23 People Who Are Definitely Getting A Swift Kick From Karma

People being rude, entitled, and just all-around selfish folks are the bane of my existence, especially living in a metropolitan area such as New York City. My poor boyfriend has patiently listened to many a rant as I detailed encounters with the obnoxious people in the neighborhood that I encountered while walking the dogs.

Whether it's the oblivious dog owner that constantly lets his dog walk OFF HIS LEASH in Brooklyn when I’m trying to avoid all other canines so that my reactive girl doesn’t get even more scared of other pooches than she already is. Or whether it's the pyromaniacs that CONSTANTLY shoot off illegal fireworks all year round for any little occasion (those are oddly annoying). I’ve often wished that I could bear witness to karma smacking the people that are driving me up a wall to the ground, just so I could laugh and get some smug satisfaction after dealing with their foolish behavior.

Then, of course, we have people—like the ones in this article—that don’t even make an attempt to park inside the lines or that don’t want to clean up after themselves at a restaurant. Thankfully, social media sites like Reddit and Imgur have allowed us to upload our photos and stories so that everyone that gets annoyed by their selfish attitudes can get a good laugh at ‘em.

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23 A Great Way To Ensure A Waiter Will Toss Rotting Fruit At You

There is a special place in Hades reserved for cruel, stingy people that pull something like this off, when it comes to tipping after eating out at a restaurant. Waiters and waitresses work themselves to the bone to make customer’s meals pleasant. Doing something as mean-spirited as this is a slap in the face, since they rely on tips to supplement their measly wages.

I was reading a screencapped Tumblr post that was going around my friend’s list on Facebook, about how cruel it is that people working retail and as waiters don’t get a chance to sit down in America. The comments on the original thread were heartbreaking and I’ll never forget one person that said they had to wait 30 MINUTES to take their shoes off after they got home from work because their feet were literally swollen inside. There were also tons of admissions that they worked with various injuries such as stress fractures and the like.

And this nitwit thinks it is funny to leave a measly tip and make it look like a ton of money? That is SO not cool. Maybe they should work as a waiter or waitress in punishment; their tune would change pretty fast, I wager!

22 Dr. Phil Wants This Couple On The Show

Via: Instagram

Do you hear that? That is the sound of Dr. Phil frantically Googling the source of this meme so he can hunt down the couple and invite them onto his show so he could wax poetic about their issues and give them “advice.”

I hate to break it to you Dr. Phil, my dude, but there isn’t much you can do to psychoanalyze their problems and potentially fix this relationship. Maybe it could have been done in the early stages, especially if there were warning signs, but it sounds like this ship has sailed away from THAT particular harbor a long time ago.

Besides, she was cheating on this dude for the entire length of the relationship and the baby he erroneously thought was his apparently isn’t. There’s no way that an appearance on a television show is going to fix a mess like THAT; those two would likely need YEARS of couple’s therapy and in the end, even that might not work.

Sometimes, people are just mean-spirited and you have to let karma sort it out. It’s sad that this guy hasn’t moved on and is all alone with a cabin he doesn’t want, but eventually karma will thwack the cheater upside the head for her horrific actions.

21 Do You Hear The People Sing, Singing The Songs Of Angry Drivers

It is such a shame that whoever snapped this photo of the tires that they slashed didn’t wait around in a convenient hiding spot so that they could get some hilarious videos of the car’s owner flipping out when they returned from their shopping trip. When they saw the damage that was done to their precious vehicle... Now THAT would be comedy gold!

Although, as amusing as this photo is and as entertaining as I imagine the owner of the car’s reaction would be, this sort of revenge is a bit extreme. What happened to just leaving a petty, passive-aggressive note on the car’s windshield wipers the way every other New Yorker would?

Slashing the tires is just a wee bit TOO extreme for me, and I live in the Big Apple where a person coming up with creative revenge schemes is pretty much a daily occurrence.

Then again, even if this kind of petty revenge is just a wee bit too extreme for my taste, I can’t really blame them for getting mad at the idiot that took up FOUR parking spots. I mean really, WHO DOES THAT? Sure, the car is an SUV and needs more space, but this parking job is just flat-out ridiculous.

20 And Here Is The Award For 'Best Trolling Selfie Of The Year'

Thought I looked cute in this pic might delete tho 👮🏻‍♂️🤳🏻

A post shared by 💦🙇🏽 (@moistbuddha) on

On one hand, it’s not very nice to use someone else’s phone to leave snarky messages on their social media but on the other, the guy DID run away from the cop so their Smartphone is fair game.

I suppose the guy that took off when he saw the cop should count himself lucky that said police officer didn’t post in EVERY excruciating detail what he might have done that caused him to flee from the scene. Not only would the local reporters have a field day with the Facebook post, but it would be embarrassing as all heck if this guy tried to steal something stupid from a grocery store (or something along those lines). His pitiful attempt would get made fun of by the very cop he was attempting to escape from in front of all his friends. At least this dude had enough restraint to not do something so mortifying for the other guy and just posted a funny selfie along with a snarky caption in revenge.

I do have a sneaking suspicion that when the parents of the guy that took off see this particular Facebook post, they are going to blow a gasket and give their son a very lengthy lecture.

19 Ooooh, Someone's Going To Need Aloe Vera For That Burn

I won’t lie, I’m not sure whether I am totally weirded out by the fact that this random dude on Twitter had the nerve to Photoshop Zendaya agreeing to go with him to prom or laugh at his pitiful attempts at garnering attention on social media. It’s a little bit of both, really.

As Revelist pointed out, Zendaya is known for being friendly with people on social media and the original poster used her kindness against her. After all, her loyal fans have seen her kindness in action and wouldn’t think this request was anything out of the ordinary. It is SO creepy to think that this dude knew all of this and used it to further his plot anyway.

Thankfully, the joke is on him since Zendaya retweeted it and exposed this dude for being a lying liar who lies. I don’t have much sympathy for him; he deserves what he got. You don’t go around Photoshopping things like this in an attempt to trick your favorite celebrity into meeting you; it’s just not cool.

To further add to his humiliation, Revelist pointed out that Zendaya also retweeted a few obviously fake Photoshopped conversations with fans that people created in order to mock this guy.

18 Meek But A Total Sneak

Via: Imgur

People that steal other’s creative works have always made my blood boil. A few years ago, someone shamelessly stole a few articles that I worked hard to write and reposted it on their OWN stupid fan site without giving me credit or acknowledging the effort that I put into crafting the piece in any way, shape, or form. After several polite—but enraged emails—to the person that ran the site, the duplicate articles were taken down.

There’s also thieves on social media too — just recently, I had a shady Instagram account steal MY personal photos of my dogs and reposted it as their own. Like dude, REALLY? REALLY?

Needless to say, I have a feeling they got the shock of their lives when I called them out on their own post for stealing MY pictures AND put them on blast on my own personal profile.

It is SO disgusting that this lady decided to go for the “meek but still acting like a sneak” route and pretended to ask for instructions on removing copyright logos so she can steal other people’s hard work while boasting that it is her own on social media. Thank goodness karma decided to whack her over the head and the good folks in that particular Facebook group called her out on her unethical shenanigans. Take that, art and photo thieves!

17 Cupid Is Going To Take A Stand

It's a lifestyle choice 🤷‍♂️

A post shared by 💦🙇🏽 (@moistbuddha) on

Good lord, the self-righteousness and entitlement practically ooze off of the screen and this person sounds like a real winner-NOT. Why does it matter if this Jennifer woman has a Smartphone or not? What’s the big deal? Maybe she turned off iMessage for whatever reason or she’s in a bad service area and it automatically sent as a text message because iMessage was acting up. Didn’t this snot-nosed brat think of that before they got onto their high horse?

Honestly, given their stuck-up attitude, it is no great loss for Jennifer. Who wants to date someone that is so cruel towards people that are poor? That doesn’t bode well for any kind of romantic relationship. It is absolutely appalling that they are so judgmental and they had better be careful, otherwise their nasty attitude is going to catch up with them one day.

If karma is feeling munificent, this person just MIGHT swing by with someone telling them that they are a judgmental jackwagon and some public humiliation on social media. If karma is feeling mean-spirited, then this person might lose their money and have to struggle to survive, just like the people they sneered at. What goes around, comes around, after all!

16 Turn About Is Fair Play

Via: Reddit

Cold-calling (or cold-emailing, in this guy’s case) is seriously annoying, especially on LinkedIn. Half the time, people don’t care and will just click delete anyway. Those emails and LinkedIn messages are almost as bad as all of those irritating scam calls that just won’t GO AWAY, no matter how many times we block the numbers on our Smartphones.

It’s such a shame that cold-emailing/cold-calling isn’t technically SPAM, but as Lead Fuze (sadly) points out, it’s technically legal to randomly drop a line to business people you wouldn’t know from a hole in the wall. The difference between the two is that one is usually comprised of advertisements of bulk pharmacy products while the other is (theoretically) an attempt to gain a lead.

While it is technically legal, it’s still a massive annoyance for a lot of people, which is why it is SO DARN FUNNY that this dude spammed his LinkedIn contacts with cold-emailing messages, but then turned around and posted a status complaining about other people that did the EXACT SAME THING to him.

Pot, meet kettle. Maybe THIS will teach him a lesson and he’ll quit with the annoying LinkedIn messages.

His contacts will probably breathe a huge sigh of relief!

15 Time For Santa Claus To Intervene

Via: Imgur

This lawn sign started off by breaking my heart and then ended with me wanting to give this little girl a HUGE round of applause for being so darn CREATIVE. The fact that she called out the motor scooter thief in public with this big sign in her front yard is sheer genius. She’s got to know that EVERYONE is going to feel sorry for the 10-year-old that lost her favorite mode of transportation and will be on high alert for the missing item.

She carefully played her audience’s heartstrings and increased the chance of the missing motor scooter being returned to her, which is pretty admirable in my book. The best part is really the end though, since Brenna pointed out to the nasty thief that they won’t get far without the charger.

Given how Brenna was able to play up the sympathy card AND fire a shot at the thief, I’d bet money that her neighbors are out for blood and will raise unholy Hades when they find the person that stole the motor scooter. He or she is going to be run out of town by a mob armed to the teeth with pitchforks and torches, mark my words.

14 Installation Fail

Via: Imgur

Congratulations to the person that did this; you won the “Too Lazy To Take Five Seconds To Properly Install A Toilet Paper Roll” awards. Just WOW. It really takes NO TIME AT ALL to be courteous and change the toilet paper roll for the next person.

It’s also really messed up that instead of simply putting the new roll near the toilet or underneath the empty roll, the lazy bones SHOVED the holder right through the middle. That seriously makes no sense. If you’re going to be lazy and not want to change the toilet paper roll, then just put it on the floor where the next person will see it and be sure to properly install it.

There is no need to make EVERYONE’S life difficult by taking the time out to MAKE A WHOLE IN THE WRONG SECTION OF THE TOILET PAPER ROLL. That’s just cruel towards the next person that needs to use the bathroom.

I am not sure if this took place in a restaurant’s bathroom or inside of someone’s own personal bathroom, but either way, it is really rude. What if someone has an upset stomach? They’re not going to be able to use that roll of toilet paper. Some people really do have nothing better to do with their lives than to make everyone else miserable.

13 Micky Mouse Thinks This Is A Terrible Prank

Via: Imgur

If Mickey and Minnie Mouse were real, human-sized anthropomorphic mice, they would be going on a Facebook tirade over this prank after they saw the photo on Imgur. “Whoever did this is seriously scum of the Earth. They KNOW good and well that their relatives are terrified of mice and rats, but they still think it is funny to prank them with the thought that rodents are invading. In the wise words of Michelle Tanner from Full House, ‘How rude!’ Plus, this makes us look bad — we promise, we don’t want to go through your cardboard boxes and eat all your food.”

Disney jokes aside, it would be EPIC if this prankster’s family retaliated by using THEIR fears against them. For example, let’s imagine that they were deathly afraid of spiders. Their relatives could purchase fake spiders online and hide them around the house in an attempt to freak them out.

Or they could wait until the prankster was sleeping, fill up a bucket full of fake spiders and spread them all around the person’s bed. They’d wake up screaming in terror and maybe, JUST MAYBE, they wouldn’t pull such a terrible prank on their family members every again.

12 Regina George Says That Is The Ugliest Lamp Ever

Via: Imgur

Okay, first off, the design for the lamp stand is SO BIZARRE. Who thought it was a good idea to fill it up with assorted junk? Isn’t that some kind of fire hazard?

Second of all, WHY ON EARTH WOULD ANYONE WANT TO STEAL SUCH A THING? This lamp looks like it was purchased at a flea market or a garage sale; it’s not exactly what anyone would call a work of art.

What was the thief even thinking? It is against the law to steal, but if you’re going to swipe something not your own, at least have SOME sort of good taste, jeez.

Jokes aside, it’s weird that they stole a LAMP of all things — especially one that is so odd-looking. You’d think that they would have swiped stuff that they could easily sell, such as a computer, a PlayStation or some kind of painting that actually has VALUE. But a lamp? Really? It makes NO sense, but maybe they just really like odd-looking knick-knacks. To each his or her own, I guess.

Even though I don’t get the attraction for owning this hunk of junk, good on the original owner for putting the thief on blast. They would’ve been well within their rights to just steal the lamp back.

11 Is This Person Serious?

Via: Imgur

As both a dog owner and a dog trainer-in-training, irresponsible pet owners are the bane of my existence. I can’t tell you how many people I have told off because their reactive little fluff on one of those obnoxious retractable leashes ran up to my dogs growling. Or the nitwit owners chatting on the phone that lose control of their very large, very aggressive dogs while they are walking.

For example, a few months ago, I had one twit chatting away to a friend when she was walking her nasty Cane Corso and the dog tried to charge at mine because she had ZERO control over it. My younger dog is already fearful and thanks to the selfish owner, the incident really set her back in her training.

Someone really needs to dress up like Septa Una and follow this dirtbag neighbor around for the rest of his life while screeching “Stingy, irresponsible dog owner!” Maybe they could gleefully regale the attack and how he paid the Golden Retriever’s owner in LITERAL PENNIES the day before he was supposed to go to small claims court — just so the entire neighborhood knows he’s a Grade A jerk to both humans and animals.

10 Charlie Brown And The Pumpkin Muffin Thief

Via: Imgur

Okay sure, kids can be annoying as all heck, especially if it is a long line and you’re stuck standing in front or behind them listening to their chatter, but this Tumblr user has a HEART OF STONE. I can only take being around children in small doses because I just don’t have the patience or the spoons required to interact with them for long periods of time, and even I feel sorry for this poor wee one.

What makes this story even worse is knowing that pumpkin muffins are seasonal items and the poor kid had to watch as the bratty adult ate the last one RIGHT BEFORE he or she could order one.

I sincerely hope that the Starbucks cashier realized that the Tumblr user deliberately ordered the last pumpkin muffin to spite the child and either got another one from the back or was able to get someone to bake it specifically for them.

Now THAT would be a perfect way to get revenge on this spiteful brat and show the kid that while there’s a lot of immature fools in the world, there’s also some kind-hearted people out there to make up for all of the selfish ones.

9 A+ For The Unnecessarily Snarky Effort

Via: Imgur

Most establishments would just have a sign hanging in the window that says “door closed, please use the one over here” with an arrow underneath directing patrons to the correct location and leave it at that, but the employee that wrote the note seems absolutely determined to be unnecessarily snarky and condescending to people. In all honesty, what is the point of being so sarcastic aside from stroking the note writer’s ego? Was it really necessary to write such a snippy note?

Sometimes people are so busy and in a rush to get inside so they can finish running their errands, they forget to “pull” a door open and “push” it instead or vice versa. Yes, it must be annoying for the workers and other people trying to get inside of the establishment, but good grief, CUT THEM SOME SLACK, WILL YA?

Is it wrong to hope that whoever typed up this note either gets a scolding from the higher-ups or fired? It’s mean, but there really is no excuse for being so arrogant to customers. Just type up a standard note directing people to the appropriate door, tape it in a spot where everyone can see and that’s that. It really isn’t rocket science, folks.

8 Fido's Going To Go All Joker On His Owners

Via: Imgur

This poor doggo’s expression is absolutely heartbreaking; he looks so shut down and withdrawn. Judging by the random marker scribbles, I’d bet anything that it was the owner’s children that drew all over this dog.

This is why as a dog trainer-in-training I strongly urge parents to not only read up on force-free methods, but to also make sure they know the ins and outs of both canine behavior and body language.

Too many parents don’t know how to read dog and it leads to trouble.

Sometimes, like in this pup’s case, they’re used as artistic guinea pigs but in others, the dogs are used as substitute horses or stuffed animals, which could lead to a bite. Every dog has a bite threshold and that’s why it is imperative that parents learn the ins and outs of canine body language, so they can properly supervise their children with their dogs.

As it is, this dog must be thinking to himself “Man, I wish I had access to a Joker costume and some lipstick so I could draw on those kids while they slept. Let’s see how they like being used as a walking sketchpad. Bet they’d wake up crying — tit for tat, my dudes.”

7 It's Glorious To See Karma In Action

Via: Imgur

This Facebook post is glorious because this woman’s friends got to see karma unfold and teach her a much-needed lesson in real time.

Look, I know that no one likes getting stuck in traffic, but c’mon — the other drivers are trying to get somewhere too. Complaining on Facebook (especially if she is behind the wheel) isn’t going to solve a darn thing and is only a temporary distraction. Just turn on the radio or your iPod and sing along to some music like everyone else does, jeez. It is honestly not an excuse to be judgmental of the so-called “slow drivers” in that fast lane.

No lie, I did giggle when I read further and saw that the car this woman was driving got stuck. Karma must have seen her post this rant on Facebook and thought to herself “Hmmm, what is the best way to teach her a lesson? Oooh, I know — I will make sure that she gets stuck in traffic and the two other passengers will have to help get the car UNSTUCK. Maybe next time she’ll learn to wait patiently in traffic instead of acting so darn entitled. No one likes a complainer, especially on Facebook.”

6 Looks Like It's Time To Take Driver's Ed Again

Via: Imgur

It really is appalling how selfish and self-absorbed people can be, even after they made a mistake. Sure, it’s annoying to have to pay for repairs like this, but mature adults are able to ‘fess up when they did something stupid and offer to chip in to fix the car.

Some of the comments on the original Imgur post noted that the car’s driver didn’t do such a great job at parking. Be that as it may, it still is not an excuse to destroy the back of DrumStickNinja’s car.

They didn't even leave a note with their contact information so that they can exchange insurance information and the like. That is just flat-out petty and they really should be ashamed of themselves.

This isn’t kindergarten anymore — if they’re able to drive, then they are able to act in a mature fashion and either wait for the owner to come out so they can apologize or leave their contact information on a Post-It note.

If DrumStickNinja ever found out who trashed their car, then aside from paying for repairs, I hope they also forced the culprit to take driver’s education AGAIN because WHOO BOY, IT LOOKS LIKE THEY NEED IT.

5 Even Oscar The Grouch Has Better Manners

Oscar the Grouch was notorious on Sesame Street for being a total curmudgeon that LOVED trash and happily lived in a trash can; but even HE would be absolutely appalled by the patrons that left such a large mess for the poor servers to clean up.

We don’t have places like In-And-Out here in New York City, but we DO have similar establishments and it was drilled into me from a young age to toss out my own trash. If I had to guess from all of remnants that the patrons left behind, it had to have been a family or a group of teenagers that were eating.

Either way, they were old enough to know that it is the height of rudeness to leave this kind of trash behind for the employees to clean up. They are NOT your personal maids and most people in the food industry are underpaid and overworked. At least have a bit of compassion and make their days a little bit easier by cleaning up after yourself once you have finished with your meal.

Too bad the employees of this In-And-Out couldn’t force the rude patrons to work their for a day; then they’d real learn how to pick up after themselves.

4 F- For The Terrible Drawing Skills

Everything about this photo makes me want to facepalm and then bash my head into the nearest wall. Not only did this patron have the nerve to steal a pen, but they had to leave a dumb drawing on the receipt too.

Why on earth would they even bother stealing a pen? They are SO CHEAP to buy at the nearest drug store or Staples. There really isn’t a need to steal such a cheap item, especially since this restaurant is going to need it so that other patrons can sign their own receipts after they pay for their meals on their credit or debIt cards.

So not only are they inconveniencing the employees of the establishment, but they’re also inconveniencing other patrons too. Stay classy!

Don’t even get me started on that idiotic “drawing” either;Pablo Picasso would be ashamed of this person’s artistic skills. The fact that they had to attempt such a terrible sketch to brag about the fact that they stole a measly pen is completely ridiculous. They REALLY need to find a new hobby or head to the nearest Staples so they can always have some pens in their bag just in case they need it.

3 Can't Even Give 'Em An A+ For Effort

This pitiful attempt at parking is so bad that not even a driving instructor would be able to give them an A+ for effort. Heck, they’d probably weep if they ever stumbled across this photo on Reddit. I suppose the driver of this car must have rationalized it as “Well, the parking lot is empty so who cares if I don’t park exactly within the lines?”

To be blunt, that is a foolhardy gamble.

Sure, the parking lot is empty NOW but there is no way to guarantee that it will stay empty for long.

Besides, if this parking lot DOES get crowded or another driver tries to move past this car in their attempt to claim a space, then this person has inconvenienced them. Not a good look, in my opinion.

It will seriously be a miracle if this person’s car comes out unscathed, because you never know when someone is going to get seriously angry that this car is parked outside the lines and either key it in retribution or leave a passive-aggressive note that goes in depth with how badly they suck as a driver and how they need to have their license taken away until they can perfect the art of parking. 

2 It's War

In some instances with parking, you have to at least give the driver an A+ for effort but oh man, there was ZERO EFFORT from this person. I honestly don’t know what they were thinking parking like this in a lot. Weren’t they afraid that someone would accidentally hit their car and cause some kind of damage?

It is possible that they figured they could lazily park at an angle and thought that it wouldn’t be an issue since the parking lot was deserted. Even though the lot is empty now, there is no guarantee that it would stay empty and that horribly parked car is just going to create a ton of headaches for other people trying to park THEIR car.

Is there a remedial driver’s education class that people can sign up this car’s owner for? I have a sneaking suspicion that they need another driving instructor to a) go over parking with them so that they don’t half-heartedly park inside the lines and b) drill them with the proper form so that even if they DO get the urge to be lazy, their muscle memory will win out over their selfish desires to not park their car correctly.

1 Carriages Are The Bane Of Every Commuter

Whether it is in New York City or London, every single type of public transportation ALWAYS has that ONE bad apple that needs to make life difficult for their fellow commuters.

As a born-and-bred New Yorker, I can say that annoying people, such as entitled parents that take up SO MUCH SPACE with their carriages, and “man spreaders” that even hog all of the available space on the seat next to them, are the bane of our existence. There are some awesome and thoughtful parents that are able to position their strollers or carriages so that they aren’t taking too much space, but this woman apparently didn't get the memo on how to have good manners when taking public transportation.

It really isn’t THAT hard to be courteous towards your fellow commuters and not let the stroller block the available space on the train.

Plus, by being thoughtful towards the other subway riders, you’re acting as role model towards your children and teaching them how to respect other people's space.

I’m also surprised that this woman let her child play on the phone instead of teaching them how to properly hold a handrail or sitting down. Isn’t she worried that the poor kid is going to trip or get hurt when the train stops?

Sources: Imgur, Reddit, Instagram

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