25 Grandparents Who Are Practically National Treasures

Grandparents are amazing, mainly because anyone who has lived long enough to see his or her kids have kids is way beyond caring what people think. They have no need to impress anyone at their age and focus solely on what they want when they want it—even if that means going to bed early after an exhausting day of napping. This often leads them to do, say and wear things that anyone in a younger generation wouldn't dare consider. Sometimes they do these interesting acts on purpose because they simply don't care, and other times they are just clueless. Either way, grandparents give us plenty of reasons to smile and for that, we are forever grateful.

While all grandparents are somewhat entertaining in their own right, some take the cake for being so extra. They are the coolest of the cool or the bravest of the brave and give a whole new meaning to the term role model. Whether it's keeping up with current trends or starting their own trends, these grandpas and grandmas are leading the way. We can only hope to one day be as awesome as they are and inspire future generations to honor us in articles about grandparents who are practically national treasures.

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25 Forever the romantic

Marriage can get tough sometimes, especially when a couple has been together for decades upon decades. It takes a special relationship to keep a couple happy for more than half a century, but it looks like this grandpa has it figured out. He couldn't bear being apart from his wife on their anniversary, even when she was in the hospital for their 57th year together. Simply going to visit her wouldn't do. He needed to make it special. So, he dressed up in a tuxedo and brought her a beautiful boutique of flowers. Now that's relationship goals.

24 Bug off, snake

It seems like the older a person gets, the less fearless he or she becomes. No doubt, a woman in her 90s has seen plenty of crap in her day. So, when a 9-foot snake came creeping up toward the front porch, this granny didn't hesitate to fight back in defense of her flowers. Her weapon of choice? OFF! Sure, it works wonders for bugs, but we're pretty certain all it did here was make the snake fight back harder.

23 Crisis averted

Walmart is a big place, and it's easy to get separated from each other while shopping. Kids especially have a hard time keeping up with their parents, but it looks like some grown men have trouble keeping up with their significant others.

Dee was smart enough to mark her man with a shirt that matched her own in case something like this ever happened again.

Smart move. A kind young man helped return him to Dee so that they could live happily ever after.

22 Getting in the Christmas spirit

It's easy to get Christmas cards made as a couple or a family with kids, or even as a single person with a herd of cats. But what happens when an older person lives all alone? Does he or she just send out a Hallmark card and call it a day? Not Eugene. He's better than that. He went the extra mile and had a professional photo shoot and then put those photos in a collage on an official Christmas card to send out to his family and friends.

21 Cruising with cuties

A cruise is the kind of trip that doesn't require much physical activity, which is probably why it appeals to so many people up in age. However, a lot of young people wanting to relax, choose a cruise too.

This photo shows the variety of people who go on cruises.

It also shows the delight on the grandma's face when these much younger men decided to pose with her for a picture. We think it's safe to say she rang in the New Year with a smile.

20 Proud knitta

Grandmas knitting all the time is one of the biggest clichés among older women. Yet, it wouldn't be such a cliché if it weren't often true. The grandma who drives this car isn't trying to hide the fact that she knits often. Instead, she's bragging about it. She knits so often that she has a hard time restraining herself from doing so, even while she's driving down the road. That's why she decided to warn others by saving lives with this cautious bumper sticker.

19 Gaming grandma

Usually, when we see a grandparent keeping up with the latest trends, it's in the form of his or her fashion choices. But some grannies are even hipper than simply dressing like millennials. They prefer to also play like millennials.

What could be cooler than this grandma playing video games with her grandson?

She's totally into it too, even sporting the headgear to chat with her gaming buddies. We must admit, this is what we all hope retirement will be like one day.

18 Winning Halloween

Star Wars is not only a popular movie franchise but also the inspiration for many Halloween costumes. Most men like to dress up like someone from the Skywalker family or Han Solo. If not, Chewbacca is always a comical choice. This grandpa took comedy to another level with his Star Wars costume by choosing to dress as Princess Leia. He also suited up a vacuum as R2D2. We bet he got more candy than all the kids on the block combined.

17 Looks like Leo

Imagine walking around a grandma's home and looking at all of the photos on her wall. One photo of her includes a man who looks oddly familiar.

He should look familiar because his face is the spitting image of Leonardo DiCaprio.

Upon closer inspection, it's easy to see that she cut Leo's face out of a magazine and pasted it on top of her husband's face. We know a lot of people have celebrity crushes, but this is taking things a little too far.

16 Classifying callers

One common side effect of getting older is having trouble hearing. That's why some older people will do things like have a light signal to go along with their doorbell. Others just get a much louder doorbell. These grandparents opted for the latter, only they also left their normal doorbell on the door. Why? So that they could label the two doorbells as important and trivial. Smart move. Who wants to be loudly awakened from a nap for nothing more than a trivial visit.

15 To-do list

Another thing that begins to fade with age is the memory. Of course, even young people have a hard time remembering things to do. That's why to-do lists are so important.

One guy found this note on his granddad's mirror, which let him know he needed to get a tooth.

Now, it's easy to forget to buy groceries or to call someone back, but most people remember that they have a tooth missing from their grill. That's what makes this note all the funnier.

14 Rebel with a brush

Painting classes were all the rage a few years back, and there is still a fair share of them open today. People like that they can sip on drinks while getting step-by-step instructions on how to paint their own work of art. But not everyone is a fan, in particular, this old man. He flat-out refused to follow the teacher's lead and even wrote a big "No!" on his canvas. At least he met the basic requirements by painting a red flower.

13 Nothing like juice

Older people often drink things that most generations find gross. For example, buttermilk and castor oil. This grandpa isn’t exactly drinking some old-fashioned cure-all like those but rather something to put a little pep in his step.

No, it wasn't an energy drink (at least we think not) nor a huge soda.

It was pimp juice. We can only imagine what the label on the back says about this drink. Regardless of what grandpa thinks, we feel it is false advertisement.

12 He's a betting man

As much as old women like to knit, there's a notion that old men like to gamble. Whether it be high-stakes card games or betting friends on random things, that's just what they do. This grandpa must not have had much faith in his grandson's ability to finish school or else he wouldn't have bet against him. As luck would have it, the grandson graduated. Grandpa had no choice but to cough up a $50 and admit that he was wrong.

11 Grandpa Pete's priorities

Grandparents are known for either giving really good gifts or really odd gifts. In other words, a really good grandparent gift usually means he or she gave money, and a really odd grandparent gift usually means it was some homemade, useless gadget.

Grandpa Pete is one of the generous ones, giving his grandkids money.

He had planned on giving more than usual one Christmas. That is until he decided to gift himself with a new TV. Hey, at least he admitted to his selfish desires.

10 Bringing the bacon

We've all heard the phrase "bring home the bacon," but few of us have heard of someone bringing the bacon from home—especially to a restaurant. Then, there's this grandma. She loves a BLT but doesn't feel like restaurants put enough emphasis on the B. Most people would eat what they were given or quit ordering BLTs altogether. Grandma came up with another option. She would bring her own bacon to add to the sandwich because there's no such thing as too much bacon.

9 Man of the house

Unfortunately, most people who live to an old age get to the point where it's no longer safe for them to live alone. This forces them to either move in with family or go to a retirement home.

While some don't like their new environment, this man seems to be enjoying his new home just fine.

For him, it isn’t so much that he now has helpers as it is that he enjoys the view—as well as the company. This photo proves he's pretty popular around the place.

8 Having a good time

Eugene went all out with a professional photo shoot for his Christmas cards, while Pete sent out mundane cards in which he admitted to spending most of his holiday savings on himself. Here we have another grandparent in the holiday spirit with a rather unique gift for her family. She chose to give everyone quality desk clocks, fit for displaying in an executive office. The only oddity was that she personalized the bronze plate with a photo of herself sitting on a saddle.

7 29 again

Turning 29 is one of those magical milestones in life. We all know it only comes once and that every year after that our 20s will be but a memory. Perhaps that's why so many people wish they could turn 29 every year for the rest of their lives.

Well, one grandmother found a way to turn 29 forever.

All she had to do was celebrate the anniversary of her 29th birthday every year on her birthday. So, for her 80th birthday, she had a luau to celebrate being 29 for 51 years in a row.

6 A special treat

Whether it be a homemade gift or a home-cooked meal, grandparents are always ready to treat their grandkids. This grandmother wanted to do something extra special for her grandson on his birthday one year since he was hitting the big 3-0. No, she didn’t throw him a one-year anniversary party for being 29 again. Instead, she took him someplace special—the nail salon. Together they enjoyed having their feet pampered, and we bet this was a day he will never forget.

5 Fits like a glove

It turns out that the grandpa who dressed up like Princess Leia for Halloween isn't the only grandparent who enjoys putting on a costume. This grandmother is giving the old man a run for his money by looking super in a Wonder Woman costume.

Her granddaughter ordered it online and then discovered that it was a little too roomy.

Most grandmothers would offer to grab the sewing kit and take it in, but her grandmother offered to try it on. We must say that it fits her perfectly, and she looks awesome.

4 The king of catchphrases

Grandparents often say funny things and can develop their own catchphrases if they say the same thing repeatedly. This grandpa is one of the few in tune with millennial lingo in that he knows what YOLO means. He even advises others to YOLO, but only if they are practical in what they do it. He told his grandson this so much that he decided it was time to put it on a T-shirt. Grandpa was more than happy to wear it on the beach to spread his wisdom to others.

3 A life-size accessory

One woman had her eye on Leonardo DiCaprio so much that she decided to cover her husband's face with his in a family photo. This grandmother has her eye on a different famous guy.

Unlike the other lady, this one prefers athletes to movie stars and has a crush on Tim Tebow.

Her family gifted her with a life-size cardboard cutout of the athlete, and grandma looks pretty pleased with her gift. She is all smiles while holding onto his fit torso.

2 Grannies getting down

Back when Jane Fonda was the queen of fitness, dance and aerobics routines were abundant on VHS. Still, most of the people doing these type exercises were middle-aged or younger. That's why this tape exists, as it modifies the dancing fitness phenomenon for older women. Even better, its demonstrated by older women. However, this videotape also attracted a grandpa as part of its audience. Something tells us he purchased a copy for entertainment rather than to get himself in shape.

1 Maxine personified

Everyone loves to see a Maxine greeting card. Next to Eugene, she is the most delightful old person to grace the design of a personal message. Throwing out truth bombs relatable to many people, especially those up in years.

Her words bring laughter to anyone on the receiving end of her cards.

Many of us have secretly wished she existed in real life. Wish no more, for this granny has made our day by showing us that Maxine just might be real after all.

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