23 Painfully Adorable Dogs in Ugly Sweaters

Once upon a time, life used to be simple for a dog. Going out meant a simple brush of the fur or, at most, a fancy hair appointment at the groomer's. Then, one day, a wave of dog clothing stores started popping up on almost every street corner. Clothing all of sudden became important. Since then, the doggy fashion world has evolved to become more elaborate and eccentric! For some dogs, a simple bow tie will suffice. For others dogs, fashion is a serious matter and their entire attire requires meticulous planning.  Little do these dogs know, they really don't have to try very hard when it comes to dressing up. Dogs can look adorable in just about anything.

Here are 23 dogs who are here to show you that even in the ugliest sweaters, dogs are still nothing short of perfect.

23 This pup that clearly knows a thing or two about matching and modelling.

22 This puppy that decided that ears are over-rated.

21 This happy puppy that is rocking out and celebrating all the colours of the rainbow.

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20 This puppy that is already picturing the ways he could shred this sweater to pieces.

19 These two French bulldogs that are competing in the next edition of "who wore it best."

Siblings wearing matching outfits 👌🏼💙 📷: @tha_dogg_pound

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18 This puppy that isn't quite sure whether if his sweater is considered appropriate beach attire.

17 This puppy that is ready to challenge the stereotype that argyle sweaters are only for old men on the golf course.

16 This sassy pup that knew that an ugly sweater is nothing without the matching bow tie.

15 This pup that is trying to contain his excitement for all the food that will fall under the table during Christmas dinner.

14 This dog that is just grateful no one can recognize him in this ugly sweater.

13 This dog that is basically the embodiment of Lestat the vampire rockstar.

12 This dog that thought that his big and sad puppy eyes would have convinced his owner to spare him of wearing this sweater.

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11 This posh puppy that probably has more followers than you do on his dog fashion blog.

10 Mary-Kate and Ashley's New York Minutes: The Puppy Edition.

9 This dog that is waiting for the perfect opportunity to rip apart all the wrapping papers under the Christmas tree

Ringo is ready for the #holidays.

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8 This dog that has mastered the art of snuggling up next to the fire place... except for the part about of actually using his bed.

7 This puppy that is awake and ready for his first day at work as the newest ball boy at Wimbledon.

6 This dog that is slightly grumpy that he had to wake up for his human's "bring your pet to work day".

5 This puppy that is very excited to have a matching sweater with his favourite buddy – the family couch.

4 This dog that is deviously planning to smear grass and dirt all over her new sweater.

3 This dog that made the game "Where is Waldo" awfully easy.

2 This dog that was most definitely front row at Coachella.

1 And finally, this puppy that firmly believes that every day should be pajama day.

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