25 Hilarious Reactions To 'Avengers: Infinity War'

I’m used to sad movies. I cried when I first saw Titanic and Rose whispered the hilarious yet iconic line “I’ll never let go, Jack” before sending the supposed love of her life’s frozen body down to the depths of the ocean. I also still get teary-eyed whenever Aragorn, son of Arathorn, tells the hobbits “You bow to no one” and ALL OF GONDOR BOWS TO THEM at the end of Lord of the Rings: Return of the King.

Don’t even get me started on when poor Steve Trevor makes the decision to sacrifice himself in Wonder Woman and poor Diana screams when she sees the plane blow up right before she takes down her half-brother, the Greek god Ares because that scene STILL hits me right in the feels.

Despite the fact that I’ve suffered through plenty of sad moments that hit viewers right in the feels in previous fantasy and comic book movies, this latest Marvel movie surpassed them all in terms of SHEER EMOTIONS.

Nothing, not even watching the RED WEDDING scene in Game of Thrones season three, could have prepared me for how heartbreaking Avengers: Infinity War would be, and I am still in dismay at how Marvel gave the greenlight to DECIMATING the hearts and souls of such beloved characters. WHY, MARVEL, WHY? HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO US?

In an attempt to ease the pain of a movie that hit me right in the feels, I have rounded up some hilarious reactions from fellow MCU fans that would make even a grieving Rocket Raccoon laugh hysterically.

25 Aragorn Will Not Stand For Such A Depressing Movie

No spoilers for Infinity War, but let’s just say this: PREACH IT, ARAGORN. That movie is the EPITOME of “jaw-dropper” and it makes me wish that Barry Allen/The Flash was a real person so that he could run back in time and convince Kevin Feige to not create such a tearjerker for all of us poor comic book fans since our hearts (and all of our feels) can’t take it.

I mean really, Feige — are you TRYING to give our tear ducts a workout? Pretty much every Marvel fan walked out of the theaters sobbing their eyes out, needing to run to Walgreens or Rite Aid in order to buy a whole box of tissues.

When even ARAGORN, SON OF ARATHORN refuses to believe the plot of Avengers: Infinity War, then you KNOW that the movie is going to hit you right in the feels.

Feige, how could you do this to the loyal comic book fans? And how could you tell the Russo Brothers to include all of those moving scenes that were designed to make us bawl? At the very least, you could have warned the movie theaters that they need to include a box of tissues for every seat when showing Infinity War!

24 Damn It, Thanos!

In a way, I almost feel sorry for Josh Brolin because he seems like a nice dude and I am sure he is getting TONS of insults directed his way because of what his character (Thanos) did to everyone’s favorite superheroes in Infinity War.

That being said, while Brolin seems like a cool dude, I DISLIKE THANOS' GUTS AND I WANT HIM TO LEAVE IN THE SEQUEL TO INFINITY WAR.

If I had the metahuman Canary Cry and the fighting skills of Black Canary, I would want to march up to the giant idiotic blood-thirsty grape and scream my head off at him before he could snap his fingers to activate that ugly as heck gauntlet of his.

Just…NO. You don’t hurt any of my favorite superheroes and make them cry. Nuh-uh, Thanos. It is more than high time for that egomaniac to have his butt kicked by the Avengers and company. I can only hope that Thor hits him with a bolt of lightning and turns HIM to dust. Then we’ll see how much that oversized grape likes it! Sorry Thanos, but turnabout is fair play and you hurt the God of Thunder, so I hope he hurts you 10 times worse!

23 Denial Isn't Just A River In Egypt

Avengers: Infinity War’s slogan REALLY should be “denial isn’t just a river in Egypt” because HOLY COW, THAT CANNOT BE IT.

What happens to our faves just can’t be the end — it just can’t. Surely the Avengers have watched all four seasons of CW’s The Flash and will be inspired to somehow find a way to use the Time Stone to pull a Barry Allen by rewriting the entire timeline, right? RIGHT? It’s not over and there’s a chance it can all be undone, yes?

C’mon Feige, make sure the Russo brothers pull a Flashpoint with the fourth Avengers movie because the ending of Infinity War is just too cruel.

It was bad enough when the Arrowverse killed off Earth-1 Laurel Lance/Black Canary, but at least the showrunners remedied their mistake by bringing in Earth-2 Laurel Lance/Black Siren and setting her on the path to redemption.

Don’t leave us with broken hearts and red faces all blotchy from crying, PLEASE! It is just too mean to have THAT be the last glimpse we ever get of some of our favorite characters. The superheroes deserve a better ending than what they got by the time the credits rolled on Infinity War.

22 Marvel Laughs At Our Pain

Let’s face it, Marvel is LOVING all of our tears, outrage, social media rants and memes. They are probably looking at this meme and CACKLING — not that I blame them of course, this one is funny and oh-so-true.

It can be a pain for those that haven’t seen Infinity War yet and have no desire to be spoiled to try and avoid the posts on social media that go in detail about who exactly dies in the film. Sadly, this is the Internet and the only way to be 100% sure that you avoid spoilers is to stay off of social media until you can see the film for yourself.

This meme is also pretty indicative of how all the Marvel fans felt after they walked out of the theater. If I could hide myself in a closet and pretend that the deaths in the film didn’t happen like Loki is doing in this meme, then I totally would.

As it is, every time someone discusses Infinity War, I want to stick my fingers in my ears and go “la-la-la-la-la-la, I can’t hear you. I CAN’T HEAR YOU AND THAT MOVIE DOESN’T EXIST IN MY HEAD, MY DUDE.”

21 Curse You, Marvel

Some fans walked out of Infinity War still sobbing, while others were still in shock. For the fans that experienced the latter, this GIF pretty much sums up how they felt.

Even though rumors had been flying around for MONTHS that this character or that character was going to die (most people put odds on Steve Rogers/Captain America biting the dust and Bucky Barnes taking up the mantle), NO ONE expected the plot we got.

It was an absolute blood bath.

Who knew the Russo brothers and Marvel itself had it in them to be so cold-blooded? They must be laughing hysterically at everyone’s outrage, although I hope it is due to the fact that we all got played and Avengers 4 will see some timey-whimey shenanigans that a) allows the grape in dire need of anger-management to FINALLY KICK THE BUCKET. And b) brings everyone back so that we can get the happy ending that everyone wants.

C’mon Marvel, don’t play with our emotions like that. I will buy you cookies AND make sure the next Avengers movie breaks all sorts of world records if you just BRING EVERYONE BACK AND HAVE A HAPPY ENDING FOR ALL OF OUR FAVES.

20 In Yondu Udonta We Trust

Looking back at Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, it is such a shame that everyone’s favorite Ravager Yondu Udonta died because he would have TOTALLY decimated Thanos’s army with his whistle-activated arrow.

It would have been a RIOT to watch Yondu make a snarky remark about Thanos’s army before whistling and watching as each soldier fell to the ground. Knowing Rocket and Groot, they would cheer him on while Thor looked on, torn between admiring the weapon and being really confused that such a small arrow could do so much damage.

Heck, he might have been able to slay Thanos before he got all of the Infinity Stones since the grape man is an egomaniac and wouldn’t think that a small arrow would be able to hurt him, so his guard would be down long enough for Yondu to whistle and take him out. IN YONDU WE TRUST Y’ALL.

Perhaps Marvel knew that Yondu would have been able to take Thanos out pretty easily with the whistle-activated arrow and that is why he was kicked off at the end of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. It’s a shame; since I would have LOVED to see Michael Rooker and Josh Brolin play off of each other in a scene because it would’ve been a hoot.

19 Time To Create A New Headcanon

See, at least Captain Jack Sparrow gets it. After the mess that was Infinity War, all we as Marvel fans have to do is close our eyes and pretend that it is all a bad dream by creating brand new headcanons for our faves.

Thank goodness for fan fictions, though, since talented writers can just go “Oh, forget this” and come up with new stories that involve the Avengers taking down Thanos without the bloodbath involved in the film.

I predict that Archive of Our Own and Fanfiction.net are going to be FLOODED with “fix-it” stories revolving around Infinity War.

The people writing those fics are doing the Marvel fans a great service, since we can just hop online and lose ourselves in a story without remembering how heartbreaking the ending of Infinity War was. They will also help to tide us over until the fourth Avengers movie comes out ,and we know how the story FINALLY and officially ends.

With any luck, Marvel will have noted our outrage and undo this horrible film somehow, but there’s always a chance that they don’t want to have any kind of time-travel shenanigans and they’ll want SOME of the character deaths from the movie to matter.

18 Even Thor Is In Shock

When even THOR and TONY STARK are sitting on the couch quietly after Infinity War, then we KNOW that movie was designed to hit everyone right in the feels and tear their heart to shreds.

I mean, think about it. Thor is a happy ray of sunshine and almost NOTHING dampens his spirit, yet he was utterly crushed by the events of Infinity War. Tony is a snarky genius that doesn’t take much in life very seriously, but we all know now that now he’s going to be driven to slay Thanos.

I’d love to know what the actors thoughts were when they first read the script. I just have a hilarious mental image of Chris Hemsworth and Robert Downey Jr. reading the entire thing together while eating lunch and either quietly sobbing at the end or going up to the Marvel executives like “This is cruel, but bold. Did you take inspiration from Game of Thrones?”

Then again, since Hemsworth wanted Thor: Ragnarok to be a shake-up for his character and not fall into the same old tropes from previous films, he was probably loving the plot of Infinity War and did a dance of joy that it’s not the same old, same old for Thor.

17 Shakes Fist At Marvel

If every single Marvel fan could chat with Feige and the rest of the executives, I’m pretty sure that it would just devolve into us screaming “DISHONOR ON YOU, DISHONOR ON YOUR COW” at them. Since Disney now owns Marvel comics, I’m sure Feige would get the joke.

Some Marvel fans would try to bring in rotten fruit and recreate Shakespearean England by tossing it at Feige and the other executives, until they beg for mercy and promise that they are going to bring everyone’s favorite characters back to life at the end of the fourth Avengers movie.

Then there would be others that would just cry incoherently at them and toss tissue boxes at Feige, so that he could understand at least a fraction of their pain.

Last, but certainly not least, the final group of Marvel fans would just constantly spam Feige and the other executives with memes and reaction gifs to make darn sure that they understand JUST HOW HARD they were hit in the feels. When in doubt, turn to the Internet in order to describe one’s emotions after a heartbreaking movie with a meme or a gif. Poor Feige won’t know what hit him after he sees all of those reaction GIFs

16 Cruel But True

I laughed SO DARN HARD at this Tumblr post because that's an A+ for the deadpan, random lady in the theater.


Thanos is the Big Bad that DECIMATED our heroes—quite literally—in Infinity War. Of COURSE the egomaniacal giant purple grape man is going to come back to Earth in the fourth Avengers movie to finish what he started. We know that is how these kinds of villains roll and it usually winds up being their downfall too.

And even if he didn’t return to Earth for whatever reason, we all know the superheroes are going to be MAD after the events of the third movie, and are going to want revenge. So there’s going to be an epic showdown — just like how the Rohirrim faced off against the armies of Mordor at the Battle of the Pelennor in Lord of The Rings: The Return of the King.

The only remaining question is if one of the characters is going to pull an Aragorn with the Armies of the Dead and find some way to utterly beat Thanos into a pulp and then restore the timeline to a point before ALL of this bad stuff went down.

15 Gamora Deserved Better 2K18

I will forever be salty at the plotline they gave Gamora in Avengers: Infinity War because if there is anyone that deserved to stab Thanos a thousand times with a sword, it’s her, Drax, and Nebula since they had all been cracked in one form or another by the villainous grape man.

It would have been so much more satisfying to at least see those three get in a few good kicks and punches on Thanos in Infinity War.

With any luck, Nebula will be the one to get revenge on the grape dude, although I’m still keeping my fingers crossed that the superheroes that did NOT get the short end of the stick by Marvel and the Russo brothers manage to reverse the timeline so that Drax and Gamora are back in action and can take a whack at the Mad Titan.

I would screech with joy if Nebula, Drax, and Gamora are the ones to deliver the final killing blow to the Mad Titan. It was pretty epic when the Winchesters FINALLY slayed the Yellow-Eyed Demon at the end of Supernatural season two, but those three offing Thanos would be even more satisfying to watch as a fan.

14 Time To Create A Countdown Clock

Oh good, I am not the only Marvel fan that is anxiously counting down to the release of the fourth Avengers film. It is SO CRUEL to make us wait with anticipation, although I am sure Feige and the other Marvel executives are giggling with glee as they surf the Internet.

Thank goodness for social media websites, since we can bide our time by coming up with conspiracy theories as to how Marvel is simply toying with our emotions, and they won’t REALLY let this be the end for our beloved superheroes.

Yes, denial isn’t just a river in Egypt, but DISNEY owns Marvel now, and they wouldn’t allow such a tearjerker to be the be all and end all of the MCU since they prefer to have films that have an upbeat ending.

It’s a thin thread of hope, but it’s the only thing we have to cling to in the wake of such destruction. I cried when I saw Justice League, but only because Warner Bros. decided to toss poor Zack Snyder aside like trash and hired Joss Whedon to ruin his vision and his film. It was bad enough seeing a movie with such potential be squashed, but it's even worse seeing my OTHER favorite superheroes have their hearts broken.

13 Deadpool Wouldn't Stand For This

Oh man, if Deadpool was part of the MCU and if he was in Infinity War, he would TOTALLY have a FIELD DAY cursing Disney and Marvel out for crushing the fans’ hearts. (It would actually probably be a problem.)

He’d go on a tirade that sounded something like this: “Okay Disney, I know the Infinity War storyline in the comic books was pretty important and all, but you guys did NOT HAVE TO break everyone’s hearts like that.

Jeez, I’m not even part of the movie and even I want to shed a tear for these dudes. This is just too cruel guys, tone it down. Aren’t you supposed to be the family friendly company?”

Deadpool would also show no fear in front of Thanos and just mock him endlessly. He’d waltz right up to the Mad Titan and say: “Oh, so YOU are the big bad? You don’t even look like Josh Brolin! The CGI artists should be fired, because you my dude looks like a giant grape with anger-management issues. And that stupid gauntlet you are wearing is SO tacky. It’s a good thing you’re not a contestant on RuPaul’s Drag Race because you’d get booted off instantly for such a terrible and ugly item.”

12 BFFs That Suffer Infinity Wars Together, Stay Together

It’s probably a good idea to utilize the buddy system when seeing Avengers: Infinity War because trust me, you’re going to need someone to sob with once the movie is over. Whether it's a best friend, a sibling, or a significant other — TAKE SOMEONE WITH YOU, FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THINGS HOLY.

I learned my lesson to be prepared for movies that are probably going to break my heart into a million pieces when I saw Titanic as a teenager back in 1997. I went with my best friend, my mother, my sister, and my aunt; by the time the credits rolled around, we were all huddled into a pile and sobbing our eyes out. I’m actually shocked that we didn’t have to have a pit stop on the way home to buy more tissue boxes, since we went through them like they were a bag of popcorn.

Titanic was a sad movie, especially since it was based on a real-life historical event where many people lost their lives, but I would argue that Avengers: Infinity War is even worse—despite the fact that it’s fictional—because we grew to love these characters and it’s devastating to watch their lives get turned upside-down.

11 Trailers Won't Fix A Broken Heart, Marvel

I’m sure Marvel knew that Avengers: Infinity War was going to break the hearts of fans all over the world, so they figured it would be better to try and soften the blow by including the Ant-Man and the Wasp trailer before the film.

Nice try Marvel, but including preview for Ant-Man and the Wasp isn’t going to do ANYTHING to soothe our broken hearts.

Sure, the trailer was cool and all, but do you REALLY expect us to be excited for it after the Infinity War drama? Get real, my dudes. We’re still nursing our hurts and the tears haven’t stopped flowing yet.

The only thing we Marvel fans want from you RIGHT NOW is to fix this mess of a movie in Avengers 4. We want our favorite characters to return and to have the most epic team-up of all time that ends with the Mad Titan getting slain, so that we will never, ever have to suffer through such a sad MCU movie ever again. Get it done Marvel, otherwise the fans are going to riot. You don’t want what happened to the DCEU happen to you, right? SO FIX IT, MY DUDES, AND FIX IT NOW.

10 No Amount Of Makeup Can Hide The Tears

There is NO amount of makeup that can hide the tears that streamed down the faces of the fans (after they left the theater) that was showing Infinity War. That’s how sad this movie is. I am sorry to say that not even MAC products can hold back the tear stains or keep one’s face from getting blotchy and as red as a tomato (trust me, I know from experience).

The good news is that unlike other superhero movies where some people might cry at a scene or two, EVERYONE around you is going to be bawling their eyes out too, and they certainly won’t judge anyone walking out of there with a red face.

Unlike Wonder Woman, where a few people cried a little when Steve Trevor sacrificed himself — and the rest of the audience either gasped or yelled in disma, pretty much every Marvel fan left Infinity War with tears still rolling down their cheeks and didn’t even TRY to hide it.

Sure, there were a few audience members that might have gasped or screeched from the shock of seeing such heartbreaking scenes, but by large, everyone started to cry and the tears DO NOT stop until the credits roll.

9 Marvel Owes Us One

I find the “this movie watered my crops, made my skin clear up, etc.” memes a bit redundant (unless it was for Wonder Woman since that was the first female superhero movie and it was truly iconic), but seeing the inverse of those memes made me giggle despite my heartbreak at the outcome of Avengers: Infinity War.

If there was ever going to be a depressing movie that WOULD cause skin problems, a draught just like the one Easter caused at the end of American Gods (in season one after she killed Technical Boy’s faceless henchmen), AND failing grades all at the same time... it WOULD be Infinity War.

Feige, the Russo Brothers and Marvel/Disney in general are cruel to leave us hanging after THAT kind of ending.

I don’t know why they thought it would be a good idea to kick us right in the feels like that, especially when all we wanted was an awesome team-up movie where the Mad Titan was taken down once and for all.

Now we have to wait a WHOLE YEAR to see the epic team-up we all wanted and for that grape-man to get his just desserts. NOT FAIR, DUDES. NOT FAIR AT ALL.

8 Dr. Strange Knew Marvel Was Going To Copy The Flash

As upset as we all are with Marvel, the Russo brothers, Feige, etc, we all know that they just did this to toy with our emotions and get everyone talking due to the outrage.

Game of Thrones did the exact same thing when Jon Snow “died” at the end of the season five finale. We ALL knew that there was NO WAY IN HECK that Martin or the showrunners were going to allow Jon to stay dead, especially with Melisandre (who had the power of resurrection, thanks to her training as a Red Priestess) hanging around at Castle Black. And the fact that the books showed that wargs (which Jon technically is, even if the show doesn’t mention it much) can live on in the body of the animal they bonded with.

Despite the fact that we ALL KNEW Jon was coming back and that there were quite a few spoiler set photos to prove it flying around the Internet faster than Quicksilver could run, the showrunners and the cast kept insisting that he was deader than a doornail.

I would NOT be shocked if Avengers 4 reverses everything that went down in the third movie, because that’s just how these superhero films work. Nothing is permanent and no one stays dead forever. Even Doctor Strange probably knew that Marvel was going to pull a Flash and restore the timeline!

7 Oh, We Were Sweet Summer Children

All of us Marvel fans were sweet summer children before the release of Avengers: Infinity War. We erroneously believed that Steve Rogers was going to be the lone casualty against Thanos and that the mantle of Captain America would have been passed to Bucky Barnes, so that he could make up for all the deaths he caused while brainwashed as the Winter Soldier.

In a way, I kind of wish that the Russo brothers and Marvel went with our original theory of Steve dying and Bucky taking up the Captain America mantle, because while it would be sad, it wouldn’t be the heartbreaking mess that we were left with in Infinity War.

Plus, it kind of mirrors other popular stories, such as Lord of the Rings. Boromir, once he was free of the One Ring’s negative influence, gave his blessing to Aragorn and urged him to help save their people, thus acknowledging him as the rightful heir to the throne of Gondor. It would be so beautifully poetic for Steve to acknowledge Bucky as the next Captain America and go out fighting as a hero should, just like Boromir did in Fellowship of the Ring. It would have been such a nice ending for Steve and a great path for redemption for Bucky. WE WERE ROBBED, MARVEL. AND YOU BETTER FIX IT IN THE NEXT MOVIE!

6 Feige Is A Cruel God That Laughs At Our Pain

I have no doubt that Feige, the Russos and Marvel are sitting back and laughing at our pain and outrage all the way to the bank.

For example, the Russos ROYALLY ticked off the Loki fandom (bad idea, you don’t mess with the fans of the god of mischief) recently by insinuating that Tom Hiddleston is too old to play everyone’s favorite Trickster... This, of course, sent everyone on Twitter into a tizzy over whether or not our chaotic favorite is going to play a big role in the fourth Avengers movie.

Despite the outrage, the Russo brothers are the ones that had the last laugh because they said this on a podcast AFTER most people had seen the film and they had gotten their big, fat check.

Marvel also knows that no matter how angry or upset the fans are at the outcome of Infinity War, EVERYONE is going to line up at midnight to see the next Avengers film because they want to see how it ends. People always claim to boycott movie studios, but we all know that they’re going to suck it up, forget their outrage and eagerly buy their tickets the minute the film hits theaters.

5 Quit Playing Games With My Heart

If the MCU fans wanted to send Marvel a mix tape, then the Backstreet Boys’ hit ‘90s song "Quit Playing Games With My Heart" would definitely be on the top of that list because Infinity War goes beyond just toying with our emotions. It was a total bloodbath and NOT what we expected.

I too thought Thanos was going to at LEAST get his sorry tuckus handed to him in an epic battle at the end of the film and he’d leave Earth, hurt but alive, to lick his wounds and return in the fourth movie for revenge — which is when everyone would team up once more to kick him off for good.

How wrong I was. I bet even Theresa Caputo of Long Island Medium fame couldn’t have seen THIS kind of plot coming and she’s a medium!

Jokes aside, Marvel needs to quit playing games with our hearts and make darn sure that they rectify this in the fourth film because ticking off the vast majority of your fanbase is NOT a good idea. Just look at how hard Justice League flopped — they don’t want to suffer the same fate, right? RIGHT? That’s why I’m hoping this is just part of an elaborate plan and they wouldn’t be so stupid as to alienate half their fans.

4 Create ALL The Fan Theories

I don’t even need to take a peek into the Marvel subreddit or Facebook groups to know that this meme is so accurate that it hurts to even laugh at it.

Everywhere I turn, there’s DOZENS UPON DOZENS of fan theories that go into painstaking and elaborate detail as to how certain characters will be brought back in time for Avengers 4 and have their shot at helping their buddies take down the Mad Titan.

There’s one section of the fandom that has a literal army of fanboys and fangirls that are out for blood after the Russo brothers botched the character’s development in previous films AND had one of the worst storylines in Infinity War.

If I were those siblings, I wouldn’t want to get on said army’s bad side and think twice about not bringing said character back for the fourth movie.

Knowing that part of the fandom, they will raise unholy hell until the aforementioned character is restored to their rightful glory and has a darn good plotline in the sequel.

Those fans are also coming up with some really creative ways of how the character could make a grand appearance in the fourth movie, and if the Russo brothers were smart, they’d take note of it ASAP.

3 These Brothers Are Cancelled

I laughed SO HARD when I saw this post because it is SO TRUE. Sorry dudes, but after Infinity War, I can’t even stand to look at you.

I'm not even going to lie, I’m a huge fan of Loki and I am SO ANGRY at his storyline (or lack thereof) in the movie.

It’s a huge slap in the face to Tom Hiddleston, who is a phenomenal actor and deserves more than he gets from this company and to Taika Waititi, who worked his butt off to set Loki on the path to redemption in Thor: Ragnarok.

I can’t help but feel that his storyline in Infinity War destroyed Waititi and Hiddleston’s hard work in Thor: Ragnarok. Loki was FINALLY at peace with his brother and he was on the road to becoming a cherished advisor of the new king of Asgard when all the nonsense with Thanos went down.

Quite frankly, relying on the tired trope that the Russos used in Infinity War for Loki’s arc is STUPID and shows a lack of creativity on their part and Marvel’s part too. Take the so-called “Hero’s Journey” and turn it on its head. Don’t they realize that doing so is why everyone loves Thor: Ragnarok?

2 It Hurts To Laugh, Y'All

Oh man, this is SO ME right now. The memes that have sprung up in the wake of Infinity War are GLORIOUS and I can’t stop laughing at them because of how clever they are, but it also hurts knowing that this is the storyline that Marvel went with.

I don’t know how the meme makers do it, to be honest. I’d start crying if I even ATTEMPTED to make a joke about what went down in Infinity War because that is how broken-hearted I still am about the movie.

I found that it was easier to recover from my disappointment and anger that Justice League turned out to be a dumpster fire ever since I heard the rumors that Warner Bros. allegedly fired Zack Snyder and hired Joss Whedon to “fix” the film to Kevin Tsujihara’s liking. At least I could blame the second “director” and the foolish executives for what SHOULD have been an awesome film flopping HARD at the box office.

I can’t even entirely blame Marvel for breaking our hearts, since it IS lifted from the comics and if it wasn’t, fans would have complained that it strayed TOO far from the original source's material. I just have to hold out hope that this is a long con and all my favorite characters return and get to live happily ever after.

1 I Ask You: Where Is The Lie

This made me laugh through my rage and tears at Thanos, over what went down in Infinity War. This is SO TRUE! The Mad Titan looked like an angry version of Patrick from SpongeBob SquarePants!

People (rightfully) complained about poor Henry Cavill’s CGI face and Ciaran Hinds as the villain Steppenwolf in Justice League, but I also think that the CGI for Thanos was a bit dodgy too.

I know it can’t be easy to animate an actor and give him purple skin, but I feel as if he looked much better in the first Guardians movie than he did in Infinity War. THAT Thanos looked terrifying. But this one? Not so much.

I don’t know if they picked a different editing team or hired new artists to perform the CGI for Avengers: Infinity War, but Thanos just looks like a purple grape with a face of a demented Patrick to me. I just can’t help but laugh at how bad he looks.

Poor Josh Brolin. I kind of feel sorry for him because I KNOW that he is NEVER going to live the Thanos/Patrick jokes down and even when he’s elderly and infirm, these memes are going to haunt him.

Sources: Twitter, Tumblr

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