25 Rich Kids On Snapchat Who We Definitely Can't Relate To

"Humility is the solid foundation of all virtues." - Confucius

Every child should be taught the importance of humility, especially the rich ones. Unfortunately for most, it seems to be a lesson largely ignored. Absurdly wealthy kids all over the world are using Snapchat as a way to flaunt their fortune and boast about using iPads as plates, gold bars as door stoppers, and $20 bills as tissue paper. I’m sorry, but as long as there are hungry children in the world, these rich kids on Snapchat need to STFU. They might be able to buy a ferrari, but money can’t buy them manners (or decency).

For the 27th annual Forbes billionaires list, Forbes found a total of 1,426 billionaires who are together worth a total of $5.4 trillion. If those 1,426 people were a country, they’d be the fourth richest in the world. Crazy, right? To put it in perspective, if the obnoxiously wealthy parents of these spoiled teens would give their money to everyone in the world equally, we’d all get $768.37. That’s a pretty nice come-up for most of us.

Compassion, sensitivity and a big dose of humility are infinitely more valuable than the contents of someone’s bank account.

Here are 25 rich kids on Snapchat who have more money than we could even imagine.

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24 Just FYI

I have no idea how much that watch (or car) is worth, but I'm guessing it's a lot. I've never been into watches or cars, so I honestly don't give AF. I'm sure that if I had a crapload of cash I might know what brands I'm looking at, but I'm freelance writer so who cares. I'll never be able to afford that watch OR that car, but guess what? I'm cool with that. I don't need expensive things to be happy (or a good person). If I DID have those things, I really hope I wouldn't embarrass myself by bragging about them on Snapchat.

23 We Get It Already

It's one thing to brag about one's new car or an exotic vacation destination, but this is taking it waaaaaay too far. The average iPad costs around $600, and they're using them as plates just to brag about how little $600 means to them. It's tacky, ridiculous, and a complete misuse of $1800. I don't know who this rich kid belongs to, but if I was their parent and I saw this post I'd remove them from the will, POST HASTE (that just sounds like something a rich person would say).

22 Life Is Hard

Even that doggo is thinking, "you have no class, you entitled piece of human garbage," and he's totally right.

Is it even possible to have more than a four story house? Once you get above four levels it seems like it would just be an apartment building. Am I the only one looking at this picture and thinking "ah HELL naw?" I can barely walk up one flight of stairs without feeling winded, much less four! At least this spoiled little princess will get a work out.

21 They Misspelled "Jeeves"

Oh, for the love of God. I don't care how rich you are, if you have a perfectly capable teenager living in your house then they should be outside raking leaves, mowing lawns and doing basic yard work. It builds character and keeps them from being lazy pieces of crap who post things like this on social media. I bet Jeffrey is so over this pompous AF family and their ostentatious "cascade." I hope he pees on their grass just for fun.

20 ClASSy

According to Wikipedia,  one standard gold bar is worth around $512,680. Just let that sink in for a moment. What could you do with over $500K? Pay off your student loans (and have a few bucks left), buy a house for cash, travel the world...the possibilities are endless. I can't tell you exactly how I'd spend that amount of money, but I can tell you what I wouldn't do with it- use it as a door stop. Calling a 24 carat gold bar a "standard door stop" on Snapchat is the definition of pretentiousness.

19 Just Your Average "House Party"

Average teenagers are familiar with "house parties," but they sure as hell don't look like this. When I think of "house party" I think of red solo cups, cheap drinks, beer pong, and Domino's pizza (so...not this). This looks like a catering company is setting up for some kind of private black tie affair (hence the servers and all the champagne). If this is what a wealthy teen expects for a house party, then what are they going to expect for their wedding? Manage their expectations, parents!

18 Sub Par

According to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), there were roughly 554,000 homeless people living somewhere in the United States on a given night last year. Research from Yale University suggests that 1.6 billion (more than 20 percent of the world's population) may lack adequate housing. So yeah, posting a picture of your dad's mansion and complaining about how it's only worth $6 million is more than a little insensitive. This kind of thing makes me sick to my stomach.

17 Oopsies

Let's just put this outrageous post in perspective- the cheapest Lamborghini on the market has a base price of around $200K. Yep, that's right. This kid gets a few rain drops on his "Lambo" and he's bragging about how he can afford a new one.

I just don't understand this level of conceit. Does being born with a silver spoon in your mouth automatically make you an insufferable braggart? It sure seems like it. The rich kids of Instagram are setting off my gag reflex.

16 As You Do

First of all, no one needs that many watches. Second of all, we don't care.

Buying a Rolex in every city (and then bragging about it) just seems so tasteless to me. Even if you do have the money to collect Rolex watches (the cheapest being around $4000), why does this kid feel the need to tell everyone about it? Are rich kids that insecure? Do they not have anything else going for them? This is just a vulgar display of wealth on a fat arm. Nothing more, nothing less.

15 Better Than Tylenol

All that money, and not a bit of it can buy class. Too bad.

I'm pretty sure money doesn't cure headaches as much as it causes them. According to Business Insider, a surprisingly high percentage of the rapidly wealthy get depressed. As therapist Manfred Kets de Vries once put it in an interview with The Telegraph, "When money is available in near-limitless quantities, the victim sinks into a kind of inertia."

Money also doesn't bring you joy. According to a study by Princeton University,  after you make $75,000 per year, increasing your income is not going to make you any "happier." Good to know.

14 Money Wipes Away Tears

There is over $200 stuffed into this tissue box and I can't even deal with how tawdry this is. Using a $20 bill to wipe your nose is ridiculous, although I doubt this kid actually did that. This snap was just so everyone would know how little a $20 bill means to them.

These kids better watch it with their bragging. As rich people in the 1920's found out, everything you have can be taken away in an instant. Hold onto those $20 dollar bills, no matter how wealthy you are. They won't necessarily be there forever.

13 Time To Build A Customized Closet

I've never been a shoe girl, so I don't understand the appeal (although I'm sure many of you do). Why do people feel the need to pay more than $500 on something you stick your nasty feet into? These fancy shoes are stepping on gum and old cigarette buds, but nobody seems to care! It's all about the name brand.

If someone wants to buy Gucci shoes for themselves, that's fine, but this snap is nothing but a girl obnoxiously bragging about what she (her parents) can afford. Gross.

12 I Don't Get It

I recognize the Rolls Royce, but why is this kid bragging about those ugly-ass shoes? Maybe it's because I'm a "peasant," but I don't understand the appeal (or recognize the brand). How exactly are those things supposed to protect him from the peasant masses? Will they be repelled by how ugly they are? Because that's possible. I wouldn't get near someone with that level of gross on their feet, I don't care how rich they are. Lots of money doesn't always equal good taste.

11 Generosity At Its Finest

What a generous act! *Eye roll*

Charity is a good thing, but holding a stack of cash and adding the caption "let's go help the peasants" is something the only the Devil himself would do. How condescending can someone be? Do rich kids actually call us "the peasants?" Is this a real thing? God, I hope not. Bragging is bad enough, but bragging + talking down to people is downright intolerable. He can take this roll of cash and shove it up his supercilious arse.

10 Good For You?

Want to know what I got for good grades? A pat on the freaking back, and I never expected anything else. If this is a typical reward system for private school kids then I want to know exactly how it works. Do they get a $600 wallet EVERY time they get an A in a class, and only a $200 one when they get a B? How often do report cards come out? I understand rewarding your hardworking child for grades, but this is the kind of thing you give someone when they graduate college. Spoiled rotten babies.

9 Playing With iPhones

Anyone who's ever played Jenga knows that the entire purpose of the game is to not let the tower fall, but who would take that kind of a risk with an $800 phone? Rich kids, of course!

There's a reason Otterbox and LifeProof cases exist, and it's to prevent exactly what these ungrateful kids are doing in this photo. These kids can call us "peasants" all they want, but the only reason they're so cavalier with their technology is because they've never bought a damn thing for themselves. Go work 40 hours a week to save up for that phone and let me know if you still want to play Jenga with it, kids.

8 Here We Go Again

Oh look, it's just another example of rich kids being unconcerned about expensive technology (and bragging about it on Snapchat). How original.

These stupid kids take everything that their parents give them for granted. If I caught my kids posting something like this online I'd be deeply disappointed in them. MacBooks don't just grow on trees, but these kids sure act like they do! Someone in their family worked hard to get the money, and it sure as hell wasn't them! Get off your high horse, you shameless moochers.

7 Does She Have A Name?

Not to sound like an old lady or anything, but this kind of thing really gets my goat. I once knew someone with a lot of money who had been using the same cleaning lady for years. Do you know what she called her? "The girl that cleans my house." This woman had been cleaning her house for years, and had even bought birthday presents for her kids! She wasn't a "girl," she was 50-years-old! It was the most disrespectful thing I'd ever seen (just like this post). For shame.

6 That'll Work

For those who aren't aware, the American Express Centurion Card (also known as the Amex Black Card) is an invitation-only charge card issued by American Express to platinum card holders after they meet certain criteria. Not everyone can meet the big-spender requirements to score this top-tier card, which is exactly why this kid is bragging about using it as a ruler. Tacky, tacky. Daddy might have good credit, but he sure doesn't know how to raise a humble young man. Do better.

5 Couldn't Find The Cue

This teenage bragger is pulling out all the stops in this picture! Fancy car keys, a bottle of expensive champagne (that he's probably not even old enough to drink), a pool table, a nice watch and of course an old iPhone set to be destroyed by a billiard ball. He's trying a little too hard to flaunt his wealth with this picture. Less is more, random rich kid on the Internet. Less is more. If you worked on your character, maybe you wouldn't be playing pool all by yourself.

4 Not Impressed

Anyone who owns a pen that costs thousands of dollars is an idiot (just my honest opinion). Ink is ink, no matter how much the pen costs! The only reason for that kind of grandiose purchase would be brag about it, so the apple clearly didn't fall far from the tree. This kid wants to impress strangers because his parents have modeled that behavior by blowing money on stupid crap. It's too bad they can't brag about something more meaningful than a fancy pen.

3 Just A New Range Rover, No Biggie

When your lawn care guy is throwing grass in the back of a brand new $87,000 Range Rover (and you're bragging about it on Snapchat), you might be despicably rich.  Most people would be afraid to spill a drop of water in their Range Rover, much less throw weeds in it. This is making plebeians all over the world cross themselves, because who would wreck such a beautiful car? Yet another example of rich people taking super nice things for granted.

Thanks, Daddy!

Sure, this kid is ridiculously spoiled, but can we just talk about the sorry excuses for parents for a minute? Who would give their teenager the keys to a Lamborghini? This thing will be in the salvage yard by the end of the week! No child of mine is driving a car worth more than my house! Regular teenagers are thoughtless AF, much less entitled rich ones who take everything in life for granted! This kid has been driving for two years, max. The parents are idiots, I'm sorry. Money doesn't buy common sense.

2 Heading To School

These two kids are wearing their school uniforms, which tells me that they're either on their way to school or heading back from school. My guess is they've never once taken the bus. How plebeian. Only the peasants make use of public transportation! Shiny black choppers are the only way to travel. Thank God this kid snapped his ride! Wouldn't want anyone thinking he was anything less than spoiled rotten (like they didn't already know). I wonder how many teenagers have used this hashtag?

1 Looking Down On Everyone

There's nothing more disgusting than a rich teenager bragging about what they have like they're the ones who actually bought it. The only thing this kid needed to do to "score" this $26 million piece of real estate was be born into the family. I'm sure he's never worked a day in his life, unlike all the "plebs" he's looking down at. Oh, look! He's holding an Amex Black Card in his hand as well. Subtle, very subtle. I'm sure he's very proud of his daddy's credit.

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