25 Modded Pickup Trucks We Wouldn't Touch With A Ten-Foot Pole

Pickup trucks have been the favorite mode of transport for many people in the last few decades. What's there not to love about them? Their elevation provides better visibility, the hard body provides additional safety and they can load and tow heavy cargo.

Some pickup owners wanted to deviate from the normal design of a pickup by adding or removing parts of it. They thought that they could make it better than it was. What they forgot is the reason that pickups became so appealing was due to the standard features offered.

Some pickup owners modded their pickups and made a mess of them. We gleaned pictures of the mods they did, which downgraded their pickups.

25 Speed Demon

via eBaums World

It seems that some truck owners want the best of both worlds. They want a vehicle that can transport heavy loads and can go fast like a sports car. Unfortunately, it doesn't work that way.

Although some pickups are fast, trying to combine heavy loads and speed to make your car like this doesn't work.

24 Toy

via 4Wheel Online Blog

This pickup looks more like a toy than a car. Not only did the owner of this pickup shorten the load bay, but he or she also tried to put additional wheels on it. The mod hasn't really worked out well if they intended to use it as a pickup or a regular sedan. It's hard to determine what the intention here was.

23 Exhausted

via Pinterest

Not only does this modification look odd, but it poses a great danger to other road users. There's no way that the police wouldn't stop this driver. He or she could also hurt pedestrians on the road. The extra-long exhausts don't look nice and are definitely a danger to others.

22 Additional Baggage

via Flickr

Sometimes when you mod a pickup, you end up with a vehicle that's long and unsafe. This pickup has an extra cabin, and the owner used wood to create a barrier on the back. That makes it a fire hazard and this truck is too long to handle heavy loads. Overall, this truck isn't safe to drive.

21 Extra Step

via Home Decoration Ideas

If your pickup doesn't provide enough space for your cargo, then you need to get creative. That's exactly what the owner of this pickup did, so he created another compartment to store his goods. Not only does the extra compartment look strange, but it's also unsafe to transport goods in such a manner.

20 All-In-One

via Pinterest

Since pickups have become the most popular and best-selling cars in the States, some manufacturers have raised their prices since demand is going through the roof. Some people can't afford pickups, so they assemble parts from various cars to make their vehicle look like a pickup.

19 Extra Set

via Pinterest

To ensure that his truck is capable of transporting heavy loads, the owner of this pickup decided that the car needed an additional set of tires. Although he created space for the additional set, he forgot to fit the new tires. Maybe, the additional set wasn't necessary, after all.

18 Stickered Up

via Ugly Truck Day

Too much of a good thing can be bad. Some mods on pickups can make the car more appealing while making too many mods can downgrade the car. The owner of this pickup decided to add an extra bumper to the pickup. The way he did it wasn't the classiest way to go about it.

17 Green Car

via Reddit

The world is going green so that we can preserve the environment. Some people have taken that meaning literally and decided to wrap their cars with artificial grass. Although it's an interesting site, trying to sell a car that looks like this might not work in the owner's favor. It's a good thing he can remove the wrap.

16 Limo

via Youtube

Several car manufacturers have stretched their vehicles and converted them into limousines. There's even a Ferrari limo.

Stretching a car to make it into a limo might suit certain types of luxury cars, but that's not what a pickup is meant for. Looks interesting, but it doesn't work.

15 Low Rider

via Youtube

One of the mods that became popular after the Fast and the Furious franchise premiered is lowering the car's suspension. It makes the vehicle look sportier, and people inside the car are close to the ground. With some suspensions, you can go too low, resulting in the driver scraping the ground.

14 Combination

via Pinterest

Some things go well together and others don't. Peaches and cream go together while combining two cars to make one usually doesn't.

That must've taken some work to do, and it looks intriguing, but not many pickup enthusiasts would find much use for it and would avoid when it's on the market.

13 The Renovator

via Reddit

Since a pickup is a multi-purpose vehicle, many people have used them for business. That's what the owner of this pickup has done, but he also decided to make it look like a mean machine and call it The Renovator. That's a catchy name, and the mods are also catchy to the eye.

12 Rims

via GM Truck Club

Pickup owners have to be careful when they're selecting custom tires and rims. That applies to all vehicle owners but especially to pickup ones. With some mods, you can overdo it. That's what happened here. The oversized tires might've looked better had the rims suited the car better.

11 Rolling Coal

via Pinterest

Any pickup that's capable of rolling coal creates a tremendous amount of pollution. Not only will you burn more diesel than usual, but you'll also cause havoc to the environment. The practice is so damaging to the environment, that some states have banned rolling coal. It's a messy business.

10 Scissor Doors

via Scissor Doors Inc

Ever since Lamborghini made scissor doors popular, many people have tried to fit it onto their cars. Some cars, which aren't sports models, do look good with scissor doors. The one type of vehicle that doesn't look good with scissor doors is a pickup. Regular doors look much better on it.

9 Shark Attack

via Funnyjunk

We've mentioned that many businesses use their pickups for business. This business owner wanted to take things one step further. He wanted his pickup to look like a shark, so he completely modded it. You gotta give him credit for the effort. The design is unique and also strange.

8 Happy Wheels

via Mixed Martial Arts

In most cases, having many colors on a vehicle doesn't work out. Not only is the suspension multi-colored, but the owner also decided to put face stickers around the car. It wasn't the best decision.

One or two colors work well on most cars, but this is taking it to a whole new level.

7 Front Loader

via Daily Mail

Lowering or elevating the car is understandable. What doesn't make sense is when a vehicle owner decides to lower or elevate only one side. The result is the pictured pickup. I'm not sure what this driver wanted to accomplish, but he has made the drive more uncomfortable for himself and the passenger.

6 Classic

via Wiring Diagram

Some people might view this truck as a classic, and it is. What's impressive about it is that it's still running considering its age. One of the problems with this truck is the back of it. What can you load on there since it doesn't have any barrier from letting the cardo slide off? The load bay is also made of wood.

5 Stretched To Its Limits

via Stretch My Truck

Stretching a car isn't a good idea in most cases. The thing with most pickups is that they provide enough space and power to transport several passengers and tow heavy loads. The owner of this pickup wanted to add even more space to the cabin. Finding parking for this car must be a nightmare.

4 Underglow Kit

via Truck

This modification might've looked good on cars featured in Fast and the Furious, but it doesn't look great on pickups. On this car, it looks like the mechanic had left behind his torch under the car after he finished servicing it.  The underglow lights also look better on vehicles with lowered suspension.

3 Upside Down

via Youtube

It's amazing what people will come up with these days. This gentleman decided to flip the body of another pickup truck and fit it onto another one. If it's head turns that he was looking for, then he's definitely going to get it. You have to at least give him credit for an original modification.

2 That's A Wrap

via ALR Media

This pickup is a mobile graffiti wall. The colors and patterns would look interesting on a wall, but it doesn't suit a pickup. If the owner had used a blue color only across the pickup with black lines, then it might've looked better. There are too many colors on this pickup.

1 Spoiler Alert

via Briskoda

Only a few cars can claim to look good with spoilers. It usually looks best on a sports car. On a pickup, it doesn't go well at all. Pickups aren't made to be speed demons, so it's natural that a spoiler wouldn't look good on it. It's best to leave spoilers to fast cars and not fit them on pickups.

Sources: Pinterest

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