25 Hilarious 'Game Of Thrones' Memes That Made Our Knees Weak Like Bran Stark's

It’s a small, sad consolation prize that in these Game of Thrones-less times, we do have the unending stash of memes the show inspired. Sure, it’s not much. But it’s all we have. And we should cherish that, right? Even if it’s not that great? Kind of like how our family is our only family, so even if they’re losers, they deserve some amount of love and respect, right?  Or how our hometown might be the worst, but it’s ours. So that’s something in this unending universe.

I love how depressing and pathetic this introduction got immediately. It’s definitely the worst note to start on, but here’s the thing, I think it’s super funny.

The mental image of someone sadly sifting through memes and giggling at some through their tears is hilarious o me. Anyway, disregard all previous pessimism — these memes are super dope and funny, and we won’t all be totally ancient and grey by the time the new season premiers. That is unless we’re all ancient and grey already.

2019 will get here eventually, and we’ll have that final, epic season and then no new seasons ever again. Again, moving on from all the sadness into the ever-laughing realm of memes, these are 25 of them for everyone who misses Game of Thrones.

25 When You're Better Off Staying Quiet

There’s so many characters on Game of Thrones whose entire character motivation has to be to just smile and nod their way through so much confusion. You can even be Jon Snow and occasionally not be sure what you’re even talking about. So if Jon Snow has it, a ton of other characters must have that, too. (I’m not necessarily talking about stupid characters, here).

Who knows, maybe it’s me, since I’m pretty awful with keeping names and faces straight, but the characters have to forget how they all know each other sometimes, right? There has to be a character on that huge ensemble whose as confused about how everyone is related as I sometimes am. I love the thought of a professional actor in character keeping a totally lost internal monologue, or the director taking an actor aside to tell them, “just remember — everything that’s going on is totally going over your character’s head.”

Just knowing their character would politely smile and not agree one way or the other because they have no idea what’s going on. It’s only fair to that part of the audience to represent them in the show by throwing in a super ignorant, not that well read, citizen of Westeros who's trying to catch up, but there’s just too many names.

24 When It's Too Realistic

Just when I think I don’t miss Sansa’s weird old braids, I realize I really do. It was such a great look against Joffrey’s gross little milky face. I love the head shape she had when her hair mimicked a little red croissant atop her head. It reminds me of an angry rainbow. It just really plays up the pouting since it’s like her hair is pouting, too.

Yeah, there are a lot of things said about women that sound superficially nice, like calling them a princess.

And then you go a little deeper and remember princesses were married off against their will to reinforce political bonds that had less than nothing to do with their own happiness. And then you think about how realistically the only opportunity for a woman to obtain an education was through the church, and all of a sudden, being a Medieval-ish nun has never sounded better.

Do you think the silence in a convent is one of those comfortable silences you get to when you really know someone or an awkward one where someone wants to say something but it's literally forbidden? Asking for a friend who wants to time travel back to a worse existence... I know, what a weirdo.

23 Knowing How It All Turns Out

Of course not, Ned works in King’s Landing and accomplishes a lot of good and rids the city of corruption! Then he returns home to the North as a celebrated politician and he's more than happy to spend the rest of his days brokering peace talks between the people of Westeros and the White Walkers (who can, in this alternate universe, totally talk and believe in reasoning to solve issues instead of sheer violence).

Sure, that would make for a much nicer life, but it also makes for a much more boring show.

Possibly the best thing about Game of Thrones, especially season one, is you learn not to take any characters (or really even anything) for granted because you could lose it in a moment.

The pilot opens on this kind of obnoxious, arrogant young prince guy, and I knew that he would die almost immediately. I just got the vibe that this guy was too unlikeable so I bet we’ll lose him before we have time to care about his character, but in a way that’s still scary. And then after that moment you’re like — oh, that’s probably all the death in this episode. I’m safe to start caring about these other characters again.

Nope. Think again. They’re never done kicking off characters.

22 But Who Even Is That

Considering the Starks didn’t have enough children to survive the series intact, who even is Rickon? By season six, everyone who isn’t a psychopath is lamenting how few Stark kids we have left, and those same people would forget to mention Rickon as living.

No, I know him, but I just feel like he didn’t go to the same school as everybody else and still showed up at prom or graduation. Where did he even come from? And we’re all like, dude, you shouldn’t be here. Like, for your own sake you should leave because you can’t be enjoying yourself or comfortable here. Who do you even know? Ned? I know he’s your dad but you’re being a little dramatic.

Rickon, dude, wouldn’t you rather have a nice night in by yourself than pretending to be friends with these strangers? I just know what I’d prefer and I can’t see how you’re at home here.

Ugh, now that I’m remembering Rickon’s death… it’s like even weirder that the baby sibling wouldn’t be at all endearing or even interesting. That was a sad way to go, Rickon, but you know what would have made it way more sad? If anyone even know who you were.

21 When You're A Little Behind

Martin, what have you been doing? We gave you so many extensions and days off to complete this and still? Nothing? Sure, they’re long books but not this long. It’s a lot of words and all that, but you’ve done it before. You’re right, we should have never trusted you and that weird little hat. You were obviously always going to rip us off. Is this a game to you, George? A game of thrones?

Okay, anyway. What else does this guy do besides write these books and go on tours to talk about these books?

Don’t tell me the groupies have been so distracting that he doesn't have the time to write. That said, I could see George R.R. Martin sleeping every night in a jacuzzi. I can't explain my reasoning, there's just something about him that looks like his flesh could easily just float off and I think that’s why I just assume he spends eight hours of his daily life standing in water...

What I’m saying is his entire body seems like it should be extremely pruney. I get pruney vibes from the guy. He’s pruney on a deeply spiritual level that also dictates his entire appearance. That said, I’m also very judgmental and I’ve never even watched videos of him speaking.

20 A Li'l Dumb One

If you feel like there’s something you’re missing — I promise there isn’t. If this doesn’t really make sense, yup, you’re doing it right. You should feel that way so you’re in the best company there is, which really isn’t saying all that much. This is an extremely stupid meme and it’s absolutely not a reference to like, anything important. And it doesn't play on the sick irony of the universe of Game of Thrones.

It’s just hijacking a regular scene in Game of Thrones (so, presumably super serious, grave, and involving a supernatural force that could destroy the world at any moment) and making it the dumbest I've seen.

The idea of a board game night at the Wall is so funny, but the idea that they only play one game—and everyone watches—is somehow even more funny. It’d be a regular family board game night if everyone had something to do, but the idea that all of these serious men are watching what looks like the dumbest version of Connect 4 is just… ugh, it’s so the opposite of what the show is all about. It’s such an unnecessary moment of levity to imagine that just contributes nothing to the overall goals of the show.

19 When It's Already Happened

What if I’m still angry that Ed Sheeran was even on the show? Does that suggest I don’t have enough in life to worry about or can you relate? (Does it seem like I’m not great at moving on? Or that I hold grudges? Or like I fly into a rage whenever I hear his singing voice or even his speaking voice?)

That cameo was just ridiculous and should never have happened. I don’t care if groups of people would sing to entertain themselves in the forest — the soldier he’s playing is obviously a show off and it’s obnoxious, even if he is Ed Sheeran.

Plus, he’s Ed Sheeran, so it’s doubly annoying.

And the icing on that rage cake has to be Bran. I mean, Bran, can you explain things in a way that’s more condescending? No, you’re maxing the talking down to take people out? Good, well I’m glad you’re talking. I'm glad my two least favorite characters (or cameo, whatever) are in the same meme so we can have this long overdue conversation. Even if it’s a one way conversation and I’m yelling at a meme, and the other two people in this are just hugely rich. Whatever, it’s progress.

18 In His Down Time

This is such a dumb, hilarious way to take a picture way out of context. I love that Jon Snow would get up in the middle of the night to do touch ups on his White Walker graffiti.

The only thing I like even more about the implications of this meme has to be the idea that Jon Snow is that kid from high school who only draws one thing, over and over. Except instead of drawing that chunky 'S' or something lewd, he just draws White Walkers.

Everyone’s probably like, We get it, Jon. Stopping them is the most important task in your entire life and possibly the most entire mission for all of humanity. But… can you knock it off? Or just try drawing portraits? Just draw normal stuff or stop drawing in a way where you clearly want us to ask what you’re working on. Because we’ve all seen your White Walkers and you just draw them doing the same stuff, looking the same way all the time. So we can’t pretend to be impressed any more.

Oh, and the last thing I love about this meme is the idea that Jon Snow wears V-necked sweaters when he’s hanging out. I mean, armor definitely isn’t comfy.

17 The Most Surprising Twins

I know how Daenerys and Jon are related but I still mean this when I say it: weird relatives. I really, really did not see that one coming. I thought Game of Thrones primed me for even the craziest of twists, but wow. Here we are. Are their parents siblings? Are they brothers from skateboarding back in the day?

Wow, Bam of House Margera and Euron Greyjoy are together at last.

I love a separated 'twins finally reuniting' plot line as much as any fan of Game of Thrones and intrigue in general, but what’s the point if they don’t hook up? I mean, what? I didn’t say that. I said I’m happy for them, not a little bit disappointed the story line is going to get that much more gross.

Fine, you’re right, I’m jumping to conclusions. Bam and Euron could fall in love. But what’s incest without a very sad baby? Okay, I’ll stop. That was too far.

Yeah, both of these guys dress the same and it’s a hilarious connection to make. Also, Bam Margera is a father and I’ll just let you sit with that. It’s not even distantly related to Game of Thrones, but it’s a super weird fact of life.

16 When You're A Broken Record

I don’t think anyone is too comfortable with self-appointed nicknames ever but that said, these really work. I like them. Usually when someone goes around demanding their friends call them by a name (or worse yet, requesting a nickname in general), it’s super sad and awkward. But this time, it feels right. These names just stick.

Sure, it’d feel a little more natural if someone else gave them the name, since then it would be earned honestly. But with Hodor, he kind of has to say his own name or no one will know.

I’m just saying, Game of Thrones has pulled off a lot of plot points that other shows mangle, and they've done a lot of weird stuff tastefully (and a lot of otherwise normal stuff with just no taste at all, but that’s why we watch), but they don’t get the praise they deserve for other stuff. Like making a self-given nickname cool. Good work, guys. I mean, sure the countless awards and record-breaking feats and fans across the globe, and how where you choose to shoot can literally alter a nation’s economy probably let you know you’re doing a good job. But from me? Congrats GoT.

15 When You'll Never Fit In

I honestly feel like Sansa is the weirdest black sheep. She doesn’t really fit in with the Starks until later since, you know, her priorities are all wrong and her morals are fairly non-existent. She definitely comes into her own later on but she’s always characterized as a conventionally popular person, who is this strange outcast in her own family.

Anyway, I never even realized that was also proven by how she lacks any superpowers. Sure, superpowers usually aren’t required. That’s usually going above and beyond to have a superpower (actually, going above and beyond is its own kind of superpower, but I’m pretty sure none of the Starks fly; although I bet Arya can jump super high), so it’s rough that in this situation she’s failing by not having one.

It’s just so awkward.

There’s always an element of sibling rivalry in most families, but how can you compete when the playing field is so skewed?

I don’t know how the field could be more skewed than every surviving sibling having a superpower and your only superpower is being super smart and pretty. That’s not even a playing field- it’s a field where one end is well hidden quicksand.

14 We're All The Same

Ugh, if only we could all belch and scream our way into having more Game of Thrones episodes. The world could finally unite and throw the biggest tantrum the universe has ever seen if it meant speeding up the production schedule for the show.

I really think we could put an end to wars and human suffering if we did that. We’d finally realize what we all have in common, which is an impatience for the last season of Game of Thrones to return. Oh, and universal emotions like love and fear. (Mostly the first thing.) But, unfortunately, complaining doesn’t make anything happen faster. Unless you’re a king who’s clearly past their prime, then screech and howl it up — you’ve got servants to make your every whim a demand.

Unfortunately, my only “servant” is my laptop with the Internet browser constantly refreshing HBO Go and no matter what threats I make about its safety or the intactness of my screen, nothing changes. It’s really a foul servant. Sure, I can get anything on the Internet or things that have even been known to humans. But I can’t get what I want, and that’s a new episodes of Game of Thrones. So I’ll just hit refresh for almost two more years.

13 I Really Feel Him RN

Sure, I never saw myself empathizing with the lord of the undead. I like to root for a villain every now and then, but I’ve never cheered on the White Walkers. That said, I remember how it felt to get my first car and I really feel like the Night King’s little shimmy just takes me back.

Is he celebrating his own undead dragon or a used—but well functioning—sedan? Because he’s got a lot in common with 16-year-old me, and that means a lot. We all relate to certain characters and no one finds the Night King super empathetic. It’s definitely because he’s a blood thirsty, cruel character who literally isn’t human, but those dance moves imply there’s something more to him.

There’s something under his surface going on, and I bet it’s a lot like the joy of a teenage girl receiving freedom on wheels.

I mean, he is receiving his first dragon. I bet before this he just had to bum rides off the friends he has who already have dragons. Awww, the Night King getting coffee with his buddies. How sweet... It’s kind of cute if you forget their rotting faces and overall maliciousness towards anything that’s alive.

12 Such A Distraction

You’re so right, Robb, and you're also handsome, but you'll be dead soon. Robb turns into a Cobb salad. (Sorry, that doesn’t relate, but I always think that when I read his name and just really needed to share it, thus infecting your brain with this super useless, dumb association.

This bottom picture of Kit Harrington is so ridiculous and silly that, of course, it’s at home in any number of memes. This picture deserves to live on through all the memes, so I support this.

If this picture was only used in, oh I don’t know, let’s say 2,000 memes — that would be a travesty. That would be under using the most powerful tool in your tool box. This is one of those pictures that's so hilarious, it doesn’t need a context. Because it fits any context. Mainly because it doesn’t fully make sense in any context.

(Does that make sense? )

You know what, it doesn’t matter, you’ve got this picture of Kit Harrington, so you have nothing to complain about. I couldn’t do anything bad enough to negate the positive effect of this picture in the universe. Well, besides committing a crime but I’m not going to do that. You have to trust me and in the meantime, enjoy this dumb picture.

11 It's Weirdly In Character

This feels super in character, even though I know Jon Snow and Daenerys have no idea what sales are. There’s absolutely no reason a clearance or a fire sale would ever come in to play in even the weirdest sub-plot of a Game of Thrones episode.

That will never be relevant in the show unless it was allowed to go until season 25 and the writers were totally out of ideas, which will also never happen because that show is way too expensive to produce to allow to run on past its prime. The creators are for sure going to end it before it loses momentum.

Yeah, so I know these characters probably have no idea of what a clothing store even is. Isn’t all clothing sewn by your servant or it’s just a well-folded rag?

That said, I really feel like this is how both characters would respond, but especially Daenerys. She’s so focused, she just wouldn’t get it. Also, who would be a better businessman in that show than her? She would be a millionaire if she had the time. But there’s a world to save, and the deals can wait. Also she's super gorgeous but definitely can't flirt.

10 The Most Perfect Mash Up

Yes and thank you and please. I need more of this — I’m begging you. I need this more than I need water, shelter, or even oxygen. I’m not even being hyperbolic. I could live without cheese stuffed snacks if it meant more of this.

Well, actually… Why do I have to choose? Anyway, what does this guy do other than match up Mean Girls dialogue to other shows? We need more. We don’t have the real Game of Thrones, so why can’t we have Mean Game of Thrones while we wait? We deserve at least that much.

Please, I’m literally begging for a bone here. It’s just a scrap to comfort us. I love this so much. Get me some early Tina Fey, some pre-breakdown Lindsay Lohan, and apply all that witty, legendary dialogue to some super serious-looking of Game of Thrones scenes. Okay fine, I just want to see the Hound say his chest can predict the weather. Is that so bad? Do you want me to be ashamed that that’s my most honest, real desire? I want to see Bran say the name Glen Coco. I know what I want and that’s freeing. Also, I think it’s what we all want, at least very deep down. Even if we don’t know it.

9 The Worst Friend

The thing is, Baelish is disgusting and gross and gets with a girl because she reminds him of her mother (which, wow, that’s a new level of messed up. Thanks for helping me realize nothing can ever be nice, GoT) but he also would still quote Borat. Has it been a decade? And you’ve spent every day of the last 10 years pronouncing “my wife” funny, Littlefinger?

You don’t even have a wife, as we touched upon when we talked about how you’re into the daughters of dead moms you were in love with.

You’re obviously not married since you’re very much not ready for that. Actually, and I just realized this, the best thing Baelish does is not get married. His actions lead to the death of tons of people, but he hasn’t left anyone at the altar. Sure, he pretended to be into the daughter of his dead crush (which is a lot). Especially since she was recently widowed. Under super suspicious circumstances. She’s really not in a place emotionally to even be DMing some guy. But he’s not one half of a loveless marriage! And as we all know, it’s about the little victories in life. However small…

8 If Only

Other things would have still happened. Westeros and surrounding continents is clearly a happening place. The White Walkers would still exist, even if Ned had saved his own life.

Sure, Ned Stark would have been around to fight them off and I feel like that would have made the battle so much shorter and less high stakes since there’d be someone we could rely on to get us home safely. But stuff would still have been going on. I mean, not in the capital, since the king wouldn’t have been drugged so a boar could gore him, which is… a really messed up plot. Wow, Cersei. We know who you are now, but wow, oh wow, what an early-on indicator that you are totally ruthless.

You’re a rough lady.

Anyway, drama still would have gone down. Daenerys would have been around and King Robert would have been threatened by that and asked Ned for help and then… Yeah, Ned would have worked something peaceful out and all the forces could come together and squash the White Walkers. I do think Jon and Dany would still end up together. But yeah, the show would be a lot more chill. A lot less weddings turning into massacres.

7 Dude, Weird

Game of Thrones isn’t usually known for its quotes, which is… fair. It's the best show but let's be real. I mean, most of the show’s most spectacular moments are purely visual. Its most incredible feats are usually scenic shots or battle shots and that’s one amazing thing, but still — the dialogue doesn’t always stick with your typical fan.

The visual effects are amazing and the actual lines are…. well, awkward in the first season.

They get better after that, but let’s be real. The show wasn’t renewed for a second season because of the sparkling script.

That said, this is one of those few quotes I think of regularly. To clarify, I mean when Baelish complimented chaos. Not because I agree (but I’m also extremely intense about keeping things clean, so I can’t appreciate chaos as an abstract concept when it makes me think of dust and disorder) but it’s such an interesting insight on a villain. Of course the bad guys see chaos like that. By bad guys, I mean in real life and fiction. So this is one of my favorite quotes put to a Drake meme, who I don’t even really like. That’s basically the long and short of it.

6 When You Think You're A Big Deal

It’s no one’s fault, but The Hound will definitely always be second best. Okay, fine, it’s his brother’s fault. In a huge way. Not just because his brother, the Mountain, is literally huge, but also since he stuck his brother’s face in the fire. That’s so messed up.

Children thoughtlessly do ridiculous things to other people and things around them, whether that’s drawing on walls or hurting their siblings in ways that don’t involve a live fire, but this is so much more. How do you discipline your son for sticking his baby brother’s face in a fire? Isn’t the only lecture that’s applicable just to send him away and hope that’s the end of that? Do you ground him for two weeks or a whole month? I’m seriously asking, how did his parents handle this?

I feel bad for the Hound’s skin but… those parents must have felt some serious buyer’s remorse when that one happened. That’s when they knew that parenting just wasn’t their calling because sometimes you give birth to insanely violent giants. And when that happens… what do you do besides become consumed by your job and grow absent from your family? At least that's easier and you get paid for it.

5 Unfortunately The Truth

I don’t know what filter men have been using to give themselves weird highlights and make it seem like they’re masters of disguise, but I swear Tinder in Davos is a total wash.

It’s just full of false advertising and all the bios are dumb.

Sure, you can get a date but like… these guys don’t even look like their pictures. Whether that’s because they took it at an extremely high angle or because they’re actually transforming into different humans and wearing a literal mask of someone else’s face to your date, I don’t know.

Oof, I know people have gone on dates and the other person was wearing something weird, but has it ever been a literal face of a dead person? Actually, I never want the answer to that unless it’s a no. But my point is that in Davos, you can think your date is awkward until it reaches a whole new level of weird. Like one that involves him showing you a fountain you can’t drink from (but why do you even want to?) and then for the grand finale, sacrificing you for his cult. Regardless of context or fictional universe, a sacrifice is always the worst potential end to any date.

4 Making Room For New Stuff

It’s not a bad idea. I’m all about trashing vestigial organs so you can make room for what you need. Why do I have tonsils when I could have a tiny gland that sprays hot sauce onto my food?

(I'm serious, explain that to me. Break it down to me why I need a nasty little flesh horseshoe that will probably infect me when I could have the smallest bottle of Tabasco brightening up my day.)

And why do I have a dumb appendix when I could throw that unnecessary bit of body out and install some speakers? I could add a headphone jack to my torso and always have great music to listen to if my stupid appendix just made way for some in-home listening system.

In a lot of ways, nature is the ultimate planner and what a miracle we’re all living. But then again, why can’t I just remove my uterus and replace it with a tiny keg of white wine? I’d use that much, much more than what I’ve got installed now. Also, yes, I’m totally advocating for turning humans into cyborgs that are mostly destructive and also have bad breath. I’m absolutely fine with my choices.

3 Unexpected Perks Of Being A Secret Dad

Sure, so Jaime had to live at a distance while another man raised his children. I mean, not straight up raised but, you know… sat at the same banquet table with Jaime’s kids and generally ignored them.

King Robert got to be the negligent father Jaime never was. He got to ignore his illegitimate children and kids that weren’t even his. So sure, Jaime probably had a lot of pain with no outlet, and he just had to sit on that and then there was really only the briefest of releases for his paternal caring. And that does sound like a living nightmare but then again… He never had to put up with the tantrums. So that’s a plus.

Everyone complains about this estranged father thing, but there are some perks. Specifically, not being a father.

I’m just floating out some up sides to a bad situation. I mean, Jaime’s kids are all dead anyway so he’s definitely going to be messed up. It really doesn’t matter what lame, half-baked plus I eek out of that situation — his life is obviously still pretty nightmarish. Cersei is a rough ex for anyone but there’s no way you get to move on when you’re literally twins.

2 But It's Totally Different

Wow, both sets of twins are just equally adorable. It’s almost as cute as when parents name their kids with rhyming or alliterated names. So all nonsense aside, I feel like these four do have something in common. It might be that when I look at the Olsen twins, I know exactly how weird their futures will be and when I see the Lannisters; I know that I really can never know how weird their past was.

Mary-Kate and Ashley have PETA and weird skeletal vibes ahead and the Lannisters have… well, there's a lot behind them. *Insert your own innuendo here*

I don’t want to know about it or see movies about their adventures but… we all get the gist. Anyway, this should be proof for parents that when you really lean into making your baby twins match, the results can be disastrous. Things can get super weird if you don’t encourage some kind of distance or just difference in hobbies. Or just make sure they make other friends and meet other kids like, at all. Or else things will get super bad and you’ll be responsible for some other’s family’s son getting hurt. And we all know what that kid saw.

1 Such A Small World

Does it make it less intimidating to meet your significant other’s family when their father is also their ex? It can’t make it more intimidating, right? Oof.

I would say it’s awkward, but that would be horribly dismissive of a true nightmare. But isn’t it less awkward when like, their uncle is their father?

That’s technically less names to keep straight so… there’s a bright side to all of it. That’s all I’m trying to say, however unsuccessfully.

I’m just asking because like, parents seem to love me. And so far, those parents haven’t been related to each other or me? So I’m really out of my depth. I mean, yes. There’s still the brother to impress. But that's super weird since didn’t the father kill all male children? Well, this one snuck through the cracks and now you have to pretend to be into martial arts just to carry a conversation with the guy. But doesn’t the awkwardness of that just make you grateful she has the siblings she has and not more? Since, y’know, all the male babies were… left in a cursed forest to be transformed into hateful zombies. Okay, this is a weird family reunion so I’m gonna bounce.

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