25 Strange Ways People Messed Up Their Driving Test

How easy or tough is a driver’s license test? Most of us remember that day with a certain amount of awe – it was the day we got the independence to take our wheels wherever we wanted, with the legal permission to do so. That said, not all of us had easy driver’s license tests, and not all of us passed that first time around!

There's a natural nervousness that comes with an exam of any kind. Of course, when one has the pressure of an instructor’s complete attention focused on us, there's bound to be a mistake. In fact, it's perhaps Murphy’s law of driver’s tests – if we can drive badly with the instructor watching us keenly, we will. It’s inevitable, like Thanos. But in the end, the Avengers prevailed, and so do newbie drivers.

There are all kinds of bad driver tests though, and some people really fail in epic fashion on their tests! And in that, they literally commit every driving sin they can and leave the instructor completely frazzled and horrified. These people can finally get their driver’s tests only if there is another instructor assigned to them, considering the first one probably still has PTSD from that horrifying fail.

25 Look Before You Open

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This incident was actually shared by an ex-DMV Instructor on Reddit and is pretty funny. He gets a teenage driver who drove pretty well and knows all the answers to the questions. He kept within the speed limits, did a perfect three-point turn and parked smoothly at the side of the street because the car park was full. The instructor handed him the passing papers and the teen was wicked happy about it. So happy, that he opened the driver side door without looking, and a passing van took it off. The instructor instantly retracted the pass, and the teen had to pay for the car door as well!

24 "What Is That Big Circle?"

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Imagine an instructor getting asked that same question by a newbie just appearing for her test... So he begins to explain the gauges to her – the speedometer, the RPM, etc. But she shakes her head and points more specifically to the big circle she is sitting behind – aka the steering wheel. Seriously, what planet was she from? Even if she hadn’t driven before, which is strange when appearing for a driver’s license test – you’d still know what a steering wheel is, right?

23 A Miley Compliment

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So this one girl got so frazzled when her driving instructor said she looked like Miley Cyrus, she sort of drove like Miley Cyrus thereafter. Needless to say, she failed. Frankly, after seeing Miley jabber on her phone while driving, we think she should have been failed as well.

Sometimes instructors do that, try and frazzle a newbie driver to see how she or he handles the stress. And it’s like that old proverb: if you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen.

22 Drove Perfectly, The Wrong Way

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In a hurry to prove her worth to the driving instructor, one girl perfectly backed her car out of parking and began to confidently drive until the instructor firmly asked her to pull over. She does and he looks her in the eye and tells her never to drive again. And she’s like why?

Thing is, she was driving on the wrong side headed into oncoming traffic. We think the instructor may have needed to go to his happy place for a while after that.

21 Too Long A Reach

Via OlderDriversForum

A Reddit user posted this hilarious story of the time when her very nervous mom finally mustered the courage to schedule a driver’s license test. The D-day dawns and her mum is all nerves and shaky hands when the instructor gets into the car. Her mom tries to reverse the car out of parking but fails, while the young instructor is a tad red-faced. Turns out, she was trying to put the instructor’s knee in reverse, as opposed to the gear.

20 Spotted A Cheating GF

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According to a Reddit user, he had reason enough to fail his driving test. As he was following the instructor’s orders, he spotted his girlfriend with another dude at a coffee shop. The thing is, coffee wasn’t on the menu, considering they were having a rather heavy petting session. Obviously, this was enough for him to completely lose his focus on the road and end up blowing a tire on the curb with some tears shed in the end. The instructor was at his most sympathetic while failing him though.

19 Not Knowing The Jargon

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Most newbie drivers try and keep up with all the traffic rules and the jargon that comes associated with it. For example, a three-point turn.

One girl didn’t though, and when she was asked to make a three-point turn, she decided to forge through it. Instead of asking the instructor what that meant, she drove around in circles thrice. Needless to say, she didn't pass! Hopefully, she read up on her driving the next time she went around applying for a driver’s license.

18 A Very Wet Instructor

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Have you ever noticed that when you lose a pair of socks, they will always be mismatched? Leaving you with two perfectly good socks that you can't use; or if you drop a piece of toast, the PB&J-coated side will hit the floor, making a huge mess. The basic premise behind this is Murphy’s Law – what can go wrong, will go wrong, with hilarious consequences.

So when this particular dude’s driving instructor was checking out the car, he accidentally deployed the water and completely drenched the instructor and made him very, very mad.

17 T-Boned A Cop Car

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According to a Reddit user, who was pretty nervous about his driving test considering he had already been failed twice, this was the worst luck ever. He’s doing okay and approaching a busy intersection, so is slowing down. Suddenly the instructor yells at him to stop and in his nervousness, he floors the car instead, t-boning a cop car. Needless to say, he failed again though luckily no one got hurt. We hope he didn’t apply for a license for a long time to come and took plenty more classes beforehand.

16 Full Resistance Driving

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On Facebook, someone posted this, “My friend hit a curb and she knew that some people say if you hit a curb you automatically fail. So she turned to the instructor and directly asked ‘does this mean I fail?’” The instructor directly told her that she had already failed the moment she started driving, and that’s because the emergency brake was still on. Solid burn and complete fail. Though honestly, most drivers would immediately feel the resistance a car gives if the emergency or parking brake was on.

15 All About A Sneeze

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This one is a gem from Buzzfeed when a sneeze caused a fail. The driver in question stopped at a red light when he suddenly felt the urge to sneeze. Stifling it didn’t work, and the sneeze turned onto a whopper, which caused his foot to slip off the brake. The car rolled forward and nudged the one in the front which made the driver panic, flail about and stomp on the brakes again. The instructor had to automatically fail him but he got a good laugh over the theatrical nature of it all. Not so funny for the driver though!

14 A Collision Of Cars

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A Facebook user states, “The first time I took my driving test we got hit on the passenger side full force, airbags deployed and everything.” Shaken and in shock, the driver asked the instructor if this had been a fail? The instructor was doubled up in pain and did not find it funny in the least considering she needed to be taken to the hospital. This test was an automatic fail for the driver who was now left terrified of roads but thankfully unhurt.

13 Sudden Vision Issue

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A contact lens wearer shared his tale of woe on Reddit. Apparently, he was having trouble with his lenses since a couple of days before his driver’s license test but could not visit his ophthalmologist due to work. The lens was slipping off and causing double vision. Of course, he didn’t say anything to the instructor because he didn’t want to fail so he started driving – only to end up braking hard in the middle of the road when one of his lenses popped out. He failed and had to Uber it to the ophthalmologist.

12 Too Nervous To Drive

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Frankly, this could happen to anyone. One girl was way tense when she got behind the driver’s seat to begin her test with the instructor sitting beside her. When asked to start the car, she fumbled with the keys, dropped them, and then just started to sob. The instructor finally had to nudge her out of the driver’s seat and into the passenger side and drive her back to her mother – though all he said was she could come to take the test later when she was calmer.

11 The Instructor Is Human Too

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Sometimes the fault may lie with the instructor who wants his version of perfection. According to Buzzfeed, this one driver made a complete halt at a stop sign, gently rolling to a stop. Apparently, the instructor began to scream at her, saying if the passenger does not feel the brakes, he will not feel safe. So at the next light, she slammed the brakes. The instructor, unfortunately, was not wearing a seatbelt and got thrown forward with his head hitting the windscreen. Needless to say, he failed the driver.

10 Easier In Japan? Hardly

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Another story from Jalopnik, this time from Japan. The lady who finally managed to get her license in Japan said the whole experience was awful with a very bad Hollywood-film like feel to it.

The instructor actually told her, “so you think you can drive? Well, not in Japan you can’t” and failed her two times over before she finally passed, having spent $700 on the whole jig and filling up paperwork in two languages, three times over.

9 Boy Passed, GF Failed

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When teens turn 17, getting a license becomes the highpoint of their lives – and so a boy had planned it out to the last detail, scheduling his appointment to coincide with his 17th birthday. According to Jalopnik, his girlfriend scheduled herself in for the same date and time! Imagine his plight when he was told he couldn’t take the test in their family car because the registration had expired two days back. Luckily his girlfriend’s father let him take the test in his car – the problem being he passed, but she failed!

8 Don’t Know Cars

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According to Rate My Job, this girl tried her best to teach her little sister the tips and tricks that go into driving – but apparently, her sibling had no head for cars. Of course, she still wanted a license. The elder sister tagged along with her younger one and they both got into the car for the test. The sister, appearing for the driver’s test, looked the instructor in the eye, chewed some gum and then casually asked, “you know, I forgot. Which one is the gas pedal again?” The instructor vamoosed out of the car and failed her – perhaps the fastest fail ever!

7 Know The Car Well

Via CarUnderstanding

This one guy failed in the first 30 seconds. Simply put, he did his training in one car but took a more modern car to the driver’s test. So when he was asked to switch off the parking brake, that is where everything unraveled. The car in which he practiced had a traditional lever brake that you pull and push off by hand. The car he took for the test was his dad’s latest and it had a parking brake switch – which the guy didn't know. So this was a pretty quick fail, for a pretty silly reason.

6 Stopped For An Ambulance

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According to Warped Speed, this DMV Instructor often shares this horror story to anyone who listens. “He said he once had a girl who, when driving straight on the highway in the left lane, suddenly and inexplicably swerved across four lanes of traffic and pulled into the breakdown lane in the right shoulder (miraculously managing not to hit anyone or cause an accident).” After getting his breath back, he asked for an explanation and the girl said she stopped for an ambulance. Only it was on the highway going the other direction separated by a barrier wall.

5 A Seriously Automatic Fail

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Most people are pretty nervous when they appear for a driver’s license test and want everything to go smoothly. According to Warped Speed, for one guy, things went strangely wrong and for no fault of his. The guy taking the test got in and the driver headed off onto the interstate. After five minutes of driving, he noticed the instructor is slumped so he steers the car to the side. The instructor is barely breathing. The newbie driver panicked but managed to call 911. The instructor doesn’t make it, and so this test becomes an automatic fail.

4 Finished Before It Started

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Another Reddit shared this very short story about an automatic fail in which his friend went for his driver’s license test with full confidence, only to be stopped and failed 30 seconds later. The reason? He switched off the parking brake and began to slowly back out, but forgot to wear his seatbelt – and that was the end of his first attempt. We hope he remembers the next time around, and forever knew the importance of a seatbelt thereafter.

3 Born Again Instructor

Via SFChronicle

A girl was taking her driver’s test because her grandfather had recently passed away and her grandma needed help to get around. The instructor, however, was probably one of the worst human beings on earth who told her that her grandfather is in hell because he wasn’t a true believer. The poor girl started to cry and messed up her driver’s test big time by driving the car into a ditch. She did fail but the instructor was forbidden to talk about religion while taking driver’s license tests, ever.

2 Never Showed Up

Via IDriveSafely

One way you can make an absolute hash of a driver’s test is by not showing up at all. And sometimes, even though you are desperate to land that little piece of legal document that allows you to drive, you can and might forget to show up for that all-important test. Of course, you can always reschedule but it's sort of anti-climactic, right? To forget about that one thing that seemed so important to you as a teen. Of course, it means you get to practice more.

1 Failed The Written Exam

Via TheDesertSun

Sometimes it's just a little slip that causes one to fail an exam – and one elderly gent learned this the hard way. He was appearing for his written exam after moving to the States with his son and English wasn’t a strong point of his. In his country – the traffic lights were always described as red for stop, orange for alert and green for go. So when the paper asked what to do when the light was amber, the gentleman failed because Amber wasn’t a word or color he was familiar with.

Sources: Via Jalopnik, Warped Speed, Rate My Job, Buzz Feed, Reddit and Facebook

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