22 Tattoos These Teens Might Live To Regret

Tattoos are becoming more and more popular nowadays, with all sorts of people getting them. Gone are the days when only people who wanted to be seen as rebels and war  veterans rocked the ink, as anyone and everyone seems to have something to put in writing.

That's why it's not surprising that teens have jumped on the ink wagon as well, since adolescences aren’t exactly known for thinking through a decision before they act on it. There's a lot of life left to live beyond age 18 or below, and a lot of teens will have to carry out those years wearing a tattoo that they got on impulse. Sure, they can go through grueling laser treatments to remove the markings...but ouch. So, to warn us of the permanence of a tattoo, here are a few teens whose tattoo regrets will haunt them forever.

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22 We're not loving it

Via: abcnews.go.com

A lot of people love fast food, but probably not enough to have it tattooed on their skin. Still, some people have been seen sporting fast food restaurant logos on their body. One kid took his love for fast food to an extreme when he decided to get an entire receipt from a McDonald's order tattooed on his arm.

It all started as a joke when friends told 18-year-old Stian Ytterdahl of Norway that he either had to get a McDonald's receipt or a Barbie tattooed on himself. Stian didn't resist their demand and decided to go with the first option. Due to its oddity, photos of the tattoo went viral, with many people liking it on social media. Among those fans were Stian's own mother, which should explain his reasoning skills.

21 That's one way to rebel

Via: wtftattoos.com

Teenagers can be downright mean sometimes, and that often results in them saying things that they will later regret. Unfortunately, many parents of teens have heard the words "I hate you" on more than one occasion. Yet, these teens eventually come around to apologizing, even if it's much later when they have their own teenage children.

This guy, however, has a mark of hatred that will stick with him much longer than any feelings of disgust for his parents. He literally had the words "I hate my mom" tattooed on his forehead. We have to wonder what would lead him to do such a thing. Maybe she forbade him from getting a tattoo, so he decided to get back at her in the most ironic (and evil) way possible? In the end, he will be the one paying the consequences by wearing this awful tattoo for life.

20 You think?

Via: funnyjunk.com

Bad tattoos are just one of many examples for bad decisions people choose to make during their teenage years. Far too many young people make impulse decisions that can lead to dire consequences. A tattoo usually serves as a constant reminder of some of those bad decisions. This guy's tattoo in particular lets everyone know that he isn't the wisest.

It's one thing for a teen to get a tattoo that reminds him or her of a crazy dare (i.e. a McDonald's receipt) or a rebellious time in life (i.e. a confession of hatred for one's own mother), but this guy got literal when he chose a tattoo that told the world he has made some bad decisions. One of his most apparent wrong choices would be that tattoo on his back, of course.

19 Putting yourself down

Via: wtftattoos.com

It's not uncommon for people to get certain sayings tattooed on their bodies. For instance, people like to get popular quotes, Bible verses or even song lyrics scripted out on their skin. Whenever this is the case, the phrase is usually something motivational or inspiring. In other words, much the opposite of this girl's tattoo.

She chose to get the main lyrics from the song "Teenage Dirtbag" tattooed on her upper back. Yes, that's a real song, but not exactly one that someone would want stamped on his or her back. Either she's a really big fan of the song, or she really thinks she is a teenage dirt bag. Even worse, people who don't know this song will think she thinks she's a dirt bag. And worst of all, she will now be labeled a teenage dirt bag long after she's a teenager.

18 Best go back to "scool"

Via: wtftattoos.com

There's a common notion that people with tattoos often think they are too cool for a lot of common things. So, it might make sense in that context that a kid with a tattoo would think that he's too cool for school. Sadly, many of us have seen these types of people who quit school as soon as they get of age to do so.

This guy hated school so much, however, that he couldn't just leave and let things be. He had to capitalize on his hatred for education by marking himself with his beliefs. That's what led to this tattoo with a school bus and the words "too cool for scool." Yep, that last word is misspelled, and had he stayed in school long enough he might have known it.

17 Oh snap

Via: awesomejelly.com

Snapchat is getting a lot of bad reviews lately and losing its steam with celebrities and non-celebrities alike, which will likely lead to its eventual downfall. Even if the app stays around for some time, there's a good possibility that it won't always be as popular as it is now. Still, even if it does somehow remain a go-to source for social media, such as Facebook, that's no reason for anyone to want a tattoo of the symbol.

Don't try telling that to @DUSTYALLDAY. He chose to get the Snapchat logo, which looks like a weird little ghost by the way, along with his handle inked underneath. It's a decent size tattoo as well. Not only that, but he got it on his chest where it's easily noticeable anytime he's not wearing a shirt.

16 Yolo's their motto

Via: runt-of-the-web.com

Several years ago, a new hashtag was all over the place. We all know that #yolo stands for "you only live once." Sadly, a lot of young people took this phrase a little too seriously and used the acronym as an excuse to do whatever they wanted, whenever they wanted. Then, many of them seemed upset when the consequences of their actions caught up to them.

These girls apparently weren't thinking that far ahead when they got these matching yolo tattoos on their arms. They should've taken the time to realize that the fact they will only live once means they are stuck with these yolo tattoos their entire lives. It might have seemed cool at the time, but one day there will be a bunch of grandmas walking around with yolo on their wrinkled arms.

15 When tweezers just won't cut it

Via: pinterest.com

Aside from the usual words, names and symbols people get as tattoos, cosmetic tattoos are becoming increasingly popular. Many women now get their eyeliner or lip stains permanently set in place to keep them from having to apply the makeup every day. Some even go as far as to fill in their eyebrows with ink.

It appears as if women aren't the only ones wanting to highlight their brows though. This young man decided to get some eyebrows tattooed on his forehead. OK, so a lot of guys occasionally use tweezers to rid of stray brows, and some even succumb to an eyebrow waxing. He took it to the extreme though by having eyebrows drawn on his face—permanently. We hate to tell him, but they don't look as perfect as he thinks.

14 Lost in translation

Via: viralnova.com

Another fad with tattoos that has been popular for some time is people wanting something written in a foreign language. Many get Chinese symbols or Hebrew text, even though they don't speak a lick of the language they chose. That can get a little sketchy, as people often just Google the translations and then go forward with their tattoos. Then, they later find out that their ink says something entirely different from what they intended.

Much in the same way that a group of girls decided to all get yolo tatted in the same spot, this girl decided to pay homage to her BFF with a back tat. She wanted to say that she loved her friend, and she wanted to say it in Hebrew. Instead, she ended out with a rather lengthy tattoo that reads, "Babylon is the world's leading dictionary and translation software." Funny, we thought it was Webster's.

13 Making "Mather" proud

Via: dailymail.co.uk

We sadly saw how one guy wanted the world to know that he hated his mother. Hopefully, he had a change of heart with time, but that tattoo was still there—on his head, of all places. Here's a guy who loves his mom instead of hates her. After all, she did give him life. He rightfully acknowledges that he wouldn't be in this world if it weren't for his mother. In fact, he is so thankful for his gift of life that he wanted to pay a tribute to the woman who birthed him by getting an arm tattoo. That seems sweet enough, even if it is totally unnecessary when a simple card would've sufficed. Either he used an odd font that we're not familiar with seeing, or he misspelled a few words in the message, namely "thenks" and "mather."

12 We believe he can't spell

Via: dailymail.co.uk

First we saw a guy with "thenks mather" on his arm, and now we come across this pair of hand tattoos. We're beginning to wonder if tattoo artists even try to correct what their customers want written on their bodies. Even worse, if they have the authority to correct typos, then that must mean that they didn’t catch a lot of common spelling errors people make.

Whatever the deal with spelling, the result was that this kid ended up believing in chives. Or rather, one chive to be exact. He thinks he's all tough wearing that hoody and pumping his fists out to show everyone that his motto is to believe and achieve. Except that isn't really his motto at all. Poor guy. Maybe he will manage to "achive" greatness one day if he just keeps believing.

11 Those are some stinky pits

Via: runt-of-the-web.com

Armpits are one of those body parts that nobody really finds appealing. They tend to stink naturally, and they're usually hidden by sleeves or arms. While most people see an armpit as simply the pit of the arm, this girl saw it as a blank canvas. The result was an onion tattooed in her armpit.

That's a little funny considering that armpits do stink a lot of the time. However, we can't imagine anyone wanting to go through life with an onion under his or her arm. She might be smiling now, but it shouldn't take too long for the new to wear off of this tattoo. That onion won't stay ripe forever, and we can only imagine how bad it felt the first time she had to shave her pits after getting this fresh ink.

10 Smells better than it looks

Via: pinterest.com

Just when we thought one teen with an armpit tattoo was enough, we find yet another one. Apparently, the onion chick isn't as unique as she first thought. No, there isn't another onion in an armpit, but there is something just as interesting. This girl has a sunny flower with a caption that claims her pits smell like Teen Spirit.

OK, that's probably true...and funny since it's also a reference to a Nirvana song. But what happens years from now when she switches to Dove? Unlike the onion chick, we can see that this young woman has several sizable tattoos. At this rate, it's likely she will be inked all over by the time she graduates college. With all that color going on, people will be too busy staring to stop and smell her pits.

9 Peaked in high school

Via: runt-of-the-web.com

High school is one of those life stages we all have to go through, like it or not. People tend to either love or hate high school, depending on their particular experience. Some people love high school so much that nothing they do afterwards seems to compare to it. Those people are the ones who we say peaked in high school.

Sadly, this girl is one of those people. She just doesn't know it yet. She was so proud of winning prom queen that she had to get it tattooed on her back. Now, we all know prom queen is an honor that lasts only for a night, but she wanted to drag it out. So much so, that she even added an extra letter to prom. The fact that she can't spell a simple four-letter word is one more clue that she peaked in high school.

8 What's wrong with paper?

Via: cavemancircus.com

As we've proven time and again, teenagers tend to take things to the extreme. One sure example of that is this generation of young peoples' promposals. Instead of simply asking a love interest to prom, kids keep trying to up one another by coming up with the most elaborate way to ask a person to the prom.

Some kids spend tons of money or plan a big production that is more suited for a marriage proposal than asking someone to prom. Then, there are those who might not break the bank or orchestrate a production but still take it too far. That would be this guy who thought it was cool to tattoo prom on his side. At least it looks like the girl accepted his promposal. Maybe she isn't the "prome" queen girl.

7 Taste the rainbow

Via: picsgen.com

By now, everyone has seen the Skittles commercials with candy pouring everyone and the tagline "taste the rainbow." Well, that must be what this girl is trying to entice people to do by getting this tattoo across her chest. We’re not quite sure where these colorful bits and pieces of candy end up, and we're perfectly fine with not finding out.

Again, this is one of those tattoos that is not only weird but also rather large. She can hide the candy pouring down her cleavage, but it will be hard for her to hide the entire tattoo. On top of all that, she even spelled Skittles wrong. It looks like anyone that dedicated to getting a product tattoo would at least check to see how it's supposed to be spelled.

6 Doesn't look quite right...

Via: teamjimmyjoe.com

Tattoos have become so advanced nowadays that many tattoo artists can write in whatever type of font a customer wants. Hopefully, that explains some of the misspellings we've seen on tattoos thus far, but we seriously doubt it. What's perhaps even worse than a misspelled word in a tattoo though is when one word looks like an entirely different word due to the way it was written. And, no, we're not talking about Hebrew again.

This young girl loves her grandma, and Grammy loves her, too. To capture that love, the granddaughter decided to take her grandma's handwritten "I love you" and have it tattooed on her wrist. It's cool that she was able to get a font that looked just like Grammy's handwriting. It's not cool that Grammy's "you" looks more like "poo."

5 Way to admit a mistake

Via: pinterest.com

No doubt, there are plenty of people who get a tattoo when they're young and then regret getting it later on in life. That regret might not come for 30 years, or it could come in as little as 30 minutes. Either way, they are forced to either get that mistake removed by undergoing painful laser treatments or just suck it up and live with it.

Well, it appears that one girl came up with a third option. She got a colorful starfish on her upper back and lived to regret it. Instead of getting it removed, she decided to add to her mistake by pointing out that it was indeed a mistake. The irony is that now she has another tattoo to add to her list of mistakes. At least having a starfish and teenage mistake on her back are better than having virgin and void near her nether regions.

4 He just did it

Via: runt-of-the-web.com

First, we had a girl getting a Skittles tattoo, or rather a "Skittlez" tattoo. Now, we have a guy who decided to get the Nike swoosh on his neck. Seriously, what is the deal with teenagers literally branding themselves with brands? This guy is probably in a lot of pain, since he chose to get his tattoo in the jugular. We're pretty sure it's the Nike symbol, even though it's going up instead of at its usual angle. Maybe he's in some kind of sports gang? We sure hope not. Another possibility is that he lost some kind of bet, much like the guy who got a McDonald's receipt tattooed as a joke. We hate to be the one to break it to him, but the joke will be on him when he starts looking for employment one day. On second thought, he should try the Nike outlet.

3 A little extreme

Via: pinterest.com

OK, this is a little extreme, or should we say "exreme." Since the latter of those isn't even a word, we can only assume that this guy meant extreme instead. Unlike some of the other misspelled tattoos on hands and arms, his spelling mistake is big and bold across his chest. We can't help but notice that he has some additional ink as well as a couple of piercings. He's on his way to becoming an extremely inked person if he keeps up at the rate he's going. Kind of like the Teen Spirit armpit gal. On the bright side, all of his ink can be hidden by simply wearing a T-shirt. What we wouldn't give to see the look on a girl's face when he pulls his shirt off to show her his "exreme" features for the first time.

2 Too bad it's not a legend

Via: dailymail.co.uk

It's been said that legends live on, and perhaps that is true. Ledgends? Not so much. Why? Because there's no such thing as a "ledgend"...and that's no legend. Either we have yet another dreaded case of a misspelled tattoo or this guy is trying to make "ledgend" happen just like Gretchen Weiners tried to make fetch happen. Sorry bro, but we don't need Regina George to tell us this isn't going to fly.

Let's assume that it's a misspelling, and this kid isn't trying to create a new word. Then, the real question is why would he want a legends tattoo? Does this guy think he's a legend? If he ever does turn into a legend, it will likely be for having such a failure of a tattoo on his chest. Now, that's just sad.

1 Must be brand ambassadors

Via: awesomejelly.com

Here we go again...more brands. All of these tatted up kids must be getting some kind of kickbacks on Instagram posts from companies whose logos they wear. We’ve seen McDonald's, Skittles and Nike all represented, and now we have Adidas. Well, we're assuming that they meant to get the Adidas symbol and not some abstract leaf. Regardless of their intentions, it is Adidas.

This time it's double the tattoo fails, as two girls got the same logo. They decided to be somewhat original though by getting tatted in different spots. What ever happened to BFF's pricking their fingers and making a good old-fashioned blood oath to stay friends? Or friendship bracelets? Those would make more sense. Oh well, as the kids say these days, "YOLO!"

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