again?"

4 This dog that tried to pull some ninja moves, but then failed.

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A fall like that for any human being would have guaranteed a few broken bones and a visit to the hospital.

3 This dog that was rudely interrupted by his friend's game of "Tackle Football."

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Rule #1: See ball. Chase ball. Rule #2: Tackle down anyone or anything in the way of getting ball. Tackle Fetchball is rough!

2 This dog that tried his best to catch the treat with any possible part of his body.

Via: nedhardy.com

This may be the same look humans give whenever we drop a slice of pepperoni on the floor.

1 ... And another one of Fritz, because he's breaking down the stereotype that all retrievers can retrieve!


He probably doesn't want to TACO 'bout it!

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