25 Google Street View Sightings That Made Us Do A Double-Take

Is there a more honest snapshot of how strange our world can be than with Google Street View? In 2012, Google made a jaw-dropping announcement regarding the amount of raw data this project had collected. Covering 39 countries, 3,000 cities, and over 5 million miles of road, Street View has accumulated around 20 petabytes of data (that's around 1.5 million CD's!).

Since 2007, the Google Street team has managed to travel most of our streets, highways and byways. Along the way, they've managed to capture little bits of unexpected scenarios. Sometimes the images were strange, sometimes creepy, but oftentimes just plain bizarre. Many of these images suggest that there are some far-from-normal activities going on around us on a daily basis.

Most of the time, any weirdness is purely accidental, things that you could chalk up to good timing. Others are obviously the result of people with a quirky sense of humor who have staged a little performance. Maybe they were hoping to be immortalized in some random corner of Google Street View.

So, without further ado, here are just 25 of the weirdest Google Street View sightings out there.

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25 Cricket-legged alien girl

Hey that's a cute dress... and... Oh my god, what is wrong with her legs!? That's just not right. It actually looks downright painful and gives me phantom aches in my knees. There's a word that describes an animal that stands or walks on its digits, like walking birds, cats, dogs, and many mammals. If this bird-like alien woman were to exist in reality (and for now, no one has convinced me that she doesn't!), she would be classified as a 'digitigrade'.

A freaky, freaky digitigrade just skipping along around some ancient temple. No aliens to see here... by the ancient temple... with the digitigrade in a baby doll dress. It's the combination of that child-like dress paired with the alien legs that pushes the awkward button in most viewers.

What is truly bizarre, though, is how alien her face appears. Nothing around her head is distorted in the photo, just her face and legs (and perhaps her neck is a bit elongated, adding to the 'alien' effect). Even her shadow looks relatively normal. Nobody within viewing distance of her seems too concerned. But perhaps they were too distracted by the ancient temple to notice the cricket-leg-lady who just jumped into frame from 100 ft away. The truth is out there.

24 A direct hit

At first glance, this looks like a horrific explosion at a milk factory. Or perhaps a mishap at the storage facilities for the Elmer's Glue company. Maybe the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man had a rematch with the Ghostbusters and still ended up on the wrong end of a proton pack.

I was told that Hershey's is developing some new brand of white chocolate, but something had gone horribly, horribly wrong. Someone might have blown up the storage room where they keep all the mime face paint (somebody has to). It could be conceivable that Jerry, the new trainee at the Cool Whip factory, left the whipped cream vat on 'boil' overnight and caused this wave of sweet destruction.

One theory suggests that the vanilla ice cream section of the Häagen-Dazs building lost power to their cooling while at the same time their water pipes burst. This resulted in the entire floor being flooded until it erupted from the windows and onto stunned pedestrians below.

Or maybe the dentist got a little carried away! How much toothpaste is 'too much toothpaste?' Hand lotion is produced in large, steel vats that are big enough to flood an entire floor of an office building. That could be what this is... Actually, in complete honesty, it's bird poop on the camera lens.

23 The bottle throwin' dude

Some people are not shy of getting their picture taken. If no one is around to take that photo, no problem. We'll start taking pictures of ourselves and call them 'selfies'. I think it's safe to say that at no point in history have more pictures been taken, looked at, and shared publicly than the time in which we currently exist. Our social media feeds alone could fill up a countless amount of museums or exhibits. Bottom line is, most people love having their photos taken...

Except for this here bottle-throwin' dude.

Bottle throwin' dude sees your corporate, Big-brother observing, greed machine rolling down the street. He sees it and says, 'I resist!' and chucks his bottle of Extreme Mountain Dew Code Red defiantly at the Google street team. "I do NOT want to participate in your cataloging and categorizing of our planet! Leave me alone," he yells! "I have at least two more bottles of this stuff at home... and see all that graffiti? That was me too! I'm a bad apple! Now get out of here!" The Google Street team just nonchalantly shrug as they take his picture and keep driving. Sorry, bud. Now the world has a photo of you.

22 The box has got legs... and knows how to use them...

All looks relatively normal here until you notice that the box is on the move. Boxes don't usually have legs, unless you are playing the video game Metal Gear. If you don't get that joke, just Google 'metal gear cardboard box' and then you'll understand why the reference is on point.

This one falls under the 'glitch' category, unless someone has the laziest Halloween costume ever. The background setting does suggest some kind of theme park, so this could be the world's lamest mascot for Boxland. You might roll your eyes, but have you ever been to LegoLand? It's basically the same thing.

I appreciate that the box-man is running away from the camera, though. Let's face it, if you were a box with legs, running away from things would be in your top 5 favorite things to do. And not many people take pictures of boxes just sitting there holding things, but if you get your box-legs pumping and start making some moves, then the cameras come out. We assume that box-folk appreciate it when their pictures are taken. As a box-creature blessed with legs but no arms, you are in incapable of taking a 'selfie'. So you have to rely on chance encounters with the Google Street Camera for any chance at true recognition.

21 How not to clean the Google Street Cam

And this is why you don't clean the Google Street View camera while it's turned on! That thing is probably worth, like, a ba-jillion dollars! So why is the driver out on the roof with some Kleenex that he found in the glove compartment? He's trying to make things better and only making things worse. This is why corporate explained to you guys that if the camera gets dirty, call a technician. Otherwise, you might accidentally cause a rift in the space-time continuum like what happened in this photo.

The same thing happens if you put tin-foil in the microwave and play the soundtrack to The Wizard of Oz backwards.

And sure enough, one day out and this guy wound up getting stuck in one of the more shady-looking neighborhoods of this journey, cut short by a dusty lens. He probably called corporate for some back up. But after being put on hold for more than 3 hours, he realized that help was not coming any-time soon. So he decided enough was enough, grabbed the tissue, and hopped up onto the roof. What a mistake that was because half of him seems to have ended up in a different place altogether!

20 Animal crossing

'Born Free... As free as the wind blows... As free as the grass grows... Born free to follow your heart...' While this might not be a lioness running in the deserts of Kenya (two points if you got that reference), this Elk knows what that song is talking about.

There is so much nature in this photo, that the the road kind of looks out of place. But instead of letting humanity encroach on its territory, this multi-pointed bad-boy has decided that this is HIS road. And if any Google Street camera van wants to travel upon it, well, get in line behind this Elk.

That is how it always should be in nature. If we insist on laying down massive strips of asphalt across pristine wilderness, just so we can drive our exhaust emitting cars through their living space, then the least we can do is allow them the right of way. Some countries have developed this concept into practical solutions by designing 'land-bridges' and under-pass tunnels. That way, the wildlife in the area can safely travel through busy sections of roadway. There is no reason we couldn't adopt some similar approaches so that friends like our Elk here wouldn't have to compete with us for travel space. This is him using the Google cam to make a statement!

19 Big girl in a small house

This is either a very large woman or a very small house. Some people like to give their homes various accents to brighten the look, or perhaps increase the property value. Typically, it does not involve giant legs in fish-net stockings. This is a featured destination for the 'road-side America' types. Located on the second floor of an old Victorian building in the historic Haight-Ashbury area of San Francisco, the legs here serve as a sort of a 'billboard' for the Piedmont Boutique.

The store sprang from the hippie counter-culture that erupted out of the city in the '60s.

Originally selling fake furs, disco outfits, feathery dresses and wigs, the store has since evolved. Now they offer more racy selections, such as the on point advertised fish-net stockings. The legs were created for the store by artist Barry Forman, he is quoted as saying the most difficult part was “adding 'sparkle' to the red high heels.” The unusual approach to advertisement worked, as the installation has become a widely recognized piece of the local landscape. It draws customers to the store as well as picture taking tourists who're eager to capture a shot of themselves with the famous legs. Talk about getting a leg up on the competition.

18 Sharknado

This serene looking village street, which is located in where I assume to be the UK, looks like a pleasant place to visit! Except for the giant shark that's punctured the roof. There is only one explanation for this photo, and that is... a sharknado.

For those unfamiliar with this holy terror of mother nature, a sharknado is when a tornado goes over the ocean and swoops up dozens, if not hundreds of sharks. Then, it proceeds to eject the sharks like missiles across the landscape. They've made a few movies about the phenomena, so I know it's real (%100 sarcasm. Sharknados aren't real).

The building looks like it might be under construction... probably fixing all the damage from the sharknado. I'm also willing to entertain the possibility that this might be a seafood restaurant; the giant fish attached to their roof is some sort of advertising gimmick to grab people's attention.

Regardless, it seems a bit misplaced as it is on the roof. But hey, we've noticed it there and we live in a completely different country. If a pair of legs jutting out the side of a building can advertise fish-net stockings, then a giant sea creature sticking out of the roof of a building doesn't seem all that silly.

17 I don't think you're doing that right

Full disclosure, I have never kayaked. To be honest, I had a hard time even spelling kayak just now. However, I'm, like, %99 sure that this is NOT how you kayak. I'm pretty certain that water needs to be involved in there somewhere. At least if they're going to hangout on the traffic island, they've got the appropriate safety gear. Now the question is, how did they get stranded on the grassy knoll to begin with? They both have a pretty relaxed attitude about being stranded in a water-craft on decidedly non-watery terrain.

One guy is chilling with a drink in hand, and the other guy is kicked back in his little boat there.

They look like they've got this attitude like, "Don't worry, brah. The key is not going to the water. We gotta let the the water come to us." And then they both let out simultaneous "woahs" before going back to not caring one bit about not being in the water. Sometimes when you take beginner surfing lessons, they will have you 'ride' the board while still on the sand. Just so that you can practice getting up and balancing. Perhaps these guys are just being cautious, learning the subtleties of their crafts before risking it on the open river. Or maybe their friends just ditched them on the side of the road.

16 The splash zone

This photo is by far the most likely to win some artsy award in a prestigious photo contest. Accidental pictures that result in such stunning composition are rare, even among professional photographers. The fact that this was captured by nothing more than good timing with just the right angle makes this photo all the more remarkable.

I have never seen a street hydrant opened up like that! But my movie viewing history suggests it was quite common for delinquent street children in the days of old New York to open one up for some kind of relief from the hot sun. Never mind the huge waste of water that probably was. pay no mind to the taxes that had to pay for the guy to shut that off. And definitely don't think about the yard that got flooded out down the street.

Some kids were hot and the only answer was some destruction of public property. I'm sure that made a pretty good argument for the city to construct some public pools as an alternative to turning the street into the worlds crummiest water park. I'm not sure what the source of this particular hydrants dysfunction was, but the resulting sun-sparkled photograph made for a brilliant street view capture.

15 In the name of love and science

One of the stranger entries on this list. The fact that this was staged to look like this makes it even more so. There is a certain breed of 'artistic' human that likes to make up little unexplained dramas for the world to see. Often wacky, if for no other reason than to be silly, these people will go to great lengths to craft their own inside joke. And here we have some of those people. If you blow up the picture a bit, you'll see a 'mad scientist' type lurking in the garage.

They seem to be operating some sort of laser device.

It seems to be shooting some kind of 'love ray' as evidenced by the couple with the hearts in their eyes. As far as we can tell, that's not photoshopped and they were wearing some sort of heart-shaped glasses. At least they're all wearing their lab coats for this 'experiment', so we know this is authentic science. Definitely. It seems like a lot of prep time for a joke that I'm not getting. Unless this is some sort of reference to a movie or TV show that I haven't seen. However, going to these give folks credit for thinking outside the box. The world could use a few more love lasers.

14 As cute as it is illegal

Coming in with one of the cuter entries on this list, we have two kids driving down the street in their little kiddie car! I'm going to bet that this isn't exactly street legal. Cute, but definitely a 'moving violation'.

Where are these kids' parents? They got them that boss lookin', cool little green hot-rod. It's not like they couldn't see this day coming, right? They did bother to put on their helmets so they are probably protected, right?

The kid driving is like, 'I got this'. He's got the one hand on the wheel, looking fly as hell.  He's even in his proper lane and everything. The kid has seen this done hundreds of times, he knows what's up. When that craving for ice-cream hits and there's a good 16 blocks between home and the Baskin Robbins, you gotta go. It would be considered a waste of a good car NOT to cruise it out for some frosty treats!

Maybe slowly drive by a few cute girls on the playground... I mean, a guy with his own car is a pretty hot ticket for the 5th grade set. He even pimped his ride with a little flag off the back that says 'I like to race' while still keeping it classy. That's just how this kid rolls. Until the cops bring him back for being in the road again.

13 Something is wrong with your dog

That is one ugly dog. Seriously, if I had a pupper that uneasy on the eyes, I doubt I would be seen in public with it. It would scare small children and frighten old people. What's that? That's not a dog, but rather a llama, you say? Well, then... check out that guy's beautiful llama, then. Never a more lovely specimen of a llama did I ever see. If I had a llama that handsome, I would most definitely head down to my local coffee shop and take a seat right out front.

Just me and my llama in the morning, reading the paper and drinking some coffee.

I'm being told now that this not a llama, but actually an alpaca. Although similar, the alpaca is much smaller with shorter, spear-shaped ears. I bet that guy gets that a lot. "Hey dude, nice llama," someone would say. To which he has a rehearsed response, “It's actually not a llama, but rather an alpaca. One can spot the difference by its shorter, pointy ears. They originate from South America...” And at this point the alpaca owner notices the man has walked off. No longer interested in him or his funny looking dog immediately after he began his speech.

12 There's just so much of it...

There is this city on the east coast that is REALLY into Alfred Hitchcock movies. Every spring, these seagulls gather to pay homage to the film that really put their species on the map. They gather on the cars and the rooftops and make everyone feel really nervous.

I know what you are thinking, and the answer is yes... the mess is incomprehensible. There should be something majestic about seeing this many birds at once, but nope... All one can think of is the unimaginable clean-up job it will be to get all those buildings and cars respectable again.

With that level of high intensity bombing, I am sure even the Google Street View car took a few hits. As we've previously established, that kind of thing does happen. But when you've got this many birds going at once, the odds start to change from 'if' to... 'how much?'

The reality of situations like these is that birds tend to go where the food is. We tend to throw away a lot of food, especially in tourist rich areas. Especially around the beach where gulls normally spend their time. Scenes like this are just examples of nature adapting to the changes humans make to the landscape.

11 Country livin' is the life for me

Life in the country can get pretty boring sometimes. After the chores are done, there's not much else to do but watch the traffic go by. These folks decided that they would build a little diorama of country livin' to spice up their road-side property. We've got the "dad" on the left, complete with fishing pole and comically over-sized fish. On the far right, "mom" is catching some rays and sun-bathing on the lounger. So far, I'm on board with the logic here...

But then smack dab in the middle, it looks like big brother and baby sister in the hot tub.

The pool-noodle plant holder begs to be examined, but it is difficult getting past the sibling hot-tub scenario. It's just such a bizarre inclusion, it would make me want to pull over and question the people who lived there. But then my own self-induced paranoia would kick in and I would think, "Maybe that's EXACTLY what they want me to do! Maybe, this is just a trap to trick people who are dumb enough to stray off the highway! Just so they can snatch them up and force them to work on their pumpkin farm, or whatever it is these weirdos have growing." If you see this in real life, best to just keep driving.

10 Worst. Camo. Ever.

And the award for the worst attempt at camouflage goes to this guy in white. I'm hoping he doesn't have some kind of skin condition that requires him to be fully covered like that. Otherwise, I would feel bad about making light of his taste in clothing.

I'm more likely to believe this is someone who woke up thinking, 'Today, I'm going to be exceptionally weird and see if anyone even notices." And from the look of the people around him, the answer to that is obviously no. It seems a little too intentional, so I suspect he knew the Google car was coming by that day; to put this much effort into doing a bad impression of a ghost in a chair just for random people on the street seems like such a fail.

It's barely a win for the Google Street View. Yes, it's unusual enough to stop and notice the weird guy dressed all in white just chilling by the building, but nothing that provoking. What's really doing it for me is the choice of the building. It's almost all white, and if it were, this would all sort of make some visual sense. But that uneven gray border just ruins this in a way that just feels off, y'know?

9 Did you get my note?

Pranks are fun. There are whole YouTube channels that make a living out of doing mean things to each other in the name of pranks. Some are good-natured while others border on abuse. It's up to the viewer to determine the level of funny. One person's laughable misfortune is another person's personal nightmare. It's all a matter of perspective, but a good gauge is 'how mad is the person who just got pranked?' If the answer is 'livid', then the prank went horribly wrong somewhere.

This prank probably would fall in the middle range of mean-ness.

But the fact that it got captured on the Google Street cam makes it all levels of classic. Its got all the elements! The planning, the meticulous effort to put all the post-it notes in place, which will require just as much effort to remove. It annoys with a playful tease, without actually destroying someone's property. At most, it's a waste of a bunch of perfectly good sticky notes. Pranks like this are almost a nod of affection, like toilet papering someone's house. We in no way endorse TP-ing people's houses, but if you do, it's best to unravel a good couple of feet so it has a nice long tail. Then shoot for the high arc over the top of the tree.

8 Punchy McArmface

I used to have this buddy we nicknamed, 'Punchy McArmface'. He'd get so mad. He could never figure out why we called him that. Punchy wasn't the brightest of our gang. He was our muscle, our heavy, our personal body guard. What he lacked in intelligence he made up for in the ability to punch people with his face.

Despite being right in front of them, most people never saw this move coming. Mainly, because they were stunned in horror at Punchy's overall visage. That just made Punchy even more enraged. His baseball hats kept getting knocked off and he would bump into things a lot.

These annoyances only added to his overall grumpy disposition. If it weren't for these trips to the ocean, Punchy would have never gotten out of the house. The beach was where he could flex for the tourists and impress the occasional girl with his bulging face-bicep. here, he felt free.

Sometimes he's in a good mood and gives out high-fives. He gained some fame as an arm wrestling champion, but was forced out of competition due to some technicality about having 'too many arms'. If you ever want to hang out with us, that's cool, just avoid any of those give him a hand jokes... Punchy has heard them all.

7 Defiant roadside luge enthusiast

This guy is related to the failed camouflage person dressed in all white from a few pictures ago. He saw what his cousin was doing and thought that approach was all wrong. The colour scheme was right on, though. So, he went with the white, shiny jumpsuit with a space-helmet, posing on the side of the road, arms crossed in a smug manner. THAT will send them a statement they will not be able to ignore. What exactly that statement is, though, is anybody's guess.

Once again, a good deal of thought and effort was required to set up this pose.

Unless this is this guy's normal street gear and there is one of those downhill 'luge' type sleds sitting just off camera. And he was right, it was enough to gain the attention of the Internet, if for just a brief moment. The brilliance of this semi-artful display is that pretty much anyone can claim ownership. Just rehearse some excuse that would have put you at those coordinates and you can claim ownership of one tiny slice of Internet prank-dom. To complete the illusion, you would have to procure the shiny jumpsuit and space-helmet, but that's a small price to pay for eternal fame.

6 They call this 'extreme street scuba'

I have never scuba dived, but I know for a fact that this isn't how you do it. I looked up where this picture is from, and found out Bergen is a coastal city of Norway. So they are near water. And they have an umbrella, so they do know that water is somehow connected to the gear that they're wearing.

But I suspect that this is some of that off-beat Scandinavian humor that doesn't translate fully, but is kinda funny nonetheless. Being such a beautiful country, Norway has always been supportive of the artistic expression of its citizens. Even the city where this picture was captured is noted for its picturesque old wharf that features colourful wooden houses, surrounded by mountains and fjords.

And since one of these waterways is Sognefjord, the countries longest and deepest, it is somewhat appropriate that our street artists are equipped for diving. Another one of these photos that goes in the 'staged' category. It certainly  does earn my appreciation for sheer effort that must've been involved. And while I haven't been in full scuba gear, I have worn those flippers. Have you ever tried to walk in a pair of those? I don't care how smooth you think your roll is, nobody looks cool trying navigate with those duck feet.

5 That doesn't look safe...

“Hey Frank... I still don't see your keys! Are you SURE you're holding me tight up there?!” And that was the last anyone saw of Johnny. When you work with a street crew, it's probably not that big of a surprise that one might end up on a Google Street image. What you don't want is for that moment to be at time like this; when you're flouting every safety regulation you've ever been taught, it won't look good on your work record.

If the guy in the hole slipped further, there is NO WAY that other guy has a good enough grip on him to keep him from falling. 

They obviously have a vague concept of work safety. Witness the multiple orange cones that imply "Caution: workers doing dangerous work stuff here." But then they blow any appearance of responsibility by dangling Johnny down a dark hole with no safety ropes or harness of any kind. The guy who was smart enough to not be in the hole has his bright orange safety vest on. So he's probably going to make it home for dinner without having sustained an injury. We just hope that nobody got hurt after this stunt of theirs.

4 Skeletor... the golden years

After the fame and fortune of the He-Man franchise wore off, the later years were particularly painful for Skeletor. Realistically speaking, I'm guessing that this photo was captured on or near Halloween.

Either that, or there is a person on a scooter terrorizing some random neighborhood. Very, very slowly. If this is how the grim reaper comes for me, I think I can just out run him. The fact that this entity is traveling with the shade up shows us that even death knows the danger of too much exposure to the sun.

The picture is too grainy to make out what's in the basket. It appears to be a bunch of golf balls, which just makes things more confusing than scary. And I want to live in a world where this is scary. Where people fear this rolling nightmare that comes careening at them out of the darkness at a terrifying 12 miles per hour.

Children will run in panic when they hear the faint hum of an over-taxed electric motor pushing un-oiled wheels into reluctant motion. Fear this four-wheeled horseman of the apocalypse, for his appearance signals the end of us all. Either that, or Halloween costumes are half-off at Walmart.

3 C-3PO has a posse

Via: slydor.com

Remember C-3PO? You know, the tightly-wound gold plated companion to R2-D2 in Star Wars? This is his posse. It's a rare sight, but this gold-clad support crew makes it all happen for one of the most famous robots in the sci-fi universe. Navigating the various social cultures of each planet takes a dedicated team of handlers and assistants that enable the manic robot to make his various appearances. From television to movies, and even promotional appearances. Do you have any idea what the merchandising rights on C-3PO are worth?

I don't either, but I can assume it's enough to buy a small planet in the Alderaan system.

If one looks closely, at least two of these shiny gold people are sporting Uggs. Robots are not known for their sense of fashion, so we can't expect much from their assistants. Not sure if these are humans pretending to be robots, or robots pretending to be humans. Either way, they make for an unusual sight that Google Street View managed to capture. Luckily before all the wiring in the van shorted out! When asked if they had anything to do with the electrical failure, the golden ones mechanically replied, "Unable to comment at this time. Prepare for assimilation."

2 Even superheroes get thirsty

Being the superhero nerd that I am, this is my favourite capture of this whole list. So intrigued, I had to look up where the 'Pier Head Restaurant & Bar' was located. The answer is Shetland, UK. Which itself is a very interesting, if not very remote, part of Scotland. Located far north of the mainland UK, Shetland is a subarctic archipelago.

This group of islands is home to roughly 22,000 people. Many of whom, apparently, like to dress up like superheroes for fun pub crawls. Let's play a game of "name that super-hero." I see an Incredible Hulk, a Ghost-Rider, a Captain America, a Joker, a Flash, one of The Incredibles, a Robin, and a Batman.

The effort of group participation here is admirable, especially considering they're on a remote island, with a limited population to work with. Even getting the costumes is probably a trick in such a remote place. So this is pretty much every superhero cosplayer in Shetland. Getting smashed together. Like superheroes and villains should.

Because nothing bad can ever come from mixing liberal amounts of alcohol with a bunch of adults reliving their childhood. All the right ingredients for an 'epic' night out on the wild islands of Shetland.

1 Bad juju on the front porch

Our final entry is one of the most disturbing. The location is noted as 'France', but I don't think that is how you spell 'nightmare'. It's just humanoid looking enough to appear real, but too horrifically emaciated to exist in our reality. There is something very chilling about this... we'll call it a 'sculpture'. At least we hope it's a sculpture. Because if it's not, then France has got some disturbing inhabitants that are really into mountain biking. The random, dislodged door sitting ajar behind the creature also makes the viewer wonder what is going on in that apartment.

Why would anyone keep such an unpleasant thing around their house?

Much less out on the balcony on display to scare the neighborhood? Although, if for some reason I had to store this little piece of horror around my house, I wouldn't exactly want it in the living room. Otherwise, it could make eye contact with me as it plotted my destruction. It probably makes a pretty good deterrent against thieves. Like this owner did that on purpose thinking, "Go ahead and steal my bike. You will have the curse of Mangumbo to deal with! Bwhahahahaha!" Last we checked, the bike and the demon were still there, so it works.

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