22 People Who Are The Reason Aliens Won't Touch Earth

People debate about the existence of extraterrestrials all the time. Are they real? From a logical standpoint, there is a good chance that other life exists out in the vast universe. They might not have invented star travel that would make it possible to visit our planet, but that does not mean that aliens aren't out there.

And if they have learned about our existence, maybe they have decided that they want nothing to do with us. Humans are not the brightest bulbs in the universe, and we tend to be the worst toward each other. We also don't know what information any aliens from outer space have collected on us. If it's in the form of these photos, we can't really blame them for not wanting to touch Earth.

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22 Driving to Europe

Via: offbeat.topix.com

This person lives in America and thought that it was possible to drive to Europe. We are completely baffled by this. Even elementary school kids know that Europe is across the ocean. We can only get to it by plane or by boat. Driving there would be impossible. By the end of the conversation, this person was just glad that they were able to graduate high school when it became obvious to them how foolish they were. If aliens have been studying us long enough, they would know how ignorant she was of her own planet and shake their heads with disapproval. We can't come up with long-distance space travel when so many people in our world are this ridiculous. America has failed at education. Oh, dear.

21 But...the sun *is* a star

Via: pinterest.com

Who are these people who don't realize that the sun is a star? Stars don't actually look like the stickers we get in elementary school for a job well done. The sun is exactly what some types of stars look like in space. But some people really think that the sun is something else and that stars look like the symbol we also call a star.

Some people are unable to fathom that things can have more than one name, and that there are scientific explanations for things and everyday ways of expressing those principles.

In general, a sun is a type of star that planets revolve around. A star is just a star (well, it's never just a star) until planets revolve around it, and then it also earns the title of a sun. Basic fundamental science is important, kids.

20 The wrong way to eat a Kit Kat bar

Via: twitter.com

Kit Kat bars are made to be broken along the seams in the bar. That's how we are supposed to eat them. But this person did something terrible and bit across the top of the candy bar. Humans can't even eat their candy bars properly, so why would we expect to be able to communicate with extraterrestrial life? There must be a reason why aliens haven't decided to touch Earth and make themselves known. We might have found one of the reasons right here. Please break apart those Kit Kat bars and eat them the way they are meant to be eaten. The candy bar was practically ruined from biting it across the top as if it were a typical candy bar and not a special Kit Kat bar! This is exactly why we can't have nice things, folks.

19 Debit card debacle

Via: reddit.com

Identity theft is a huge problem. Companies don't protect our data well enough, but we still have a responsibility to keep our data as secure as we can on our end. Most identity theft is actually the use of our current credit lines and bank accounts because it's much easier for thieves to make a quick buck that way. And there are people like this girl who posted a photo of her debit card and provided the security code on the back without a moment's hesitation. We have seen this story going around. She still didn't learn her lesson after her money was taken from her account and posted her brand new debit card right after. Don't post your credit or debit cards, driver's license or social security cards online. Just don't do it!

18 Someone thought Africa was a fictional city

Via: wowphotos.com

This person spoke to a girl who thought Africa was a fictional city. We would have been hyperventilating, too. For all of those out there who are confused, Africa is one of the Earth's continents. On the continent of Africa there are 54 countries, nine territories and two independent states.

Some of the countries that most of us have heard of include Egypt, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Ghana and Kenya.

Madagascar is also part of Africa. All of this information is easy enough to find out about with a quick online search or by consulting an encyclopedia. But this girl never bothered to check and apparently never paid attention in geography classes at school. So, she's walking around thinking that the *continent* of Africa is a fictional city.

17 Not how our calendar works, dear

Via: twitter.com

Does she not know that our calendar only has 12 months in a year? There would be no date of 17/17/17 because it stopped at 12/31/17 and started up again with 01/01/18. People are fascinated when numbers repeat like that, though. That's why we get giddy when dates are repeated numbers. For example, when it was March 3, 2003, we were able to write 03/03/03. And we place some significance on repeating numbers and attribute supernatural things on special dates like these. But we should at least get the dates correct. There is no excuse for not knowing that our calendar only has 12 months on it. Aliens would get the wrong idea about us if ignorant humans like this are the ones to greet them. There is no hope for us.

16 Using sandpaper on a windshield

Via: memecenter.com

People create these life hack tips on Facebook that are not always true or accurate. This is why we need to learn how to have discernment about things we read online. Sandpaper is rough and scratches surfaces. Imagine what it would do to a glass windshield.

This person could have used reasoning abilities to realize that this tip would have been a bad idea.

But noooo, they just had to follow the advice they saw online instead of thinking about it. Now their windshield is all scratched up and will need to be replaced. That's about $300 in damages. We suspect that this person probably does not have that much money available to fix their windshield. And their insurance company won't cover damage caused by their own stupidity.

15 The sellotape selfie

Via: twitter.com

Okay, for real now, why is this a thing? There's a whole hashtag on Twitter about sellotape selfies, and it makes us cringe so hard that we might break a molar. Imagine what sophisticated aliens are thinking when they see stuff like this on the WiFi signals they are getting from Earth.

Yeah, no wonder the aliens have decided not to touch Earth.

We look so incredibly ignorant that they don't feel the need to introduce themselves. We would just try to destroy them, even if they were friendly and wanted to co-exist. Humans have trouble handling differences for some reason. That's partially why we can't have nice things. Then humans go off and wrap their heads in sellotape, which will hurt like heck when we take it off.

14 A tale of stupidity

Via: twitter.com

This map is a flattened representation of the globe. Yes, the Earth is quite round. We are just so small that we can't feel it, and there is this force called gravity that holds us onto the surface. If this map were folded into a tube, the distance representation would be a little more accurate. North Korea isn't that far away and could reach the United States with a nuke if they developed one with enough power. She never paid attention in geography class, and this is why we are here right now. The aliens probably understand much more about the universe than we do and would be able to figure out a basic map. But we humans? HA! We're a bunch of bipedal idiots. There's enough people on this planet who think the wrong things about stuff that should be basic knowledge.

13 Who eats pizza like this

Via: twitter.com

Not only is this person eating pizza with a fork and a knife, this person is eating from the CENTER OF THE PIZZA! What kind of monster does this? It's an abomination. Pizza should be cut into slices and eaten by our hands. Maybe washed down with a beer or a soda. But it should not be eaten with a fork and knife. The whole point of getting pizza is to eat with our hands like the Neanderthals we still are! Pizza could even be the one thing that we could share with outer space aliens that they would understand. Pizza could bring universe-wide peace! And here is this person eating it in such a horrible fashion that we could end up being destroyed by aliens if they witnessed it. We really need to do better, humans.

12 Stuck in the washing machine because why not

Via: reddit.com

First of all, why would anyone decide to take a bath in the washing machine? The spinning action alone could cause some serious damage. But this guy thought it would be a good idea to strip down to his birthday suit and take a bath in the washing machine. Then he got stuck. Humans are not meant to go into washing machines. He SHOULD feel ashamed at being so ridiculous.

And if he suffered any injuries from this mistake, we don't feel that much sympathy toward him.

Humans are an embarrassment to the life out there. If aliens had anything to do with our creation, they must be regretting it so much right now and have no desire to come back. We just can't continue to do things like this and expect to prevail for another millennia, folks. The end is indeed near.

11 Right through the roof

Via: twitter.com

He's right. Mom is going to be SO MAD when she walks into this mess. Somehow he fell through the floor while eating chicken nuggets and went right through the ceiling of the floor below. How does that even happen? The foolishness of this is just too much for us. We can't even imagine what their mother was feeling when she came home. Well, maybe we could. Fixing the ceiling and floor is going to cost a pretty penny. Never mind that the boy could have been hurt on top of everything else. We would also demand an explanation for how this even happened before grounding the kid for the rest of his life. And we might even bar him from eating chicken nuggets if this is the type of trouble he gets into.

10 Not the best way to do that, guys

Via: pinterest.com

That looks like those guys are about to toss a sofa down to their friends below. Um, not a good idea! They should have worked together to carry the sofa down the stairs. Instead, their friends are going to be crushed by the sofa and probably break it. Foolishness does not even begin to describe what is wrong with what they're doing.

Seriously, safety makes a HUGE difference.

Even if they aren't sure of the best way to move the sofa downstairs, they should be able to use deductive reasoning to realize that tossing it over the balcony is a stupid and dangerous idea. Someone is going to get hurt. The weight of the sofa will be added to the velocity of the fall. We don't even want to imagine the pain those guys will be in if they keep doing this.

9 But that's a thermometer

Via: yaphappy.com

This girl thought that this was a pregnancy test, but it is actually a thermometer. And you can only be pregnant or not pregnant. There is no such thing as a percentage of pregnancy. Nope, it looks like she actually has a fever of 102 degrees. But she thinks she is pregnant and posted her findings online. This is a case of misunderstanding the results because she didn't realize what test she was actually applying. Hopefully, someone on her friends' list pointed out her mistake. It would be sad if all of her friends were this ignorant, too. But humans can be collectively stupid. History has proven that time and again. We are rarely stupid alone. And when troves of stupidity get together, we have major setbacks in our progress.

8 Common sense isn't so common

Via: twitter.com

Leah probably did this as joke, but if she was serious then we are in trouble. Palmer Paint meant that the paint is washable under the normal amounts that people would get onto their skin during normal use of the paint. What Leah did is not within the normal use of Palmer Paint. Most people would know not to put it all over their face. She also put a ton of it on her face that some was able to seep into her pores and stay there. It would eventually wash out of her skin, but she layered it to oblivion that it would take a few washings. Now the paint is going to have to be very explicit on their packaging and think of all the scenarios that people could come up with so that this wouldn't happen again.

7 Bathing with a cat sounds dangerous

Via: postvirale.com

Awww, the poor kitty is so distressed! The human was forcing the kitty to take a bath. But what's weird is that the human decided to get naked and take a bath with the cat. We're glad that the kitty has not been de-clawed, but the human really should have thought this through. Kitties generally do not like water, and they hate baths even more.

Cats can clean themselves but might need a bath every once in a while.

It can be dangerous to bath a cat because kitties will always fight back. And claws will hurt. Claws can cause so much pain, and it's a good idea to avoid kitty claws as much as possible. And he left all of his private bits exposed to the cat's claws. We don't think this guy is very smart. If he survives this bath time, we hope he learned his lesson.

6 Snorting grandpa's ashes

Via: pinterest.com

Ah, the indiscretions of youth. Most people are not so desperate to begin doing drugs that they would steal their grandpa's ashes and smoke them. These teenagers wanted to be bad so badly, and they thought getting some drugs would be the answer. But they had never tried to get drugs before and made a very stupid mistake. Grandpa was desecrated after death thanks to these Missouri teenagers. Imagine how distraught grandma must feel after her grand kids ingested their grandpa. It sounds messed up because it IS messed up. If the youth are the future, then we are doomed beyond measure. Good thing that these teens don't represent all teens. We would have to be very worried if that were the case. Well, TBH, we are still very worried about what the future holds for humanity. Stories like these don't make it any better.

5 OMG, it's called a "sandwich"

Via: twitter.com

Apparently, people are referring to sandwiches that they make at home as "homemade Subway." That's how much Subway has made an impact on America. We have forgotten that Subway did not invent the sandwich. The company is just good at making sandwiches. When we make a sandwich at home, it is just called a sandwich.

Yes, the sandwich could be modeled after a sandwich from Subway, but it is still just a sandwich that one makes at home.

What it is NOT is "homemade Subway." Just call it a sandwich. It even takes less time to say "sandwich" than it takes to say "homemade Subway," too. Sometimes trying to change the name of things dilutes its power, or gives credit where none is due. We like Subway, but the company is not the inventor of the sandwich.

4 Public restroom floors are SO gross

Via: tumblr.com

OH MY GAWD! We never imagined that anyone would do something like this, but this person has placed their hamburger on the public bathroom floor. It's bad enough that the fries are left out in the open, but the hamburger doesn't even have the mildest protection against all the germs and bacteria in the restroom. And just know that every time we flush the toilet, those germs end up in the air and can settle on things in the restroom. That's why it's a good idea to put down the lid before flushing if the toilet has a lid. If this person managed to not die after eating that dirty hamburger, they must have the strongest immune system in the world. But there's no doubt that they picked up some nasty bacteria and possibly parasites from that restroom floor.

3 What new abomination is this

Via: twitter.com

While it might not hurt to eat the outside of a kiwi, why would anyone do such a thing? But this person might be a true monster for eating the furry skin of a kiwi. We love kiwi. The fruit is quite delicious, but it is meant to be enjoyed from within its furry skin. We aren't supposed to eat the furry outside! Scoop out the kiwi or peel it. It's almost as bad as trying to eat the outside of a pineapple or worse. We just aren't supposed to be doing it. That's all there is to it. And most people know that there is a right way to eat a kiwi and don't eat the furry skin. We feel like this could be one of the reasons that aliens have decided not to touch Earth. They don't want to even save us from ourselves. We are a lost cause on a cosmic scale.

2 The wrong way to wash carrots

Via: reddit.com

Repeat after us: Washing machines are for clothing and bedding. You can also wash stuffed animals and towels. But washing machines are NOT for washing vegetables. Why did this person think that they could wash their carrots in a washing machine? It should be common sense that we should wash carrots in a kitchen sink and maybe using some veggie wash. The washing machine has leftover germs from all the clothes we wash, as well as residue from laundry detergent. Those carrots are contaminated. And this person thinks that people want to buy used carrots. If they got a buyer, we won't be surprised if that person becomes ill from eating these contaminated carrots. We would have to pass on this "deal."

1 Twins get the same nine months

Via: reddit.com

According to the natural order of things, twins in the same uterus would be born within nine months. It would only take the usual nine months for both babies to develop. Just because we are talking about twins does not mean that the gestation period would be doubled as well.

If people believe that twins take 18 months in their mother's womb, we are doomed.

It's not as if one baby gets to develop first and the other one gets to develop next. The twins develop together at the same time. The person who posted this makes us weep for the future of humanity, and we totally understand why more intelligent aliens want to avoid Earth. We wouldn't want to make contact with us, either. Humanity is not always the friendliest in the universe, and we certainly are not the smartest!

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