25 Snapchat Stories That Give Dogs A Bad Name

Okay, so let's clarify something before we start with the list: even good dogs can sometimes have bad days, and this list is just solid proof of that. A bunch of good boys being bad boys because, well, it happens. Some of them were bad because they chewed things up, some of them were bad because they got dirty, and others just ended up being in desperate need of their hooman's help. Regardless, all of them have found their place on this list for one reason or another. And their owners, being classic social media fiends, had to share the whole thing on Snapchat, because that's what people do nowadays. No judgment though, because that was very fortunate for us, as we can now go through these photos and have a good laugh either at the dog's misery or owner's struggle. Sometimes both.

Okay, enough rambling! Now let's start with the actual stars of our list. Here are 25 dogs who give all dogs out there a bad name, but at the end of the day, they are just good dogs having a bad day. We can't help but still love them!

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25 This green retriever

Via: imgur.com

Oh boy, our first one is clearly a trouble maker. What this fella needs to know is that he's called a "golden retriever" for a reason, okay? He can't just decide to pull a Shrek on us and go all green! No matter how fun rolling around in freshly cut grass may sound, he's gotta live up to the breed's name, and he definitely needs to be golden. Both in color and in his actions. So no more rolling around and just try to stay clean, okay? Gotta live up to that golden retriever being a good boy reputation. Okay, now that we've made that clear, I can't help but wonder how many baths and how much doggy shampoo it took to get all that green out? I really do hope that this not-so-good boy never did it again, because that sure looks like a lot of work! Still, everything aside, we can't help but agree that even in green, this retriever looks absolutely adorable, and how could anyone be mad at him for more than a second? Seriously, just look at those eyes, so innocent and loving... even when he does a bad thing, he definitely, without a doubt, pulls off the good boy look effortlessly.

24 This sleepy fella

Via: reddit.com

Okay, we all know dogs love food, but opening the food bin and eating from it – seriously? I mean, this would be a serious case of a bad dog... if he didn't fall asleep in the bin. That just turns the whole thing from awful dog to kinda adorable dog. Come on, the dog stuffed his face with food and then fell into a blissful slumber! Totally adorable. He didn't even make it out of the food bin. Honestly, eating can be exhausting (we can all relate), and sometimes all you wanna do after stuffing your face with food is take a nice short (or long) nap. Just ask this cutie, he knows. Yeah sure, he is a bad boy, but hey, at least the owners don't need to take the trash out now that it's all been eaten. So technically, the dog did them a favor. He should be rewarded for it, am I right? Just kidding! Of course not, but you can't blame me for trying to be on their side. They're just so darn cute that even when they do bad things, we just can't hate them. But yeah, let's keep eating food from the trash on the "not to-do list".

23 This floor vent stealer

Via: reddit.com

We all know that bad boys steal floor vents... But hey, it doesn't count when it happened by accident, right? Okay, so this adorable dog was just minding his own business, lying on the floor, without realizing he was lying on the floor ventilation when his collar got stuck in it. So when he finally decided to get up and move on with his day, the vent went with him everywhere.

What was he supposed to do? It's not like he can just take his collar off and be naked, that would be unacceptable.

So he just decided to let the vent tag along, not realizing that this qualifies him for Santa's bad dog list. But all jokes aside, we cannot really be mad at these wonderful creatures, as they are usually not even aware that they are being "bad dogs", they are still trying their best... But yeah, maybe let's try to train them to not chill on floor vents, just to prevent things like these from happening. And at the end of the day, they don't wanna be bad dogs, but stuff like this happens, even when they try really their best. Alright, we have more bad doggos who don't know they're being bad doggos.

22 This lazy labradog

Via: reddit.com

Honestly, this Snapchat caption definitely makes the struggle the owner went through completely worth it. At least for us. And what the owner went through is definitely not easy. Any of us who have walked a dog who doesn't feel like walking at that time, knows how bad it can be. Especially if the dog is a big one that we can't just pick up and carry the rest of the way. Once a big dog lays down, the game is over, we gotta motivate them with treats and if that doesn't work, well, then we just have to wait for them to finally feel like walking again. This Labrador, however, is even a worse bad boy because out of all the spots he could have found to lay down on, he decided to take a refreshing bath by laying down in a puddle of water. Now if that doesn't have "bad dog" written all over it, I don't know what does. Yeah, not only does the owner have to deal with a lazy labradog, but also a wet lazy labradog, which, us dog owners, know is not the nicest smelling situation. Either way, I'm sure they eventually both made it home, potentially both wet...

21 This adorable attention seeker

Okay, we can't really be mad at this one for too long because... well, just look at him! A tiny adorable pupper, no matter what he did, we would all still all be obsessed with him! But yeah, munching on your owner's cellphone might not be the best way to leave a good impression. Especially when they are doing important grown up stuff like updating their social media and composing important tweets. Oh well, a pupper's gotta do what a pupper's gotta do, and when those teeth itch and there isn't enough attention, biting that cell phone seems like a pretty good idea! Seriously, with those eyes, this dog can get away with anything, and when I say anything, I mean being a bad doggo too! But all jokes aside, let's hope this owner's phone survived and that this was not a recurring habit of this adorable puppy. Because iPhones as chew toys are definitely not cheap. But I'm pretty sure Chip grew into a smart and good boy who only chews on his toys and maybe the occasional shoe that's in his way. But hey, you can't really blame him for that, just put those tempting shoes away, people!

20 This dorky thief

Via: reddit.com

Yup, he's been caught at the crime scene... or more specifically in the middle of the crime. He probably just wanted to check if there were any snacks or treats in the purse, but he did not think of checking whether the surroundings were clear. Not only did he get caught, but he got caught on camera, which makes it all that much worse. Just look at that guilty look in his eyes! His face reveals it all. He definitely knows he's doing something he shouldn't be doing. He clearly just hoped he wouldn't get caught. But hey, he has to live with that now.

He probably didn't end up getting any treats after this.

On the bright side, we know no one could be mad at this beautiful face for too long, so we're sure everything went back to normal quite soon. Let's hope the stud learned a lesson though, and he thinks twice the next time he puts his paws in someone else's bag. You don't wanna be caught twice making the same mistake, right? Besides, there's no need to look for treats in people's purses. With a face like his he's bound to get them anyways! All he has to do is show off his puppy dog eyes.

19 This evil smile

Okay, this one is absolutely hilarious! Everything, from the dogs face, to the chewed-up remote controller, to even the Snapchat caption is just absolutely perfect! Hey, you can't blame a dog for wanting and needing more attention, and well, eventually figuring out how to get it. Seriously, this is pretty smart, right? Chew up your owner's TV remote controller so he can't turn the TV on anymore. Then, he has to play with you instead... Sounds like every dogs dream, am I right? But everything aside, this is a pretty bad thing for a dog to do, so this one easily found his way onto this list. And the wicked face his making is definitely not helping him... But hey, if anything, it teaches all of us dog parents an important lesson: always keep the remote controller high above the ground so your adorable dogs can't reach and potentially destroy it. We don't always have to learn from our own mistakes, sometimes we can learn from other people's mistakes... and this is definitely a good example of that. Also, it's a good reminder that our beautiful pets need our attention, and we should never neglect them. Especially if we want to prevent things like this from happening.

18 This dog that just can't with life

Seriously buddy, how do you even get your lips stuck to your teeth like that? As a dog, you're supposed to know how to dog properly, and getting your lips stuck on your teeth is definitely not a part of that.

So most of the other dogs are on this list because they give dogs a bad name by being mischievous, but this bad girl is just bad because she's a derp.

Yeah, she definitely gives dogs a bad name, but it's also kinda adorable. Look at her struggling with herself, not knowing how to properly dog. Raise your hand if you're totally relating right now, because I sure am. Okay, okay, before this all gets too heavy and emotional let's put our focus back to the dog's cute and dorky face. To be honest, getting her lips this stuck on her teeth is almost a talent, and I don't think many dogs can pull that off, especially not as effortlessly cute as this one. Let's hope the lips didn't stay stuck for too long, and that she eventually figured out a way to prevent this from happening. Otherwise she might end up again on one of our lists!

17 This bad boy who definitely tore something to pieces

Via: reddit.com

Let's play a game: What did this dog tear to pieces? Maybe grandma's favorite hand-stitched pillow? Or dad's sofa cushion that provides him that extra lumbar support? Maybe the dog even tore apart his own bed? The possibilities are endless... I guess this is a mystery we will never find out, but hey, whatever he ripped into, it does not look very good for him. And the fact that he's just chilling there amidst the crime scene he created, giving everyone a shady side-eye does not do him any favors. This is clearly a case of bad dog behavior, and we can bet whoever owned that pillow was pissed af. But the dog obviously had a splendid time, because we all know it's every dogs dream to pull out a pillow's stuffing and throw it all over the place... and preferably end up frolicking around in the mess they created, only to get tired and eventually lie down in it. I bet that's what dogs dream of in their sleep, either that or reaching the treats jar on the kitchen counter... Okay, now let's move on as we have quite a bit more bad dogs to go through. Like, seriously... so many more bad dogs.

16 This guilty fella

Yeah, where is the culprit? Where is he hiding? Does he think we can't see him? He clearly knows he did something pretty bad as he is very obviously hiding under the desk...Seriously, he created such a mess and who will end up cleaning all of that now? Definitely not him.

Honestly, I low-key wish I could pull a bad dog at least once in my life and just go around destroying things and creating a mess for no reason whatsoever.

Just because it seems fun, and well, because we're not supposed to do it. But bad dogs don't care about what they're supposed to and not supposed to do. They just do whatever they want and that is exactly why this one ended up on our list. Especially because he knows he did something bad, but that did not stop him from doing it! We can definitely agree that all of these dogs did not get any treats for their actions... Well, maybe the one with his lips stuck to their teeth did, because that one was just bad at being a dog in general. But the rest... oh yeah, you can bet they were grounded for a while.

15 This poor thing...

Via: imgur.com

All he wanted to do is be friends with that cute little prickly thing, but the porcupine was obviously not having it. And now this good boy ended up a sad boy on the vet's table. Yeah, this dog made it on the list, not necessarily because he was doing something awful, but he, just like his friend with the stuck lips, was being a derp who didn't know how to behave like a proper dog. Who could be to blame for this uncomfortable situation? Only this poor, sad doggo. And this one clearly has it way worse because not only did he not manage to make new friends, but he also got attacked and ended up in pain. And now he needs to go to the dog's biggest enemy alive, AKA the vet, and we all know how scary that is. Poor guy. As if getting a bunch of prickly things in your snoot wasn't enough, now he will probably get some more from the vet... Let's just hope taking all of them out did not hurt too much, and that this sad boy went back to being a happy boy pretty quickly. Maybe this one does deserve a treat. After all, he went through a lot.

14 Yup, he can't move

Oh, how we all love corgis. They've taken over the internet in a split second and they are not going anywhere. If anything, they just keep surprising us with more and more cuteness.

So here is a classic example of a clumsy corgi that got stuck on a sofa, because living with a big bum and tiny legs is not as easy as it seems.

Seriously, things like this happen to them all the time. They get stuck in places, they can't jump over things – life is not easy when you're a corgi. And this one can't even be a proper dog anymore, at least not until he figures out a way to get back down on the floor. Which is obviously not easy and might take a bit of time. And he probably will also need a bit of human help to make that happen. We're sure he eventually made it back down, and hopefully he learnt a lesson on how to not get stuck up there ever again. Either way all of this was definitely enough to qualify him for our list of dogs who give dogs a bad name, because dogs who get stuck on things clearly belong on here...

13 These mean brothers

Via: reddit.com

Okay, here you get not one, but two bad dogs at the same time. And one sad, bullied one as well, unfortunately. Yeah, you thought siblings only prank each other when they're in human form, but obviously you're completely wrong. These dogs are pulling a classic bully move on their probably youngest sibling, and we all know one can't fight two, so the poor thing just has to get through it. Well, to be fair, he might have fallen into the toilet himself, and his brothers were just panicking and trying to help the poor fella get out, but we can't help but notice that the whole scene looks like a classic teen movie scene where the nerdy kid gets a swirly. What we can all agree on, however, is that no matter what was actually going on, the owner clearly gets the Worst Owner Award of the year because instead of helping the poor guy out, he found enough time to get his cell phone out and snap this embarrassing moment. So yeah, if this was a list of people who give dog owners a bad name, this owner would definitely hold spot number one. Let's just hope the dog made it out of the toilet safely, and that he and his brothers still love each other.

12 This buddy who could use his brain more

So it is quite obvious why this one gives dogs a bad name. His brother is pretty smart, but he, he's just faking it. You thought he was a smart doggo, huh? You have clearly been bamboozled, because this guy is trying to look out the window through curtains. He probably still stands there wondering what his brother saw, because he sees absolutely nothing interesting.

Seriously though, isn't it adorable how dense dogs can sometimes be.

I mean we love them with all our hearts, but sometimes they just surprise us with how little they use their brain. Not to say that they cannot occasionally surprise us with how smart they are, because they definitely do. But on certain occasions, like this one in the photo above, they do something so ridiculously stupid and something that is definitely worth an entry on our list of dogs who give all dogs a bad name. Let's hope this one eventually took after his brother and figured out how to properly look out the window. But for all we know, he might still be making the same mistake over and over again... Someone please send some help his way.

11 Here's another stuck boy

Via: reddit.com

Yeah, this one somehow got himself stuck in a clothing hanger, and he probably can't find his way out again. But all is forgiven because look at those eyes! With a face as adorable as his, you could probably get away with anything... Well, you'd maybe still end up on our list, but at least you'd look cute. Jokes aside, what was this bad boy even doing with this hanger? And why did putting his head through it seem like a good idea? He must be regretting it now... but hey, at least he can still walk around freely, unlike his corgi friend who got stuck on the back of a sofa. Obviously, any dog who gets stuck somewhere deserves to be mentioned on this list, because dogs should know better... Let's hope his human helped him get out of the hanger, otherwise this dog might be still walking around with it, and it is questionable if that's a good look. But fashion nowadays knows no judgment, so you own it doggo! For all you know this might be a Regina George case, and other dogs start copying his accidentally cool lewks. Still, that won't help him get off this list...

10 Bamboozled!

Some of the dogs made it onto this list due to their very obvious innocence, while others are clearly too smart for their own sake! The one in the photo above definitely belongs to the latter group. Not only is he smart, but he is also very good at getting what he wants!

Classic case of a bamboozler, and this one got his paws on a delicious slice of pizza.

To be honest, this cute fella is probably the smartest one we've come across on this list, as he knew exactly what to do to get his owner to leave the room so he can steal the pizza slice. Such brains he has! And let's be real, every dog would do the same, if only every dog was as smart as this one. Even I have to admit I'd do a lot for a slice of pizza... except, I would definitely not get away with this like this dog does, because, let's be real, this adorable fluffer with the hella cute face could get away with pretty much anything. Sure, he may have gotten grounded for a while, but devouring that yummy pizza slice must have been totally worth it!

9 This stylist

Yup, he did do that. If you have had the honor of having a bad dog, most likely you also experienced him chewing up an item of clothing at some point. I can most definitely relate to that, and it especially sucks if the item was one of your favorites or a piece you won't be able to replace... So this guy was getting ready for Valentines Day, and well, his loyal dog decided to not only give him some fashion advice, but also execute some ~ fashionable ~ changes to his underwear. Yup. He literally chewed a hole on the one spot where there should not be whole, but hey, might be doggo logic because at least this way it's definitely easy to use the bathroom. And judging from the dog's face, we can conclude that he may have realized his human is not too happy with the fashion changes. Whatever, not everyone can pull of bold fashion, some people are just don't dare to make a fashion statement... Anyways, this adorable fashion designer definitely deserves a spot on our list, because even though his intentions may have been good, he still did something a good boy would never do!

8 These little evil borkers

Okay, it sucks when your dogs destroy your furniture, but it's even worse when the piece of furniture is quite new! Yeah, that's exactly what happened to this lucky former bean bag chair owner. His two adorable dogs decided they were not fans of the new addition. In fact, they disliked it so much that they decided to take the matter in their own paws make the bean bag totally unusable... Yeah, that's what you get for not consulting with them before purchasing new furniture. And judging from their faces, they seem pretty pleased with what they have done.

It's way more fun for the room to look like this anyways, right?

Yeah, in situations like these we must all catch ourselves wondering why we love these animals so much. How come we let them get away with pretty much everything? Is just because they have adorable eyes and beautiful snoots? Still, these two definitely deserve to share a spot on our list, as the clean up of the room must have been awful for the owner and pretty relaxing and chill for the dogs. I bet the owner never thought of getting a bean bag ever again though, so the dogs definitely won.

7 Here's another lazy walker.

Yeah this dog's current mood is definitely one big "nope". Nope to getting up, nope to walking, nope to making his owner happy. Honestly, why do dogs disrespect us like this? Don't they know how embarrassing it is to be seen dragging your dog around the neighborhood? And there is nothing we can do about it. If a dog doesn't wanna walk, well, then we are stuck. Well, at least unlike the previously mentioned lazy walker, this one didn't wind up chilling in a puddle of water, but that still doesn't make him a good boy. Good boys listen to their owners, and good boys walk when they're taken out on a walk. So there's absolutely no need to point out why this one deserves a spot on our list. Let's hope the owner wasn't in any kind of rush, because when this happens when you're short on time, well... then you're bound to end up having a bad day. And if you're having a bad day right now, hopefully this list of mischievous and derpy dogs managed to put a smile on your face. And if not, just keep scrolling, we have a few more bad boys up our sleeve!

6 Another stuck doggo

Yeah, this clearly seems to be a pattern. First we had the doggo stuck on the back of a couch, then we had the doggo stuck in a clothes hanger, and now, this one is stuck between a wall and a fence...

And for all of them we have the exact same question: what were you all thinking?

Did this one actually think he could fit between the wall and fence without getting stuck? Did he not realize after he put his head between the two that it would not really go as he planned? Clearly not. And now it's another case of a stuck dog who needs his owner's help. But of course, like all owners out there who have Snapchat, first thing's first, a pic needs to be taken. We're sure the dog made it out eventually, and hopefully he won't attempt this stupidity again, but TBH with dogs you never know. One day they surprise you with how freakin' smart they are and the next day... well let's just say you end up shaking you head at them. But it's okay, it's not easy being a proper dog every day, and as all of us can relate, there are good days and then there are bad days.

5 Guilty fella #2

Okay, I'll let you look at the photo for a bit 'til you spot him. Okay, are you ready? Have you spotted him? Do you see him failing at hiding? Yup, those cute puppy dog eyes peeking from behind the edge of the sofa, that's our next bad boy on the list. And it's pretty obvious he knows he did something he shouldn't have. Sometimes the bad boy takes over and the good boy can't think straight anymore. Yeah, that's definitely what happened with the trash can here. The bad boy took over and now the good boy feels guilty. At least on the bright side, the mess here isn't too big, so hopefully the owner didn't take it too hard. But to all you good boys out there who don't wanna be bad: always stay away from the trash! No matter how intrigued you are by what's inside the trashcan or how delicious it might smell. You don't want your human to ground you and not give you treats... And chances are if you go for the trashcan that that's exactly what will happen. Besides, you'd just end up feeling guilty and hiding behind the couch like this cutie.

4 The IDGAF god

So this bad doggo is obviously a complete free spirit who does not care how his actions affect others... not even the slightest. This is especially true when those actions involve sitting down. He just does it. He just sits down wherever he pleases. It's almost inspiring, how he lives his life. This doggo does what he wants, when he wants. But only almost because no one, I repeat, no one should ever sit down on a cat's face. If you know anything about cats, you know chances are, the cat will remember it, and as cats have nine lives, revenge will come eventually.

I bet this dog now sleeps with one eye open, terrified for his life.

But hey, he should have seen that coming when he decided to sit down on the poor kitty's head. How did he think he would be safe ever again? Cats need to be respected, and you can bet that this one is still salty about this situation. This bad boy definitely turned into a scared boy. Okay, jokes aside, I'm sure these siblings are doing just fine, but let's hope the dog stopped sitting down on whatever he wants, because this poor cat can't live like this forever. Personal space is key, everyone should always remember that!

3 This firm believer in protection

Via: reddit.com

Okay, okay, we agree, being safe is very important and everyone should keep themselves protected. And we are definitely not judging anything here, but could everyone out there please make sure to dispose of their trash in actual trash cans and not just throw things like this on the grass in the park? Come on, people don't need to see trash in nature. Especially because, as you can see, dogs tend to find things and bring them to their owners thinking they'll make them happy, and the owners are sometimes completely shocked by what they get. Obviously, this owner can definitely relate, because no one really wants to get *this* kind of a wrapper as a gift. So even though this dog had good intentions, we definitely still had to save him a place on this list of bad dogs. And besides that, he rolled around in mud, and we all know how much of a hassle it is to bathe your dog every time you take him out on a walk, just because he's a slob who enjoys rolling around and getting wet and dirty. But yeah, the gift definitely qualified him for this list too. Okay, we almost made it to the end, stick around for a couple more.

2 This education hater

Okay, I'm positive the class was pretty darn happy about the turn of events here, especially those who knew they did badly on the homework. On the other hand, the teacher must have been not just very embarrassed about the whole thing, but also worried about how they will explain what happened to the kids' parents if necessary.

Yup, this is another clear case of a very bad dog, and this time the dog ate everyone's homework.

Well, at least now this teacher can't say anything anymore when one of their students comes up to them and tells them their homework got eaten by their dog so they couldn't submit it on the due date... Now that will turn into a legit excuse, one that the teacher will have to accept since it has happened to them too. So yeah, while the dog is definitely a bad boy, he is at the same time the whole class' hero, honestly. They must be loving him! And that almost makes this whole mischievous deed kinda worth it. But only almost, because no smart dog would ever like to end up on our list of bad dogs. Okay, now we have one more to go, and we kinda saved the best for last.

1 This absolute fail

Via: reddit.com

Yeah, some of the dogs on our list have been behaving badly, others were just very clumsy and stupid, but this one, this one just ended up hurting himself for nothing! Dogs should be smart enough to know to not go after things that fly, especially if those things are bees. This one has definitely learned his lesson, and he will never repeat his mistake again. If anything, he will run away at the speed of lighting when he spots a bee. But we also have to acknowledge how heckin' funny the dog's cheeks now look. The whole photo is just ridiculous, and while we feel slightly bad for him, we can't help but laugh at him.

Alright, there you have it! 25 dogs who give dogs a bad name, some 'cause they're too smart for their own sake (remember that pizza dog?), and others 'cause they could use their brain a bit more (like the dog trying to look out the window). At the end of the day, I'm sure they all eventually went back to being good dogs, because living that bad dog life does not result in treats, and we all know how dogs feel about treats.

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