25 'My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding' Brides Who Have Never Heard Of The Saying, "Less Is More"

The perfect wedding is something many men and women have dreamed of since they were young, and they can't wait to say "I do" to the love of their life while wearing a princess-style dress. But not everyone is a fan of the traditional wedding attire, and for some, like the gypsy brides who're featured on My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding, bigger is definitely better. In fact, there’s no other way!

These brides love color and crystals, and when it comes to their perfect dress, a lot of tulle and organza needs to be involved. Actually, there's so much material you have to wonder how these women even walk in their super heavy gowns! It must take a lot of practice (and backache) to turn up in the biggest, most bling-worthy wedding gown ever. Below are 25 wedding dresses that demand attention!

25 Who Needs Material When There Are Flowers To Make A Wedding Gown

You don’t have to wear white on your wedding day. Actually, you don’t even need fabric at all, as this dress proves.

Perhaps one of the most impressive things about this dress is that it was actually made with real flowers. According to TLC, the dress designer contacted local florists to see which flowers were in season and would be sturdy enough to use in crafting the dress, as well as survive a 14-hour drive to the wedding venue.

There is actually something kind of magical about this dress, and if you saw it In a couture fashion show, you may even fall in love with it. But for a wedding, well, it’s pretty out-there. That said, you still have to admire the skill that went into creating it.

24 This Is What A Wedding Dress Modeled After Candy Floss Looks Like

My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding is a show that gave people a glimpse into the fashion styles of the women in the gypsy community, and it would seem their dream dresses are very different to what would be sold in standard bridal boutiques.

Also, the idea that you have to wear white on your wedding day doesn’t apply, and gypsy brides use their wedding day as a time to wear their favorite colors, which in this case, appears to be pink. The bride went all out with her dress, which looks as though it would weigh a ton (probably more than she weighs), and would be incredibly hard to walk in — let alone dance in.

The end result? The dress looks more like gigantic candy-floss than traditional wedding gear, and it appears the bride has never heard the saying, "less is more," because, in addition to her bold gown, she chose to accessorize her look with a massive crown.

23 All That’s Missing At This Rainbow-Theme Wedding Is The Magical Unicorns

It’s your wedding day and you want all eyes to be on you, so the easiest way to guarantee this, is with a very bright dress that your guests can't miss.

This young bride obviously wasn’t able to pick a single color and stick to it, so she figured, heck, why not just choose them all?

The result is a rainbow-colored gown with layers of tulle and a bodice that’s filled with sparkly, multi-colored jewels. When it comes to the wedding styles that these brides favor, over-the-top is definitely one way to describe it. And the custom-made gowns cost thousands and thousands of dollars to create (considering the amount of fabric that’s being used that’s not exactly a shock!).

Final thought: Where’s the candy floss and unicorns at?!

22 Entering The Venue Can Get Complicated With Poofy Dresses

Poofy dresses, crystal embellishments, and fake tans; turns out this woman is a fan of all three, and she let that be known on her wedding day.

It wasn’t just her own dress that was designed to steal the show, but also the very bright pink dress of her bridesmaid. The dresses were so big that when these two women stand together there is very little room for guests to fit past them. The bride must have chosen a very spacious venue, otherwise she and her bridesmaid may have had trouble fitting in (literally).

On a side note, it must have taken at least 20 minutes to get into this wedding dress, and I don’t even want to think about how difficult it must be to go to the toilet in it, especially after a few drinks.

21 She Really Lit Up The Room When She Walked In

When you imagine your dream wedding, does it consist of pink balloons, hot pink sashes on the chairs, fireworks on the dance floor, a gigantic tiara, and a wedding dress that lights up? If so, then you may need to ask this bride for tips.

She's definitely no wallflower, and in addition to her dress being very bright in color (what's with the strips of bright pink?), she decided to add fairy lights into the gown to make it really stand out.

It was her big day, and she wanted to make sure that no one, and we mean no one, took their eyes off of her. She probably achieved this, and that's because this is one of the most outrageous dresses of all the dresses featured on the show, and that’s a title that’s not given easily.

20 Bigger Is Better With 'My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding' Dresses

Looking at this dress, we see that there is a bit of a theme among these brides because they definitely appear to favor pink. This dress is yet another very big, very out there design, that looks as though it was inspired by the Victorian era and is comprised of layers and layers of tulle. According to Channel 4, this gown was supported by six underskirts and weighed 12 stone!

The size and scale of this dress is pretty remarkable, and it must have taken hundreds of hours to complete.

It seems the one thing all these brides want on their wedding day is to really stand out from the crowd, and there is no denying that they do. Also, considering this bride decided to take to the streets of London to show off her gown, would suggest she likes attention.

19 A Horse Drawn Carriage Is Surprisingly Less Fun When The Dress Suffocates The Groom

Of all the scenes taken from My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding, this is the funniest because it shows how the groom fits in on their wedding day (or doesn't), because as you can see he is squished into the corner!

This image also gives a more accurate idea of just how big this dress is because it’s taking up the whole carriage. It’s not just the bottom half of her gown that’s worth mentioning though, but also the bodice, which looks to be embellished with flowers. And like so many gypsy brides before her, this woman opted for a candy floss pink color and accessorized in a very bold way. Including a big tiara and what looks like a wand.

This style not for everyone, but there is no denying that this woman looks as though she is a Disney Princess,

and that’s the look she was going for. I have no clue what the groom thinks, but it seems he will be reluctant to ride in a carriage again any time soon.

18 Perhaps A Few More Bridesmaids Were Needed For This Enormous Train?!

Gypsy brides may have to follow certain rules and adhere by family traditions, but on this bride's wedding day the choice of dress was all hers, and she decided to ask three bridesmaids to stand up there by her side for her big moment. The only problem is, she should have maybe asked a few more, because three women alone may need an extra hand with this enormous train.

The bride chose to go all out with a very big, very poofy dress but also opted for a corseted top, encrusted with crystals, to show off her curves. So, how do you accessorize an outfit that’s already over the top? With more diamonds, of course! As you can see, the bride pulled everything together with heart-shaped accessories, including earrings, a necklace, and an intricate heart-shaped tiara.

17 When In Doubt, Let It All Hang Out

We have already established that gypsy brides featured on the show like dresses that are super sparkly and big; really big. But it's not just size that matters, so does color. And in this bride's case, she wanted to combine neon pink and leopard print. A combination very few people can pull off.

Her bold dress is studded with Swarovski crystals, and she decided that cutouts would be the perfect addition to a wedding gown, as well as a pink veil.

I hope she also requested her guest bring sunglasses for all that bling!

Let's be honest, this dress is not for everyone, but the bride was a happy customer, and so was her mom. According to Daily Mail, upon seeing her daughter’s dress, the mother of the bride exclaimed, “Oh my god, it's beautiful.”

16 Who Would Have Thought A Shell Wedding Dress Would Turn Out So Well

Would you have a themed wedding? The answer to that question is probably no, but this bride wanted a dress that made her think of the ocean, so she chose to combine a classic white dress with seashells. The dress is a tulle masterpiece with a high-low hemline, while the bodice is embellished with seashells, and was completed with a seashell headband and bouquet.

Sondra Celli was the designer behind the dress (she dresses many gypsy brides). According to Channel Guide Mag, she commented on the piece saying, “The dress is absolutely gorgeous. She had a theme to her wedding, so it worked for me to go into ice blues and seashells. Seashells! It’s a beautiful dress. It’s odd because it has the shells on it, but it came out pretty.”

In comparison to the bride’s lavish dress, the groom appeared to opt for a very toned down look and wore a waistcoat without a shirt or a jacket.

15 Oversized Gowns Really Limit You Travel Options

This is a scene from My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding, and it shows the bride and her four bridesmaids, as well as a flower girl, in their custom-made dresses. The bride opted to dress her bridal party in purple, which actually compliments the crispy hue of her own dress.

Her dress is not as big and out-there as some of the other dresses on this list, but it's still not your average wedding attire,

as you can tell from the bejeweled corset bodice, which seems like quite a popular choice, and the heavily textured skirt. The combination worked well, and this bride hopefully enjoyed the wedding of her dreams.

I just have to hope that she didn’t have to travel too far because it looks as though she’d struggle to fit into a limousine due to her oversized gown.

14 Orange Sherbet Swirls Anyone?

This bride incorporated her groom’s favorite color (orange) into her princess dress, and the result is something… shall we say, unusual? Her gown is heavily ruffled and features a bright flower swirl on the side, as well as on the neckline. And it's all completed with 12,000 Swarovski crystals on the bodice.

The volume of the dress is in part thanks to layers of organza, but also two petticoats which held it up,

but that's not the most interesting thing about it.

What is, is that, according to TLC, the bride had never even worn a dress or heels before her big day, and, because this was the first time she had ever worn a dress, she went all-out (it was also partly the groom's idea).

13 The Bride Asked For A Big, Blingy Dress, And It Was Delivered

The first thing you think of when you look at this dress is "wow, this bride has a beautiful smile," and the second thing is "wow, that’s a really big dress."

Actually... big may be an understatement because according to Daily Mail, it weighed 110 lbs and was completed with more than 50,000 crystals.

Turns out the bride even had to practice with weights before her big day to ensure that she could walk in it!

We’ve heard the saying about there being a price to pay for beauty, but this seems like a pretty big price, and I'm not just talking about the weight but also the price tag. This dress was apparently $40,000 (which is more than some weddings).

According to the publication, this bride requested the "biggest, blingiest dress" possible and her designer definitely delivered on that request.

12 This Dress Would Be At Home In 'Frozen'

This is not the first winter wonderland theme we've ever seen for a wedding, but it does have a twist. The blue and white fur combination gives the bride's outfit a wintery feel, but she put her own personal touches on it when she requested the gown be covered in crystals, leaving her looking like a blinged version of a character from Disney’s hit, Frozen.

According to TLC, this dress was crafted from 300 yards of powder blue tulle and 100 yards of satin. Again, accessories prove to be everything, and the bride figured a large tiara was the best option to complete her outfit. The bride was accompanied by her twin, who wore a bright shade of blue to help her down the aisle. We all know she needed help handling that dress!

11 Who Wants A Dress With Stars When They Can Have One With Cats?

This bride chose classic white, but there is nothing classic about her dress, and there is definitely no way you would miss her entrance into the church. It appears she got the idea for the gown from designer Kimora Lee Simmons, because even though this dress was not made by the American fashionista, it was inspired by it because it makes use of the same cat logo. The bottom of the dress also reads “Baby Phatt” (spelled incorrectly) which appears to have been written out in diamantes.

The bride also revealed why she wanted the cat, saying, “Everyone has flowers or stars on their dress, I wanted something different,”

and she really wanted to drive the theme home because even her oversized tiara contains two cats.

10 When You Want A Memorable Wedding, Get A Memorable Dress

When you want a super memorable wedding dress, why not opt for a really bright, unusual color? That’s what bride Melissa wanted when she contacted Sondra Celli to design her dress, which consists of layers and layers of purple tulle which were covered in Swarovski crystals.

She finished her wedding day look with a bouquet of purple silk lilies and accessorized with crystal cuffs and an unusual color veil. I know, you’re probably thinking why would she wear black? But according to TLC, the black veil is a traditional veil of darkness.

As for the groom, well, he opted for a standard white suit but complimented his bride’s outfit by choosing accents of purple for his tie, waistcoat, and pocket square. Overall, their outfits may not be what the average couple would choose, but they look very smart.

9 Did Someone Take A Time Machine To The Victorian Era?

It’s no secret that a wedding doesn’t come cheap, but some people clearly have more disposable income than others, because few brides could spend thousands of dollars on a dress—for not only themselves—but also for their bridesmaids. And this bride doesn’t just have one or two women by her side kitted out in bright blue ball gowns — she has six!

Her choice of color for her bridesmaids actually allows her dress to stand out, but speaking of her dress, it looks as though it was modeled after something from the Victorian era. There’s no denying that this is a big dress (someone small could even live under it) and it would have required a lot of fabric, but also a lot of time to put on, on the wedding day.

8 Shine Bright Like A Diamond (And A Star)

Earlier on this list, I mentioned that one of the brides had to walk with weights to see if she could handle her wedding dress on the big day, and it would seem this woman had the same problem because her dress is massive!

The angle of this photo really shows just how big these wedding dresses are, and this particular one is at least three times bigger than the bride herself — probably double her weight, too.

The bride wanted a star theme and had her dress embellished with small and large gold stars, and the end result was something that could impress guests with its size and sparkle, but may also require them to wear sunglasses if the light hits the dress in the wrong way!

7 The Show Is Over, But No One Can Forget The Dresses

My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding has been canceled, but people still can’t forget the dresses featured in the series. The reason is that these dresses are so daring, and even though some push the boundaries of what is fashionable and what is tacky, there is something truly individual about each and every one of these pieces — unlike the mass-produced gowns you can find in wedding boutiques. Just take this ball gown for example!

People who aren’t part of the gypsy community love ball gowns with big skirts, too, but this bride has made this dress truly unique by opting for a hot pink sash on the middle of her dress, as well as a crown, and hot pink veil. This sets her out from the crowd, and whether you love her look or dislike it, you have to admit it’s not one you’re going to be forgetting any time soon!

6 When You Remarry The Love Of Your Life, Wear This!

There is a special story behind this bride’s wedding; she actually married her husband when they were just teenagers and then, years later, when they had the financial means to be able to throw the wedding they’d always dreamed of, they decided to do it in style. And by style, I mean they contacted designer Sondra Celli.

When you remarry the man of your dreams, you can only do it in the dress of your dreams, which for this bride, happens to be a big gold and white princess dress.

The bride completed her outfit with satin gloves, a high crown, a long veil, and a diamante choker, and although it’s pretty out-there, it’s also quite classy. Her bridesmaids' attire gets less approval though, because it looks as though she was inspired by a ballerina's outfit.

5 There’s A Price (And Backache) To Pay For Beauty

A wedding is an important moment in any couple’s life, and it’s one of those days you want to go off without a hitch. For this reason, many people spend months planning in the hopes that things will turn out well. But when you choose a wedding dress that’s hard to move in, extra problems can arise.

I’m sure this bride practiced walking in her fairytale ensemble before her big day, but can you imagine the backache she’s going to have after carrying around this heavy gown all day? And what about the dress itself? Well, at first glance this dress may seem like an unflattering mix of green and white tulle, but if you look more closely, you’ll see just how much work has gone into creating this alternative gown. The bodice has been intricately beaded to form flowers, and the bride’s hairpiece, well, there’s that, too.

4 Sometimes The Bridesmaids Dresses Can Overshadow The Bride

Hot pink and white may be a cute color combination if you’re about 3 years old, but it's not really what you'd imagine for a wedding.

ut this bride doesn't appear to be wanting a normal wedding, rather, she's after the "wow" factor, and boy, did she get it!

Surprisingly, her own dress is a pretty standard design, in a muted shade, but that didn’t mean her wedding was going to be classic with muted tones, and she let her bridesmaids' attire to grab the attention.

Their elaborate dresses look as though they were styled after Cinderella, with the gathered pieces of tulle in the front, but the bold feathered headpieces are definitely not something that could be found in a Disney movie. Nope, that’s all thanks to this bride!

3 This Bride Has Channeled Her Inner Ice Queen

This bride was really driving home the theme of the ice princess wedding because she even went so far as to wear frosted makeup and sparkles. I have no idea why she decided to choose this theme, but you have to wonder if she’s cold posing for photos outdoors, with her arms bare, while her groom wears a jacket, a waistcoat, and a thick fur coat on.

At this point on this list, there's not much that's surprising about this dress because again, it’s a tight bodice filled with bling and a sizable tulle skirt (which we can see in the left-hand side of the photo). But the thing that makes this outfit stand out is the very intricate crown that the bride decided to wear on her big day. Really, Jadis, the witch from Narnia, would be proud of the end result.

2 Why Have Two Separate Weddings When You Can Have One?

This is not just the union of one couple, but the union of two, because gypsy sisters Kandace and Kayla opted for a double wedding, and two different bright neon color dresses.

Apparently, they decided to have a double wedding because they’re super close, but this is something many brides would scrunch their noses up at because who wants to share their big day?!

Then again, when you’re forking out loads of cash on your dress, it's a cost-cutting measure to combine the wedding day. And fork out cash these women did, because their dresses–which are almost matching aside from the colors—each have 60 yards of ruffled organza high-low hemlines. And it’s not just the ruffled hemline that’s eye-catching about these designs, but also the many jewels featured on the corset bodices.

1 This Dress Is Not Worth The Steep Price Tag

A wedding dress is a once in a lifetime purchase (hopefully, if everything goes well), and that's why it's considered okay for brides to splash out on an expensive gown. Most brides spend more on a dress than they normally would, and although there may be some guilt involved in the purchase of a gown that costs upwards of $5,000, there are very few women who would be willing to splash out on a whopping $200,000 piece. Then again, most dresses don’t look like this.

This lavish gown is a combination of white and gold (given the price tag, it wouldn’t be surprising if part of the dress was actually real gold) and belongs to a gypsy bride from Slovakia. It’s not certain if she was featured on the show or not, but her dress definitely deserves a spot on this list because it's just as outrageous as the others!


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