23 Times We Really Wanted to be Pumpkin the Raccoon's Best Friend

Pumpkin the raccoon is a rescued Bahamian raccoon, and her Instagram page is all about eating, sleeping and her life with her two best friends Oreo and Toffee, two Royal Bahamian Potcake rescue dogs.

I’ve definitely already looked up the municipal laws on pets allowed in my home town – I'm allowed to have pet raccoons, but not large felines or alligators, alas. (Check out this site to see if you can legally keep raccons as pets in your state)

Without further ado, 23 of the very many times we really wanted to be Pumpkin the Raccoon’s best friend (And so will you)!

23 That time Pumpkin really cared about Oreo’s dental hygiene (But we'd still ask for a professional opinion).

22 That time Pumpkin and Oreo showed us laughter is the best medicine.

21 That time Pumpkin showed off her marketable skills as the darlingest little floral arranger.

20 That time Pumpkin went right to the source by going for the bottle and we could really see a bit of ourselves in that.

19 That time Pumpkin paid tribute to Aladdin Sane and it made us a little sad and a whole lot happy.

18 That time Pumpkin reread Harry Potter and proved once and for all that it’s not just a kids book.

17 That time Pumpkin had a lazy morning in bed and it really inspired us to do the same.

16 That time with the insanely cute cuddling that we really envied.

15 That time Pumpkin demonstrated some real attentive listening.

14 That time Pumpkin threw us way back to the day of the MySpace angles.

13 That time Pumpkin showed us what great holiday spirit is and told us about the importance of giving.

12 That time Pumpkin was tempted by the dark side.

11 That time Pumpkin showed serious interest in diversifying her diet and was culinarily adventurous.

10 That time pumpkin was feeling DIY.

9 That time Pumpkin really needed her first cup of coffee to start the day.

8 That time we saw the baby pictures and Pumpkin was so tiny and adorable.

7 That time Pumpkin showed off her flexibility and did her morning yoga practice.

6 That time Pumpkin was even tinier and we really wished we were the ones bottle feeding her.

5 That time Pumpkin upheld the values of friendship and napping.

4 That time Pumpkin had us dreaming of summer days and fresh fruit.

3 That time Pumpkin lead by example by starting her day with a balanced breakfast.

2 That time Pumpkin spoke a truth close to our hearts.

1 And that one time when Pumpkin met her best friend for the first time.

Love at first sight #animallove #rescues #potcake #raccoon #bahamas

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Let’s be honest with ourselves, the real reason for this post is just to gush about how cute Pumpkin is, and for me that’s mission accomplished.

With that said, I really want to stress the importance of the work rescues and shelters do – how they help find forever homes and families for others like Oreo, Toffee and Pumpkin.

Learn about the work they’re doing in your area, and please consider donating to your local rescue or shelter, or if you have the time, look into volunteering.

And just because we know you haven't had enough of Pumpkin, here are some bonus pictures!


The cutest little kiss!

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