25 of the Weirdest Pregnancy Cravings

Pregnancy is known to be a beautiful experience.The nine-month-long process is always described as a wonderful experience, full of loving feelings, however, all mothers and their partners will tell you that this image of pregnancy is incomplete. There are a lot of Do's and Don'ts out there for pregnant women – they're supposed to eat healthy, take care of themselves, and give up their vices, all for the sake of this living thing growing inside of them. As if they weren't suffering already, pregnancy can also bring forth a barrage of hormones that will make you an emotional hurricane, and can even bring on some pretty strange cravings. Imagine trying to ignore your hormone-induced craving for a disgusting, ammonia-dunked chicken nugget from McDonald's while trying to eat your healthiest for the sake of your child! Many women can tell you how their cravings can get a little crazy. Often times they are not exactly healthy, and not always food.

Check out some of the strangest pregnancy cravings women have ever had!

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25 Meatballs and Milk


Meatball is actually the most adorable nickname for a baby.

24 The Chalk Craving

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Nothing like a good bite of sedimentary carbonate rock.

23 The Keeping-it-Healthy Craving

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An abundance of fresh fruits and veggies are probably the healthiest craving one can have -- having them help you cool down is plus!

22 The Cheetos and Soup Craving

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This doesn't sound all that bad – minus the chalk.

21 The Sand Craving

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Ever craved something so intensely it brought you to tears? Ever had that craving be sand? Yeah, me neither.

20 The Tires Craving

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More chalk with a side of tires. The craving of strange substances that are not entirely edible is called Pica.

19 The Gravy on Errthang

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Rihanna says, "Pour it up, pour it up".

18 The Meatatarian

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Pregnancy can sometimes cause all of your morals and values to change. Usually a vegetarian? Baby decided you are not one for the next nine-months.

17 The Mustard Craving

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16 The Pizza Craving

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So... eating pizza for breakfast, lunch and dinner isn't a thing?

15 The Pudding

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I went through this period. Except I wasn't pregnant. And I was in the third grade. And it was grand.

14 The PB&J Special

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This person had the right idea. Using other foods as an edible spoon is not only delicious, but saves you from one more item that you have to clean!

13 The Clean Craving

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Pica cravings back at it again, this time with some suds.

12 The Wash Cloth Craving

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Pregnancy IS weird.

11 The Rice with some Ice Craving

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No ice, no dice.

10 The Rubber Smell Craving

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Pregnant or not, some scents will do that to a person.

9 The Not-Knowing-What-Your-Craving Craving

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Possibly one of the worst feelings is having a craving and not being able to satisfy it. It makes you wonder what did you do to deserve this kind of evil?

8 The Pickles & Marshmallow Fluff

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Out of all of the odd dirt, sand, and tire cravings, for some reason this pickle and marshmallow fluff mix is the one that turns me off the most.

7 The Non-food Cravings

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It is quite common for women to crave items that are not edible.

6 The Spicy Craving

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It's like ordering a Caesar, minus everything but the tabasco sauce. But you know what they say..."spicy going in, spicy going out"!

5 The Laundry Scent Craving

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4 The Sugar & Spice Craving

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I think most of us crave diabetes on the regular, too bad we don't always have pregnancy to blame it on.

3 The Gasoline...Craving?

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This craving is far from healthy or good, and quite frankly, it is outright scary.

2 The Disgust-Other-People Craving

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One second. *holds back vomit*. Baby gets what baby wants.

1 The I-Wish-I-Never-Got-Pregnant Craving

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Pregnancy can really take a toll on the female body. Everything is changing or getting bigger. You are uncomfortable all the time. Some women may even wish they could go back in time or skip the whole process. Entertaining the idea of Plan B pills isn't so bad... is it? Nothing like a little dark humour to ease up the hell that is pregnancy.

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