25 Celebrity-Fan Photos That Outshine Any Awkward Family Photo

Celebrities just can't enjoy having their photos taken 24/7. Don't get me wrong, to be in the entertainment industry, one must have a level of healthy narcissism that would make them like a certain amount of attention. This includes the occasional photograph on a red carpet or at a party. But when an actor, singer, or reality star reaches a certain level of fame, they are constantly subjected to having their lives forever visually preserved on the Internet. And it's not just the dreaded paparazzi who want this... It's fans like us; Fans who think it's cool to snap a selfie with Dakota Fanning while she's buying $4.99 asparagus water at Whole Foods.

I'm sorry, but I stand by what I said. Celebrities must despise that. They want to have a little peace in their lives, but we just can't let them. Well, there are some celebrities who will openly reject or ruin a fan selfie if they don't feel like being photographed. On the other hand, there are a few who seem to like their fame a little too much and it backfires on them in pretty hilarious ways. Both types of celebrities are featured here on this list, as well as an assortment of crazed fans who are almost certain to make us want to reconsider whipping out our phones the next time we run into Nicki Minaj...

Without further ado, here are 25 of the most awkward celeb-fan photographs to ever hit the Internet.

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25 The Selfie Queen's Mishap

C'mon, Kim! Your entire life is about being in the public eye and having every square inch of your body and activities photographed.

You know what? I'm just not sure that Kim is all that good with having her photo taken if she's not in control. If she's taking a selfie, has her own photographers, or has one of her people alter the end product, I'm sure she's fine... As we all would be... But If it's just some schmoe at a book-signing, I think she's pretty uncomfortable.

That, to me, reeks of someone who is insanely insecure. But, hey... I'm not a psychologist.

24 Stay Out From Under Her Umbrella

Via: BlazePress

This stank-face tells me that Rihanna probably told this particular fan that she wasn't interested in having her photo taken. That, or he just completely photographed her when she wasn't expecting it. Either way, it's totally disrespectful and an invasion of privacy.

Seriously, how is this a socially responsible thing to do to someone? If he were to walk up to any other person and force them into a photograph he'd be first in line at the dentist the next morning.

So, settle down "Rude Boy." If Rihanna wanted you to "Stay," she would have let you know...

23 Not Her Little Monsters

It's pretty obvious that Lady Gaga is amazing with her fans. After all, they are some of the most dedicated fans around, following her from genre-to-genre, to television shows, to movies...

They adore her and everything she stands for.

And in a music industry dominated by singers who lip-sync all the time or who are heavily auto-tuned, it's awesome that we have someone like Gaga who can ACTUALLY sing...

Having said that, she has gone through some pretty outrageous fashion phases that are bound to scare some of her Little Monsters off. And this photo proves it...

22 Not Katy Perry

Russell, dude, settle down! That isn't your ex, Katy Perry, or some woman you're seeing... I know you think you're being affectionate and loving to a little fan, but it just seems a little off. I certainly hope you know him!

By the way, I didn't know Russell Brand had fans this young?

His stand-up, movies and talk show are all a little adult. Don't get me wrong, I love them. But I'm not sure I'd love the parents who introduce their kids to the birds and the bees via the Kamasutra-scene in Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

21 The King Of Hollywood

For Tom Hanks, this photo is a little odd. The guy has tons of images online with fans that are all pretty hilarious. He's actually known for being the type of guy who will actively stop and take photographs with fans. It's one of the reasons he has such a good reputation.

But this photo just shows that no matter who you are, you can't please everyone.

For the record, it's especially tricky to please people who are walking around all-day in underpants filled with their own feces...

20 The Suave Mr. Clooney

Via: Buzzfeed

Something tells me that this guy is only a fan of George Clooney from his much regrettable role in Batman and Robin; hence the less than pleased look on George's face. Although, if you're George, you pretty much have to keep up this suave, sophisticated, altruistic, multi-talented, persona all of the time. I mean, he's really so cool in so many ways and that's a lot to take on. It must get absolutely exhausting, especially when he has "fans" coming up and asking him about his rock solid chest in the Bat-suit.

19 Breaking Protocol

Via: Imgur

Is this even allowed? Something tells me that it's not. The English Royal Family have such archaic and strict rules about every single little thing that I can't imagine that this daring kid got away with snapping such an awkward pic of the Queen herself.

I mean, look at the older gentleman behind him — he's livid. 

The Queen can't be all chill like Lady Gaga, she has to hold herself with such regality and poise. Yeah, people, Meghan didn't just marry a prince and become a princess; she entered into a lifestyle where she can no longer dress casually in public ever again... ever...

18 In A Galaxy Far, Far, Away...

Via: BlazePress

Usually, I'd avoid making comments on people's appearances unless they are in the public eye, but I think I have to make an exception in this case.

I'm sorry, I have to address the elephant in the room: it's the eyes, guys... THE EYES!

Poor Mark Hamill probably just wants to be seen for all the work he's done that doesn't have to do with Star Wars, and yet at every meet and greet he inevitably has to take a photo with someone who looks like they're from a galaxy, far, far away...

17 Don't Mess With The Hulk

Via: BlazePress

I think it's natural for every person to want to feel what incredible muscles feel like. It's not necessarily a provocative thing; it's just out of curiosity. Most of us don't have the luxury of spending every second in a gym in order to look like The Incredible Hulk. But Hulk Hogan absolutely does.

(Also, Hulk Hogan is not the actual Incredible Hulk... Believe me... I've checked.)

Though I'm sure he's used to having people coming up and feeling his forearms, it looks like this shot is a little uncomfortable for him. Also, this fan sort of looks a bit like James Blunt, no? Oh, that's because it absolutely is. Fans can be other celebrities too, guys.

16 Oh, Justin... There's Nothing To Say...

Via: Buzzfeed

This addition is only awkward for us... I'm sure this girl is more than happy to have this heartthrob celebrity gush all over her, and Justin himself certainly looks anything but awkward.

But for me... it's uncomfortable and maybe a tad creepy.

But hey, if you were a big celebrity who was single and had a fan-base of young beautiful people, I'm sure you would take advantage of that ever so often. As an aside, there are a ton of awkward fan photos with Justin, most of which are not appropriate to share with you here, but almost all of which are insanely flirtatious. The guy clearly "loves" his fans.

15 Invading Khloe's Space

Via: BlazePress

For this guy's sake, I hope that comedian Craig Ferguson's running joke about Khloe Kardashian secretly being The Incredible Hulk isn't accurate. That's because he's clearly invading her personal space to an unrealistic extreme and that can't make Khloe happy... And you know what happens when Khloe gets angry?

Actually, forget Craig Ferguson, let's hope that the rumors about Khloe's true father being O.J. Simpson aren't true either.

I think Simpson being her father may be scarier than The Incredible Hulk.

The paparazzi that caught this probably felt supremely happy that he managed to capture such an embarrassing and uncomfortable moment for the fan and Khloe alike.

14 Elementary School Dances

Via: BlazePress

I'd love to know the context behind this photo. There's no way that this isn't somehow staged. I can't imagine that Katy Perry would naturally embrace a fan as if she were finally asked to dance at an elementary school formal.

Funnily enough, I'm pretty certain that elementary school dances are where her earlier songs get played the most. Belting out "I Kissed A Girl" is a pretty rad way of sticking it to the teachers who are trying to enforce an "arm's length distance" between the sexes.

13 Tom Cruise And Mr. Pitts

Via: BlazePress

I'm sure everyone is easing this guy for having sweaty armpits, but I must come to his defense.

It's a lot of work to stand around with a bunch of other people all day waiting to catch a glimpse of your favorite celebrity. It's time-consuming.

You can't leave to go to the bathroom. You can't go and have a bite to eat. You have to stay put, otherwise one of the other refrigerator-box dwelling crowd members will steal your spot.

What I'm saying is that building up a sweat is easy to do when you have absolutely no life.

12 Happy Bar Mitzvah

Via: Ranker

I don't know for sure, but if I were to guess, I'd say that this photo was taken at a rich kid's Bar-Mitzvah. Yep, some celebrities are more than happy to attend a random event if there's a big paycheck involved.

How else can one explain Nicki Minaj taking a photo with a bunch of boys who don't look old enough to have had their first wet dream?

Yeah, I suppose I could look up the context of this photo, but I almost think that it's better without it. I want to stare at this and take in every ounce of awkwardness that it has to offer.

There's certainly a ton to dissect in this photo; like her flirtatious outfit, the boy covering his crotch, or the kid who looks like he's had a couple too many puffs at the ganja. But I think the most fascinating is the insanely awkward way that Nicki is holding that kid's hand.

11 Life Imitates Art

Via: Buzzfeed

Trying to figure this photo out is enough to give anyone a headache. Did this guy imitate her pose? Did Britney imitate his? Does life imitate art? Or, does art imitate life?

Perhaps they both struck this awkward, crotch-length, hand-cupping, pose at precisely the same time.

That would prove that both art imitates life and life imitates art, which is a philosophical conundrum enough to cause all of our heads to explode. Regardless, this image also brings up another important discussion; what the heck are we supposed to do with our hands in a photograph?

10 Can You Spot Kanye?

Via: Buzzfeed

No, no, the title isn't referring to the fact that Kanye is only surrounded by a sea of faces, it's because he's the only person who isn't smiling. In fact, he looks downright unimpressed. But I think that's his default setting. He usually appears to be pretty angry, but maybe that's just the character he plays. The big difference between the onslaught of strange photos of Kanye with his fans and this one is that here, he appears to be dreadfully uncomfortable and kind of awkward. And one could describe Kanye with an assortment of colorful adjectives, but "awkward" is seldom one of them.

9 Spotted: Nic Cage On A Plane

Via: Buzzfeed

It appears as though Nic Cage wasn't just spotted on a plane, but that he was found in economy class, or, at the very least, premium economy.

Not all celebrities care about the luxury of the seat they fly in when traveling, but the look on Nic's face does appear as if he didn't want to be seen.

Actually, he sort of has the strange combination of "not wanting to be seen" and "can I have a cigarette?". 

It doesn't really matter what's going on here, this is a moment Nic probably doesn't want to be immortalized... And yet... here we are...

8 Hugh Grant Actually Is All Around Us

Via: Buzzfeed

Yes, it's him; it's the most charming man in Britain. The King of the British romantic comedy and the magnificent theater actor: Hugh Grant. Though Hugh usually walks around with immense class and dignity, aside from that little incident with a lady of the night, here he appears as if to have just been brought back to by the Resurrection Stone or in the middle of shooting a role as The Crypt Keeper.

Either way, his fan seems somewhat apprehensive about getting too close.

7 The Plaid Players

Via: Ranker

Nothing says "player" quite like a plaid button-up. The ladies basically just can't resist. But put a plaid shirt on a likable, fantasy-movie icon like Elijah Wood and it utterly drives them bananas. However, add an overly enthusiastic fan, also in plaid, into the mix and things change a bit.

Plaid is no longer cute.

Heck, they even appear to have changed for Elijah, who seems like he'd rather be wrapped up in Shelbo's sticky webs than bare another moment with this lunatic. If this photo isn't awkward, I clearly have no clue what is.

6 True Blood's True Height

Via: Diply

Yep, Alexander Skarsgard is a very tall man. Strikingly tall actually. He's 6'4 according to Google. That's pretty significant since most actors are far shorter than they appear to be on camera. In fact, it's almost disappointing when you meet them in person since a lot of the time it feels like one could blow them away with a small sneeze. But this is not the case with the True Blood and Big Little Lies' star. And this is what could be going through this awkward fan's mind. That or she's literally speechless because he's just so dreamy...

5 The Weeknd Out On The Weekend

Via: Smosh

I wonder if it was the weekend when this woman ran into The Weeknd? I apologize. I know that's basically the exact definition of a "cliche caption" for this photo. I couldn't come up with something more creative because I was too distracted by how uncomfortable both of these people look.

Why take a picture if both people are gonna be this awkward?

Sure, I suppose this woman is just being respectful of Abel's space, but it does look like she's afraid to touch him. At least he has the excuse of having something in his hands to hold.

4 Just Who Is The Walking Dead?

Via: Smosh

There's nothing all that clever when it comes to the double meaning of the title of The Walking Dead. Obviously, it refers to the blood-thirsty zombies but also the survivors who are sure to become dinners for them.

After seeing this photo, it's clear that there may just be a third meaning behind the show's title, and that's Normas Reedus and his fans. I don't think that we could find a more unenthusiastic and downright lifeless fan photo on the Internet if we tried; which obviously, by the looks of this list, we didn't...

Normas wants nothing to do with this fan.

3 A Court-Ordered Distance

Via: Ranker

Did Avril Lavigne get a court order to keep this fan away from her or something? I mean, what could possibly explain the awkward amount of distance between the two of them?

The body language doesn't even seem all that friendly...

And it's not just Avril... It's both of them. He doesn't look the least bit excited to meet this Canadian musical superstar, even though this image appears to be from a meet-and-greet. It's like his mother forced him to take a photo with a cousin he hasn't seen since he was three. Seriously! Someone, please explain this to me!

2 Magneto and Xavier Take On The Big City

Via: Diply

I'm not sure there's anything as cute as the bromance between Sir Ian McKellan and Sir Patrick Stewart (aka: Magneto/Gandalf and Professor Xavier/Jean-Luc Picard).

Seriously, guys, look up their goings-on. They are just wonderfully entertaining friends. And seeing them together out in public is the ultimate treat. Clearly, Elmo, another celebrity, knows this and couldn't pass up the opportunity to squeeze between these two wonderfully charitable men.

Unfortunately, due to Elmo's lop-sided eyes, the whole photo comes across less like a Sesame Street Special and more like something on a weird-fetish adult website.

1 Tom Taking Us To The Finish Line

Via: Diply

I know we've already had Tom Hanks on this list, but we have to include him a second time. That's because he is the king of taking photos with fans. But this entry is a little different as it doesn't make Tom out to be awkward at all.

Oh no, it's all about the guy who pretended to be drunk so that his buddies could convince Hanks into taking a photo with him.

Well, it worked. The photo went viral, and it later came out that it was all staged, even though Tom wasn't aware of it. And that, my friends, is very awkward indeed.


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