22 People Who Absolutely Did *Not* Meet A Celebrity

It’s exciting to run into someone famous. Anyone who has seen in person someone they look up to onscreen might get star struck. It’s hard to know what to say to an idol. These people are way cool and what does anyone say that they haven’t heard before? Some people just point and stare, while others work up the nerve to tell the celebrity what they are thinking. And then there are those who even work up the nerve to ask for a picture with the star.

That’s all well and good, but when the celebrity isn’t exactly, well, a celebrity, what then? Apparently, it’s flattering for people to think they are rich and famous. Should the correct them? Maybe. Did they? Doesn’t look like it. Some of these people resemble real celebrities and others are way off. Either way, the so-called normal people in the picture seem to think they’ve hit the jackpot and want the picture to prove it to all of their friends. Will their friends believe they met a star? Not if they look closely. None of these stars are who the others in the pictures think they are. They absolutely did not meet a celebrity as they thought they had.

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22 Even Hollywood isn't magic enough for this trade

Via: reddit.com

Millions of people have enjoyed Johnny Depp’s movies over the years and it’s true, he doesn’t always look like he does in the films. He’s a master of disguise and has worked with some of the best makeup artists in the business to transform him from a handsome actor into the Mad Hatter, a pirate, Edward Scissorhands and more. If there’s time in the makeup chair, it seems as if Johnny Depp will take the job gladly. As a character actor, it might sometimes be hard for his fans to recognize him out in public. This fan, however, didn’t think she had any troubles.

What did this girl say to this man, who is quite obviously not Mr. Depp? Was she beside herself that there weren’t throngs of fans following him and she was the only one in line for a picture? We’ll give her some credit—there is a resemblance. But that resemblance is fleeting after blinking a few times. It’s plain as day that this guy simply looks slightly like him because of his long-ish hair and facial hair, not because he actually is Johnny Depp. Some of her friends say as much, but she’s not buying it. Actors look different in person, right? Not this different.

21 No true fan could be this wrong

What did Ed Sheeran think when these guys tagged him in this photo? We hope he has a good sense of humor because this is most certainly not him. All this guy did was forget to comb his hair and wear a plaid shirt that Ed Sheeran is partial to enjoying on occasion. Who knows if he can sing or not, but these guys don’t care about that. They’re true fans and seeing the star out on the streets is enough. They don’t mind that he’s not the award-winning British singer at all.

What did the random guy think when he was approached? Does he get this a lot when he wears that shirt? Maybe that’s why he wears it for a night out on the town. Some people just enjoy attention, after all, and he could be one of them. Some fake stars might correct the people approaching them while others revel in it, snapping photos and signing autographs. Only later, when the guys show the photo around, do they come to the realization that this isn’t Sheeran at all. Plenty of their other friends really are #truefans and they know the difference between the actual star and this guy from the street who likes the same shirts.

20 When fans are blind to reality

Fans love and adore those in the limelight, no matter what. Think about all the things some stars have been through and done to alienate fans. They still have fans, no matter what they do—for whatever reason. Well, this woman must be one of those blind fans because she took a picture with a guy she truly thought was Ed Sheeran. The only problem was, well, he didn’t look even one iota like Sheeran. Perhaps she was out and about at an outdoor concert and this guy tried a line on her that happened to work.

Sure, he has reddish hair like Sheeran. But that’s where the resemblance starts and ends.

She took a picture of him to prove her luck to her friends. She even smooshed her head next to his so everyone can see how close they were. Oh boy, she probably heard about it when she passed this shot around. Does she just enjoy Sheeran’s music and she’s never actually seen him before? Because this isn’t him. It isn’t even close. Listening to music doesn’t take sight and perhaps that’s what she lacks. After a trip to the optometrist, she can get some vision correction and learn the truth.

19 House is really not in the house

We have to hand it to this fan—this guy does really look like Hugh Laurie, the famed actor known for playing Dr. House, a grumpy but brilliant character. But the slouch on the guy and the fact that he’s in this flea market in the first place means it probably isn’t him. Did the fan insist on the photo before telling the guy who he thought he was or did the guy want to get rid of him as fast as possible and this was the easiest way to do it?

There are some people out there who resemble stars just enough that fans might approach them regularly. This guy might be one of them. He may even be used to it. When approached, take the picture and get it over with. It genuinely takes less time than trying to explain or getting out your driver’s license to prove that you aren’t who they think you are. But whatever happened in this situation, the boy ended up with a photo of himself with a stranger—not someone who plays House on a regular basis. Did he check the accent? Granted, Laurie can do a mean American accent, but he’s rather British naturally.

18 When things just don't line up quite right

Bradley Cooper is a world class actor and he’s been in so many different things that everyone knows what he looks like, right? Wouldn’t you know him when you saw him? One of Cooper’s outstanding features is his crystal blue eyes. They stand out in every movie we’ve ever seen and there are plenty of stunning photos of him as well. So when you look at this guy, what do you notice?

His eyes aren’t blue.

He does have a Cooper nose and somewhat of the same smile, but the eyes are very telling when it comes to whether or not this guy is a star. And he’s not.

17 When did Bruno Mars change his appearance so entirely?

Via: imgur.com

Bruno Mars is one of those behind-the-scenes celebrities that we don’t see in every magazine every week. But most fans still know what he looks like. And this isn’t it. We aren’t sure this guy knows who the woman is mistaking him for, but he is enjoying the photo shoot a bit too much. He might need to watch his hands or Bruno Mars is going to get a bad reputation for no reason at all. Celebrities have enough issues with bad press when they actually do something wrong, much less when they aren’t even in the same room.

16 Since when did Ed Sheeran begin to age backward?

Via: twitter.com

We have to admit it, this guy really does have an Ed Sheeran look going on. But last time we checked, Sheeran was 27 years old. But the person in this photo looks like a teen who hasn't had to save yet, not a seasoned crooner.

Does he go out on the town looking like Sheeran on purpose?

He could cut his hair differently and he could certainly get different glasses. But it’s never a bad thing to look like a celebrity and get attention from pretty girls, right? This kid doesn’t seem to mind and, hey, Sheeran is gold right now so why not go with it.

15 This fake Tom Cruise put the store on the map

It’s nice of this guy to pose with the shop owner and pretend to enjoy the food he was serving. It means a lot to the guy that a bonified star decided to stop in and have a treat. However, he’s not really a star. He’s a handsome man and there is a little resemblance, but this is most definitely not Tom Cruise. We hope the shop patrons don’t know any better than the owner so they aren’t laughing behind his back. Tom Cruise is a world traveler, so maybe the real one can stop in sometime and replace the photo.

14 If they insist, play along

If you were having a nice evening in a bar and two girls insisted over and over again that you were Andy Samberg, what would you do? This guy finally gave in and relented to the photo they kept asking to take. Did he make a face on purpose to look more like Samberg? We’re not sure that’s working for him, but he does have some crazy hair, which Samberg often rocks. It’s hard to know how one would react when called a celebrity over and over again. Eventually, it’s just easier to give in and go with it. Plus, they’re two pretty girls, so why not?

13 What to do when you run into the President in a fast food joint

Via: reddit.com

There are celebrities and then there’s the former President of the United States. That's a whole new level for some people. But how often does he wander into a fast food place? Doesn’t he have people for that? Or, at the very least, wouldn’t he be surrounded by security? He looks the part, but he lacks certain features as well.

This isn’t Obama, but he has this guy fooled.

The other man in the photo never wants to wash his hand again—and for no real reason. We hope they both enjoyed their burgers and that this guy looks twice next time he thinks he meets a president.

12 Where are the claws?

Via: imgur.com

It would be flattering for any man to be told they look like Hugh Jackman. It’s even more flattering for someone to tell you that you actually are Hugh Jackman. And if they don’t believe you when you disagree, they get what they deserve—a poorly designed picture with a random guy pretending to have claws like Wolverine. We’ve never met Jackman, but we’re pretty sure his pose would be cooler than this. And we’re sorry for how excited the other guy looks because he’s not meeting Jackman. It’s not even really close. Maybe ask him to sing a bar or two next time to be sure.

11 That time Will Smith didn't appear

We can see how this man was mistaken for Will Smith. There is definitely a resemblance there. But he doesn’t have the telltale ears. Plus, he’s way tall and beefy compared to Smith. Also, what is he doing in Rio de Janeiro?

We’re thinking there might have been some kind of language barrier and missed communication here.

The man wants a picture with the runner and his banner. What’s wrong with that? It wasn’t until the post went up that the guy realized the man thought he was actually Will Smith. Or maybe he knew and just couldn’t tell him due to the language difference.

10 There's nothing like running into stars in the convenience store

The last time you wandered into a convenience store after getting gas, who did you see? Probably just random strangers that were also grabbing snacks and gas. Did you ever run into Jake Gyllenhaal? He would get mobbed probably just about anywhere he went. He’d have to be really careful entering every day, normal places like this, right? And he did this time, only it’s not him. The proof is in the hug. Would Gyllenhaal cozy up to a stranger in this manner for a selfie? It’s not likely. Every fan would expect it, then. But since this is a one-time thing for this random guy who isn’t Jake, so be it.

9 The spider didn't bite this guy

Via: imgur.com

Tobey Maguire is an elusive star who isn’t out and about in the spotlight all that often. He’s managed to keep things quiet and his life secluded, for the most part.

So when this guy runs into the man who played Spider-Man, he’s overjoyed.

He’s a pretty cool guy himself and he knows his movies, especially when it comes to comic book characters. But what he doesn’t know is the people who play those characters in the movies. Because this isn’t Maguire and when you look closely, it’s rather obvious. It's nice that he had a good lunch and all, but that’s all he got.

8 Close call, but far-fetched

Via: reddit.com

We admit that Marilyn Manson is a bit hard to read. He’s got long, dark hair and a penchant for makeup, along with some seriously pale skin. But we aren’t sure he has lip piercings and, even if he does, isn’t this a woman? Marilyn is a name that usually goes with women, but this Marilyn actually is a woman, right? She doesn’t look nearly as dark as he normally does. And that smile—does Manson ever really smile for photos with fans? That doesn’t add up to the photos we’ve seen of him in the past. This guy has some teasing coming from his friends.

7 Bill Murray has changed over the years

There’s no such thing as an actor who never changes as the years go by. Granted, some get pretty close, but there are others who simply let the years do what they will. Bill Murray has aged as years have gone by, but he certainly hasn’t aged this much. And while weights fluctuate, this weight gain is rather large for Murray, as we last saw him.

These kids really think they have a star here, but what they really have is someone who doesn’t mind being called a star.

What else does he have to do today, anyway? May as well pose for some pictures.

6 Reese suddenly got cooler

Reese Witherspoon is a wholesome star who has been in more movies than we can count. She has a signature look to her and this lady certainly looks quite a bit like her. But since when did Witherspoon get an eyebrow ring? Plus, she looks significantly younger than her years in this photo as well. Perhaps the man met her lookalike daughter and not actually Reese. Or just someone who looks quite a bit like her, but isn’t her. It’s got to be good on her ego to be mistaken for such a high profile, beautiful star—whoever the random lady is.

5 Breaking Bad fans see what they want

Via: imgur.com

When Breaking Bad first came out and became a huge hit, fans probably saw lots of things all around them. First, they suspected the worst from their own chemistry teachers. Then, they had hunches about what was going on in the house next door when the pest control company arrived. And last, they saw characters that looked like their favorites on the show wherever they went.

Does this man look like Hank from the show?

Sure, a little. Is it him? Um, no. Maybe they had a few too many to make him look more like Hank than we think he looks.

4 Since when is this Ryan Gosling?

Ryan Gosling is huge in Hollywood right now. He can’t seem to do much wrong. His movies get bigger and bigger. His personal life is also great since he's in a committed relationship with the gorgeous Eva Mendes. He even has children with the star. Put on top of that writing, directing and his many other talents and it’s easy to be excited if you ever spot him. However, these guys didn’t spot him. Not even a little bit. This many really looks nothing like him. Other than maybe he’s wearing the same hat that Ryan wore in The Notebook. Is that all it takes to make a mistake this big?

3 Anyone can look like Chris Pratt after a few too many

We know what happens when the good times start to roll and the drinks start to flow. People around you start to look different, right? The girl across the room is more attractive than she was a few minutes ago and the guy next to you is Chris Pratt. Wait, Chris Pratt?

What’s he doing out here with all these normal folk?

Doesn’t he have a movie to film? Probably. And that’s likely what he’s doing because this isn’t him. At least the guy in the picture with the fake Pratt admits to it later when he’s a bit less tipsy.

2 Ever stars can be good-natured with fans

We always hear about celebrities throwing fits and being divas, but they can be down to earth and enjoy fans as well—even when they’re wrong. Mark Wahlberg let these huge fans believe he was Matt Damon and even took pictures with them, never correcting them once. They knew he was famous and they were so excited to meet him. The fact that they didn’t realize what famous person he was is something that will haunt them later. But for now, they’re happy. He’s probably getting a chuckle out of it as well. And so all’s well that ends well.

1 The day Orlando Bloom and Christian Bale didn't become friends

Via: reddit.com

This guy can’t believe his luck. What are the odds of running into Orlando Bloom and Christian Bale at the same location? Are they friends? We can’t honestly say, but we know one thing for sure—neither of them were in that location on that day.

This guy met two random people who slightly resembled the stars and started snapping pictures.

We’d like to see what the guy on the right would look like shaved. And the guy on the left doesn’t really look like Bloom at all other than the hair color. Sorry, dude. You lose the celebrity lottery today, even if you thought you won.

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