25 Parents Who Are Hilariously Fulfilling Their Parental Duties

Parents are boring to kids, right? They don’t like the same games that kids like and they are oh so uncool. Eventually, kids cringe if their parents even talk in public—or worse yet, appear in strange clothing, though it seems perfectly normal to the parent in question. There are some parents that are better at entertaining children than others. Perhaps they have similar interests or their kids aren’t quite caught up with the “my parents are so uncool” thing. Either way, not every parent sits in the easy chair with the newspaper every evening, boring their kids with facts and figures later at the dinner table. In fact, some parents ensure that their kids are never ever bored.

How do these parents do it? They’re creative and they have no limits on what they can do. These parents have a better sense of humor than most comedians and we would never be bored if they were ours. These kids should be thankful to the lengths their parents go to in order to keep boredom at bay. Plus, the memories in this family will be rich. There will never be a shortage of stories to tell to future kids and grandkids.

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25 The happiest birthday a kid could ever have

Any child expects something nice from their parents on their birthday. After all, it’s because of their parents that they are alive today. Those are the people who love them the most and likely know them the best. So when dad can’t think of a thing to give his child but this card, the kid knows it’s something he will save for a long time because it’s downright entertaining. It may not be the cold, hard cash he wanted, but it’s something.

24 A little something nice for the teachers

Not every parent will admit that their child is hard to control. For those parents who know just what their kid is capable of doing, teachers rejoice at the sight of them. Not only because they will have someone on their side who believes them but also because they have someone who will give them a gift like this to help them get through the year with their child. It’s hard to dispute that this kid is highly entertained every day, even if he is also highly embarrassed.

23 There's nothing like making a profit from something bad

Via: reddit.com

This kid’s father ran a business and he had to make the most of it. When his child was attacked by a monkey on an exotic hike, sure, he was concerned. But there were awesome pictures of the moment, so why not make the most of it?

It happened and he can’t erase that.

So he made the best of it and created postcards to sell within his store as tourists came through, looking for something unique to send back home.

22 Any child would love a plate of frozen money, right?

This is clearly a case of being careful what you ask for when this particular mom is around. When this boy asked for cold, hard cash, that’s just what he got. And he looks none too pleased about it, either. Since the cash looks to be ones, there’s no telling how much is actually in that wad. With any luck, it’s enough for him to move out as requested. He’s not getting much respect around here, but everyone around him is entertained at least.

21 Another be careful what you wish for moment

There are some parents who know just what you want and they’ll get it for you. There are other parents who will get you exactly what you ask for, even if it’s not really what you want.

Most kids know what kind of parent they have so it’s best if they are a bit more specific.

Otherwise, they’ll end up with something highly entertaining—to their parents, but maybe not so much for them. This boy did not get what he had hoped, but his parents are laughing.

20 The gift that no one wants

Parents are the people who know their children better than anyone else. When gift-giving seasons come around, they know just what to get for their child. And they likely know just what not to get. This would fall into the second category. No kid wants a blanket of their dad on it and no kid wants to hear their dad calling it a birth control blanket. It’s just wrong on so many levels, but these kids aren’t bored with this dad around, that’s for sure.

19 Important information told in a strange manner

Not every parent sends texts to their kids. There are still some old-fashioned parents who will just leave a note when there’s something their child wants to know.

These parents are out on an adventure and apparently, they have someone working in their yard.

They want their kid to know that they should not be scared, but stating things in this manner leads to more entertainment than fear. What a parent to leave a note like this and chuckle over it while doing so.

18 The best Halloween costume ever

Via: reddit.com

This mom decided it would be cool to dress up like her son for Halloween. The only problem is that she did such a good job, it’s almost hard to tell which one is which. She’s probably had comments about her son’s appearance and attire in the past and now she’s showing him exactly what she thinks he looks like with this costume. Will she get a lot of candy when she goes out to trick-or-treat? More importantly, will she get more dates than he does looking like this?

17 The old style text message

Back in the day, parents had to leave notes for their kids. They couldn’t text. Today, it seems like texting is the only things kids understand. To get his daughter’s attention, this dad does a little of each. He sends a text via paper to give her a chuckle.

Even if she rolled her eyes at these messages, he got a kick out of it.

And hey, at least he’s not boring. And he’s not blowing up her phone with actual text messages like this.

16 The lengths parents will go to for a little help

Parents complain about technology and their children’s lack of motivation, but this parent wants to ensure that their children are highly entertained all summer long. Instead of complaining, they give their kid a list of chores and inspect them with care before handing over the Wi-Fi password that will give them entertainment for the rest of the day. This parent is not only entertaining but also highly intelligent for coming up with this idea. Their child likely gets their chores done in record time now.

15 Airport pickup has never looked better

Via: reddit.com

Not many families miss their children so much that they go all out for an airport arrival. They all want to go along for the pick and they all, well, dress a little off to make sure she doesn’t miss them.

There’s no missing this and everyone in the airport was likely highly entertained.

Who were these people picking up and is this what they always look like? Luckily, no, but at least the daughter gets the point. They go the extra mile for her.

14 Never teach a dad how to take selfies

Technology is something that the younger generation grows up with, but many parents are trying to keep up with the times and engage as well. They may not understand what’s so important about all of the social media sites and the selfie-taking, but they’re trying. They don’t have to do it the normal way, though, and this dad proves as much. Selfies will never be the same again now that he has figured out how to do them. Forget about seeing his face when he can come up with gems like this.

13 Dad does what he says and proves his point

Via: ranker.com

There are some parents that are more into the “do as I say, not as I do,” but not this dad. He doesn’t believe short shorts are cute on his daughter and he proves his point by wearing them himself.

He’s probably worried he would get kicked out of the store if he were to wander the aisles without a little something under the shorts.

But he’s definitely getting his point out there. If his girls want to wear short shorts, then so will he. And he’ll take them everywhere they want to go himself so everyone can enjoy the view.

12 The first social media picture is always epic

Via: reddit.com

Moms who get on Facebook are often the coolest of the bunch of moms, right? But not all of them know how to do things right and others, while experimenting, will actually learn too much for their children’s comfort. Once this mom got on social media, she started fiddling around and realizing she could send cool pictures like this to her children on a regular basis—so she did. This is her very first message to her kids and we bet she sent many more like it after.

11 Sometimes it's too cold, deal with it

Parents aren’t the only people who entertain kids—there are also extended family members, like uncles.

Everyone has a weird uncle or two, right?

And these kids have one that will ride his bike through anything, even on a mountain in weather that is obviously too cold. He’s either going to need to invest in a face mask or something or wait until the temperature rises. Looking like old man winter with real icicles hanging from one’s beard is entertaining, but it probably doesn't feel too great.

10 The best game a parent could hatch

Kids like games, right? But usually only the ones they play by their own rules, not games that their parents make up. And this proves that point perfectly. The parent needs a few chores done. The kids usually refuse. This is some kind of torture for a child. There’s no putting off the chores if they want any of their normal entertainment options. These kids are entertained with cleaning—they’re not happy about it, but they’re entertained, thanks to dad.

9 If fish could talk, this is what mom thinks he'd say

There are some pets that are hard to ignore. There’s no way the dog will let you forget to feed or walk him. And there’s no getting around petting a cat that wants attention.

But a fish? They’re easy to forget.

And this mom is concerned the fish has been forgotten for too long. So she leaves a nice little note for her daughter reminding her that the fish is alive, but not thanks to her daughter’s feeding skills. The cat could use a snack, too.

8 Moms who give their children everything they want

Via: reddit.com

We’ve all seen local attorney commercials, but not many of us are enthralled by them. Apparently, this little boy was. And so his mom, rather than give him a regular car-themed birthday party, gave him the party of his dreams featuring his real hero—the local lawyer from all the commercials he loved. Now that’s creativity at its best and this child will never be bored. He’ll also never have a birthday party quite like this one—at least we can hope.

7 For the parent with way too much time on their hands

Via: imgur.com

There are parents that will spend a few minutes executing a prank on their children and then there are those that stay up all night to get things just right.

Sure, the parents often do all of the work, including the shoveling after a snowstorm, but sometimes, it’s worth it.

This parent piled all of the snow from the driveway up by the windows to create the perfect storm of a prank for their kids. Now they just have to wait for the window to open in the morning.

6 Changing the family dog isn't always appreciated

The family dog is usually well-loved by all children in the house, starting at a young age. Kids get used to their habits and they expect things to go the same way. The dog is a dog, right? Until dad puts a horse head on it, at least. Dad thinks it’s funny, but the baby? Not so much. It could be entertaining for him, but he’s just terrified, as you can tell by his facial expression. At least his life won’t be boring because that’s the last thing we’d want for him.

5 The best, most embarrassing airport pickup ever

Via: reddit.com

Parents were made to embarrass their kids. At least, that’s what the kids think. And in this case, they would be right. This young girl doesn’t travel alone often. In fact, this was her first time going solo on a trip.

When she arrived home, her dad didn’t want her to miss him in the pick-up line so he dressed like this and held this clever sign.

She probably won’t leave again alone any time soon, just so she can avoid this on the other side of the trip.

4 Who doesn't want a smashed child in their phone?

If you’ve ever seen a phone like this, you know you have run into a parent whose children are never bored. To get this picture, they had to take a picture of their child smashed up against the glass and then set it as their homepage background photo. It’s a child trapped inside a phone, oh no! And it’s entertaining for anyone who sees it. The child may be embarrassed about such antics someday, but for now, it’s cool.

3 For the parent with a sense of humor

Via: reddit.com

This child is a paraplegic and we don’t know if he’s a fan of The Walking Dead or not, but his mom got him this T-shirt because she thought it was hilarious. Luckily, he did as well and he wears it with pride.

Sometimes, you have to have a sense of humor about things in life and this family certainly does.

Making light of something serious helps to get them through the day and in this case, is highly entertaining for them all.

2 Being a test case for dad can be dangerous

This adult child never knows what he’s going to get when he opens a package from dad in the mail. It’s never the same thing twice. It’s nice to see a package from dad, but when he opens it and finds an ax, things take a turn for the strange. At least dad sent some money as well, but why did he want to know if he could send an ax through the mail or not in the first place?

1 For the parent with time and a sense of humor

Via: reddit.com

Parents like to experiment on social media as well and this parent sent this picture out—after organizing it, of course—with the caption that the skeleton was actually them waiting for their daughter to get her homework done.

Some kids are faster than others. What’s wrong with that?

This set up took some time and likely was the reason the daughter was being so slow with her work, wouldn’t you think? All that commotion around her couldn’t have helped her speed.

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