25 Hilarious Posts Of Leonardo DiCaprio Just Living His Best Life

TheThings has now successfully paid tribute to the wonderfully, sometimes hilarious, random things that both Keanu Reeves and Ryan Gosling get up to. Now it's time for Leonardo DiCaprio to step up to the plate.

You know, Leo? Yep... That Leo. He's only the biggest movie star in the world. Leonardo DiCaprio (aka: "The Hollywood Heartthrob") has probably been in more consistently great films than any other actor with the exception of Meryl Streep.

Leo has a knack for picking great flicks to work on, even if he's not entirely the reason why the films are outstanding. Think about it; Gangs of New York, The Departed, Catch Me If You Can, The Revenant, The Wolf of Wall Street, Romeo + Juliet, Titanic, Inception, What's Eating Gilbert Grape, Blood Diamond, Django Unchained...  I could go on... Seriously, the dude has just been in that many great movies.

But aside from all of that, he's a renowned philanthropist and activist that constantly tackles serious issues such as climate change. And he does all of this while hanging out with gorgeous models on his yacht and making amazing celebrity pals.

If you are intrigued and want to see a bit more... scroll on.

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25 Leo Stalks

Celebrities pranking other celebrities is always a winning combination. In fact, it's one of my favorite things to hear about when stars do their rounds on talk shows. Although, some of the funniest stories are often saved for outlets like The Howard Stern Show and The Kevin Pollak Show where the sensors aren't as strict as broadcast television.

Some of my favorite pranks are the ones that are really planned out, like how a young George Clooney convinced his old roommate, comedian Richard Kind, that his cat was severely constipated, though he was periodically cleaning the box himself. After Richard took his cat, "Fluffernutter," to the vet for some pills, he found a giant dropping in the litter box. Seems, George left it there himself... Or the time when George emptied his house guest's, Bill Murray, suitcase and filled it with 11-pounds of gravel... Yeah, George Clooney is quite the prankster.

But sometimes the elaborate, planned-out pranks aren't as authentic as the ones done in the spur of the moment. Leonardo DiCaprio just wanted the opportunity to prank his Wolf of Wall Street co-star, Jonah Hill, in an authentic way. After all, celebrities are constantly hounded by paparazzi and fans and therefore always need to have their guard up. And Leo probably knows that even better than Jonah. So randomly running at him and surprising him with a camera on the street was completely authentic. And that clearly was the birth of this hilarious spur of the moment prank.

24 Leo Dives

I'm assuming that this is one of Leo's famous yacht parties. Every day that he's not in the news for his environmental activism or for one of his acclaimed performances, it seems like he's being photographed at one of these amazing parties. He loves to flood his massive boats with unrealistically gorgeous women and as well as his buddies. But let's face it, he usually has more of the former and less of the latter because... well... he's Leonardo DiCaprio. But hey, the fact that he wants to include everyone in his life is kind of awesome, right?

Here he only seems to have his buddies around, the most famous being Tobey Maguire. Yes, Spider-Man himself is one of Leo's best friends and has been for quite a while. It makes sense, though, both were accomplished child stars and are close in age.

According to Pop Sugar, the two originally met at an audition back in the '80s. Because of their shared lifestyle and close friendship, one would expect that they would have done more movies together, but the only one that I can think of is the Baz Luhrmann adaptation of The Great Gatsby. If I had a close friend in the same industry, I'd probably be campaigning to work with them all of the time in order to make life more tolerable. But I suppose the two of them get enough of each other while kayaking or jumping off the back of Leo's massive yacht.

23 Leo Pumps

Is it still dangerous to talk on your phone while at the gas station? I remember hearing that it could be absolutely catastrophic. That and there do tend to be anti-phone stickers plastered around most gas stations I visit. And by "visit" I mean "go to."

I don't "visit" gas stations like one would their grandparents. I don't bring them flowers and cookies and attempt to catch up to them. I just stop by to pump some gas like any other dude. In fact, just like Leonardo DiCaprio (see, girls, I do in fact have something in common with this Hollywood heartthrob). Though, I'm not sure I would talk on the phone as I did for fear that it would cause some sort of explosion or whatever the heck people are worried about.

What I would also most definitely not do is wear a shirt that had my name plastered on it. But then again, I'm nowhere near as cool as Leo is. And let's face it, he's just cool.

Anyone who can drive that little Toyota around and still pull the major tail that he does on a daily basis must be somewhat cool. But hey, this is giving guys who drive Toyotas everywhere a bit of confidence. Confidence, by the way, is what they sorely needed.

As efficient, sleek, and well designed as these cars are, they aren't Lambos. So this is a start for them. Now, all these guys need to be is as good-looking, talented, charming, and famous as Leo is and they are sure to be going to bed with all sorts of Victoria's Secret models.

22 Leo Protests

One of the things that Leonardo DiCaprio is best known for is his activism, especially when it comes to tackling the enormously important issue of climate change. Leonardo even created his own foundation, The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, because apparently naming a foundation after himself was the only option.

Anyway, Leo does amazing work with the company funding and supporting projects around the globe that promote climate sustainability and protecting species on the brink of extinction. Leo is constantly flying around the globe, meeting with leaders and policymakers to try and effect positive change and spread valuable and vital information. This is something that makes him even cooler than he obviously already is. And clearly, he's not just about doing things from behind a computer within the comfortable luxury of his yacht.

Just look at this series of photos, he obviously enjoys being out there with everyone else and protesting the way we all do when we become passionate about something. And alongside him is another very cool guy, Mark Ruffalo. Yes, Leo is friendly with The Incredible Hulk himself. A man who has one of the best reputations in Hollywood for being a kind-hearted dude. So, Leo keeping good company like this while standing up for important issues just makes him even more likable.

21 Leo Primps

It's difficult to be good looking. trust me, I know this because my mom tells me I'm good looking all the time. In her eyes, I'm basically Chris Hemsworth on steroids. And I basically am Chris Hemsworth... Well, except without the chiseled abs, perfect blonde, hair, dreamy eyes, or acting ability.

What I'm trying to say is that I completely understand someone like Leonardo DiCaprio. he and I are basically brothers from another mother.

So, you may think that these photos make him a bit vain, and you may be right, but it's also very necessary for him to be primping in the reflection like this. He has an image to keep up with the cameras. It's part of what makes him money. It's why young women swoon over him and therefore one of the reasons studios initially started putting him into movies where these young women would be spending money to see. Luckily for him, he was also an insanely talented actor that almost everyone and their dog wanted to see on screen. But regardless of that, in the world we live in, these stars have to keep up whatever image people best know them for... For Leo, it's handsome, blond heartthrob.

Nowadays, it seems like Leo cares less about his physical image and more about his craft, but when he was younger he probably had to spend a ton of time making himself the best he could look. That probably included a ton of money spent on the right clothes and products for his skin and hair as well as never eating the things that make life worthwhile. I know all of this because it's what I have to do in order to remain the hunk that I am. And by "hunk," I mean, "hunk of ugly."

20 Leo Contemplates

Never take a moment to contemplate for granted. Sometimes staring off into nothing can seem like procrastination, which it can be, or laziness, which it also can be, but most of the time it's about putting one's life into perspective. At the very least, staring off into oblivion is great to attempt to wrap our heads around life's greatest problems, or even its most insignificant ones. Regardless, I make time to stare off into nothing at least once or twice a day. And by "make time," I mean I do it without even trying because it's so much better than actually doing any sort of work.

Well, Leo doesn't really have to worry about wasting his time anymore. He's already made enough money to support himself and the ones he loves, as well as started some pretty amazing initiatives that impact important issues around the globe. Therefore he doesn't really need to worry about procrastination in the same way we do. So, staring off like this is something he can afford.

I'd be curious to know what exactly he was thinking about at this moment. Was it how he was going to save the elephants? Or maybe how he can pressure corporations to emit less toxic fumes into our air and water? Or maybe he just doesn't know which supermodel he's going to take out next? Whatever it is, he looks to be savoring the moment.

19 Leo Poses

I wonder if Leo is at all aware that he's in the famous position that Kate Winslet was in when she asked him to draw her like one of his "French girls" in the groundbreaking blockbuster hit, Titanic? The chances are he is at least somewhat aware since that's become one of the most quoted lines in cinema history, not to mention that it still has a generation of fans devoted to rewatching it every chance they get.

I, myself, am not a fan of the movie. It's fine. it's okay. It's well done. I just find it a little sappy and overly long.

Even though Leo has to be somewhat aware of the similarity when he strikes this pose, I also have to say that he may just be doing this because it's comfortable.

I've noticed that tons of people tease those who automatically strike this pose when laying on their side because it does look a bit alluring. But the truth is that it's very comfortable. In fact, I dare you to lay on your side right now. I'm certain that you'll find that your body falls into this precise shape automatically. That's because it's just too darn cozy not to do it. In fact, I wish I could be writing this article from that position right now. Although it would probably be even worse than it already is since I'd only be able to use one hand to type.

18 Leo Flirts

Via: Twitter

In case you didn't know, Leo doesn't seem to have many troubles with the ladies. In fact, he clearly can pick them up even when he looks like Harambe's DUI-charged cousin. Yep, that's right. The dude can pick up a gorgeous girl while dressed as a creepy ape. Not even a cute ape, but one that looks like it's been punched in the face by drugs. Seriously, that thing would give adults nightmares.

Also, I'm pretty sure this is enough for Leo to be voted "worst dressed" at the Halloween party. He seriously went through no trouble at all with his costume. He literally just purchased a mask, put it on, and it probably had nothing to do with the fact that it was Halloween at all.  If anything, it was just so he could remain anonymous and therefore not be swarmed by paparazzi and die-hard fans. This way he could pick the women he wanted to talk to, go up to them and reveal his true identity to them so they felt special and he would have a larger chance of going home with them. This guy clearly has some skill at the game. Something that most of us couldn't even be bothered to take part in since it's so competitive and seemingly meaningless. But, hey, it looks like Leo and Wonder Woman are having a good time, and that's all that matters.

17 Leo Procolomates

As soon as Leo got a bit older he presented himself in a way that made us believe that he didn't care about his image anymore. Or, at the very least, made us think that he chose to spend time on more important things in life, like his acting or activism. Looking like a hot superstar wasn't important to him anymore. He wasn't one of these young celebrities who only care about getting photographed at some swanky event or even out at the club on a Friday night.

A few years ago, it felt like he chose to be a serious actor and philanthropist above being a heartthrob. Ironically, to some, this probably made him even more of a heartthrob than before.

I don't think it's unfair to say that he doesn't always come across as the most stylish. Sure, when he goes to the odd award show or premiere, he definitely dresses up to the nines. But if you look at the baseball caps, baggy shorts, and toques in these photos, it's obvious that he's not trying to be on his style-A-game all of the time. And that's kind of cool in my eyes. I don't need celebrities trying to outdo us all of the time. After all, we don't always leave our homes to look presentable. Sometimes we're running late and have to brush our teeth in the car... Wait, that's just me? Oh... Sorry...

16 Leo Games

Leo clearly takes after his Departed co-star, Jack Nicholson, when it comes to sitting front row at any sporting events he can get his hands on. This is especially true when it comes to basketball games in LA where Leo tends to take his friends and colleagues. I don't blame him either. If I were a big sports fan and had the ability to get right in the action, I'd take it every chance I could get.

My favorite picture in this set is the one of him and his Revenant costar, Tom Hardy. That's because both of them were so utterly serious in that film and were reported to go through Hell when shooting the film out in the wilderness. But here they seem to actually be having some fun taking in the game. It's rare that any of us see Tom Hardy out in public doing something somewhat normal. He seems to be the type that just does a boatload of very serious movies and takes them equally as serious.

Then, of course, we have to talk about the photo of Leo and Zac Efron, who is clearly someone who is following in Leo's footsteps. Sure, Zac is definitely more of a comedic actor than Leo ever was, though Leo's quaalude scene in The Wolf of Wall Street may contradict my statement, Zac is definitely the young hunk that most people thought Leo was growing up.

15 Leo Shops

Yes, People Magazine is right, "Stars Are Just Like Us." Or, at least, they can be. Undoubtedly, some celebrities send their household workers to run their errands for them, especially when they're busy, but not all of them. Leo may not have the opportunity to do his own grocery shopping all of the time but clearly, he does sometimes. And though I'm sure he finds it equally as tedious as I do, he seems to find a way to make it fun. And that's pretty rad if you ask me.

So much of life can seem like a pain in the butt, but we can all find ways of making it seem more exciting and looking on the bright side if we actually put in the right amount of effort.

So, because of this, I thought I'd give you a couple tips on how you can make your next grocery shopping trip as exciting as Leo's...

  1. Bring a friend: Life is better with them, at least when they are genuine and actually have your back.
  2. Ride the shopping cart like a child: People may stare at you, but it's fun.
  3. Comment on what other people are buying: Not in a mean way, but in a funny way. It'll spread the energy around.
  4. Sing to yourself: Essentially add a soundtrack to your life... that makes everything better.

14 Leo Photographs

I can only assume that being constantly photographed can take a massive toll on your psyche. Firstly, it can definitely cause an inflated ego. That just makes sense because somehow you start believing that everyone around you is fascinated with every tiny move you make. And that's partially true. Although, it's only true because corporations are telling us that we're interested in these subjects. They do this by shoving magazine covers and advertisements in front of us at every possible turn. Additionally, being continuously photographed almost 24/67 can be a colossal invasion of privacy.

Think about it, I'm sure you wouldn't want people following you around all of the time attempting to immortalize your plumber's crack in the meat aisle of the grocery store in the next issue of some trashy tabloid.

It's nice to see Leo appreciating the still photograph here even though he probably has every right to dislike it. Yeah, he doesn't appear to be turning the tables on the paparazzi here, but he does seem to be having a boatload of fun.

Also, you can tell that it's 1998 purely based on the fact that he's using an actual camera at an event. I haven't seen someone bring an actual camera anywhere in the last five years with the exception of professional photographers and my grandma Sophie.

13 Leo Wars

To all of the Star Wars nerds out there who constantly get teased about their affinity for women with cinnamon roll hair and blue and white trash-can petal bins, you can rejoice now.

Yep, one of the most universally beloved mega-hunks goes to Toys 'R' US to buy Star Wars toys. Sure, Leo was probably buying these action figures for some kid somewhere, but it's pretty cool to think that somewhere in one of Leo's mansions is a posable figurine of Jar Jar Binks. (But who knows, those toys might also be for him.)

That's right, this photo was taken around the time of Star Wars Episode One The Phantom Menace came out — the most intolerable film in the franchise; sorry, Last Jedi haters.

And yet, like many of us Star Wars fans, Leo still went out to the store to load-up on Star Wars paraphernalia. Though most of us probably avoided the Jar Jar toys, we definitely got our Darth Maul, young Obi-Wan, and double lightsabers. Maybe even a podracer or two.

The point is, no longer do Star Wars fans need to be seen as basement dwelling, acne-ridden, teens. After seeing these photos, they can say that the star of Titanic is among them.

12 Leo Snorkels

First of all, I think we need to talk about the fact that Leonardo DiCaprio is someone who swims with their shirt on. Okay sure, you can say that he is avoiding getting a sunburn and it's important that he doesn't get one because he's about to shoot a shirtless scene, but the chances are that's not the reason. Additionally, I doubt that he's wearing that white shirt because he doesn't want to get all scratched up by the reefs he's viewing with that snorkel.

We all know the real reason why he's wearing it... Because he doesn't want to to take it off...

Any guy who either has been or is a couple pounds overweight (or is simply nowhere near as fit as his muscular friends) does not want to go shirtless. Yep, even Leo doesn't want to go shirtless. Or that's what I'd like to think in order to make myself feel better. The guy is Leo DiCaprio, after all.

Secondly, let's talk about snorkeling with Spider-Man. I'm pretty sure that's on most people's bucket lists as it has bound to be awesome. Heck, snorkeling with anyone is amazing. You get to see an entirely different world just by putting on a mask and a breathing tube. But snorkeling with Spider-Man or any superhero would be kind of cool. If a hungry shark swam by the poor fish wouldn't stand a chance.

11 Leo Films

The other day I was sitting at a cafe. While I was filling up on my daily intake of coffee I noticed a couple young women snapping selfies in the corner. I thought nothing of it until my eyes returned to them about five minutes later... they were still taking selfies.

At the end of the day, they clocked in at 23 minutes of taking the exact same photo of themselves. As an angry person, this irritated me. It just seems like such a waste of time as well as so blatantly narcissistic. Additionally, it's just so childish. The point is, I wasn't annoyed by it at first glance because for all I know, they really do it and it was a moment they wanted to capture. But at the 10-minute mark, it becomes something very different. Anyways, take your selfies, people. Have fun in life. Just don't take 23 minutes to do it. It makes you look vain

You can say what you want about Leo but you can't claim that he's a selfie guy.

I know I don't know him, but he just doesn't seem like a guy who'd take a selfie every three seconds. He probably does it on special occasions to capture important moments in his life or to please his fans. That's what I think of when I look at these images. Of course, he's not really taking a selfie here, it's a video, but the same principle applies.

10 Leo Kicks

Leonardo DiCaprio has never been seen as an action star. That's just not the type of character he plays. Sure, he's been in some great movies with a ton of action in them, like Christopher Nolan's masterpiece mind-bender Inception, but his stunts are limited. This doesn't mean that he doesn't want to be a certifiable BAMF in real life.

Many celebrities take an interest in martial arts of some sort because it helps them focus their minds.

Discipline is important when you are working very strange hours, trying to please a number of difficult personalities, and get in the headspace of the character you're playing all while attempting to remain humble and a good human being. Therefore, I completely get why things like martial arts, kickboxing, and exercising, in general, are things that most actors and directors take part in.

Additionally, when you have a bunch of creeps following you around all day wanting things from you, it's probably a smart idea to train your body to be an effective weapon. After all, I'm sure a number of people have wanted to break into Leo's house over the years to steal things or far worse. After seeing these images, I think anyone should be frightened of what Leo can do with his body.

9 Leo Rides

Okay sure, everything in life is better when you're doing it alongside a supermodel, but no one can deny that there's a certain level of fun that comes with riding roller coasters. Even though it scares me and gives me a bit of a headache, I still get off on the rush of adrenaline that shoots through me in the very rare times I actually get on a rollercoaster. I probably would ride them more if most rollercoasters weren't in amusement parks.

Amusement parks are just full of people and that drives me insane. I feel like I can't breathe when I'm in the presence of that amount of people. It's different than a big concert or a sports event because people are generally facing in one direction. But at an amusement park, they are scattered all over the place like disorganized ants all heading in different directions.

It's nice to see Leonardo out and about doing things like any other person would do on a Saturday afternoon. I'm pretty sure it's a prerequisite for a couple in the early stages of their romance to go to an amusement park. it's just something they do. It's like going to the movies or grabbing a coffee. And even for someone as rich and successful as Leo, it's a normal date activity.

8 Leo Scoots

These scooters are so dangerous. They just don't seem to be constructed like a motorcycle. They feel flimsy to me. And when people are driving them alongside massive trucks, it freaks me out on their behalf. So, I think we can all agree that Leo is a bit of a daredevil.

Yeah, okay, he's not a daredevil quite like actors like Orlando Bloom are, bungee-jumping and stuff, but he's still pretty full on.

I wouldn't drive one. I wouldn't want to put my life into other people's hands like that. It's the same reason why I just won't ride a bicycle in the city. (Yeah, yeah, I know... I need to toughen up. Tell me something I don't know.)

Anyway, I'm pretty sure that only Leo could pull off a look like this. Whenever I see someone driving one of these things, I think that they look like total newbies, even though they're doing something pretty dangerous. But these scooters can't be chick magnets, can they? Are people actually attracted to men who drive them? Motorcycles, sure, they're hardcore and insane. But scooters are silly. In fact, dying in a scooter accident just be the worst way to leave this planet that I can think of. How embarrassing...

7 Leo Hides

Who knew Italians wanted to catch a glimpse of Leonardo Dicaprio enough for him to wear this silly mask? Seriously, where did he even find this thing? Is it supposed to be from someone famous? It's not quite the Darth Vader helmet, though it does appear to have some similarities. If it were the full Vader, Leo wouldn't be able to chow down on that delicious looking pizza.

Anyway, clearly, Leo thought that by wearing this mask he would remain unnoticed and therefore unbothered by his adoring Italian fans while he strolled around the magical streets of Venice. (By the way, I have no idea if this is, in fact, Venice, Italy... It could very well be Venice, California. Either way, the location doesn't make the mask, okay?)

In fact, he looks more noticeable than if he weren't wearing the mask. This is because no one else seems to be dressed in anything similar.

I'm about to pull a very obscure reference out of my pocket for you readers, but this reminds me a lot of Blackadder. It's a bitingly funny British sitcom from decades ago that starred Rowan Atkinson of Mr. Bean fame. Although in Blackadder, Rowan plays the opposite of Mr. Bean.

In one episode he's locked up in a military jail and his assistant sneaks in an escape kit for him to use. In the kit is a random Robin Hood outfit that his assistant claims Blackadder will be able to wear if he comes by a costume party on his escape and needs to blend in. But as Blackadder correctly points out, the chances of there being a costume party happening anywhere near him at the time of his escape are pretty slim indeed. Therefore he'd stand out like a sore thumb... Kind of like some celebrity wearing a Darth Vader mask while eating a pizza in the middle of the street.

6 Leo Imagines

I've said it before and I'll say it again, owning a dog is a great way to pick up women. Most people are well aware of this fact. But to the women who may be reading this and disagree, I bet you anything that you'd be more attracted to a man with a cute dog. It makes sense. Not only do you like the dog itself, but the fact that this guy has one shows off a lot of positive traits.

First of all, by owning a dog it's clear that this guy is somewhat okay with commitment. After all, owning a dog takes a ton of work. It also means that he may be interested in having kids. And maybe most importantly of all, by having a dog that he treats right, it shows that he might be capable of showing immense love, devotion, and affection while exploring his sensitive side.

Even the most brutish man will use a baby-voice when talking to his beloved puppy.

It's unlikely that Leo needs any help with the ladies... He is Leonardo DiCaprio after all. But even he knows that it would be even easier if he had a dog with him at all times. But not everyone can afford that luxury or even has the time. Therefore, sometimes the only thing we can do is pretend that we do have one. Maybe that involves randomly going to a pet store hoping to run into someone cute. Or maybe that's having an invisible puppy... Whatever works! (And yes, I understand I'm telling you to lie... That's okay, you probably already do on your Facebook account every day of the week.)

5 Leo Shields

One way to really anger the paparazzi, it seems, is by blocking your face from the camera. Now, this is probably not important information for you, because it's likely that you're not a celebrity. Sure, maybe in your own mind you believe that you are because 300 people watched your makeup tutorial on YouTube three months ago, but in reality, you're not. You're not someone paparazzi wants to catch a glimpse of. And you're certainly not someone who can get a movie made just by signing your name to it. But any of that doesn't mean you can't take something away from this.

Paparazzi get paid when they sell their photos to magazines or other news outlets. This is why they are often so aggressive with celebrities. It's because their entire way of life is dependent on it. And though that's pretty messed up on quite a few levels, one can understand why they care about it so much. But if they can't prove that they're getting a photo of a mega-celebrity they won't make their money. it could be anyone walking to their car. The only way to truly tell if they've indeed photographed a celebrity is if they can shoot their face...

Leo is probably more than tired of dealing with paparazzi, and therefore I can totally understand why he'd so brilliantly try and ruin their chances by hiding his face like this.

4 Leo Ducks

Doing anything can be dangerous. Sure, the chances of things going severely wrong when you're doing completely mundane things are low, but they are certainly possible. That doesn't mean you have to be like Meryl Streep in Lemony Snicket's: A Series of Unfortunate Events and worry that doorknobs will shatter when you touch them, or that the fridge will randomly fall on you, but it should make you feel a little more connected to the world around you. At the very least, it should make you aware that every fleeting second is valuable and important because you are in fact alive...

Being crushed to death by an NBA basketball player may be some people's dream, but it's certainly not mine.

In fact, I think that would be a rather embarrassing way to go. But I suppose the opportunity of it happening is that if you sit front row at one of these games. Heck, if Larry David can accidentally trip Shaq by sticking his legs out courtside like he did in that episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm, Leonardo DiCaprio could most definitely be knocked out by whoever this athlete is. (Sorry, don't judge me, I'm not a sports fan...)

3 Leo Sips

Everyone loves a good sip. Even if they don't fully understand that they do, they love it. Whether it's a sip of a beer or a fine glass of wine after a long day of work, a refreshing water during a workout, or a hot cup of coffee or tea, sipping is the life.

I think we take advantage of the sip. It goes under appreciated. I, for one, love the sip. I appreciate the sip. And I want you to as well the next time you raise a glass.

Leonardo DiCaprio clearly appreciates the sip. That or photographers have some sort of fetish to do with Leo drinking. I kind of get it; in every single one of these photos, Leo has this handsome sophisticated expression on his face. You know the kind that could be interpreted as a flirtatious look or trying to hold in a poo. It's funny how often those two things coincide.

I also appreciate the fact that Leo tends to drink the water in front of him when on talk shows. I always think it's a massive waste of water when someone doesn't drink it. But yet the shows put it out because of it being a formality. (Yeah, I'm pretty sure no one else cares about this issue but me...)

2 Leo Yawns

Say what you want about "First World Problems," but life is tiring. Especially on some days of the week, typically Mondays, every single action makes us want to curl up in the fetal position and take one solid nap. Sometimes just getting up is enough to make us want to go back to sleep.

Some people love to judge us for feeling this way. It's like they think they're better than us because they don't publicly complain about the fact that they are tired all the time. Heck, they may not even let everyone see them yawn because they want us to think that they're able to fight through it.

Personally, it makes me feel better about being tired all the time, seeing that Leonardo DiCaprio clearly grapples with a similar issue.

The picture in the bottom corner is of him on the set of The Wolf of Wall Street, which I'm sure was a full-on shoot, but the rest of them appear to depict Leo at far more low key events; and yet he still looks exhausted. And even if he isn't completely beat, he knows as well as we do that letting our a big lion of yawn feels mighty fine.

1 Leo Bombs

It's true, anyone can photobomb like a pro. You don't need to be a celebrity to absolutely nail it. Heck, you don't even need to be a human to photobomb successfully. A darn stingray did it to those poor women in that hilarious viral photograph from a few years back. The one thing I will say though is that it helps to be a celebrity when you photobomb someone. This is because it instantly becomes something people want to see. Sure, a ton of people would watch Leonardo DiCaprio pick his nose if they were presented with the opportunity, but they almost certainly want to see him hilariously photobombing people. Especially when those people are also celebrities. It doesn't really matter who one photobombs; in order for it to be successful they just have to be unaware of it happening.

I have to say that this is a masterpiece of a photobomb. Naomi Campbell and 50 Cent both seem blissfully unaware of what our favorite Romeo Montague is up to back there. The look on Leo's face tells us that even he knows that this is going to be a complete success. In fact, it seems like most things Leonardo DiCaprio does end up turning out very well. He is, after all, one of the most successful, talented, philanthropic, and all around cool people out there.

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