24 Prom Couples Who Are A Match Made In Hades

When I was a teenager, my high school was brand spanking new and it was literally in an apartment building. My class was the largest at the time, and if I remember correctly, there was only about 30 kids there, myself included. Every other year had about 10-15 students because my high school had literally JUST opened a few years ago and was struggling to get enrolments.

Since my high school was small and run by hippies (my principal/junior year Honors English professor was a psychologist that worshipped at the feet of Henry David Thoreau), I didn’t have the “usual” high school experience that most other ‘90s kids my age had while growing up. This included not having a prom.

I do vaguely recall a few of my female classmates half-heartedly attempting to get a prom started when we were seniors, but our high school wanted so many ridiculous restrictions. The rest of us didn’t give a fig about the whole prom thing, though, and so it crashed and burned.

After seeing all of the drama my little sister, who went to a “normal” high school, went through for HER prom and the following quirky prom night photos, I’m devoutly thankful that MY classmate’s idea failed miserably, because there is no way in heck that I’d want to go through that drama as a teenager.

24 Someone Stole The Red Queen's Look

Via: Imgur

The longer I stare at this photo, the more I can’t help but wonder if they based their prom theme off of the Red Queen from Tim Burton’s Alice In Wonderland flick.

I really like the dress, but I do wish that this couple had went with something other than neon pink and green because GOOD GRIEF, does that color combo hurt my eyes. It makes me wonder if the ghost of Walt Disney threw up on that outfit.

Just wow…I would LOVE to know what the heck these two were thinking when they decided to color coordinate. The only explanation I can give for choosing outfits with such bold colors is that they thought it would look cool while dancing with the lights off. Or perhaps the outfit glows in the dark, which would explain the neon green and pink bits.

(Now I have a hilarious mental image of people wearing glow-in-the-dark prom outfits and dancing to the Funky Chicken.) My high school never had a prom until AFTER I graduated, but if we ever did have one, I would have passed out from laughing so darn hard if I saw one of my friends arrive in glow-in-the-dark getups like this and purposely dancing like fools.

23 Her Hair's Going To Take Off

Via: Imgur

I am both intrigued and confused by this woman’s hair in the photo. At first glance, I thought to myself “No, that HAS to be a wig that she teased up using a ton of hair spray and then put on for prom.” Then I thought “Nah, this can’t be a wig, this HAS to be her real hair.” It's definitely out there, but I must admit, it DOES look pretty cool in a weird way.

I am SO curious about this photo and I would love to know what made this lady decide to tease her hair into the shape of a helicopter. First off, how on Earth did she deal with all the hairspray? The smell of hairspray is atrocious and she must have lungs of steel in order to deal with such a gross odor for long periods of time.

Second of all, I could see doing some kind of cool hair art and putting it in the shape of a heart or something along those lines, but I’m utterly baffled as to why she went with a helicopter. The only explanation I can come up with is that maybe one of her relatives was a helicopter pilot and she thought it would be a nice shout-out for them OR she thought that shape would be the one that garnered the most head turns. If it is the latter, then she definitely was right on the money!

22 Best Photo Op Ever

Via: Reddit

My high school was too small and too lazy to throw a prom, so I never got to experience the typical “prom night” experience. After seeing all of the drama my little sister went through with HER prom, it made me devoutly thankful that I didn’t have to deal with such nonsense when I was that age.

Of course, my sister and her friends did the cheesy stereotypical “cute prom photo” with all the couples. The pictures came out nice, but in my opinion, everyone looked pretty forced and their smiles looked like they were frozen onto their faces.

I got a big kick out of this prom photo because it’s HILARIOUS. It’s not anything like the usual stiff photos that most teenagers take before the event.

Both of them seem more excited for the fact that their local White Castle was advertising that cheese curds are back than they were for their prom. I can’t blame them for that; sure, prom seems fun and all, but I saw with my sister how utterly draining it could be. Going to White Castle to enjoy a delicious snack is WAY more fun than dealing with all the prom night drama.

21 Sir Long Hair Is Here To Challenge Brienne Of Tarth

Via: Reddit

This prom photo is AWESOME and I would LOVE to know where the heck these two got the courage to do this stunt. Most teenagers that I knew back in the day would NEVER had the courage to do something like this because they’d be afraid that their peers would make fun of them.

I’m pretty sure that even amongst my classmates in high school, the only ones that would have had the courage to dress up in full armor were the ones that were the class clowns. They didn’t really care what anyone thought of them and would have turned the “knight in shining armor” trope into a joke.

Then again, thanks to Game of Thrones, teens these days probably wouldn’t make fun of him too much. They’d simply ask him if he was planning on fighting Brienne of Tarth and if so, if they could watch the ensuring duel.

My questions are: where on earth did this dude even GET armor like this and I can’t help wondering if he is sweating bullets in it. This photo would have been even more hilarious if he had been holding a sword, but I’m sure the school wouldn’t have allowed him to bring it in.

20 RuPaul Is Cringing At This Getup

Via: Imgur

If RuPaul was surfing the Internet and spotted this getup, I’m pretty sure the entire world would hear the screams of horror.

Is that supposed to be camouflage? If so, who on earth thought to themselves “Ah yes, a dress and a tuxedo mixed with camouflage is going to be a hit at this prom.”

It’s a school dance, not a forest — you don’t need to hide from bears or mountain lions when you’re frolicking around with your date at prom.

I suppose the outfits wouldn’t have raised my eyebrows THAT much if the color was a dark green instead of a vomit-worthy orange. A dark green would have at least looked somewhat decent with this knock-off camouflage material.

The orange though…just what the heck were these two thinking? It is so bright that it hurts my eyes and it totally clashes with the knock-off camouflage. Didn’t someone, ANYONE, like a close friend or a relative pull them aside and at least ATTEMPT to get them to change the color?

I can’t speak for anyone else, but I often went clothes shopping with my aunt and she’d always tell me truthfully whether an outfit worked or if I should toss it back onto the racks. These two REALLY needed someone like my aunt to dissuade them from these outfits!

19 Sing Me A Song Of A Lass That Is Gone...

Via: Imgur

I really like this girl’s dress; it’s cute and classy. Her hair is also on point and I really love how instead of going for the stereotypical big necklaces many girls pick when they are planning their prom outfit, she decided to break the mold by wearing a ribbon tied into a bow around her neck. It turns what COULD have been a boring outfit into something really unique and I give her two thumbs up for creativity.

I’ll also give the dude credit for rocking a kilt too. I’d assume it is due to his proud Scottish heritage, but I also wouldn’t be surprised if he decided to wear it because it looks punk rock or because of the whole Outlander thing.

Since he’s wearing a kilt, it would be HILARIOUS if the DJ managed to get the Outlander theme song onto his or her iPod and played that song the minute they hit the dance floor at prom. If they watch the show regularly, they’d definitely get the joke and start laughing. Heck, if the Internet was lucky, they could’ve started singing along to the show’s theme song and we could’ve gotten an epic viral video out of it.

18 Rainbow Brite's Guards Are Dressed In Their Best

Via: Imgur

Those are some…err, VERY bold colors. Did they take inspiration from the Color Kids from the Rainbow Brite series, because those suits make my eyes hurt if I look at this photo for longer than five seconds.

Seriously, if there was ever a live-action flick based on the ‘80s television series Rainbow Brite, these two dudes would be PERFECT as members of the Color Kids; seeing as they have ZERO qualms about wearing colors most people would shy away from.

I also like that not only do these two dudes mind wearing suits in colors that are bold even for the most fashion-obsessed fashionista, they also have a good sense of humor and managed to take such a funny photo.

It’s always heartwarming to see two young guys that don’t mind making fools of themselves in front of the camera. While their fashion sense is uh, definitely INTERESTING, their gleeful expressions make me smile too.

Also, bless whoever created that tricycle that they’re posing with. I don’t know how they sat on it without it falling over, but man, that thing seems to be sturdy as heck. I’m sure this is NOT what the creators intended, but it definitely brings the laughs!

17 Time To Play Checkers

Via: Reddit

Maybe I am biased because I have a red dress that looks just a wee bit similar to the one this woman is wearing, but her dress is really pretty. I’m a sucker for dresses with sheer lace sleeves — it’s flattering for all body types and it looks pretty cool. I just like dresses or shirts with lace; wearing them makes me feel like a Medieval princess.

This guy’s outfit thought, just has me scratching my head. If he picked either an all-white or all-purple tuxedo, I’d be like “Okay, random, but whatever.” BUT CHECKERED? WHAT? I don’t get it at all.

Is the guy SO in love with the game checkers that he decided to attend prom looking like the board piece? What spirit of foul fashion possessed him to buy this thing? I think Anna Wintour needs to call a young priest and an old priest to perform a fashion exorcism on him, jeez.

As if the pattern wasn’t already cringe-worthy, in my opinion the material also look like it is VERY cheesy and that just makes me want to weep. He looks like he’s trying to cosplay as the Joker, not getting ready to attend the prom.

16 It's A Bird, It's A Plane, No, It's The Justice League

Via: Imgur

As a comic book nerd that adores both DC Comics AND Marvel (although I will admit that I prefer DC just a smidgeon more), I started squealing like a schoolgirl when I saw this photo.

I didn’t know my partner when both of us were in high school since he’s originally from California and I’m a born and bred New Yorker, but if we ever went to a party with a theme like “senior prom,” I could TOTALLY see him doing a similar outfit idea.

It’s also so cute that they not only stuck with DC Comics superheroes such as the Flash, Superman, and Batman but that they also included popular Marvel superheroes such as Captain America, too.

Amongst comic book fans, there’s a trend that you have to like one and bash the other. I’ve seen COUNTLESS threads on social media websites like Facebook or Twitter where Marvel fans are trashing the DCEU or DC Comics fans are bashing the MCU.

It’s annoying for the rest of us that enjoy both franchises, so it’s really cool to see that these teens ignored the drama between both fandoms and included both sets of superheroes.

Now I wish I could see an Arrowverse crossover episode where the characters attend a senior prom in disguise to defeat a villain!

15 Massive Eye Roll At The Leaf Tux

Via: Imgur

I can’t stop laughing at this photo because it really does look like this poor girl got caught mid-eye roll at her prom date’s ridiculous leaf-printed tuxedo. Same girl, same. Heck, if my dogs could roll their eyes, they would do the same thing once they got a load of this print.

Just…what the heck is with that outfit? Is he trying to emulate Legolas Greenleaf, Prince of Mirkwood with that tuxedo? If there wasn’t a random image of brown leaves and flowers on his suit jacket, his outfit would look pretty cool AND it would compliment his date’s gown nicely.

But all I can see is those stupid flowers on his jacket and it is SO distracting. The look on his date’s face says it all. She is probably plotting ways she can rip that jacket off and toss it into a bonfire so that none of her friends will see him wearing such an ugly piece of clothing and tease them for it.

Maybe she will sneakily try to get him to take it off so that she can either set it on fire while chanting “Die, ugly jacket, die!” OR toss it into a garbage can without him noticing what she’s doing.

14 Time To Grab The Pepto-Bismol

Can these two teenagers get a HUGE round of applause for their creativity? I haven’t laughed so hard in AGES, but when I saw this photo, I instantly started cackling because it’s just so darn entertaining. I love that both teens had no problems making fools of themselves for their prom photo and I give them two thumbs up for their creativity in coming up with such a quirky photoshoot idea.

One thing I will say though, is that I wish they had added a bottle of Pepto-Bismol to this photoshoot.

It is amusing that they posed with a roll of toilet paper, but a bottle of Pepto would have added to the sheer hilarity of it all.

Ah well, it’s still a funny photo either way. I got a big kick out of the fact that this dude is able to keep a somewhat straight face while holding a roll of toilet paper out to his prom date, who is sitting on the toilet bowl and pretending to go to the bathroom. This guy has an EXCELLENT poker face and some fantastic acting skills — he should dabble in drama when he’s in college, he might wind up being very good at it.

13 Time To Dance With Pugs

This pug’s expression has me SCREECHING with laughter because he looks SO proud of himself and you can tell that he’s trying his hardest to sit all regal for the photos with his owner. He is a good boy for putting up with such a ridiculous costume and making his owner feel better, so I hope this girl and her mother give him a nice juicy steak as a thank you for being such an awesome dog.

I hope some Hollywood screenwriter stumbles across this meme and writes a script called Dancing With Pugs, which would revolve around a young teenaged girl who was unable to find a date for the prom but bravely orders her dog a tuxedo and takes him to the event.

Of course, this would be no ordinary pug. This dog would have the skills of Air Bud and would also be a champion at Musical Freestyle. Once the two of them were out on the dance floor, the pug and his owner would wow everyone with the fabulous moves and would be crowned prom king and prom queen. At the end of the movie, the girl’s crush admits his secret love for her and everyone lives happily ever after.

C’mon Hollywood, enough of the sad dog movies. It’s time to make one that’s funny AND heartwarming!

12 Wade Wilson Gives This Two Thumbs Up

Someone REALLY needs to Tweet this link to Ryan Reynolds and Tom Hollands because I have a sneaking suspicion that those two would pass out from laughing so hard.

I love the fact that whoever is dressed as Deadpool went the whole hog with a stereotypical “girly” dress AND a black tiara. Who do fans have to bribe in order to include a scene like this in Deadpool 3? Marvel probably wouldn’t let Fox bring in Spider-Man, but they could certainly get another character to join in on the dress-up fun instead. Maybe Cable; Josh Brolin seems like a cool chap that is willing to do amusing stunts like this.

Heck, we all know from his tweets that Reynolds has a fantastic sense of humor and he’d be totally game to dress in his Deadpool costume.


Do this for San Diego Comic-Con or something; I can guarantee people would lose their minds from laughing so hard. Fans would probably freak out just like they did when Tom Hiddleston dressed up in his Loki costume and made a surprise appearance in character that one year at SDCC.

11 Gotta Catch Them All

At first I had NO IDEA what her dress and his vest were made of until I zoomed in and realized that those are actually TRADING CARDS.

That’s a little weird, but I have an immense amount of respect for anyone that can combine trading cards with fashion AND make it look this good. I’m a ‘90s kid and while I was never obsessed with Magic: The Gathering, I had friends that used to sit on their stoops for HOURS after school playing games like that.

They would also play Magic: The Gathering during lunchtime too until the principal and teachers got sick of all the games and people constantly swapping trading cards and banned them. Ah, the ‘90s.

The only time I ever had ANY interest in trading cards or card games was when Sailor Moon was all the rage amongst my peers and one of the vending machines in my local grocery store sold Sailor Moon trading cards. Even though I adored that television show (and I still do, not going to lie), my interest in the trading cards for it waned pretty quickly.

My friends and I were much more intrigued by the Spice Girls’ line of lollipops; we’d always run to the bodega down the block to get one and unwrapping it excitedly so we could add to our sticker collection.

10 Prom Date Fail: Feline Edition

Via: Reddit

According to the original Reddit post by @Chubbynub, he was surfing through his high school’s prom night pictures on Facebook and found this gem. The best comment hands down is from @RC95th, who remarked that this VERY angry kitty looks like Garfield.

If a movie studio were ever to make another live-action flick about Garfield and wanted to use a real cat to play the iconic character instead of a CGI character, this cat would be perfect for the role.

Hollywood could even use this photo as inspiration for the story. Jon Arbuckle’s nephew Jon Jr. is unable to find a date for prom, so as a goof he decides to take a long-suffering Garfield as his date.

Of course, Garfield would NOT be happy about it and would put up a fight, but since his antics are so entertaining, Jon Jr. is able to win the heart of the love interest character and they are crowned prom king and prom queen.

Maybe starring as a famous fictional feline would soothe this poor cat’s anger. I’ve seen plenty of kitties get puffed out when they’re mad, but this one looks like it is ready to Hulk out. I can’t blame him or her though, a prom is no place for animals with such sensitive hearing.

9 Princess Jasmine Gives This Photo Two Thumbs Up

Via: Imgur

If Princess Jasmine from Disney’s classic animated film Aladdin was a real person, she would be squealing over this prom photo and give the lady on the right two thumbs up for coming up with such a cool outfit idea.

From what I have seen from helping my sister find the right prom dress at stores such as Macy’s or Century 21, teenaged girls tend to go with mermaid style dresses or poofy princess ball gowns that are either strapless or have thin spaghetti-style straps. There’s always exceptions to every rule, but the majority tend to go with something along those lines.

This girl’s outfit is FABULOUS. I love the material of the dress because it looks so slinky and her face veil is really cool. I used to take belly dance classes (my teachers were mainly trained in American Restaurant Style) and her headpiece and veil remind me of the accessories the belly dancers used to wear back in both the U.S. and Egypt back in the ‘70s.

Her prom date’s outfit is also pretty darn awesome — I LOVE the gold glittery tophat and matching bow tie because that’s just not something you would see anyone wearing at prom. It’s a unique look that isn’t cheesy or outlandish.

8 King Henry VIII Is Seething With Jealousy Over These Outfits

Via: Imgur

This entire photo just OOZES class and I love it so much. If one listens closely, you can hear King Henry VIII (who was quite vain about his appearance and his clothing when he was alive) screeching in the afterlife about how he wishes he had even a smidgeon of their classiness when he was still kicking and marrying and divorcing wives in the hopes of producing an heir.

The red and gold tuxedo combination looks fantastic. It’s a head-turning outfit without being a total eyesore such as the white and purple-checkered tuxedo that was a bit farther up the list.

Wannabe fashionistas, take note: THIS is how you look classy and make a bold statement without making yourself look like a clown!

I also got a good giggle over the fact that the guy on the right put a gold crown on his head for the photo. It’s a really cute touch and it is funny without being tacky. I hope he wore it all throughout the prom, although I imagine if he did, at some point he probably took it off. It must have been hard dancing with it on his head and I imagine if he got too sweaty, it would start to slip and fall into his eyes.

7 KISS Called, They Want To Report A Copyright Violation

Via: Reddit

I sincerely hope that members of the band KISS never, ever stumble across this photo while surfing r/Funny on Reddit because the kid in this picture might just find himself slapped with a copyright lawsuit.

Just kidding. In fact, while I have NO IDEA what possessed this guy to dress up in full KISS wannabe gear for his PROM PHOTO, I do admire the fact that he’s got courage to go against the grain.

The look on the young man’s expression says it all: he’s clearly thinking to himself “What the heck is wrong with my friend? Can’t he dress normal for once? We’re going to senior prom, not attending a flippin’ heavy metal concert and I hope his date forces him to wash his face off before he manages to step foot in school. Of COURSE he has to be the one to ruin everything, ugh!”

I wouldn’t be shocked if @Loganater186 updated his post on Reddit and mentioned that right after this photo was taken, the guy on the left tackled his friend with a washcloth and forced him to take off the godawful face paint.

I’d also love to know what the girl he was taking to prom thought of her date’s choice in fashion. Was she in on the joke or not? Sadly, this seems like this will be one mystery that will forever remain unsolved.

6 Flashback To The '90s Past

Via: Imgur

Oh man, just looking at the dude wearing the leopard print tuxedo is giving me some MAJOR ‘90s flashbacks. He is WAY too young to have known this (unless he considers the ‘90s retro and wants to emulate the style) but back in the day, leopard print was all the rage back in the day.

I remember when I was a teenager I had a denim leopard print jacket and a reversible fluffy pink leopard print jacket. I thought I was the cat’s meow when I wore my Hanson fan club tank top, my bell-bottom jeans, my fluffy pink leopard print jacket, AND my leopard print denim jacket.

How Isaac, Taylor, and Zac Hanson didn’t fall over laughing at my horrific outfit, I’ll never know.

Then again, maybe they didn’t bat an eye because during that era, they wore some pretty eyebrow raising getups. I remember when Zac had cornrows in his hair and wore a motorcycle outfit during one of their concerts.

Not going to lie, I’m secretly glad these dudes are bringing back some ‘90s throwbacks and that their dates are cool with them wearing tuxedos that will probably make quite a few heads turn when they step foot at prom.

5 Halloween Arrived Early

Via: Imgur

Did I miss a memo that Halloween arrived early? What’s with the unicorn masks on at prom? Is this supposed to reference some kind of meme or something?

Even though I find the photo amusing, I won’t lie, there is something a tad bit disturbing about those masks. It’s the eyes — they look just a little TOO lifelike and it is just a wee bit too creepy for me.

The veins in the unicorn’s faces also add a degree of realism that is just too disturbing for words. I don’t know where these two teens stored the mask, but I hope it was in a locked box in their basements instead of in their bedrooms.

I would NOT want to wake up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom and see a lifelike horse’s head staring back at me, especially since those eyes look incredibly realistic. I’d be afraid that they would be watching my every move and attract ghosts or something; I’d have to salt and burn those masks Winchester-style because that’s how badly they freak me out.

These two teenagers are brave for wearing these masks; I personally wouldn’t touch either one with a 10-foot pole.

4 And The Award For Worst Mullet Ever Goes To...

Via: Imgur

Making fun of mullets is a time-honored past time on the Internet, but this prom photo is one of the worst ones I have ever had the misfortune to lay eyes on.

Not only did this guy cut his hair into a mullet, but he dyed it PLATINUM BLONDE with a black under layer. Even Ash from Supernatural who was CLEARLY stuck in a time warp and considered cool would be side-eying this dude SO HARD for his weird choice in hair dye.

It would be one thing if he dyed his hair a normal blonde color. It would still be a foul haircut, but at least the dye job wouldn’t make every stylist within a 10-mile radius want to weep.

To add to his poor taste in fashion, he decided to NOT bleach his pencil thin mustache and in my humble opinion, it just adds to the hot mess that is his mullet. I know that @Tazedandconfused mentioned on the original post on Imgur that this photo was from the ‘80s, but even the most die-hard ‘80s teen would have wanted to chop that mullet off.

I hope once the mullet fad faded, this dude came to his senses and cut off that thing off.

3 Straight Outta Westeros

Via: Imgur

You know how dogs tilt their heads when they are confused about something? That was pretty much my reaction when I spotted this picture on Imgur.

The girl’s dress looks like a cross between something a Viking woman extra on The History Channel’s Vikings would wear and one of Daenerys Targaryen’s outfits from HBO’s hit television series Game of Thrones.

I’m honestly SHOCKED that the Internet hasn’t taken advantage of this photo and created one of those “Straight Outta” memes based on Game of Thrones. I don’t know who designed that dress, but whoever it was should NEVER, EVER binge watch Game of Thrones and Vikings back to back before coming up with new ideas for clothing ever again. It’s just not a good combination.

There’s just too much going on with her dress. Between the geometric designs, the fringe and that tacky gold material, it literally looks like a rejected costume from The Great Gatsby flick with Leonardo DiCaprio.

Don’t even get me started on the guy’s tuxedo either. I winced when I saw the jacket because it looks like someone sewed garbage bags together and called it a day. The shoes he’s wearing are cool, but it just clashes with his outfit.

2 Outlander's In Need Of Extras

Via: Imgur

While I am not a huge fan of sequins—unless it is on a belly dance costume—I do like the cut and design of the dress; I just personally feel that it would look better if the designer had ditched the sequins.

The sparkly red high heels though, now that’s a different story. I don’t know why she didn’t go with plain black high heels, but those shoes make me wonder where the heck Toto is and if her name is Dorothy.

She might want to avoid Wicked Witches that live in the west side of the neighborhood and befriend someone named Glinda too.

The guy on the other hand would be the perfect extra for Outlander. He’s pretty comfortable wearing a kilt; he should audition to be an extra for the upcoming fifth season. Sam Heughan would probably give him a high-five for having the courage to show off his proud Scottish heritage at prom.

Although knowing teenagers and their sense of humor (especially if they are fans of Outlander), there is no doubt in my mind that SOMEONE is going to start making kilt jokes when they arrive at prom or jokingly call him Jamie Fraser all throughout the event.

1 Dr. Seuss Would Be Proud

Via: Imgur

I laughed for a good 10 minutes straight when I saw that ludicrous hat and I have SO MANY QUESTIONS. First of all, I really want to know WHERE HE EVEN GOT SUCH A RIDICULOUS PIECE OF HEAD GEAR. Did he steal it from the Incredible Hulk and then just dyed the fabric from green to pink?

Second, how did he even manage to fit through the doors with that thing? Surely he couldn’t have worn it while entering the event since it would have gotten caught on doorframes and such. So how did he manage to get that thing in? Who even makes a bag big enough to fit a hat that only the Jolly Green Giant can wear, Godzilla?

I also laughed at the pink gloves he’s got on AND the pink walking stick too. He should really save this entire outfit because it would be a perfect Halloween costume and I’m sure it would garner plenty of laughs if he wore it then too.

Most people don’t wind up being able to re-use their prom outfits, but this guy will never, ever have to worry about finding another Halloween costume ever again as long as he keeps the wacky hat, gloves and walking stick.

Sources: Imgur, Reddit, Tumblr and Instagram.

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