22 Tattoos These Couples Lived To Regret

Tattoos can be a lot of things, and we're not just referring to the many options of symbols, pictures and words a person can turn into ink. Tattoos can signify great memories, make strong statements or just serve as a permanent accessory on someone. Recently, tattoos have become more trendy, so we're seeing more and more people get inked, including couples. But sadly, a lot of tattoos end up outlasting the relationship that made them.

So, what's a person to do when he or she is left with an inked symbol of love for a love lost? There are only three options. The first option would be to leave the tattoo as it is and hope that it's in a place where clothing usually covers it. The second option would be to get the tattoo removed through painful dermatology treatments. But for a quicker fix, a person can cover the tattoo symbolizing his or her former love with yet another tattoo. Plenty of people have chosen the last option, and we have some examples of how exes got a little creative with covering up the tattoos they lived to regret.

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22 The ultimate oops

One guy finally got fed up with his ex's name being tattooed on his neck, so he decided to do something about it. He gladly pointed out that it was a big mistake he made. Whether he meant getting the tattoo or getting involved in that relationship altogether, we may never know. Either way, he was happy to call himself out on this blunder. We don't know how long it took him to correct his ink mistake, but he did decide to not correct it with another name at least.

This guy, on the other hand, decided to correct one girl's name with another. He exed out his ex, Megan, and added an "oops," only to continue with "I meant Hollie." This makes us wonder if the correction happened all at one time or if he added the part about Hollie on down the road. If it happened at the same time, then that must mean that Hollie was pushing for him to get Megan's name off of his arm. But even if he already had Megan's name exed out when he met Hollie, she likely had a good argument for him adding her name to show that he cared that much for her as well.

21 Long list of exes

Some people are smart enough to learn from the mistakes of others and some (like the neck tattoo dude) need to make their own mistakes to learn. Then, there are people like this guy who is the perfect example of someone who doesn't seem to learn from any mistake. Many people have a long list of exes, but they usually don't wear them on their sleeve like they do their emotions. Well, under their sleeve in this guy's case. We would think that after tattooing the name of one woman only to have the relationship not work out would be enough to teach him a lesson. Nope. He had to go and make the same mistake again—not one more but three more times.

We hope for his sake, and for Laura's, that the fifth time is the charm.

This leads us to wonder about Laura. She had to have noticed all of the other names tattooed on his arm when she met him. Of course, we're assuming he wore sleeves on their first date, but she was bound to see the names at some point. Maybe Laura has her own list of exes on her arm. Wouldn't that be something for this couple?

20 Just make it a sentence

So far, we have seen plenty of examples of people covering up their exes' names by simply marking through them. Some add little witty remarks about how they made a mistake getting the name tattooed to begin with, while others simply replace the name with a new name. This woman had a different idea for covering up her ex's name. Actually, she chose not to cover it up at all but rather turn it into a sentence that incorporated her new beau.

Nathan might have been something great in her life at the time. After all, she felt the need to tattoo his name on her upper back. But as time went on, their love for one another faded...unlike her tattoo. She could have marked through his name like so many others have done to the tattoos of their exes, especially after she met Ryan Wilson. Instead, she decided to leave Nathan be and bring Ryan Wilson to the party by stating that Nathan didn't hold a candle to him. The oddest part of all is that she felt the need to add Ryan's last name. How many Ryans does she know? Better yet, who is Louise?

19 How convenient

We're sure that whenever a person has gotten a tattoo of another person's name in the past, he or she had plenty of people joke about what should be done when the couple breaks up. And, just like we have seen so far, people can get pretty creative with their tattoo cover ups. There is another solution, perhaps, which would be to only date people with the same name as the tattooed ex in the future. This guy didn't do that, but he came pretty close.

How convenient was it that this guy went from having a girlfriend named Martina to a new girlfriend named Tina? All that was needed was a little extra ink to help him come out smelling like roses.

We say that mainly because he now has a rose in the place of where "Mar" was once scripted on his hand. The rest of the name still remains. The only problem with that is if he used to call Martina the name Tina for short. If that is true and the new girlfriend ever finds it out, he might be in for some trouble. Let's hope these two can make it work out. Not only for the sake of their relationship but for the fact that this guy is running out of letters to use.

18 Done to me

Nothing sends a morbid message to an ex-girlfriend quite like turning her photo into a skeleton. People have been doing this with actual photos for ages. But what if that photo just happens to be inked on the ex-boyfriend's body? The fact that Jennifer was tattooed on his arm didn't keep this guy from turning her into a grim reaper of sorts. All he had to do was cover her hair and fill in her face with some dark holes to bring her to the dark side. At least he had the decency to cover up her name in the cover up. Otherwise, that would be really cruel.

He also had the tattoo artist darken some of the lines behind her head. That makes us wonder if the entire design on his arm had something to do with Jennifer. There is what appears to be a pocket watch at the top of those rays of colors. We wonder if the time selected on that watch has some significance to his and Jennifer's relationship. If it did, then it seems a little odd that he left it. On the other hand, that might be his twisted way of celebrating the end of their relationship.

17 Something about Marge

One thing we've learned so far from these tattoo cover ups is that similar names work well for changing up an old tattoo. If a guy or gal isn't fortunate enough to date another person with the same name as his or her ex, then just maybe that new love interest will have a close enough name to transform the tattoo. Remember how one man used a rose to turn Martina into Tina? Genius. This guy didn't find a new love interest with a similar name, but he did have another woman he liked with a similar name.

He used to think there was something about Mary. But move over Mary, because Marge is taking charge.

Marge Simpson, that is. She might be a fictional character, but this guy doesn't care. In fact, he might prefer it that way. How could a fictional cartoon mom ever cause him any heartache or pain? She couldn’t and she wouldn’t, and he knows that. Marge appears to be mopping up what's left of his breaking heart. If nothing else, she should be a good conversation piece for him whenever he meets a new girl. The real question is whether he will tell her the real story behind the mysterious Marge tattooed on his chest.

16 Can't go wrong with mom

Mom tattoos have become a kind of cliché in that it's funny to see a tough guy with a heart tattoo that has the word "mom" on it. TV shows and movies often portray an overly muscular guy with such a tattoo as a humorous way of showing that he does have a soft side after all. Mom tats are actually pretty popular in real life, too. Just think about it. Even the meanest of meanies in the world still have a heart for their mom and have no trouble letting everyone else know that, through a tattoo or otherwise.

This guy once loved someone else as well. He loved her enough to have their initials tattooed across a banner wrapping around a heart. Yet, unlike a mother's love, that love didn't last. Sometime after he had braved a needle for the sake of proclaiming his love, he and his love interest parted ways. The tattoo stayed, so he had to do something to correct his wrong. Instead of tattooing yet another woman's name on his body like so many have done before him, he chose to tattoo "mom." Smart man. Mom will be there for him more than anyone else, including Marge.

15 Product placement

Changing Mary to Marge was a unique choice, we must admit. It was also a little strange. Still, the main goal of getting a Marge tattoo was to cover up the Mary tattoo. Marge accomplished that task and then some. This guy also decided to go with something a little different to cover up his Lauren tattoo. We're sure that he thought he was being sweet at the time he had Lauren's name tattooed on his wrist. Perhaps she even got his name on her wrist to match. Regardless, as time passed, so did their mutual affections.

Thanks to this tattoo cover up, this guy could easily land a job in the marketing department at Ralph Lauren Polo.

In the same way that the one guy went with Marge, he also chose something he liked to transform Lauren. That would be the brand Ralph Lauren. He even included the Polo pony so that nobody would get confused by the meaning of his new tattoo. If he had just gone with adding in Ralph, then someone might think that his name was Ralph or that Ralph was just another person he cared about. Adding in the horse eliminated the possibility of Lauren being an object of his affection.

14 All caring canceled

Couples' tattoos can come in many different forms. Of course, getting another person's name is the most common tattoo choice, but there are many other ink options as well. Some people get a matching symbol or a band tattooed on their ring finger. Others go with a saying or verse to express their love. Though they usually keep it to one name, unlike the girl who added Ryan Wilson onto her Nathan tat. This girl wasn't into adding any more words onto her tattoo. Well, maybe just one more word.

However, that one word she chose to add was not a name. She literally had her tattoo tribute voided out with the word "void." It was as if she viewed that past relationship like a bad check. And getting rid of (or at least correcting) the tattoo that symbolized that relationship with her ex was on her checklist of things to do after the breakup. This might not be the most attractive tattoo cover up we've seen, but it is effective. We can clearly tell that she is over whatever was written on her side before. And, better yet, we can no longer tell what was written on her side before.

13 A fading memory

It looks like voiding out a relationship gone wrong isn't an isolated occurrence, especially when it comes to tattoo corrections. One girl decided to void out the script dedicated to her ex on her hip, and this guy followed suit by voiding out his ex's name on his shoulder. The girl made sure to get her void tattoo nice and thick so that nobody could decipher what was once written across her side in honor of her ex. The guy took a more comical approach in voiding out his ex-girlfriend.

He went with a void stamper that didn't quite fully cover the name Tara Lynn, perhaps to show the world just who was his big mistake.

Even the Ralph Lauren fix made the old tattoo blend better than this one, which lets us know that he intentionally let the name shine through. It's a very similar approach to the guys who chose to cross out their exes' names with a simple ink line. The only difference is that he added in a cool stamper for special effect. One day he might grow tired of everyone knowing he once had feelings for Tara Lynn. Until that day comes, he will proudly let everyone know that those feelings have been made void.

12 Not all things erase

Wouldn't it be great if we could just erase any and all mistakes we have made in the past? Of course it would. Sadly, that isn't possible. While wrongs can sometimes be made right and all offenses can sometimes be forgiven, not everything can be erased as if it never happened. Tattoos happen to be one of the more permanent things in life that are extremely hard (if not impossible) to erase. That's why so many people come up with creative ways to cover up a tattoo they once loved but now regret. And most of those regrettable tattoos have something to do with an ex.

This guy fell victim to the back of the arm tattoo craze. It came to popularity sometime after the arm band tattoos started phasing out. Thanks to the cover up, we can no longer read the profession of love written on his inner arm. However, it would have looked just the same had he saved himself some money and pain by using a Sharpie for an at-home tattoo fix. The scribble scrabble look probably wouldn't be our first choice, but it looks like this method worked in accomplishing what he set out to do.

11 One painful mistake

We all make mistakes, but perhaps the biggest mistake a person can make is not admitting that he or she has made a mistake. Regardless of whether a person admits to making a mistake or not, usually a fair amount of time passes between making the mistake and realizing it. That would be the case for this guy who once thought it was a good idea to have his girlfriend's name tattooed—on his neck.

First of all, what was he thinking? Second of all, ouch. The neck has to be one of the most painful places to get inked. Maybe this guy wanted to show his woman how tough he was by taking her name to his neck. Who knows? All we know for sure is that this tattoo outlasted their relationship, making confessing love via ink a big mistake.

His tattoo wasn't exactly in a place where he could hide it all the time. That is, unless he converted his entire wardrobe to turtlenecks. Now that wouldn't be practical or fashionable. Tattooing "my big mistake" isn't exactly fashionable either, but at least it helped him get his point across while being able to dress according to the weather.

10 The Frasier fix

So far, we've seen Marge Simpson and Ralph Lauren come to the rescue in editing some old tattoos. Now, we have another well-known name coming into play. Kelsey Grammer is best known for playing the role of Dr. Frasier Crane on the sitcom Frasier. He also played the same character on Cheers, which is how his namesake show got started. Of course, most people named Kelsey are women, including the Kelsey this guy had tattooed on his wrist for the first time. Lucky for him, there just so happened to be a guy named Kelsey who he didn't mind having tattooed on his wrist.

Did this tattoo cover up make him look like a Frasier super fan? Sure, but that was still better than having his ex on his arm for all of eternity.

Imagine the response this guy gets whenever he holds his arm out to get an armband or to receive change from a cashier. No doubt, people are curious as to why he would want Kelsey Grammer tattooed on his wrist. Maybe he had to go to counseling after this breakup with the girl Kelsey and wanted a constant reminder that someone was in fact listening. Well, that's just our theory.

9 Think outside the box

When it comes to getting a new tattoo, often the most creative designs are those that were thought up when a person was thinking outside of the box. This woman was clearly thinking outside of the box when she made the unusual choice to have her boyfriend's face tattooed on her shoulder, complete with an endearment written beneath it. The tattoo makes it look like he is inside the box with a big purple line drawn around him. However, something tells us that was the beginning of a new beginning. In other words, that purple line was not there until it came time to outline her original tattoo for the cover up.

With all the examples we have seen so far, we could easily see her turning his face into some unattractive monster or taking the more comical route by turning him a cartoon character. She chose neither Satan nor Simpsons. Instead, she went really outside of the box with her tattoo cover up to simply cover him up completely. Most people wouldn't want to walk around with a huge black box tattooed on their shoulder, but to this woman it was better than paying tribute to her ex.

8 Not so happily ever after

It almost seems pointless for a person to get a tattoo in honor of his or her girlfriend. That's because if we have learned anything from this journey so far, it would be that just because something is written in ink doesn't mean that it's made to last. Of course, we are referring to tattoo ink and not the ink used to sign a marriage license. One would think that getting a tattoo of a spouse, no matter how large or small the design, should be a safe bet. Nope.

It's as if getting a tattoo of a significant other somehow jinxes the relationship, even if the couple is already married.

That's how it worked out for this guy at least, who had a photo of his ex-wife tattooed on his arm. We don't know what this woman could have possibly done to make him so mad, but it wasn't pretty. In retaliation, he painted her into something that wasn't pretty one bit. In fact, after he got done editing the original tattoo, she didn’t look like a woman at all but rather a demon that refused dental treatment. If he wanted his original tattoo to now be unrecognizable, then mission accomplished.

7 Acting ape

It seems like there are two popular options when it comes to covering up someone's photo that has been tattooed on an ex's body. That would be to turn the person's face into an unrecognizable villain of sorts that makes everyone stare even more (and not in a good way), or to black out the person's face entirely. Neither of those are that attractive of an option, even for those who think it's cool to be covered in tattoos. This guy thought he had a better idea to cover his ex-girlfriend. Yet, unless he is a zookeeper or an animal trainer, we would say that he's wrong.

For whatever reason, occupational or just for the heck of it, this guy thought it would be wise to cover up his ex's face with a gorilla. That makes sense . . . sort of. At least a gorilla is a dark animal, making it easy to cover up another design. It also has a similar anatomy to a human being, which makes it an easy choice for covering up someone's face. But we have to wonder why anyone would want to go through life wearing a giant monkey on his or her arm.

6 Through the heart

Apparently, not only men like to have their significant other's name tattooed on their arm. Some women also choose to do so, such as this woman who was sweet on Timmy at one time. She had his name in dark, thick writing, meaning that it would require a lot of ink to cover it up entirely. That's precisely what she did by coming up with a design that completely erased Timmy's name. We have no way of knowing what happened to end their relationship, but we can definitely tell that it didn't end well.

Timmy may very well have metaphorically stabbed her through the heart, judging from this graphic portrait she had painted over his name.

Let's also not neglect the fact that the roses covering the actual name part are black roses. A heart stabbed clean through with a dagger and black roses on top can only be the design of someone who has been severely hurt. She also went extra big with her new tattoo. While Timmy's name was one line across her bicep, this heart, dagger and rose tattoo practically runs the length of her upper arm. No doubt, she endured a lot of pain to bring about this painful tattoo.

5 The man himself

We have joked about some guys turning their exes into demons in order to cover up their faces. Then, there was the one guy who decided he would go with a gorilla instead. This guy had no face tattooed on him in need of covering up but still went with Satan himself in place of the original tattoo. He had one of the usual heart tattoos with names running through it, much like the guy who turned his initials into mom. Still, he decided to go big or go home when getting it covered up.

But wait, there appears to be more to this cover up than perhaps a troubled past relationship. Under that disturbing photo he had the letters MUFC tattooed. That could very well be the initials for Manchester United Football Club. That would mean that this demon of a face is just a really intimidating rendition of Fred the Red, which is the club's mascot. Maybe that's the case, which means that he isn't in such a dark place but rather that he has decided to trade his affection for women for sports. Hey, a lot of men do make that switch at some point in their lives.

4 Not so sweet as honey

This is an interesting tattoo combination. Here we have another woman with her ex's name tattooed on her arm, but there is a little something more above it. That would be a little bear digging in a jar of honey. There's also something around its head that looks kind of like hearts or flowers. If it was meant to be Winnie the Pooh, then the tattoo artist didn't do so well. The bear looks more like a Care Bear than anything. We're not quite sure if she got this tattoo to go with Jeffrey or if the placement of the two was just a coincidence.

Maybe she once thought of Jeffrey as her honey bear or even called him honey.

Either way, it appears that she is so over both Jeffrey and the honey bear. She needed something big and bold to cover up both tattoos. Mission accomplished. She went from a happy little teddy bear to a horned and winged demon with hoofed feet. Maybe her thought in getting this tattoo cover up was to ward off any guys like Jeffrey from taking advantage of her affections in the future. Regardless, there is nothing sweet about this new creature on her arm.

3 Wrapped with a bow

This girl has a unique tattoo that she once got in honor of her ex. She has his name scripted close to her wrist, which is pretty normal, but it is written across a diamond. That makes us wonder if she chose to include a diamond because she was once engaged to Isaac. Was this to symbolize her accepting his proposal for marriage? Better yet, maybe they were actually married when she decided to get this tattoo. Getting the diamond with his name on it would be the same as people who get a wedding band tattooed on their ring finger.

Whatever happened between these two, her new tattoo proves that it didn't exactly end the way she had planned. Otherwise, why would she decide to cover up Isaac's name? She left the pretty diamond but took out Isaac's name by wrapping a ribbon around the stone. She also added a little bling by sprucing up the blue color on the diamond and adding some shine to the top. Maybe this is symbolic of the fact that she kept the diamond after they parted ways. If she didn't get to keep the ring, then at least she has this diamond wrapped up nicely in a bow.

2 Whooo's name?

It's hard to tell if this tattoo was inked on the woman's arm or leg. We're going to assume her leg, since the right side looks much more like a calf muscle than an elbow. That's probably a little better to cover up, as she is more likely to wear pants than a long sleeve shirt at all times. Regardless of where this tattoo was located, she knew that she couldn't keep relying on clothing to hide John completely. Some ink intervention was needed. She decided to leave the rose beside his name and go with something big to cover the rest. Maybe she was in a place in her life where she had forgotten about him entirely, only to be reminded again every day when she saw her tattoo.

That would explain the choice of her new tattoo. Nothing says "Who's John?" like a tattoo of a giant owl in the place of his name.

So, she either chose to symbolically cover up his name to show that she doesn't even know who he is, or she just like owls. Either way, we hope she is happy with her choice. If she ever wants to get rid of the owl tattoo, it will take a lot more ink and space than it did to erase John. It looks like she is either stuck with an owl forever or destined to one day have a big black box tattooed on her skin like the girl who decided to cover up a face on her shoulder.

1 Least best scenario

Whenever a couple gets married and exchanges vows, part of what they vow to one another is to stick it out through thick and thin. In other words, for better or for worse. Sometimes though, things get even worse than they imagined and they decide to part ways. A lot of people who have been through a divorce want nothing more to do with their ex. If no kids are involved, it's easier to move on separately. For Big Bang actress Kaley Cuoco, forgetting her ex-husband and former marriage was hard to do as long as she had her wedding date tattooed on her upper back.

Kaley had their wedding date written in Roman numerals on her upper back. To cover it up, she chose a tattoo of a rather large moth. It's also in dark ink rather than in color. When on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the comedian asked Kaley why she went with a moth instead of a butterfly. Kaley had no deep meaning or significance behind her choice. She simply wanted something that was large enough to cover up her wedding date entirely. This just goes to prove that even celebrities don't always think through their tattoos and sometimes regret their ink choices.

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