23 Hilarious Tweets About Being Hangry

Here's the situation: You haven't eaten since 9 a.m., and you are really hungry. On top of that, your boss made you run around doing stupid errands, therefore cutting into your three lunch and snack times of the day.

Did we mention that it really, really sucks? You feel yourself growing angrier with each growl from your stomach—maybe you're even turning a little green, just like the Hulk. Once you're finally home, you throw down your purse and race to the phone to call your local favorite Thai spot. "Give me some food right now and nobody gets hurt!" you yell into the phone.

Hey, it's okay. You're hangry. Yes, hangry: hungry + angry = hangry. It's real and, if left untreated, it can be very dangerous. But you're not alone. Here are 23 hilarious tweets about being hangry.

23 Feed me or I will kill you

Via: twitter.com/bern1508

'Negative change in emotional state' is an understatement. And I can't be held responsible. This isn't me, it's my stomach talking. And my stomach will end your life if you don't feed it. You hear?

22 Vegans gone hangry

Via: twitter.com/maddythecatlady

I'd be hangry too if all I was allowed to eat was wheat grass and kale. Pass the medium rare burger smothered in cheddar cheese, please.

21 An apology...

Via: twitter.com/hc_torres

I ate so I'm better now. I'm sorry for what I said when I was Hangry.  Please please forgive me.

20 I'm so hangry, I can eat a labradoodle

Via: twitter.com/destiny_viars

That's the phrase, right? I'm actually more in the mood for Chihuahua. They look sweet, moist, and absolutely delicious.

19 I'm horngry

Via: twitter.com/edahnks

No, I'm not just hangry. I'm the perfect trifecta: Hungry, angry, and horny. Watch out!

18 Too hangry to care

Via: twitter.com/shaylaburman

Go away. I don't care. I really don't. I don't care at all. *Eats food* Hey I care. Come here. I care now. I care a a lot. Like a lot, a lot.

17 Don't travel when hangry

Via: twitter.com/dreherreraa

Must eat precious.... food. Now. Or that crying baby is row 24C is going to see the worst of me.

16 Slangry + Hangry = Watch out!

Via: twitter.com/dchernandezphd

There's hangry. There's horngry. And now, slangry. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

15 Hangry? Don't worry, I am hapathetic

Via: twitter.com/reneauglow

We have all been hangry before, so take care of each other and try to be hapathetic about it.

14 No, I meant HANGRY!!!!! I will kill you autocorrect!!!!!!

Via: twitter.com/aquackquack

Hangry is so much more than angry, get with it, iPhone.

13 Hangry with a side of orange chicken

Via: twitter.com/mypainfulli_f_e

And spring rolls, and general tso chicken, and pineapple fried rice....

12 Beware of hangry

Via: twitter.com/akababooshka

You better back off because I'm about to bite!

11 I'm so hangry, I'm Drive-Thru Hangry

Via: twitter.com/b_ozaeta

Yea, I'm so hangry, I'd eat anything.  Even Jack in the Box. Hell, even Long John Silvers.

10 Pizza: G.O.A.T when you're hangry

Via: twitter.com/tonyscoalfired

Mmmmm pizza. The perfect solution to all your hangry problems.

9 I'm a hangry little bunny

Via: twitter.com/jenndang_it

Thank you snapchat for helping us to truly express all of our hangryness in the best ways possible.

8 Feed me or they'll never find you

Via: twitter.com/mickeyssofine

Best to stay away until I find some food, you hear?

7 Relationship/Hangry status

Via: twitter.com/thatgirlpoppy

Look, the struggle is real. So you want to help me find real love? Buy me a sandwich.

6 The teeth are coming out

Via: twitter.com/fillwerrell

And next to come out are my claws, so step away from me please. Got it?

5 Skinny Bitches

Via: twitter.com/jgiovannucci

"You're too skinny! Eat a burger." You better find one real quick, Susan.

4 The truth about Hanger

Via: twitter.com/emramsey5

Let the truth and a side of fries set you free!

3 I see hangry ghosts

Via: twitter.com/mariiz_xo

Spooooky. Want to live peacefully? You better feed those hangry ghosts.

2 Hangry Cat is the new Grumpy Cat

Via: twitter.com/babette_bella

Hangry cat is my spirit animal.

1 Hangry Hulk

Via: twitter.com/kayawalton

The Incredible Hulk was misunderstood.  He was simply incredibly Hangry.

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