25 Teenage Romeos And Juliettes Who Truly Think They're In A Romantic Tragedy

There's nothing more obnoxious than young love. Now that these youngsters FINALLY know what it feels like to not only love another human being, but to feel that same love in return, there's no going back. They've got a taste of the love bug and they want more. Now, while being in love and feeling that same love back is one of the most beautiful emotions on earth, teenagers take that emotion to the extreme.

Teens are going through a lot of changes. Their bodies are growing without their consent, graduation is making them think deeper about the future, and there's a whole lot of firsts that teens go through before it becomes normal. And yes, being in love is one of them.

For whatever reason, teenagers who are in love NEED to let everyone know that they're in love. They're not just casually dating someone, they are one another's soul mates. Showing off their love can come in the form of a social media post, a promposal, or just casual PDA that's not very casual at all. Teens straight up don't care about anything else when they're in love. Unfortunately for us, however, they don't know how incredibly annoying it is to watch their love unfold.


Seriously, this is not okay. I need a restraining order from these two and I don't even know them. Seeing this Facebook interaction is enough for me.

What is it with young kiddos and putting their anniversary date on everything? Is it so they can prove to the world that they've been together longer than a week? That they're going against what their families think and are in it for the long haul? It's perplexing. It really is.

Besides looking UBER creepy and obsessed, doing public comments of affection like this are just not a good look. What happens when they break up? This embarrassing scene might pop up on their Time-Hop and then what? They have to live through this embarrassment annually. To make things worse, they're gonna be reminded at how lame they were for this time in their life and wish it would go away. But guess what, sweet cheeks? It won't. This is the Internet and this kinda stuff lives on forever (and ever, and ever, and ever) because people screenshotted it.

I know being in love is amazing and it makes anyone want to scream it to everyone on the sidewalk and on Facebook, but that doesn't mean we should.

24 Gag

Now, I'm sure there's a lot of people out there who think I'm being cynical for putting such a sweet message on this list, and those people are right. This is a sweet message. It seems honest, it's romantic, and it's deeply appreciated, I'm sure. But here's my problem with it: I'm gagging.

WHY do people feel the need to share their private, romantic messages with the world? WHY!? Why can't they just keep it between themselves and relish in the moment, knowing they have such a good egg? Plus, personally, I like being mushy here and there, but it's actually gag-worthy when someone is THIS sweet all the time.

"Perfect without it." Um, okay, is that gonna stay the same in five years when I'm hungover and yelling at my SO to get me McDonald's french fries? Probably not. Not to mention that a woman's "natural" face usually isn't natural at all. It just means she has natural-looking makeup on. This of course means some kind of foundation, her brows are done on fleek, and she probably has mascara on. But hey, maybe that's just me. Maybe I'm being insensitive. But regardless of my feelings, this message make me wanna puke.

23 I'm Calling The Cops


If my man came home with a 60x80 blanket with my Instagram selfie on it – I would call the cops. WHAT the heck is wrong with this person? This is not romantic. It's borderline stalkerish. What happens when this dude's parents or roommate comes home and sees this, what are they gonna think?

They're not gonna take a look at the MASSIVE selfie on your bed and think to themselves "Aw that is so romantic! He can't sleep without her so he got her face on his bed. How sweet!"

NO. That's not gonna happen. They're literally going to walk into this kid's room an ask if he needs a ride to the therapist.

This is creepy. Plus, it's not even like he can see her massive face when he's laying under it. If he wanted to top his creep-factor, he should have gotten her face on his pillows instead. NOW that would make way more sense than this comforter. But, nevertheless, it's still weird AF.

I bet you the only one who thought this was a good idea was his significant other. Or his "boo" as he calls her. That's it. I wanna say she made him do this, but who am I kidding. No one is weak enough to give into a purchase like this unless they REALLY wanted it.

22 Wait A Second...

(Before I dive into the random makeout-session that's taking place at this eatery, can we all agree that that's Kim Jong-Un, North Korea's leader? If that's not Kim Jong-Un, color me surprised.)

Okay, now let's get down to business.

One of the things many teenagers dabble in is PDA. Public displays of affection is just one of those things that teens want to partake in because they've never had it before. They've never had the chance to hold hands with someone, kiss them in the hallway, or even go on a date with them. This is mainly due to someone not having a car, having a curfew, or not having money for actual dates. Most teens who are dating only get to see one another in the hallways at school and that's about it.

But these two? These two found a way to get a little one-on-one time at a local eatery. It kind of looks like a McDonald's to me, but I could be wrong. A sweet peck on the cheek could have worked out nicely for these two. But a full on tongue dance while other people are eating? Yeah, no thank you. When I'm eating, I like to focus on my meal. I don't want to see two people swapping spit over a Sprite.

21 My Eyes Are Bleeding

Why is this a thing and can they make it stop?!

The problem with teens and technology these days is that it's nonstop. Teenagers are ALWAYS on their phones and who the heck knows what they're doing on those things. With so many strange profiles out there and sites that lure you in — the Internet is a scary place. That being said, Snapchat took the whole scandalous texting thing to a whole other level. Now, with Snapchat, couples can snap each other images and messages that they wouldn't want anyone else reading. What's better is they find out who they can trust because Snapchat lets people know when someone on the opposite end screenshots message. So I guess that's sweet of Snapchat to think of something like that, but it's still sketchy AF for anyone using the app.

And now seeing this screenshot of a snapchat sent between lovers... it makes me never want to use the app again.

I want NO part in it. I mean, I don't think sending inapt pictures is a great thing, however, the images above are FAR worse than anything I've ever seen before. There's no need to get the bees involved. Let's leave them out of it, shall we?

20 Please Shoot Me

The only way this entire conversation is justifiable is if these two are actors. But honestly, even if they are actors or are in an improv class, this is never okay. Why can't teenagers just speak to one another like normal human beings. Reading this message is like something from another planet. The usage of emojis and the set up of the scene is just too much for me. It's making nauseous.

Plus, when people say "babe" or "baby" repeatedly, it's just irritating. Like, saying it once in a while is okay. But to keep repeating it is just... it's too much. The only word for it is naive. The people who say "babe" every two seconds are either super insecure or teenagers. Don't quote me, but those are my thoughts.

The entire scene is just so dramatic. Like why can't you just tell someone that you want to kiss them? Why do you need to act like a policeman? Why can't you just say that you're missing them and are thinking of them? There's no need to act like a scene of a CSI. I hope one day these two look back on this message and cry from embarrassment. And if they're not crying, then I guess they're still acting out scenes from crime day-time TV.

19 Where The Heck Does This Kid Get His Money

I understand that celebrating a one-year anniversary with a significant other is a big deal. That's a long time to spend with one another as teenagers. However, when your teens, celebrating a one-year anniversary typically means being dropped off by a parent at Applebees. There's no way these two are going to a steakhouse, mainly because most teens don't appreciate the beauty of expensive meat. Plus, there's no way they can afford it.

Knowing this, how in the HECK does this person have the cash (and the time) to buy 12 gifts for every month of the year?

Does this mean on their two year anniversary, they have to gift her 24 gifts? I mean, where does it end? And it's not like he got her a candy bar or maybe a gift card. I see a Nike box, long-stemmed roses, a jewelry box, and who the heck knows what else is in the rest of those bags. Quite honesty, if someone gave me THIS many gifts just for putting up with them for a year, I'd feel bad. There's no way you can ever get them something that's as good as 12 separate gifts. It's the ultimate teen move.

18 Congratulations...

Wow! Congratulations! You have someone that likes you enough to take a selfie of themselves on your phone! In fact, they like you so much that they want you to have a kiss on their behalf every time you swipe your phone. Now that's true love...

Just kidding — this isn't true love at all. This is a teenager who is so infatuated wit their significant other that she needs everyone who is around her man's phone to know that they're taken. I feel like whenever a teen changes the background of their phone to their selfie or adds a picture of them to an article of clothing are just insecure. They're not adding their image to their lover's things because their lover appreciates it. No, they're adding it because they want everyone to know that their man or woman is taken. They don't want anyone interfering with their relationship.

Personally, I've been with my man for almost six years, and while I have a picture of us on my background of my phone, I definitely don't have him blowing me a kiss every time I open my phone... For starters, I think he would NEVER partake in that request. Secondly, when you're almost 30 years old, you're more judged for that kinda thing than someone actually being a fan of it.

17 I. Would. Be. Pissed.


There is no part of this that is okay. I don't even know where to begin on how annoying this text message exchange is. Like, do these two even have names? The name for the contact is "You"... Not to mention the person who woke their significant other up literally never said their name once.

Do they even know each other's names or is this some sort of mail-ordered-bride thing?

Let's see the amount of nicknames the person in grey has for the person in green, shall we? Baby, hunny, sweetie, cutie, baby, gorgeous, love of mine... Yup, that's seven too many for me.

This poor thing probably woke up to all these messages—written in all caps—and had a stroke at what could possibly be going on. If I received this many messages from my man at almost three in the morning, I would think they had been hijacked or taken. Honestly, I bet you anything the person in green was probably hoping that's what happened considering there is no reason on earth this exchange needed to happen. The person in grey could have honestly messaged them "I love you" and waited for the response in the morning. But no — that's not how teens work. They need to be dramatic and romantic like the dang Notebook.

16 Why Tho?

Um... I guess this throw-blanket is better than the comforter we saw in the earlier post? But I still don't find this at all necessary.

I know there are a bunch of people out there who see this kind of gesture as romantic... This girl is clearly showing off her love for her man in every way possible. The only thing is, this seems like such a waste. If you're gonna get a picture of a person printed on a blanket, don't you want it to be a good picture? Granted, she probably thinks every picture of her man is a good picture, but that's where she's wrong.

Out of all the pictures out there in the world of her significant other – she chose this one... One where you can barely even see his face. One where his face is swallowed whole by his hoodie. One where I'm 99% sure his eyes are closed in. One where the logo on his sweatshirt is more noticeable than his face... Right... Okay.

I don't know why teens feel the need to showoff their love so much, but once they're together for longer than two-years, all of these small things they bragged about so much, will no longer be brag-worthy. They'll see... eventually.

15 Do You Not Have Another Chair?

I feel like teenagers are always pushing that one button no one needs to push. It's the bright red button on a blank canvas that literally says "please, do no push." And yet, these kids push it.

I know these two are just trying to be... well, cute? He clearly wants to play video games and she obviously has some work to do, but do they HAVE to share one chair? I'm sure they like holding one another, but can't they hold each other after both people are done doing said activities?

Like, there's only so long this position can be comfortable. There is no way this kind of position can not make a couple feel inapt thoughts either – just an FYI.

Why can't they grab two chairs and do their own thing? Or better yet, why can't they find a common area with a big comfy couch where they can do both things while being WAY more comfortable than they are in this picture? I mean, she's even eating something in her left hand... Wouldn't it be way more comfortable to eat and read when you have your own chair? Who knows, maybe I'm just a negative Nancy, but I'm not about this single-chair life.

14 I'm Speechless By This Point

Maybe I'm just too old to understand why teens these days are putting each other's faces on everything. Maybe I'm just one of those people who don't understand. To be 100% honest, I think I would say "That's the cutest phone case I've ever seen" to a person who had a picture of their dog on it than say, their significant other.

I'm glad you two are committed and in love, but at the same time, the only person who cares about your weird phone case is the other person. There is no way a kid in the hallway at school is gonna look at your phone case and go "Wow, that's so cool."

Wait... Wait a second...

Maybe kids DO say those things... Now that I think about it, high school is the only place where phone cases like this are acceptable. This is the only place where people WILL compliment them on it. Because I know if this kid asked me for directions or advice, I would laugh in his face as soon as he picked his phone up. It's just one of those things that is so juvenile. Mainly because they thing it's SO cool, when it's really not.

13 The Shoe That Matches Nothing

The only person these shoes would look good on is an older person. Not someone who is 50 or 60, I'm talking 80's or 90's. An older man wearing his wife's face on his shoes, while he walks with a cane is one heck of an image. But seeing a teen wear her and her significant other's faces on her her shoes... When does it stop? When will the fashion crimes send these teens to jail?

Do you know how hard it is to make shoes match an outfit anyway?

That's why so many people have solid colored shoes — so that they'll go with anything at any time. Having a pair of Vans with your faces on them just makes you realize how literally nothing will match with your presence. I hate to break it to you sweetie, but wearing these shoes in public will not get you high-fives or even an extra container of fries; instead, it 's going to humiliate her. She's gonna wear these shoes all week, not realizing that literally every single outfit of hers doesn't match the image. And that's a fashion problem. Also, wearing these "cute" shoes anywhere is a bad idea. First of all, white shoes ALWAYS get dirty. Second of all, is this person going to clean on her face on her shoe every 10 seconds or what?

12 OMG We Get It

Don't get me wrong, I think it's beautiful that teens take their love to a whole new level. I think it's a testament to loyalty that they want to dedicate their time and money to one person through small acts of love. I wish older men and women followed suite (just in a less flashy kind of way).

However, I think it's totally puke-worthy that that they couldn't have just painted the sunset and let that be that. Or just went out to dinner and gave them this promise ring. But no, they had to do both. If you ask me, it's very promoposal-esque.

The issue with teenagers is they don't believe that them and their loved one will ever break up. They think they're going to be together forever. And while I think that's... sweet, it's just not always realistic. Yes, some relationships make it through high school, college, babies, and long-distance. But that's a very small amount. So buying a "promise" ring doesn't really mean anything. You can make a promise that you're never gonna leave them, but guess what? That little ring is not bound to a contract. Decisions and opinions change all the time. I hope these two made it, I really do. But it's too corny for me.

11 How Thoughtful...

Don't get me wrong, I think it's sweet these two are so close that they can be open about each person's bodily functions. I think that shows honesty and pure trust. But does everything need to be blasted on the Internet? It's nice this dude made his significant other a package for her time of the month, but why do teens always feel the need to show it to the world? Is nothing sacred anymore? Can nothing be personal?

If you ask me, it's almost like teens do these kinds of things JUST so their lover can post about it on IG.

This guy didn't make a care-package because she wasn't felling her best. He made it because he knew she was gonna brag about it and it made him look like a great person.

Sure, he IS a good person for doing something like this, I just wish more things weren't so public. I wish things were kept private for a bit. But to be honest, adults are bad with this stuff too. There are MANY adults who share one too many posts about their kids. Like, we get it, your child went to the bathroom today — good for them. Nobody asked and nobody cares.

10 Jordy And Juan Need A Timeout

Jordy and Juan sound like a match made in Hades, if you ask me. For someone to message THAT many times in the span of a few seconds is ludicrous to me. Plus, I bet you Jordy's Snapchat to this person was telling them to answer their texts — which is something a lot of kids do apparently.

I remember my best friend's cousin just got Snapchat, and she stared asking her for "streaks" and to "HMU." Embarrassingly enough, although I have Snapchat I had no idea what the head streaks or what "HMU" even meant. The younger cousin informed me that "streaks" meant how long you could keep snapping one another without skipping a day. The more you snap — the longer your streak. The abbreviation, on the other hand, stands for "hit me up." Now, whether that means via text or Snapchat is beyond me, but they would like us to "hit" them up. (Do I feel old and out of yet? Yes.)

But this is where teenagers lose me. WHY does it matter how long your streak it with a lover or BFF?! I could see streaks meaning something if Snapchat paid you for long streaks. But no — you get these weird trophies that mean absolutely nothing. Ugh the youth.

9 Here We Are Again

Are you even dating someone if you don't wear their face on your shirt, shoes, or comforter? Apparently not. Wearing your significant other's face is clearly a fad these days. I just wish I knew why people cared so much.

I mean, is wearing a person's face cooler than having a relationship status on Facebook? Is that where we're at now?

I think these two have the potential to be cute, but ugh, I can already see their breakup in the future. These two are too young and beautiful to even know what's good for them. They're both gonna go off to different colleges and tell everyone that they're gonna make it work. But as soon as they go to their first college party, they're gonna realize how much of a mistake it is to be in a relationship while in their first semester away. Instead of finding themselves, testing the waters, and being in the moment — they're gonna be focusing on a long-distance relationship and wondering what the fudge their significant other is up to all the time. It's a train wreck (believe me, I've been there).

And when all is said and done, what is this dude gonna do with this hoodie when they break up? Is donate it? Is he gonna burn it? Is he gonna give it to a friend? I mean, her giant face is on it... not too many people will want this.

8 That ONE Couple

There's always that ONE couple in high school or university who feels the need to wear matching shirts. If you ask me, the only way matching shirts are acceptable are when it's someone's honeymoon, a vacation, a reunion, or some sort of themed party. That's it. It's not cute or sweet to wear matching shirts to class that say "He's mine!" or "She's mine!" They just look possessive and creepy. Plus, they're not spending the entire day together so their shirts don't really make sense.

These two are probably going to lunch together and then are spending the rest of the day in class. So it's not really sweet to be wearing a shirt that says "She's mine" when you're not with "she" all day. People are going to be doing nothing but asking who "she" or "he" is throughout the day.

Trust me, these shirts are more of a nuisance than anything. Don't do it unless you're on your honeymoon honestly. These two are so young and insecure, they don't even know what's gonna hit them in the face when their relationship ends. They're gonna cry more of the t-shirt than their relationship, probably. *Sigh* skip the shirts, guys.

7 'Doe'

Kids today, am I right?!

Only a teenage couple would pull a stunt like this. Let me explain. 1.) The dude lied about clearly being with another person. 2.) His significant other is clearly too young to know what a hickey or scratch marks mean. 3.) They felt the need to put it on social media. 4.) The lack of grammar is appalling.

Saying all that, this screams high school, maybe even middle school (sickly enough). HOW can someone be in a relationship and NOT know what a hickey is or even looks like.

And even if they do know, how are they naive enough to think that those marks are from being jumped and not by cherished encounter with another person? It's almost unbelievable that this person is trusting enough to think these things. I mean, clearly trust them because they posted it online. The only problem is, however, I bet you all of their followers saw this post and messaged them ASAP about how their significant other was not beat up, rather kissed upon... multiple times.

I know young people think they'll never do better so they stay in a bad situation. But, that's not true. If they're being disrespected, they have to leave and do better.

6 You're Not Cool For Doing This Baby Girl...

The saddest part about this Facebook post is that this girl thinks she's being so crafty and funny. She thinks her man is actually gonna wear these shirts and that other people are gonna wanna do the same thing for their significant other when they're out of the town. The only problem is, we're not laughing with this girl, we're laughing at her.

A grown adult would not wear shirts like these. Nor would they even make them. While many adults have trust issues and things of that nature, not many would go through the effort of making items of clothing for their partner to wear when they left the house. They're not a dog. You might as well have them wear a collar at that point.

The only message these image screams is insecurity. All young people are insecure because they don't know themselves yet. They think they know who they are and what they want, but things change all the time. I am not the same person I was when I was 18, nor am I the same person I was at 21. But now at 28, I think I definitely have a grasp on who I am as a person and what I'm looking for in this thing called life. And knowing that, I would NEVER make my man wear this. It's just too pathetic.

5 *Deletes Facebook*

Whoever is friends with Leonardo and Maria needs to unfriend them immediately. No one should have to login to Facebook everyday and see this monstrocity of a couple. I know they think they're being cute and crafty with their Facebook skills, but they're not. They're being weird...

These two literally went through the hassle of making this. They were probably sitting around home one night (you know, Netflix and chillin' as many teens do), though of this idea and then made it their cover image and profile photo.

But can you just THINK about what the scene was like when these two were taking these pictures?

"Babe, lay on the couch, purse your lips, and pretend like you're kissing me." They probably took 15+ pictures of this stance because, let's be real, all kids do these days. I just wish these two knew how pathetic they looked. It's sad, really. They think they're being the image for young love. Icons, really. But instead, they're lesson number one for what not to do when you're public with a relationship.

Sorry Leonardo (love that name) and Maria. I know you wanted more from this Facebook life, but it's not working out for you. Heck, it's not even working out for me looking at it.


I don't think I'm a 'caps lock' kind of gal, but this article has gotten me so rilled up, that I can't help myself. I really can't.

I know every couple has a pet-name for their significant other—which is fine—but CINNAMON APPLE?! CINNAMON APPLE. Let that soak in: cinnamon apple. WHAT would you do if someone you loved called you CINNAMON APPLE. I just... I can't. I'm done.

After CINNAMON APPLE fell asleep by accident, they decided to text their partner multiple times until they answered. And guess what, their partner never answered, which . makes it even more annoying.

Like, instead of saying the first message of "Baby I miss you," they decided to follow that up with "I miss you" three more times after writing it. I THINK THEY GET IT. I THINK YOUR PARTNER GETS THAT YOU MISS THEM. It's just... I need a barf bag. I really do. Saying 'I miss you' once or twice is fine through the span of a day, but to repeat it within one minute... That's just not mentally sound.

Wait... I just thought about it. If this person is called Cinnamon Apple, what the heck is their partner called? Chocolate apple? Green apple? Red Delicious? WHY DO THEY LIKE APPLES?

3 Goals? I Think Not

The sad part about today's world is the term "relationship goals" is tossed around so often. Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan were relationship goals, now look at them. Chris Pratt and Anna Faris were relationship goals, but look where they are. Kim Kardashian and literally every man she was with before Kanye was a relationship goal, but not anymore!

Just because a couple looks happy online does not men they are in real life. That being said, do I think these two in the image above are relationship goals because she needed her man to FaceTime her JUST because she was too scared to go downstairs...

No. This is not a goal. 

When I think of a goal I'd like in my relationship, I don't think it's thinking of my man FaceTiming me because I'm afraid of the dark. I just don't. If anything, this teen could have, you know, TURNED ON A LIGHT before she went downstairs so it wasn't so scary. I mean, even if her downstairs was intimidating, what the heck is her man gonna do if she's attacked by something or someone? The only thing he can do is call the cops, and who knows how long it'll take for them to get there!

Baby girl, put on the lights and get the dang ice cream yourself.

2 The Fridge Of The Future

Besides the fact that I think it's absurd to have an image THIS large of yourself on your own fridge, WHY do some fridges today need electronics? Why? I understand women and men everywhere are raving about these fridges because their fridge knows when they're out of certain things (they can tell the fridge or add a note on the fridge what they're out of and it will be linked to their phone), but like, is this really necessary.

How expensive are these fridges anyway? Why does our fridge need a computer? All it is is one giant shelf for food. Ugh, technology.

Regardless of my feelings on these Smart House-like fridges, having an image this large of yourself and your partner just seems... I don't know, ostentatious? I don't want to say they're bragging or showing off their love, since they do seem like a younger-adult couple. But, I just don't see the point to rave about a selfie when you're just trying to go the fridge to get a glass of almond milk. Why can't fridges be covered with magnets like they used to be? I miss the old days where fridges didn't have a computer in them and where couples didn't wear one another's faces on their clothes.

1 This Isn't Cute. This Is Possessive.

There are a lot of different kinds of abuse. I don't really like exact terms because not all forms of abuse fit into a little box. This dude made a list for his partner before she went out to a party. And she thought it was SO adorably funny that she just HAD to share it to Instagram. The only problem is, it's not cute or funny at all. It's straight up controlling.

He wants her to SEND him a picture of what she's wearing before she leaves the house. He wants her to roll her eyes as soon as a man even looks her way. He wants her to give anyone who asks her for her number, his number. He wants her to ignore compliments. He wants her to dance for a minimum of 10 seconds. I mean, the list goes on and on.

This isn't funny and it's actually quite sad.

The only people who do this kind of things are insecure youngin's who don't think they'll ever find someone else. The same can be said for those who actually comply with this nasty list. I mean, it's sad. She might as well not even go to the party because there are so many rules, she might even get in trouble for breathing in the wrong corner!

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