These 25 Dogs Are Just Doing Their Thing And We Support Them 100-Percent

This is one hard world we live in. Sometimes it can seem like there's more to be pessimistic about than there is to be optimistic about. We flip on the news at any given time, and we know the minute the TV comes up that whatever we hear has about a 90-percent chance of being not so good. We don't know if this increase in disappointment in humanity is because we're all devolving, or if we're just more aware of this sort of thing due to the instant access we all have to what's happening around the world, thanks to modern technology.

Whether human behavior has changed or not is up for debate, but one thing that hasn't changed is the angelic goodness of dogs. Those precious four-legged babies really are man(kind)'s best friend, and even though we're all on the same page on that score, we should talk about it because...well, because...okay, so we don't have a specific reason in mind. Mostly we just wanted to look at some dog pictures today because come on, who doesn't need more of that in their life? So today, for no reason other than because we love them, we salute these 25 dogs who are doing their thing, but we support them 100-percent.

25 Unbothered corgi has got it goin' on

Playtime? Overrated. What's the big deal? Sure, chasing the ball around is fun, but once they bring it back to the human, he just throws it again. It gets boring.

Fetch may be good enough for her peers, but it's not good enough for Princess Corgi, here. They can wear themselves out if they want, but when they get tired, she'll be. Rested, refreshed and sitting pretty as ever. She's reached puppy nirvana, and she's not giving that up for a silly game of fetch.

24 Condensed Campbell's Chicken Noodle Cute

This good girl knows that in order to be the very best of dogs, she must keep herself too pure, too precious for this world. She has to be at her most cinnamon rolly, and what better way to be a cinnamon roll than this?

We've seen some quality adorability in our day, but this pert near takes the squee cake. This is unfiltered sweetness. This is 100-percent pure endearment. This is condensed Campbell's Chicken Noodle Cute, and we're not about to add water to dilute the darlingness.

23 Not *all* girls like manicures

We don't like stereotypes, and neither does this fluffy angel. Not all girls like to have their nails done, people. That's a common misconception, but this girl is here to set everyone straight. Pretty nails are nice, but some girls have better things to do than sit around all day keeping their paws clean.

Not all ladies can engage in such frivolity.

Besides, how is she supposed to dig holes in the backyard to bury her bones when her nails have been freshly manicured? Don't be ridiculous!

22 Dogs: dirt's mortal enemy

For thousands of years, meat-eating humans have relied on their dogs to help them hunt down wild game for food. What some people don't realize is that dogs are amazing at tracking down food sources for vegetarians as well.

With their incredibly olfactory senses, dogs are perfectly suited to tracking down vegan delicacies like truffles. They're also highly skilled at locating and taking down wild patches of dirt like this one, to be consumed by their non-meat-eating masters. Mmm! Potting soil! That's good eatin'!

21 He does his job and he does it well

Amos is a good boy. Not just a good boy, a *very* good boy. Possibly one of the best. But just because he knows he's the goodest boy around doesn't mean he doesn't take his job seriously.

To be the best, Amos has to stay on his toes—or, in this case, his tushy.

All those weeks at obedience school weren't lost on Amos. He does what he's told whether he gets a treat for his good behavior or not. Why? Because Amos is an angel.

20 Puppy naps end for snacks

Humans love puppies. It's as much a fact as the sun rises in the East, or peanut M&M's are way better than the originals. We don't know why we love puppies so much. Well, no, that's a lie. Yes, we do, it's because they're so stinkin' cute.

But maybe another reason we love puppies is that we relate to them. Look at this beagle baby. She knows naps are life, but when given the choice between sleep or snacks, she'll pick the latter every time. Honestly, we're the same way.

19 What is this, a Disney movie?

Once you get a dog, your life changes forever, and always for the better. And, sure, we know that rhymed, but it was completely unintentional. Besides, it's also completely true.

Get a dog, and suddenly your life becomes the happiest of dreams.

The amount of cute that canines bring into our lives is uncanny. It's astounding! So much so, it'll make you want to spontaneously break out into song. This dog with a snail on its head is the stuff of Disney movies. Huh. Maybe that's why Disney's characters sing all the time.

18 Go long!

As you've already seen, with Amos the Amazing Sits When He's Told To No Matter What dog and the golden retriever angel of goodwill who walked herself up and down the train so passengers could pet her, dogs are willing to go above and beyond to be so, so good. This pupper is no different.

Dogs may seem happy-go-lucky, but they take things seriously. You might think noms are inconsequential, but they're supremely important. To catch the noms is to impress and delight the humans, and to do that is to bring happiness to any dog's soul.

17 Snowy sock stash

Via: tumblr.com

We've heard people lament the fact that Pokémon and mythical creatures like unicorns don't exist, but we're not complaining. Who needs those flashy no-shows when dogs have been here being amazing for millennia?

Dogs have our best interests at heart, but sometimes they get carried away.

We have no doubt this pretty baby was stocking up socks to impress his or her owner, but burying them in the snow isn't the best way to keep toes warm in the winter. Still, we're giving this dog an A+ for effort. Good job! Kind of!

16 No harm, no foul

Alright, okay. We see how you could easily be a little miffed about something like this, but before you fly off the handle, this pupper can explain. He was minding his own business when...he thought he would enjoy sleeping on the bed more than the groggy toddler.

Okay, so maybe this little dog doesn't have a good explanation. But, in any case, can you blame him for wanting to ditch the little bed for the big one? Besides, the baby doesn't seem to mind, so, really, what's the big deal?

15 Ha Ha! Cruciferous vegetables are no match for...Spaz Husky!

In addition to truffle mushrooms and huge globs of dirt, dogs are excellent hunters of the elusive stalks of broccoli. Watch as this ferocious husky effortlessly takes down one of these sneaky green vegetables—and in record time, to boot!

Truly, nature is amazing.

We never really thought about it before stumbling upon this GIF, but we reckon dogs and broccoli are like oil and water. They just don't mix. In fact, dogs might actually be allergic to broccoli, considering this dog's spaz attack reaction to coming in contact with some.

14 Chinese handcuffs, dachshund version

Via: tumblr.com

Ever get a pair of Chinese handcuffs? We bought some with our tickets at a Chuck E. Cheese once. Got our fingers stuck in them. Still haven't figured out how to get 'em loose again. Doctors have done all they can, but it looks like this is our new reality. Tragic, really.

It's a pain being stuck in such a bind, a little lesson this poor dachshund found out the hard way. We've got our fingers crossed that she was able to get unstuck again. Well, we would cross our fingers, but, again. Chinese handcuffs.

13 The new Homeward Bound movie looks pretty good

Via: me.me

We didn't know anyone was making a new Homeward Bound movie, but we're so down, especially after seeing this, the first still released from the set of the film. The new movie looks like it could give the original a run for its money.

That little white cotton ball is running like the wind.

We don't know why he or she's running. Are they chasing the Google car? Are they just trying to get some laps around the block in for exercise? We don't know. We don't care. We're just glad we got to see it.

12 The wonders of modern science

Do you ever just stop and feel overwhelmed by all of the things you don't know? We do. And because we know so little, we have to say, that feeling happens a lot more than we'd care to admit. But, thanks to modern science, we know more and more each day.

It's because of these technological advances that we're able to discover what has previously been undiscoverable. For instance, this lab test, which produced positive results, proves that dogs are still adorable even when wet. Remarkable!

11 Do you mind?

Aha! More proof that dogs become even more adorable when mixed with water. We knew it! Not every pupper enjoys playing in kiddie pools and ponds, and we're cool with that. We support all of these dogs 100-percent.

All's we're saying is water-loving dogs is next level cute.

Dogs have stress too, you know. Like, sometimes they forget where they buried their bones, and sometimes they don't meet their licking themselves quota for the day. It's hard being a good boy or girl, but there's no better way to ease the tension than a hot shower.

10 This dog's a problem solver

Via: reddit.com

Cattle guards are designed to help people drive in and out of pastures without letting the cows out. No duh, right? But cows aren't the only ones who are befuddled by these confound contraptions. They can be a tricky thing for other four-legged critters, too.

Luckily, this cattle guard was no match for this dog. He's a problem solver. Know how snakes unhinge their jaws to swallow their prey? This dog used the same concept with his back legs and crossed this obstacle, no sweat. Plus, it doesn't look silly at all, so it's a win-win.

9 The face of a champion

This is the dog equivalent of "I can still wear the jeans I wore in high school." That sweet baby is just like, "Hey, Mom, guess what! I can still get into the kennel at the groomers that I fit in when I was a puppy!"

If she looks pleased with herself, it's because she is. And she should be.

For dogs, small accomplishments are big deals. They appreciate the little things in life, and that's just another one of the many reasons why dogs are so *faints from all the cute*

8 Warning: cuteness overload ahead

*Takes out our cellphone, dials number* Hello, 911? Yeah, we just looked at a picture of a puppy sleeping in its food bowl, and we guess it was just a little bit too cute because we can't even. Can you send us an ambulance? Thanks.

Guys? We're about to faint from the squee again. You're not obligated to make any attempts to wake us up, but just know that if we never come to, then we entered the eternal slumber doing what we loved best. Being overloaded with puppy adorability.

7 The fruit-fighting fiend

Via: me.me

See? We told you dogs are natural born hunters of vegetation. We don't know what these cherries did to garner this good boy's disapproval, but they better watch their fruity back because he's not playing around.

This dog's a good boy, but even he has his limits.

These cherries have the indecency, the nerve to be not Beggin' strips, and this dog isn't going to take it. He wants something better than icky produce. He wants Milk Bones or Greenies, and he wants 'em right now, bark darnit!

6 Battle scars of a good boy

Dogs have two modes: excited and double super duper excited to infinity. They're just so full of exuberance that their lust for life is constantly simmering below the surface, and sometimes that enthusiasm spills over the top.

Well, this dog did it. He finally did it. He found a way to make himself and the other members of his own kind even more precious than they already are. You call it the sprained tail of a dufus, but we call it the battle scars of a dedicated good boy.

5 We can't deal with all this cute

It's not like us to complain, but we can't bite our tongue this time. We're personally offended by this. We don't know who this beautiful creature thinks she is that she can skip in here with her umbrella and bombard us with all this preciousness, but she's outta line.

How dare she be this talented and perfect in every way?

This is so adorable, our soul left our body for a second. We watched this GIF, and for a brief, shining moment, we saw nirvana. We witnessed paradise in all its splendor. Thank you, doggie, for taking us to cloud nine.

4 Just call him Mr. Smooth

We don't know what this good boy's name is, but we've christened him Mr. Smooth, on account of the fact that he's so subtle. He's so suave and so charming, it's enchanting. And what's more is he's fully aware of this little talent of his.

Instead of using his powers for good, he's decided to use his powers for hilarity. By finessing his way through any situation with his canine charm and his pupper wiles, he's able to pull off heists like this without any ever getting wise to his schemes. Well, except this time.

3 Drool bubbles of hunger

We've said it before, we'll say it again: dogs are hecka relatable, and this guy is no exception. We laugh at his double-sided drool bubbles, and we'd also be lying if we said we didn't admire them for their perfect size and symmetry. But deep down, this image speaks to us on a personal level.

This dog is us.

We'd like to pretend that drooling at the sight of food is something only dogs do, but it's not. We're all guilty of this, but sadly, not all of us are as cute as this baby when we do this.

2 Well, we know who *didn't* do it

Aw, man! A perfectly good tube of lipstick wasted. This is a travesty! Opening up a new tube of lipstick and applying it for the first time is one of life's simple yet exquisite pleasures, so to see a catastrophe like this is really tugging at our heartstrings, let us tell you.

And, what's more, it looks like we'll never find the culprit who committed this dastardly act. Hey, we wonder if the dog happened to see what went down here. Too bad canines can't talk. Oh, well. Looks like we'll never know. What a shame!

1 A star is born

After watching this GIF loop a couple (hundred) times, we just knew that we had to get in touch with our Hollywood contacts and sign this husky/wolf scooting superhero to a contract. It'd be a crime to keep this creature's talents hidden from the world.

It takes talent to do this. Talent and possibly intestinal worms.

We want to see this canine's name up in lights because we can't get enough of his slapstick comedy style! After a quick trip to the vet for some Ivermectin, we're sending this star straight to the top. Look out, Lassie! Here comes Scoot 'N Slide Dog!

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