25 Pics Of Modded American Cars That Are Really Sad

The “modded” trend has really taken off in the last decade among car owners. Sometimes, mods can be a great thing. They can make a car pop in looks and performance, turning it into a great sight on the road. Even some poor mods can still work out well if done in the right way.

The problem is that too many car owners take perfectly good cars and make them absolute jokes with their modifications. It’s bad enough for some high-end imported cars and flashy foreign models that suffer from these mods. It’s worse when they’re done to otherwise great American-made cars.

Muscle cars are a major culprit, as rather than appreciate these classic automobiles, the owners feel the need to toss in some horrible mods that ruin these beautiful machines. It’s amazing just how many ways an owner can come up with terrible mods and think they’re somehow improving the car.

A few are just laughable while others are downright painful to look at. Here are 25 pics of American cars made into sad jokes by mods that blow the mind over how poorly done they are.

25 Tanks a Lot


Taking an engine from another car and putting it into a muscle model is a famous mod move. This, however, completely blows the mind.

For a rough, rust-bucket Mustang, the owner took the engine of...wait for it...a Sherman tank. That’s right, an engine that weighs more than what most cars do was put into a Mustang, which required the hood to be cut open so it would fit in. That’s without mentioning how loud the thing is, making this a slow and jarring ride.

24 Not So Sharp


You can almost understand what the owner was going for. It’s meant to be a stylish car not unlike Speed Racer’s Mach 1 built from an El Tiburon Shark Roadster. The issue is that the modding looks cheaply done as if it’s nothing more than paper mache.

It’s actually hard to tell which end is the front or the rear because of the points and it just appears horrible. This Shark ended up being nothing but road chum.

23 Buck This Bronco


A Bronco already has enough power and trunk space to handle cargo. That wasn’t enough for this owner. Instead, he cut out the rear bumper and wheels to attach them to a large wooden platform. That ruins the suspension and creates a huge drag to pull the car back. It also creates a wider load to make it harder to park and distract other drivers.

This Bronco should have been saddled before it hit the road.

22 Green But Not From Envy


What is it about Camaros that makes owners ruin them with outrageous mods?

First, even Kermit the Frog would think this is way too much green for this car. That would be bad enough without the ridiculously large wheels that elevate it up and make it look absolutely stupid. Instead of green with envy, other drivers are too busy laughing themselves sick over this model.

21 Jacked Up


A higher suspension is one thing. Taking your car and putting it on a huge moving platform is another.

That’s just what someone did with this GTO. It’s already a smooth ride so putting it on what looks like a set of risers on wheels is ludicrous. The balance is horrible so it’s a high bar to clear in terms of bad mods. The fact it’s on a tow truck should say a lot.

20 A Slight Blind Spot


Camaros are not dragsters. They are muscle cars. That is a very obvious distinction but somehow, some modders ignore that. That’s led to the rise in muscle cars being transformed into race vehicles.

This is a horrible example with the engine put on the hood to “increase” the speed when it really drags it down majorly. Muscle cars simply don’t belong on a race track.

19 Weirdsmobile


This is just weird. Who knows what this Mustang owner was going for with this bizarre hodgepodge of styles.

The brown covering looks very odd with its mix of styles and appearing as some sort of desert motif. There’s the fake rust and whatever that pile of objects on the roof is. It also appears that the trunk has been oddly elevated to open at an angle. This is just a head-scratcher in what the owner was trying to accomplish.

18 Mustang Vette


Putting a Mustang and a Corvette together must sound good in theory. In practice, it creates a Frankenstein’s monster of a car.

The Canadian designer took a 1967 Mustang with no engine or transmission. He then added it to the power train of a 1995 Corvette. Some who've driven it claim the car handles well but that doesn’t make up for how bad it looks mixing the two up.

17 Cobra!


We get it. A Shelby Cobra, a car famous for its speed and fantastic handling, needs a little extra something. So the owner added on a huge cobra decoration on the rear. It’s cute but it’s also very, very dumb. It turns a great machine into a joke and much easier to mock.

Unless you’re Cobra Commander, this isn’t the best look for such a fine vehicle.

16 Garbage Indeed


One has to wonder what goes on in the minds of some car owners. “I need my car to stand out more. I know! I’ll make it look as if it spent months underwater and just got salvaged!”

The mix of the green paint and flames on the sides would be bad enough without adding on seaweed, garbage, the horns on the front, and whatever that mess on the roof is. It all combines in a car that deserves to be dumped in the bay for good.

15 Winged Stang


We cannot stress this enough: gullwing doors don't work for all cars. They’re great for hypercars or high-end luxury vehicles but not for classic muscle cars.

This owner didn’t get that memo and attached swinging doors to a mustang. That alters the body and frame which throws off the car's performance. Modders need to learn that not all doors fit all cars.

14 Split Shift


For some reason, mod fans think melding two cars together is a great idea. They are very, very wrong.

This is an infamous case as someone thought it would be genius to cut a racer in two and then put most of the body of an old pickup truck in between them. It totally ruins the car’s style and dynamics, not to mention messes up the engine and other systems. These “split cars” are a huge road hazard.

13 Steamer Stang


Perhaps the owner of this Mustang was trying to replicate the classic “amphibious cars” of the 1960s. Maybe they’re just going on the “engines on the outside are cool” trend. Either way, it ends up being a mess of a car.

The lower part of the frame isn’t going to work in a water setting and having the engine outside in a storm is stupid. They should have drowned this concept before they built it.

12 A Bad Load


“Slamming” is bad enough when it’s a sports car or a motorcycle. When it’s a truck, it’s just downright idiotic.

This Chevy’s frame barely looks as if it's even clearing the road. Put a large weight onto the back and this would produce sparks as it moves. That’s an easy way to earn a ticket and a heavy fine, so the owner better be ready to shell out money for this mod.

11 Too Much Head


Granted, a PT Cruiser could use a way to stand out from the pack. This is not the way to do it. Loading it up with scores of skulls is just terrible. It’s not just how ugly it looks in its presentation; it also ruins the car’s dynamics and must be a pain to look past them all to drive. This mod should be buried deep down in a graveyard.

10 All That Glitters…


To paraphrase Shakespeare, all that glitters is not always gold. This Camarao is a fine example.

The owner took a perfectly great muscle car and slapped it with so much gold plating that even Kanye West would think it’s too much. The result is a gaudy car that catches the eye in all the wrong ways. This thing should be trashed rather than shown off as “bling.”

9 Pony Excess


Look, unicorns are lovely creatures. They are magical and kids love them and have some appeal. They do not belong on a Mustang though. But that’s just what some modder did as he crafted his machine to look like a character from My Little Pony, complete with wings on the back and a huge horn on the hood.

This is an insult to both the Mustang and its horse namesake.

8 Engine Ornament


Talk about one major blind spot in driving. This Pontiac GTO owner decided it would be a brilliant idea to remove his engine and stack it onto the hood with what appears to be cables and duct tape.

It’s a huge eyesore that blocks the view and throws off the driving. Even worse, it exposes the engine directly to the elements, which can cause lots of problems. This is one very expensive hood ornament.

7 Tri Brand


Where to start? It seems to mix three different car brands (Ford, GMC, and Toyota) into one large red vehicle. That’s a terrible mishmash of vehicles.

As if to ensure folks laugh at this, the owner then put in some outlandishly large rearview mirrors and old-style horns on the hood. The result is a horrific mix that makes it look like an absolute joke.

6 Muscle Mash


This was a special job for a sheik in the Middle East who was a big muscle car fan. It just goes to show how much damage can be done when you have too much money to spend.

It mashes a Ford Mustang top along with the chassis of a Dodge Ram. It’s bad enough without the tire on the side like a Rolls Royce. Instead of making the perfect muscle car, it’s an unholy mix of two fine vehicles that don’t go well together.

5 Nose Job


One can be forgiven for thinking that someone dropped an AC unit onto the hood of a Mustang during a fight. Nope, the owner actually thought this was a brilliant idea to do himself. He cut the hood open and put the intercooler inside, expecting it to somehow improve the car.

Instead, it’s a huge eyesore that often ranks on the lists of the worst muscle car mods ever seen.

4 Mad Monster


It’s never a good sign when a mod is so over the top that it’s impossible to tell what the original car was.

It looks like this was originally a Corvette but it’s hard to tell given how much work has been put into it. It now resembles some nightmarish Mad Max-style machine but without the fun style. Turning a gorgeous car into a monster machine is just terrible.

3 Sound Disorder


It says a lot that many cities and states have strict rules on the sound levels a car can produce. Naturally, many owners ignore those rules to create mega-sound systems.

This owner has gone the extra step of sticking ten massive speakers to his car, totally transforming the frame to make them all fit. He also appears ready to play a keyboard to show the system off. Hopefully, he earns enough money through music to pay the inevitable ticket fees.

2 Very Exhausting


A common mod mistake is thinking “more is better.” Here’s a fantastic example as the owner thought it would be brilliant to place literally two dozen exhaust pipes on the rear of their car.

It adds way too much weight to the rear, which drags the entire vehicle. Not to mention that moving the exhaust through that many pipes is a logistical nightmare. Less really is more when it comes to car mods.

1 Really Low Rider


This is bad on a few levels. First, someone took a perfectly good roadster and transformed it into what looks like a piece of furniture on wheels. They then lowered the suspension to a ridiculous degree so the frame is skimming the road.

It may be okay to look at as a house decoration but it’s terrible to actually drive. One good rainstorm and this thing is a truly warped car.

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