25 of the Creepiest Things Kids Have Said

Don't kids say the darnedest things? One of the most admirable things about them is their refusal to hold back. They will tell you the nicest things, the meanest things and... yep, you guessed it, the creepiest things! Some say that kids are biologically more inclined (than adults) to see "paranormal activity" – Something about kids being able to see a different spectrum of light, their brainwave connections and having a proportionally larger brain than adults... But most say that they have "a vivid imagination". Only, sometimes their stories are so detailed that they really make you wonder... Could it be more than their imagination? Did they really see something? Either way, you are pretty much guaranteed a one way ticket to Spooksville.

Here are 25 creepy stories about kids shared by Reddit users. Be warned! You may want to sleep with the lights on tonight...

23 The Kid and the Creepy House

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Erm, you might want to switch to electric heating.

22 The Kid Who Sees Ghosts

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As if ghosts weren't creepy enough. You can't be a creeper and a ghost! Pick one or the other.

21 The Kid Who Sees Aliens

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ET needs a ride home.

20 Creepy Outbursts

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19 The Man in the Closet

via: reddit.com, user: QuagmireDP

Officially tearing out all of my closets.

18 The Beetles Revival

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Did John Lennon believe in reincarnation?

17 The Grave Robber

via: reddit.com, user: Marmitegirl75

Wow, what a little Casanova!

16 Sweet Dreams Are Made of These

via: reddit.com, user: UnfortunateBirthMark

You might want to sleep with one eye open, Dad.

15 Brotherly Love

via: reddit.com, user: olafthebent

Well, at least she asked.

14 Men in Black

via: reddit.com, user:b00gatti

Ah, good ol' Slenderman.

13 The Kid and the Boy on the Ceiling

via:reddit.com, user: lmtl30stm

What's scarier than a creepy closet? A creepy closet that leads to an attic.

The Kid Who Sees Dead Kids

via: reddit.com, user: jamazon_

Just keep driving. To the next town. Or country.

12 The Kid Who Becomes a Demon at Night

via: reddit.com, user: Cirias

Aw, how sweet.

You might want to put an extra lock on your door.

via: reddit.com user- Mostlyallthere

11 The Kid Who Melted His Clones

via: reddit.com, user: tagusan

What else would you do with 6 clones of yourself?

10 Little Sadie Sue

via: reddit.com, user: NinjaBudgie57575

Any ideas? Uh, maybe therapy? Or a priest?

9 Demons and Squirrels

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I wish he had been talking about squirrels.

8 The Girl in the Tower

via: reddit.com, user: dissinger

That's quite the imagination.

7 The Boy on the Bed

via: reddit.com, user: ka0t1k

Kids like to just go around and creep people out.

6 Are You Alone?

via: reddit.com, user: SubCircus

Call mommy and tell her to meet you at a hotel.

5 Psychic or Medium?

via: reddit.com, user: m_stewart_baxter

Nope x 10000

4 The King Who Drank Blood

via: reddit.com, user: frumperbell

Well, that is pretty considerate of him.

3 The Kid and the Man With Long Fingers

via: reddit.com, user: GodofCat

Go home, Saladfingers!

2 The Boy and the Faeries

via: reddit.com, user: alicenidiotland

Can we please get some Tinkerbell up in here?!

1 The Girl Who Had Been Murdered in Her Past Life

via: reddit.com, user: jlynec

This just seriously upped the spook ante.


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sources: reddit.com, portlandghosts.wordpress.com

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