23 Questionable Mom Moves Made By The Cast Of 'Teen Mom'

The wildly popular TV show Teen Mom has a loyal audience. How could they not? A show about teenagers having babies, being followed around showing how easy and glamorous being a teen mom can be sounds like a dream. The show has come under a lot of backlash for showing these young parents making some crazy, questionable decisions when it comes to parenting. It has also been criticized for not showing just how hard being a teenage parent can be.

The show covers a few gritty parts like the drama between the teen parents and then the lack of support that some of the teens get from their own parents. However, they fail to show that being a teen parent is not affordable, nor is it glamorous.

They show these teenagers moving into homes, buying their kids a bunch of toys or clothes... This would be okay if MTV was honest about how they were able to afford this stuff. A lot of them don’t work and they are paid by the show. Over the years, their pay has been increased to the point where they are clearing probably well over six-figures a season, if not more.

Now they live off endorsements and book deals (because they are qualified to be authors). While these girls and their baby daddies have grown up before our eyes and truly some of them have turned into good parents. There is no forgetting that they have made some questionable decisions when it comes to their children, their own lives, and the lives of their friends and family members.

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23 Fighting In The Car With Their Kids In The Backseat

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All of the teen moms at one time or another has been guilty of this. Heck, all parents no matter what age is probably guilty of this. Unfortunately, not everyone’s life is on display like the teen moms.

To be honest, some of the fights they get into are wild AF. They include hitting, shrieking, and uncontrollable crying. Ultimately, none of this is great for the kids seeing their parents out of control and acting crazy. It can be downright scary for a toddler.

Some of the teen moms are worse than others, though.

Leah, Amber, and Jenelle are just some of the moms who have had the worst incidents. Every guy Jenelle has popped a kid out with has had a screaming match with her in one of her fancy cars. The worse would have to be with Nathan. Those two just couldn’t seem to get along. No matter what they did, it always turned into a fight. All of these incidents could have lead to anything from car crashes, being pulled over, and of course, leaving their children in tears.

Leah is another one. She has gotten into so many fights with Corey and Jeremy. This is insane seeing as even when her twins and Addy were old enough to figure out what was happening the fighting was still going on.

22 Bashing Their Exes In Front Of Their Kids

Having an ex sucks. Having an ex that you have kids with seems even worse. If they screw you over, you can't just kick them out of your life, you now have a kid with them. So it seems like resorting to bashing them is the way to get some of the anger off their chest. This would cool if you were talking to your friends and friends alone. Unfortunately, a lot of the moms make the mistake of talking trash about their exes in front of their kids.

There have been plenty of scenes that show the moms talking smack about their exes right in front of their kids or to their kids. Some of the heavy hitters are Leah who always chooses to pick a fight with her ex while they are doing pick up and drops offs. Or Kailyn who is constantly fighting with Jo or Javi right in front of her kids.

One of the worse fights though has to be in the early seasons when Amber and Gary got into that crazy fight where she physically attacked him. All this went down in front of Leah who was a baby at the time but was still old enough to see and sense that all was not right in her home.

21 Having Even More Kids

Almost all of the teen moms have gone on to have more kids. This isn’t the worst thing per say; they have grown up, so, technically, they are adults." Some of them even grew up to be extremely responsible, but there are always the lifers.

The ones who really should no longer be procreating (a personal decision), for instance, Jenelle.

She has gone on to have three kids with three different men and all of the relationships are beyond toxic.

She isn’t responsible enough to have the two kids she has custody over, and yet she wants back custody of her first son from her mom.

This is how irresponsible Jenelle is; a week after she had her daughter she went on a vacation. Call me crazy but that doesn’t sound too right. She isn’t the only one who is a mess, though. Leah also had another child and rushed into a marriage only to get a divorce and be a mom of three girls that she just can’t handle. It’s not all negative though, a few of the moms have gone on to have more kids and they are the best mothers they can be like Maci and Chelsea. However, even they get criticized every now and again.

20 Allowing New Partners To Meet Their Kids

Not all the moms are guilty of this but most of them are. Allowing new partners to meet your kids is just a bit too much, too fast. Especially in the beginning of a new relationship.

Studies from 2002 show that children of single parents have a more healthy childhood when they don’t have to worry about their parent's new partner. Jenelle luckily didn’t (and still doesn’t) have custody of Jace, but that did not stop her from introducing him to every man that has run through her life since having him; Keiffer, Courtland, Nathan, and now David. (Oh and whoever else we don’t see when she isn’t filming.) All the guys she has chosen have basically been horrific.

Following in her footsteps is Kailyn. Kailyn has been in so many random relationships and for some reason, no matter how smart she likes to act, she makes the dumbest decisions. None of these men (or women) should be in her kid's life. Unfortunately, it’s hard to tell them to stay away when you get yourself pregnant. However, Kailyn thinks it’s okay because Jenelle gave her some words of encouragement about it being okay that she has three kids by being three different men. So, therefore, it must be okay to introduce all these men to your innocent kids, right?

19 Everything Farrah Does

Farrah deserves a show of her own because the amount of garbage she does on a daily basis is kind of insane. She has probably had the most negative publicity of all the teen moms, and to be honest, it’s her own fault.

She attracts attention through her bad attitude and poor decisions. Her decision to do an inapt film then lie about it, saying she was betrayed by her boyfriend who just happens to be a major adult film star, is messed up.

Even her constant and very public battles with her mom Debra that always turns physical and the outlandish things she allows her daughter to do.

Farrah is simply the worst.

She is even mean to her sometimes boyfriend Simon who is a saint for putting up with her bad attitude. She has become an entity of her own, separate from Teen Mom. She keeps calling herself a mogul (I'm still not sure how that is) but she definitely gets a lot of publicity for her outrageous behavior.

Waxing her daughter’s eyebrows when she was 3 years old, giving her $600 for losing a tooth, having over-the-top birthday parties. We get it, she is trying to give her daughter everything she maybe wanted as a child but this is too much. In addition, she is always fighting with her mom and dad in front of her daughter. And, she encourages her daughter to be disrespectful or as she calls it speak her mind.

18 Leah’s Lack Of Preparedness

Leah has a crazy parenting style. That, coupled with her lack of organization just makes me crazy.

The mom of three has always had a problem with organization and this has spilled over into her parenting life, and has become the cause of great contention between her and her baby daddies. Especially with Corey. He has been on Leah’s case because for a while, she was constantly dropping her kids off to everything late; school, sports, daddy drop off, all the important things.

When she was confronted by Corey—or anyone else—she would flip out, cry, or BOTH. It was horrific to watch this girl break down and freak out almost every time she had to do a drop off with Corey. She was even unprepared when she decided she wanted to go back to school and get an education. She couldn’t show up on time, never had her homework completed, and in addition, she didn’t understand anything that was going on ever. When Leah decided to get a job as a cosmetics salesperson, she couldn’t even show up and show out for that. It makes me wonder, what is she committed to? In the later seasons, you see that she is trying to get her stuff together but she’s still lacking hardcore.

17 When Maci Moved For Kyle

via Grazia

Maci wasn’t always a stand-up mom who made decisions that only benefited her kids. When she was still trying to figure life out and before she met Tyler she was in a serious relationship with a guy named Kyle.

The relationship was featured heavily in the show and it was so serious that she decided to move closer to him. Kyle was in school about two hours away and Maci just couldn’t be that far away from him, so she moved to be near him. The fan favorite got bashed for this move because this was too far to take Bentley away from his dad and her family that he was very attached to.

Maci went ahead and moved anyway, and eventually, she and Kyle broke up.

They had a good run but it just didn’t work out. In fact, there was a rumor that he left her for another woman. To be honest, he wasn’t ready to be a step-father and there were signs of that but he wasn’t straightforward and it backfired in her face. She moved back home and eventually met Tyler and has been on the straight and narrow for the most part since. Thank god she's got some sense.

16 Kailyn Let Her Mom Babysit Lincoln (While Drunk)

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Kailyn knows that her mom is an alcoholic. In fact, she knows that both her parents are a little bit unfit. How does she know this? Because she grew up with them. So why in the world would she think that is was okay to leave baby Lincoln with her mother?

Back in 2014, it was revealed that Kailyn needed a babysitter for some reason and apparently she was desperate enough to call upon her mother. She kept the incident from Javi and when he found out on the reunion special, he was fuming.

"I'm pretty mad about Lincoln going to her mom's house and she was drunk. I told her this is why I don't want Lincoln going over there without you there. She fought with me, she fought with me, and she said, ‘Oh, you don't know my mom.'" Kailyn knew she was dead wrong for this because she actually broke down and cried and APOLOGIZED which we all know is something she doesn’t do often. No one knows what happened during the hours that Kail’s mom was taking care of baby Lincoln and they probably never will. As annoying as Kail can be she normally doesn’t make decisions this reckless so we truly believe she was desperate at the time.

15 Catelynn & Tyler Continuing To Have Anything To Do With Their Parents

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Catelynn and Tyler probably have the worst parents on the show. They have been brutal since day one and even when they try to be helpful or nice, they are still brutal.

Let’s start with the fact that Catelynn’s mom and Tyler’s dad were in a relationship that started AFTER Cate and Tyler were already dating. That just comes off as weird. Then they decided it was a good idea to get high together and fight like cats and dogs. This went on and on yet, they still got married for some reason. Then when they couldn’t stand each other anymore, something went down...

Butch, Tyler's dad, went to jail and when he was released he wasn’t allowed to have any contact with his wife.

The ruthlessness can go on and on and it does. They berated the crap out of Cate and Tyler when they decided they wanted to give Carly up for adoption. They really treat their kids like garbage yet Cate and Tyler continue to support and, in some cases, admire their parents.

It’s sad and it’s ridiculous. This drama has been happening since their episode of 16 and Pregnant and will probably continue to happen. Butch recently went back to prison for violating his parole so that’s one less parent to deal with… for now.

14 When Leah Kept Passing Out

Leah was dealing with a serious substance use problem for at least two seasons (that I know of). However, she would never admit it. The problem got to the point where she was passing out while doing just about everything; driving, eating, putting on makeup, hanging out with friends, you name it.

It was a huge problem that forced Aleeah and Ali’s dad Corey to confront her behavior. The confrontation was awkward AF and it had fans cringing as they watched him question her about what exactly was going on.

The situation was definitely one that had fans beyond worried, she even passed out while holding her niece. The situation got worse when she began to slur her words and tip over as she was speaking. Fans believed that she was hitting rock bottom. She admitted to her mom that she was on painkillers and had been since she had her difficult birth with Adalynn. The teen mom eventually checked herself into a rehab and still hadn’t admitted to Corey that she was abusing pills. When she came home from rehab, she moved in with a new boyfriend and her three daughters. So it seems like she can’t blame her addiction for her poor decision making.

13 Jenelle Chose Kesha

via Zestvip

Does anyone remember when she Jenelle chose going to a Kesha concert over her freedom?

In 2012, the teen mom was on probation and one of the stipulations for her probation was that she must attend a 12-step program. She refused to commit to the 12-step program because she would have to miss a Kesha concert. But when she was informed by her lawyer that she would have to spend 45 days in jail if she does not complete this rehab program… she opted for jail.

No joke. This chick had a bunch of reasons why she NEEDED to go to that concert.

She invited Tori (her old roommate), she had second row seats, she had already put the feathers in her hair — Kesha was her favorite person of all time. Long story short, Jenelle still didn’t get to go to the concert. Her probation officer asked for a random drug test and surprise! Homegirl failed. She was arrested on the spot and taken to a holding cell.

The kicker is, she called her mom who she treats like complete crap to bail her out. Barb wasn’t having it, though. She refused to bail her out because let’s be honest, this is a smart decision to make. Her exact words were, "Sit in jail and pay the price."

12 Mackenzie Letting Ryan Drive Under The Influence

Mackenzie is Ryan’s new girlfriend. Everyone thought she was great. She was supposedly keeping Ryan on the straight and narrow. But, if straight and narrow means she condones his driving under the influence then...okay.

The couple was on their way to get married before Ryan had to go off to rehab. Only she allowed him to drive, and he was literally falling asleep at the wheel. In addition, he was swerving all over the place. Instead of Mackenzie telling him to pull over so she could drive, she decided to turn the dash-cam off and continuously ask him if he was okay.

Why bother asking if he is okay if you see him falling asleep and swerving?

Sounds like an idiotic move to me. They ultimately got to their destination and got married while he was under the influence. There should probably be a law against that... She tried to justify her actions on the reunion, but no matter what way she put it, she came out looking like a complete fool. This incident leads to a downward spiral for Ryan and Mackenzie who is now his wife. He went to rehab but relapsed which is brutal timing because word on the street is his new wife is pregnant.

11 Adam Failing To Show Up Every-Freaking-Time

Adam Lind is Chelsea Houska’s baby daddy number one and he is the worst. This guy just never shows up for Aubree and I can’t help but want to shed a tear for the little one and sometimes Chelsea.

Adam has missed so many important events in her life — it’s shameful and disgusting. Her graduation from kindergarten, every daddy/daughter dance, her birthdays, he even misses his weekends with her... Can this guy do anything right?

To make matters worse, he got another girl pregnant and had another daughter who he also never shows up for.

The moms have had to tag team Adam in court several times and they text one another with the same complaints. It’s embarrassing to watch Adam be such a deadbeat. It’s also entertaining watching him find all the time in the world to go to the gym, get high, and talk trash about Chelsea as he gets high and pumps iron. It’s a joke that he can even fix his lips to talk about Chelsea being a bad parent when he literally doesn’t show up for anything no matter how big it is. I have to wonder, does Adam feel like crap now that Aubree has Cole?

10 Matt Baier

Matt Baier was Amber Portwood’s boyfriend for several years and he is basically a con-artist.

Amber met Matt either in rehab or fresh out of rehab (the jury is still out on that one). Regardless, he was suspect from the jump and fans were practically screaming at the TV screen every time they saw him do or say something suspicious.

Since Amber had gotten clean fans were rooting for her to just have a normal quiet life and Matt was making that hard. Every episode something new came out about Matt that had fans wondering when Amber would see the light.

He supposedly had seven kids even though he told her he had three kids, he had no money and was spending hers, I don’t even believe that he actually loved her... He latched onto to her because he got the chance to be on TV and he didn’t have to work. Thank god Amber wised up after she realized not only was he a liar but he was supposedly a womanizer.

Unfortunately, when they broke up he supposedly stole a lot of money from Amber. She should just take the loss because it’s better than having him in her life. Amber has moved onto another guy who actually has a job and she has a baby on the way.

9 Abuse Allegations

Recently the Teen Mom franchise has expanded and added a new show called Young & Pregnant. It features four young women who are dealing with being—you guessed it— mothers at a young age.

The show comes with its own set of crazy drama especially when it comes to fan favorite couple Bar and Ashley. They probably have the most explosive drama on the show and I'm not going to lie, it’s entertaining.

Recently a video surfaced of Ashley crying and looking like a hot mess. In the video, she reveals that Bar has been abusing her and that they physically fight almost daily. Bar’s mother who is overbearing and way too interested in telling her son “how hot he is” countered Ashley’s accusations, saying her son would never do anything like that.

Maybe she should have spoken to her son before she went all on the defense because he came out with his own video admitting that he was abusing her.

They are not the first or last of the couples in the franchise to be abusive towards one another. Jenelle has had her own incidents, no one will forget Amber’s incident, and Kail even had her own incident at one point. So, dare we say, they are in good company?

8 They Rely On The Crew Way Too Much

During an episode of Teen Mom 2, Kailyn was seen leaving baby Lincoln in her car while she went to pick up Isaac from school. The fans were up in arms about her making such a poor decision. She received so much backlash that she had to take to Twitter to explain what really happened.

Kail told her fans that she left baby Lincoln with the crew members as she “quickly” ran inside and picked up Isaac. This was apparently a common thing for the cast members to do because they have been working with them for so long. They consider them more like family. Amber constantly keeps Leah distracted by allowing her to play with the crew as they are trying to work. Leah walks around and lets her kids do whatever they want, but it’s okay because the crew is there.

How could they possibly sit back and let a kid get hurt without intervening? In fact, a former crew member sounded off on how bad Leah was at parenting that it actually made him cry. According to a Reddit thread, the former crew member said: “...when feeding her twins she would spill a bunch of cheese puffs on the nasty carpet and the girls would crawl around and suck up the cheese puffs, no hands involved”. This is 100% believable.

7 They Talk To The Media Too Much

The cast of the show obviously knows that they have to talk to the media, but there is such a thing as talking to the media too much. The girls and their baby daddies have put their foot in their mouths one time too many times when it comes to handling the media.

Instead of focusing on raising their kids when they aren’t filming, they are giving random interviews to TMZ and whoever else will listen.

In one of the more crazier incidents to hit the media, Farrah (yup I said Farrah, so you know it’s bad) decided to tell the world that she was harmed by her Uber driver. However, the incident was quickly proved to be a lie, and during an interview on The Nik Rich Podcast, she attempted to clear up her lie. When she attempted to explain what really happened, it made zero sense. Then she went ahead and said one of the stupidest things any of the teen moms had ever said. "I felt like I was [being violated]. You’re violating me by looking at me. Don’t act like a [expletive]. I have a severe problem with that."

Okay, that just sounds crazy just don’t talk to the media at all. Especially you, Farrah.

6 Fight With One Another On Social Media

This show could be something that shows teen moms supporting one another. Something to help build them up and prove that your life isn’t over because you had a baby in high school. Instead, it shows a bunch of women who are negative AF and have a degree in throwing shade.

Not all the girls, but a lot of them have participated in bashing one another online.

Kail is notorious for it. She had a problem with Breanna dating her ex Javi, and instead of keeping quiet or going to her to address it, she threw a few ominous digs on social media and on her podcast.

She isn’t alone though, Farrah has gotten into small fights with almost all of her Teen Mom: OG cast members. The only thing with Farrah’s social media fights is they always spill over into real life. Maci almost quit because of her, Amber nearly knocked her block off during a reunion episode, and Tyler and Cate both had a social media tussle with her — even though they were one of the few people who was supporting her coming back to the show.

How is this good parenting? Some of these people have kids who are old enough to read and navigate social media and this is how they act?

5 They Spend Their Money On Foolishness

These girls get paid pretty well for allowing cameras to pry into their personal life. So what does one do when they are young with money? They spend it on unnecessary things.

Leah and Farrah both bought horses for some reason. Leah is renting a home, so for her to purchase a horse is beyond irresponsible. Ryan’s new wife Mackenzie surprised him and even caused a bit of a fight when she came home with her hands loaded with shopping bags. Clothes upon clothes. She just started on the show, so where was she getting all this money to go on a shopping spree?

The girls reportedly make at least half a million a year so hopefully, they are putting money away for their kids future. One thing that a lot of the cast spends their money on is substances. A lot of them have had issues with illicit substances, and have been battling their addictions for a long time.

A lot of their hard earned dollar is going towards feeding that addiction.

Farrah is notorious for giving Sophia elaborate birthday parties and even more elaborate gifts. Large sums of money, the miniature horse, and a furniture store. Yes, while she calls it an investment, Farrah bought a furniture store for Sophia. We have to hand it to her she knows how to make money.

4 Plastic Surgery Has Become Second Nature To Them

Another thing that these girls spend money on unnecessarily is plastic surgery. Look, I am all for women enhancing themselves if they feel like they want a self-esteem boost. I would if I could, but come on, these girls are out here letting Dr. Miami give them full body lifts in their early 20's. This doesn’t seem necessary right away.

They were young enough when they had kids to have their body bounce back naturally. But, it was more than that, they wanted features they never had in the first place. It’s called the "mommy makeover." But mommies normally have it after they are done having kids, these girls are having procedures after every kid they have. It defeats the purpose. Farrah basically got a new face; chin implants, fillers, a new nose and mini facelift. Her doctor did a great job because she looks the same but not overly done (it’s her attitude that makes her ugly).

As teen moms who have female children, it can sometimes send the wrong message depending on how they portray it to their daughters. Hopefully, they sit them down one day and explain how or why the procedures helped them.

3 They Keep Going Back To Bad Relationships

Every last one of these girls is notorious for being in a bad relationship a time or two. Heck, everyone is. However, it’s what you do when you leave the relationship, how you redeem yourself. A lot of them end up going back to these horrific relationships, therefore, setting poor examples for their kids.

Chelsea chased after Adam for years she really wanted things to work with him, even though he was and still is a complete bad boy. Farrah and Simon are clearly not for one another yet, but she keeps bringing him around. Amber and Gary kept it going until one of them went to jail and orders of protection were put in place. Leah and Corey went back and forth forever. Even when she moved on and was married to Jeremy, she went back to Corey for a one-night-stand.

The poor decision making when it comes to relationships says a lot about these girls.

They ultimately just wanted to make their families work. Eventually, some of them figured out it wasn't going to work like Maci and Chelsea, and even Jenelle. There there are others still hanging on for dear life like Leah. Hopefully, she figures out that she can co-parent without trying to be in a relationship with either one of her baby daddies.

2 Letting Their Kids Be Social Media Influencers

I respect that Farrah is constantly looking for a new way to make money. She’s a hustler and I'm not going to knock her hustle (well, not too much). However, I can’t condone some of the things she does to make her money. Obviously, her tape was overboard, but there was something that made my stomach drop. She allowed Sophia, her daughter who was 7 years old at the time to pose with Flat Tummy Tea products.

If you don’t know, Flat Tummy Tea is a company that sells weight loss teas a lot of their support comes from social media influencers, like a lot of the cast of Teen Mom. But Farrah took it too far when she had Sophia pose with the tea and she was sipping something out of her water bottle. I'm not sure if the tea was in there, but I pray it wasn’t. The specific tea she was promoting that day was the two-step detox tea.

That can’t be good for any child of any age. Unfortunately, her caption leads us to believe that Sophia was enjoying a cup of this tea. "Teatime @flattummytea @sophialabraham and I — after all that candy." I wouldn’t put it past Farrah she has made some really poor decisions in the past.

1 Letting The Parents Get Involved

Every teen parent needs their parents in their lives. Unfortunately, for a lot of these Teen Mom couples, when the parents get involved things seem to get worse. Although the parents just want to help, it usually ends up causing a bigger problem. Fans of the show have seen plenty of fights where the parents have had to raise their voices, be the mediators, and remind their kids that they have kids. A lot of them have also had individual fights with either parent.

Kailyn got cussed out by Joe and his parents when she decided to date someone while living in his parent’s house, Breanna’s mom has cussed out Devoin so many times. But none like the time when he said he was a better father than Beanna’s dad... Her mom even had to get in the face of her new baby daddy. Even Maci—who gets along with everyone—had a confrontation with Ryan’s parents Jen and Larry about their enabling.

When the parents get involved, it muddies the waters of the kid's relationships. I get it they are parents and they are protective but it just seems to end up making things worse off. Ride or die parenting is a thing and almost all the parents on Teen Mom are guilty of it.


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