25 People We Don’t Understand, But, Hey, We Like Their Style

They say that it takes all kinds to make up a world, and since "they" also say that chocolate is good for us and that owning dogs helps us live longer, healthier lives, we figure it's obvious that "they" have our best interests at heart, so it's highly unlikely that "they" would steer us wrong on this. It just wouldn't make sense that "they" would try to fool us this time around when "they" have been so supportive of us and so genuinely interested in our lives. That wouldn't make sense. We'd never expect that of "they".

Point is, we've all got our own perspectives based on our own past experiences and our own opinions based on the way we see the world. We may all look the same, with two arms and two legs and unyielding, sometimes unwanted body hair, but when we look past those similarities, we're as uniquely individual as wildflowers in a field or pieces of elbow macaroni in a pasta salad. We may not *get* why everyone does what they do, but we're all for individuality 'round these here parts. So to these 25 people, we say, We don't understand them, but, hey, we sure like their style.

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25 This kid's a real monster

Via: me.me

Who knows why kids do the things they do, but since we adults see no reason for them to reign in their eccentricities (at least not now, while they're still full of that youthful energy and don't yet have any real responsibilities), we let them get away with it.

Don't get us wrong, we're not complaining. Heck, we love it when kids get to be kids, and judging by the smiles on these students' faces, we'd say they're big fans, too. Sure, this boy's a little monster, but the only havoc he's wreaking here is hilarity.

24 Ken and Chuck: they're no dummies

Via: wackyy.org

Hey, we just thought up a really great slogan for The Power Team. We'll pitch it real quick, then everyone can see what they think and weigh in. Here goes. "The Power Team, Ken & Chuck: They're no dummies!" Huh, huh? Sounds pretty great, doesn't it?

Alright, so maybe our slogan isn't completely true. At least half of The Power Team is a dummy. But anyone who looks at this sign, featuring the 8th best real estate team in town can tell, these two? They're not a couple of chumps. No way.

23 Consider us sold

Uh-oh. Look out Ken and Chuck, it looks like there's a new The Power Team in town. Corey and Craig are two besties that can't be beat, and their friendship is so rock solid, they want everyone in the world to know about it.

"We'll do what you want"? Well, in that case...

It's not like we need Corey and Craig to help us move or anything, but we'd like to maybe catch a movie with Corey and Craig. We don't understand them, but we're totally digging their style.

22 Okay...

There's being organized—which takes some time and effort initially, but is so much easier in the long run—there's being disorganized—which is the lazy way out, but at least you never waste time doing boring stuff like putting things back where they belong—and then...there's this.

To be honest, we're not sure what this is. Is it organized? Disorganized? Some kind of weird middle ground between the two? We can't say. Whatever it is, we're big fans and, not gonna lie, we're pretty impressed, too.

21 They drive a hard bargain

Via: me.me

Hmm. Free tacos, huh? And you say that all we have to do in order to obtain these irresistible delicacies is buy a house? Alright! Sounds like a deal! Although, we don't know how the bank's going to respond when we tell them we want to buy a house because of free tacos

Just one question: what kind of tacos?

What are we talking about, here, hard shell or soft? And what's in the tacos, beef or chicken? We're willing to go along with this, but we need more information before we apply for a home loan.

20 Makes sense

Social anxiety is real, people, and we would even wager a guess that its effects are more pronounced in the dating world. But we like this guy's style because, by introducing balloons to this situation, he's proved that social phobias can be festive and, indeed, fun!

Besides, it's definitely not like tying a balloon to an item on an attractive person's, well, person is strange, teetering on stalkerish behavior. We see no downsides to this tactic, and we not only recommend, we encourage you to use it the next chance you get.

19 *Buys garlic knots* Just livin' the vegetarian lifestyle

Well, society, you've let us down. By allowing us to believe that being a vegetarian means not eating meat, and not telling us the truth, which is that being a vegetarian is the exact opposite of being gluten-free, you have kept us from pursuing our garlic bread dietary dreams.

It's official. We're vegetarians.

Now that we know this is an option that's not only on the table, but that is a recognized diet, there's nothing stopping us from eating only garlic flavored carbs. This can mean only one thing: it's time to go up a pant size.

18 This is as wholesome as it gets, folks

Via: reddit.com

We don't understand this dog owner, but then again, we kind of do. We mean, it's not like people go to the local playground just so they can push their poodle on the swingset. But, at the same time, wouldn't the world be a much better place if they did?

Ghandi said that you should "be the change you wish to see in the world," so we're proud of this guy, trying to turn us into a society that helps their doggies have a good time. Sounds good to us.

17 We don't remember this part

We haven't been to church in a while, but we sure don't remember this book of the Bible. We guess we must have missed something somewhere.

We have no memory of this.

We just got a mental image of Jesus turning water into a lightning-fast sports car, then challenging non-believers to a race. He definitely won, what with him being the Son of God and all, and when he crossed the finish line, the apostles hoisted him up on their shoulders and carried him around Nazareth. It must have been awesome. Amen.

16 As if math couldn't get any spookier

We have lots of talents, like, uh...well, of course, we're very good at...um. Huh. Looks like we can't think of anything we're good at right now. Oh, well. Anyway, one of the things that we're not good at (in addition to remembering the things we are good at) is math.

All those numbers, all those variables. We mean, math class was like a bad dream for us already, but when this guy cosplayed Jigsaw and pedaled into school? Whew, buddy. Things got so much more upsetting. But, still...we like how he rolls.

15 A chocolatey hazelnut spread hootenanny

We finally remembered something we're actually good at! Eating more Nutella than anyone would guess is humanly possible. Some people wouldn't call that a talent, they might even call that a problem, but whatever. Who needs those naysayers.

A Nutella party is the only kind of party we want to attend.

When we get to a party, we make a beeline for the host's pet. Forget the people, we'll just make friends with the animals. But, if people start upping their game with copious amounts of Nutella, we might be persuaded to come out of our shell.

14 Snorkel in the streets

Times are hard. We guess. We actually don't really know, but it seems like that's something people say a lot, so we figured we'd give it a go.

You can't always afford to take the vacation of your dreams, but that doesn't mean you have to sit inside with your hands in your lap having a lame time. Take a leaf out of this guy's book and make your own fun. Be bold. Swim in the ditch. Risk getting flesh-eating bacteria. You can do it. We believe in you!

13 Would you look at the snark on this Sassypants wearer?

For some people, "dazed and confused" isn't a state of existence that they don't want to be in, it's their modus operandi. If they haven't left completely innocent strangers scratching their heads after coming into contact with them, then they feel they haven't done their jobs.

Baffling others produces a natural high for people like this man.

This certainly isn't our personal style of comedy, but we're not about to stop this fella from having a good time. Keep on keepin' on, you master of mystification. Whatever totes your goat.

12 *Fills windshield wiper reservoir with holy water*

We can't help but feel that if these priests had been carrying a copy of the holy Bible 2" Tokyo Drift, this never would have happened. We know the Lord works in mysterious ways, but we feel like that book would've been helpful in this situation.

Good thing mechanic classes are a part of training for the priesthood in addition to religious studies, otherwise these two would be in a pickle of unholy proportions. Hopefully they were able to push it to the nearest auto shop/church for a tune-up and an exorcism.

11  Don't stop him now

We realize Queen isn't for everyone. Some people don't like Freddie Mercury, but those people are a little thing we like to call "wrong". Besides, why would you interfere with this guy? He's having a good time. Don't stop him now.

He is the champion, our friends.

He's just a poor boy, nobody loves him, and besides that, he's been under pressure lately. He's only trying to find somebody to love, and he's determined, too. Stand in his way at your own risk because if you get on his bad side, he will, he will rock you.

10 Kookaburra Cowboy—coming soon to a theater near you

Everybody has been going on and on about the latest movies. Ocean's 8, The Incredibles 2, Avengers: Infinity War. Look, we're not saying we're not thrilled about these films, but one movie we're super stoked for is Kookaburra Cowboy.

According to the trailer, the film follows the life of a kookaburra who was born laughing, but as he grows up, he realizes that instead of being merry, merry king of the old gum tree, he wants to pursue a life of roping doggies and riding the range. It's an emotional tale of one bird and his destiny. Looks pretty good.

9 What's a little rain to a guy with a hammockayak?

Everything has an opposite. Some people are bothered by every little thing. They fret and worry, so much so that you get the feeling that they're not happy unless they're fretting and worrying. And then you have people like this guy.

He literally could not be bothered.

As natural worrywarts, we strive to be more like this ultra calm, totally unaffected fella who, in spite of catastrophic flooding, has refused to let a little unwanted water stand in the way of his good time. Good for you, dude.

8 Religious icons are so beautiful

Like we said, it's been a while since we've been to church, but, uh...is Jar Jar Binks an official saint recognized by the Catholic Church, or is this just the shenaniganry of an over the top Star Trek fan? *Pauses to count how many people freaked out over the fact that we said Star Trek instead of Star Wars*

Meh. Fandoms are essentially religions, anyway, so we're going to let this slide. We hope this artist keeps on toting their goats in this manner, and we also hope we get to see more of their antics sometime soon.

7 And a large McBirdseed for the parrot, please

Via: ladnow.com

Most people wouldn't be happy to see a woman in McDonald's with her pet parrot. The idea of having a bird, an animal so casual about its bathroom habits, around all those burgers and fries isn't exactly appetizing.

But this is far from the most upsetting thing we've seen in a fast food joint.

If we had a dollar for every time we've seen someone in a fast food restaurant being icky, we'd be a millionaire. Besides, that parrot is pretty well behaved considering it's a McDonald's customer, so, yeah. We're okay with this.

6 Seems a little fruity to us, but alrighty

We may not understand everybody we encounter, but the way we see it is that as long as you're not hurting anyone else by your actions and as long as you're not costing other people money, you should be free to do whatever totes your goat–even if what totes your goat is wearing watermelon rinds.

We have a feeling that shortly before that melon ended up on this guy's head, it was filled with some kind of fruity margarita. That's just the vibe we're getting here. We could be wrong. Don't think we are, though.

5 Public transportatzen

We live in such a fast-paced world, and while that's certainly opened up a whole new can of worm opportunities to us, it's also caused us to forget how to enjoy the simpler things in life. Fortunately for this guy, he's found a happy medium.

By meditating on the train into work, he's found the best of both worlds.

This man figured out how to have his cake AND eat it, too. That's revolutionary! The next time you hop aboard the subway, we suggest you get in on the zen action, too. And bring some disinfecting wipes.

4 One picture can say so much

Oh, boy. Don't get us wrong, we're big fans not just of this pink guy's individuality, but also the intense level of "I'm not falling for your shenanigans, kid" that his teacher is displaying. It's just that we don't like confrontation. The tension's so thick here, you could cut it with a machete.

We haven't witnessed such a serious stare-down since we saw that old guy at the park give a squirrel the stink eye for getting its grubby little rodent paws on his lunchbox. We can't handle the suspense!

3 Looks like she's qualified

We get it. "Babysitter" doesn't literally mean "a person who sits on a baby", it just means "a person who sits with a baby". Babysitters are supervisors, not infant loungers. But still, it seems like there were better ways of conveying that.

We know what babysitter means, but as a word, it leaves a lot to be desired.

If it didn't want to be ridiculed in this manner, then perhaps it should have given more thought to how it's perceived. Or, maybe this babysitter isn't being overly-literal, maybe babysitting is really a thing. Who knows?

2 He's a Barbie dad in a birthday gag

Yes, yes. This pleases us. We approve of this person's comedy stylings. Everyone always goes gaga for sarcasm and irony, and those forms of funny definitely have their benefits, but they're far from the be all end all. We're an equal opportunity humor employer.

One of the most overlooked forms of humor is making people uncomfortable in a benign sort of way, and we think this person nailed that on the head. Before committing your next funny, try following this person's example. The results might make you think twice about your favorite comedy style.

1 He's a beautiful flower in the garden of love

Via: ladnow.com

He'll mow your lawn, but one thing this guy will never take a weed whacker to is your heart. Who wouldn't fall head over heels in love with this fella, who not only takes good care of himself, but also his lawn?

We find this man's landscaping prowess to be irresistible.

If somebody doesn't come in here and sweep him off his feet on the double, we'll be obliged to do it for them. This man is a glorious rose in the garden of love. Sure, he's got thorns, but it's high time somebody picks him.

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