Grand Theft Auto: 22 Cars We Wish Were Real

Ever since its debut, Grand Theft Auto has made automobiles key to the game. It was the ground-breaking and game-changing GTA III that made cars vital to the game and the developers had fun with them. Rather than make all cars the same, the games show an amazing variety of vehicles with different speeds and styles. A few actual real-life cars do make it into GTA but mostly, they have to copy them. After all, some car companies may not be eager to have their vehicles be used in high-speed chases and smashed into scrap.

The more recent GTA games have had to utilize much more realism than their predecessors. Today’s video game fans expect games much like the real world and so GTA programmers have to replicate cars in almost every way. But video games also offer the freedom to make these cars even better than in real life with performances and designs actual car manufacturers can’t quite match. The game's Legendary Motorsports offers cars that put the best manufacturers to shame. There are hundreds of examples but some stand out from the pack. Here are 22 GTA cars fans would love to see tearing up the road just as well as in real life.

22 Vagner


GTA doesn’t copy Aston Martins that often, which is surprising given how great the cars are. The Vagner is one of the more blatant attempts as it’s based on the Valkyrie. It also has elements of Bugatti, Jaguar, and other high-profile hypercars.

It stands out with is cockpit design and sleek curves to look more like a fighter jet than a car. Its low suspension and light weight aids in its stability and combines to make it one of the fastest cars in the entire game.

21 Italia GTB


The original GTB was featured in the very first GTA game and based on a Ferrari 348 GTS. It later returned for GTA Online and is now based on a McLaren 570GT with aspects of a Trion Nemesis.

It’s one of the speediest cars of the series with its terrific AWD handling and is more durable than other racers. It’s also stylish with its rear spoiler. If one needs a car with style to make a fast getaway, the GTB, in either incarnation, is a safe bet.

20 Tezeract


Some GTA fans contend this may well be the best hypercar racer in any game. It’s as if the designers took every single aspect of the best of Lamborghini and put it all into one car, then threw in the styling cues of a Tomahawk. The Downforce Modifier is what really makes this thing go, cutting down on drag and its stock speed is an amazing 126 mph.

With upgrades, this is the fastest car in all of GTA which would make it one of the best in the real world.

19 Autarch


This is based on the design of a Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus’ model, the SCG 003. As with any other time GTA copies a real-life car, they amp up the performance big time. It may not quite match the SCG’s speed of 200 mph (going about 132 with no upgrades), but it does boast much better control with fantastic traction. Upgrading it can boost the speed even more without sacrificing the downforce.

The name translates to “Absolute ruler” which is a fitting description for this racing machine.

18 Infernuis Classic


Pegassi is one of the best car companies in the GTA universe. The Infernius, like many of their cars, is based on a Lamborghini but taken to a new level. It also combines aspects of several Ferrari models which means it’s made to be a stylish speed machine able to hit 150 mph with modifications.

It somehow pulls off the feat of being boxy and aerodynamic with a V12 apparent engine and 6-speed gearbox. The GTA site says “what’s not to love?” and it’s hard to argue with that.

17 X80 Proto


First, just look at it. This is not a modern car, this is something out of a science-fiction film with a body and framework unlike anything else on the road today.

While based on the Ferrari F80 concept, the Proto (as in “Prototype”) takes the performance to a fantastic level. Thanks to its carbon fiber and open bodywork, it’s very light which aids in its speed. It handles as well in its 200 mph speed to blow past nearly anything else on the road. It’s an incredible car that would be a fantastic machine in the real world.

16 Tyrus


A car based on the McLaren GTR will obviously be a monster speed machine. This was part of the “Cunning Stunts” DLC which included tracks that looked like a Hot Wheels set.

The Tyrus boasts a stunning speed while also able to handle the curves and thus be able to go through a loop and bound over a huge gap on the track. The V8 engine can push it up to 180 MPH and make the Tyrus a “Hot” car in any world.

15 Taipan


According to the game, this hypercar was designed completely by computer. It’s strongly based on the Hennessey Venom V5 and is clearly meant to be a modern machine, right down to the electrical beep when the engine is turned off.

Its acceleration is slow but it makes up for it by excellent traction to handle much better than other hypercars. With full upgrades, its top speed is just under 200 mph which allows it to outrace most other vehicles. This would be a stunning car in the real world.

14 Cyclone


The standout of the “Smuggler’s Run” download pack, the Cyclone is boasted in the promotional works as “the harbinger of the electric age” with the tagline “Drive the lightning.” That’s a lot of hyperbole but the car lives up to it.

It’s mostly based on the Rimac Concept with some influences of the Koenigsegg Agera. Its sleek form creates a terrific aerodynamic style that’s aided by the addition of plenty of carbon fiber. It can go from zero to 60 in just two seconds, the fastest acceleration of any car in the game. The Cyclone would tear up a storm on the roads for real.

13 Banshee 900R


There have been attempts by fans to build this car in real life. They come close but they can’t quite replicate this fantastic machine. The original Banshee was already amazing but this new version blows it away.

Mounting the twin exhausts on the rear allows for increased power and faster acceleration. Its basic top speed is 107 but modifications can push it up to nearly 200 mph. Add that to how it just looks amazingly cool and the Banshee is ready to howl down the road.

12 Sabre Turbo


Even in the GTA world, making a muscle car work right is very tricky. The Turbo mixes in elements of several classic muscle cars and is notable for how players can choose from different body options. They can pick a twin ram-air hood or a pentagon-shaped intake bulge.

Whether players enjoy a Shelby Mustang or a Pontiac Freebird, the Turbo is a classic muscle car right down to the loud exhaust. The fact it can keep pace with any of the sports cars of the game is the icing on the cake.

11 Overflod Tyrant


The lovely description for this is “as close as human beings can get to installing a gear stick and a steering wheel in the front of a hurricane.” This baby does the impossible by improving on an Apollo Arrow. It’s the biggest road-legal supercar in the GTA universe which makes it more amazing it can hit nearly 150 mph with modifications.

There’s the mild drawback that it can get stuck in tight spaces but on the open road, the Tyrant rules over most other cars.

10 S80RR


Legendary Motorsports states the primary goal of this car is to “be the predominant endurance racer of its era.” In that, they succeeded admirably. It shares parts of some Nissan models with a few touches from a Jaguar to make it a sleek and dynamic machine. The spoiler adds to its great form as it can tear down the road with ease and has impressive stability taking the curves.

The only drawback is its hefty $2.7 million price tag but it’s worth every penny.

9 Insurgent Pickup


Granted, it’s not the sort of vehicle the cops would want roaming the streets. Still, it’s hard not to be impressed by this powerhouse LAPV. It’s actually lighter than it looks, even if it’s still capable of crushing anything in its path.

While it’s hard to control, it can take a lot of damage and withstand a lot of firepower. There’s also the turret on top to give out the perfect vibe of “don’t mess with me” that a lot of drivers would want.

8 Entity XXR


While the Legendary Motorsport description of this car may not speak glowingly of Sweden, it compliments them for building a fantastic vehicle. This combines aspects of the Koenigsegg One and Agera R. This makes it a very aggressive vehicle that can top off at 135 mph with upgrades pushing closer to 200. The straight-line performance has astounding velocity and ranks among the fastest games in all of GTA which would blow away anything Koenigsegg could offer.

7 Hermes


At first glance, one might think this is from Rockstar’s 1940s set L.A. Noire game. It’s been a staple in the GTA series since Vice City. The car is influenced by the classic roadsters of the ‘40s, including the Hudson Hornet but has the additions of modern hydraulics and engine to help it stand out. Its performance is what’s expected of a car of that time period in terms of speed and handling. However, it just looks so cool that it would be a fun ride to break out.

6 F620


The GTA website describes this car as “perfect for those having a midlife crisis.” That may be a tongue-in-cheek description as the car is actually a very good performer.

It showed up in the first GTA IV expansion pack game and was a mix of a Maserati GranTurismo and Jaguar XK. GTA V changed some of the details but keeps the terrific performance with a turbocharged Inline-4 engine. It may not take hits well but the F620 is a beautiful sight on the in-game roads.

5 Elegy RH8


This is another “combo car” with much of the frame taken from a Nissan GT-R although the headlights and rear are inspired by an Infiniti G37 Coupes and 2009 Toyota FT-86 Concept. The front splitter and intakes are carbon fiber polymer. The Elegy boasts a great acceleration and good stability taking the curves.

There are some issues with the braking but the 3-liter engine can push 560HP to make up for it. It’s a terrific mix of an “export” vehicle for the GTA world.

4 Skull Hearse


The fun of the GTA games has always been the ability to drive any vehicle from a fire truck to an ambulance. A hearse may be an odd choice but when it’s as stylish as this, it’s understandable why some would want to take a drive in it.

Called the Romero Hearse (after legendary horror director George Romero), it’s capable of high speeds and can be customized to improve the hydraulics to handle better. Many people would prefer never being in a hearse but the skulls alone would make this a great ride.

3 Nero


This hypercar was part of the special “Import/Export” update for GTA Online in 2016. It’s mostly based on the Bugatti Chiron with headlights that look like the Honda NSX and the exhaust of a Ford GT. Thanks to all that work, this can get a basic speed of 131 mph which is a serious upgrade for hypercars in the series. It has a six-speed gearbox in an all-wheel-drive layout to be even better than a real Bugatti on the road.

2 Duke O’Death


It's one of the most awesome names for a car ever. This is the GTA version of a Mad Max car, based on a classic 1968 Dodge Charger with the addition of a bullbar design like a cop car and a bit of armor. In real life, there would be the issue of how this is a serious gas guzzler (something fans in GTA never have to worry about) but the V8 engine balances it out. 

Plus, that armor makes it great for ramming other cars off the road to make it a serious force for any GTA player ready for the apocalypse.

1 Dominator GTX


The original Dominator was a great mix of a classic muscle car and modern elements. The GTX just increases that by combining a Ford Mustang, Dodge Charger, Camaro and Ford Mustang GTT into one vehicle. With all that muscle, it’s no wonder this is a top-level performer. It handles much better than the original Dominator and it’s actually the best handling muscle car in the game.

Its top speed may be slower than other cars yet it’s not as likely to lose control in a chase to make it a great addition to the garage.

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