22 Things That Make No Sense About Full (And Fuller) House

The late 1980’s and early 1990’s was a simpler time in terms of TV. There was a TGIF lineup where people tuned in live to watch family focused sitcoms. Filled with laugh tracks and syrupy sweet storylines (that often ended with a hug and a neatly packed up life lesson). Full House ran for eight years with many viewers growing up alongside the Tanner crew and their three dads.

A few years ago, cashing in on the nostalgia factor, Netflix rebooted Full House with Fuller House. The show is eerily familiar and set on Kimmy Gibbler and Stephanie Tanner moving back to the old homestead to help DJ raise her three boys after the loss of her husband. While it’s all in good fun, there are some things about both shows that don’t make any sense. Whether it’s lazy writing, set design, or too much camp, here are 22 things that don’t quite sit right about the Full House franchise.

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22 Two Staircases That Lead To The Same Hallway In The Tanner Home

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In the Tanner home there are two staircases going up. One in the kitchen, the other in the living room. Both take you to the same location in the upstairs hallway outside of the kid bedrooms. Perhaps there is a portal we don’t understand. If you are willing to suspend your disbelief, maybe the camera is just constantly placed atop the other mystical stairway.

21 Two Generations Of Families Living In The Attic

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Back when Jesse and Rebecca lived in the attic after they married, it was strange. It got weirder when they decided to raise their twins in the cramped rafters of the Tanner home. Kimmy living in the attic is a little less strange, cause it’s Kimmy, and we sort of expected it. We get that San Francisco real estate is expensive, but cut it out, surely someone can afford their own apartment.

20 How DJ Becomes A Mirror Image Of Her Father 

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Danny Tanner was a single dad raising his three daughters after being recently widowed. DJ Tanner is a recently widowed mother of three boys choosing to raise them in her childhood home. We get there needed to be a plot device to bring everyone back home, but couldn’t the writers have come out with a story for DJ that wasn’t the same as her dads?

19 Only One Episode Of Full House Was Shot In San Francisco

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San Francisco and the ‘painted ladies’ townhouses in Full(er) House are almost a character in themselves. However, the show has never been shot in San Fran. In fact, only one episode has ever been filmed in San Fran, and it was the first episode in season eight called “Comet’s Excellent Adventure”. The Tanner’s opening credits San Francisco house sold in 2014 for a whopping 3.1 million dollars.

18 Everything About Jesse And The Rippers

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Jesse is an insufferable egomaniac who is obsessed with his looks and Elvis, in that order. How he maintained a band that didn’t hate him with the fire of a thousand suns for so long is beyond us. The band eventually ditched Jesse because he was too committed to his family (ha), and was led by Brady Bunch star Barry Williams, becoming Barry and the Rippers. Jesse later formed a new band called Hot Daddy and The Monkey Puppets, sigh.

17 Danny Dated Someone Practically The Same Age As DJ

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Occasionally Danny Tanner does something out of character (which I must assume is when he channels his inner Bob Saget, who is his polar opposite). One episode that comes to mind is when he started dating a 21-year-old college student just as his eldest, DJ, is entering high school. This is a creeper move than we’d expect of Jesse or Joey, not Danny. It was gross.

16 That Time Jesse Paid The Singers At His Wedding In Tomatoes

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Jesse is an immature man child, but sadly the second most responsible dad in Full House. When he goes skydiving right before his wedding, he lands in a pile of tomatoes, gets arrested, and must get a ride with a bus full of gospel singers. When he asks them to sing at his wedding, they agree. Only Jesse doesn’t pay them in cash like a normal human being, he pays them in tomatoes, because that makes sense.

15 Critics Hate Both Series, But It's Still Popular

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Critics HATE Full and Fuller House, but fans don’t care. Both shows have received awards and award nominations, but plots, writing, and acting is medium level okay. Vulture wrote of Fuller House, “The first four minutes of ‘Fuller House’ are four of the most excruciating TV minutes ever broadcast.” How rude! People who cringe at the thought of a canned laugh track, the overuse of catch phrases, and cheese should avoid this sugary sweet comfort food of a show.

14 It Seems Like Everyone In Fuller House Is Super Famous

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Sure, some people find fame, but not like in the Tanner Home. Jesse is a successful musician turned composer for General Hospital. Danny and Rebecca eventually got a national TV gig beyond Wake-Up San Francisco. Stephanie was a famous DJ, and Kimmy’s husband is a famous race car driver. And Joey is a successful enough comedian that he was offered a running stand-up comedy show in Vegas. It’s almost like Aladdin lived on Fuller House and wished for the family to have fame and success…

13 Kimmy Gibbler Is The 'Adult' Now?

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I can’t believe I’m saying this - Kimmy is one of my favourite characters in Fuller House. She knows who she is and unapologetically goes after what she wants. She’ll do anything for those she loves and maintains a wild 1980’s eccentric aunt fashion style that is Pinterest-worthy. She runs a successful party planning business, has a hot partner who loves her, and is so close with her daughter that she gets the scoop on things like the teen’s first kiss. Kimmy can be a part of my She Wolf pack any time.

12 Control Freak Danny Gifts DJ His House

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Danny loves his kids, but would he just hand over the keys to his multimillion-dollar house just because? Would he not be over criticizing how clean it is, or freaking out about any changes? Would Michelle and Stephanie really have nothing to say about this enormous gift, just for DJ? No wonder she lets everyone live there for free and doesn’t sweat all the extra grocery money, she’s still saving a mint!

11 Becky & Jesse's Kids Are No Shows At Their Vow Renewal

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Original adult Full House cast are guest stars on Fuller House because the show focuses on the next generation. Almost everyone makes a cameo. This makes it weirder that Nicky and Alex show up for Thanksgiving, but not when their parents renew their wedding vows. Sure, they’re busy running their mostly unsuccessful taco truck, but you’d think their parents would want them there.

10 What Ever Happened To DJ's Old House?

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No one ever talks about what DJ did with the home she was living in before her husband died. Is she a landlord? Did she sell the home? We don’t know. Were there logistics about moving her boys to a new school? You’d think after losing their dad they’d want to keep other things consistent for them. We’ll never know because it’s never been mentioned, even though it easily could have been covered.

9 The Tanners Are Masters At Getting Over Loss

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Bravo to Fuller House for tackling Stephanie and her infertility with heart! Aside from this, the Tanner family doesn’t really grieve like the rest of us. Sure, there are casual mentions of missing loved ones, but not what you’d really expect for anyone who lost a parent or partner. Maybe they could casually mention someone driving back from their therapist appointment to add a dash of reality?

8 How DJ Keeps Picking Steve

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Steve came on a little strong trying to woo DJ after she became single. Matt is like a poor man’s version of Thor in all the right ways. Both men were incredibly patient and supportive while DJ figured stuff out, and sure, Steve and DJ have a history, but I just don’t see why she picked Steve. He would have been best left as a supportive friend and a tie to her past.

7 Joey Has His Own Full House, That He's Meh About

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Joey and his family are the literal worst. Joey is a terrible dad and his children are awful. It’s no wonder that he usually visits the Tanners without them, even if he brings them poisonous donuts when he does. As someone who at least made a handful of okay parenting decisions over the course of Full House you’d think he’d be better prepared to raise kids who weren’t little demons.

6 Everything About Michelle In The Reboot

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The Olsen Twins aren’t interested in the reboot, we all get it, but the writers like to brutally point out Michelle’s absence at least a few times a season with cast members breaking down the fourth wall and staring down the camera as if it’s the youngest Tanner. Why they didn’t ‘new Becky’ her like in Roseanne if they care so much is beyond us. Maybe they can guilt the twins into showing up for the final season, but we doubt it.

5 That Time They Made Fun Of Mental Health

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No one ever suggests that Danny get help surrounding his neurosis or cleaning OCD, nor do they ever seek health advice for the fact that parents keep on dropping dead. Most notably in Full House when Joey buys DJ a car for her 16th birthday not realizing it’s stolen, the family ‘helps’ Joey when he faces off against the police. Instead of telling the truth they convince the police that Joey is a highly functioning person with low mental capacity. Oh, my Lanta that’s inappropriate!

4 Jesse And His Ridiculous Music Video

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Jesse loves himself and his hair, more than Becky and anything else. It’s not really a surprise that he’d create an emotional black and white video for his cover of the Beach Boys song “Forever”. With Full House being a family focused show, you’d think they’d want to avoid black and white bad art house style videos featuring Stamos rolling around shirtless, but apparently not.

3 When DJs Food Issues Became A Real Life Issue

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When Full House tried to tackle eating disorders in a neatly wrapped bow after DJ starved herself to look good for Kimmy’s pool party, it didn’t sit right. The fact that these issues are more complicated than 22 minutes allows for rang true when Bure herself admitted to Self Magazine that she struggled with Bulimia for several years after her time on Full House. Thankfully she’s recovered.

2 Joey & Danny Dress In Drag

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Danny and Joey dressing up in drag for their college reunion was a little odd, with a slapstick that seemed out of date even in the 1980s in a regressive Jack Tripper Three’s Company kind of way. The show itself is set in a city that is famed for its strong bond with the LGBTQ community, yet the show continues to do nothing to be an ally even today.

1 Why Would Stephanie Give Up Everything For DJ?

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Not only did Stephanie give up a successful career travelling, for her sister, she gave up DJing altogether - something we must assume she loved. Was it not possible to do this locally, or travel a little bit while she helped her sister? Apparently not.

The fact that Stephanie willingly made her life revolve around her sister is just a part of the DJ centric plotlines for the entire Fuller House series.

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