25 Things Supercar Drivers Aren't Allowed To Do On The Road

Naturally, most people are jealous of those who drive in the worlds best supercars, as it is something that everyone would like to do at some point. They are often some of the fastest, most powerful cars in existence, and they are always a joy to see on the road.

However, sometimes people can abuse the power of being behind the wheel of these extremely quick cars which can, unfortunately, lead to major mistakes on the road due to the drivers not following basic rules that are set out.

Despite how fast a car might drive there are certain things that all drivers are not able to do, by law, on the roads, whilst others tend to be more moral issues that often leave other drivers rubbed up the wrong way.

On the other hand, there are certain things that supercar drivers simply cannot do on the roads which are purely down to the vehicles they have chosen to drive themselves and the limitations that they can provide.

Because even though they can certainly drive faster than the average car that is on the road, there are things that a supercar simply cannot do. Within this article, we will break down 25 things that supercar drivers are not able to do on the roads, no matter how impressive their vehicles might be.

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25 Get Through Toll booths

Photo: Imgur.com

This is one situation that is a victory for those who can't afford to drive around in expensive supercars, as they can comfortably get through a tollbooth without a problem, something that supercars often struggle with.

Toll booths might be something that a lot of people take for granted, but once you get behind the wheel of a supercar you quickly realise how difficult going through something as simple as a tollbooth can be.

Getting out of the window to go and pay for the tollbooth can be incredibly embarrassing as a lot of people forget that due to the cars being so low, simply paying for it isn't a simple task.

24 Go Through An Automatic Car Wash

Photo: YouTube.com

Much like the tollbooth situation that we covered earlier on in the list, another element of driving that people take for granted is automatic car washes, with many supercar owners not being able to trust them.

Of course, just like any other car owner, supercar owners want to make sure their vehicles are looking clean, however, there is a risk with going through an automatic car wash that there could be problems due to how low to the ground supercars can be.

The automatic car washes might be the fastest way to clean a car, but when there is a risk of it damaging the supercar, most owners just go for the traditional hand washing approach.

23 Change The Oil

Photo: lamborghinidallas.com

Whilst changing a car's oil is something that a lot of non-supercar owners may also struggle with, depending on the car and how skilled they are in this situation, but for those who own a supercar it can be incredibly difficult.

For those supercar owners, they will know only too well the difficulty in simply changing the oil of their car, which can be a difficult process that even some experienced mechanics might not be able to do, or at least not without a premium cost attached to it.

As an example of how tough it can be, Jalopnik pointed out that it can take over four hours to simply change the oil in a Huracan, which shows that for supercar owners, it can be very difficult.

22 Drink A Coffee

Photo: autogespot.pt

For a lot of people, the morning commute to work involves a trip to Starbucks or drinking a cup of coffee made from home on the way in the car, taking sips when stuck at traffic, utilising the cup holder, something that most drivers simply take for granted.

However, those who drive around in the worlds most impressive supercars might find themselves disappointed when they turn up to Starbucks as the vast majority of the cars do not actually have a cup holder.

Supercars are built with one purpose in mind; speed. They are not meant to be day-to-day cars that you run from home to the office, picking up the shopping in, with this being another example of that fact.

21 Drive It On Dirt Roads

Photo: AutoGuide.com

Whilst supercars are not meant for tasks such as picking up the shopping, they are also not designed with off-roading in mind, as that is another thing that most supercars simply cannot do due to the design.

Most supercars simply wouldn't survive driving around a dirt road, with the unpredictability of the surface there is always going to be a chance that one bump could cause a major issue.

Considering the amount of money that it costs to buy a supercar, it would be a major mistake on behalf of the owner to then go and drive it on a dirt road.

20 Rev In Neutral At The Lights

Photo: CarFromJapan.com

This isn't technically something that supercar drivers cannot do, but more something that most people would urge drivers not to do because of the risks involved with the high possibility of an accident, not to mention it doesn't make you look particularly cool.

Even though the noises that a supercar engine can make are incredibly impressive, simply sitting at traffic lights in neutral, revving the engine to give everyone an earful of how powerful the car seems like a cool idea to some.

However, when that takes place the driver is no longer ready to move on green, which can often lead to a moment of panic, potentially even stalling the car, which doesn't make anybody look as cool as they think.

19 Trust It With A Valet

Photo: atofgears.com

This entry all really depends on how high a level of trust in strangers that a person has, as for some people leaving their car with a valet is not an issue, regardless of how expensive the vehicle is.

On the other hand, some people might not even trust a second-hand vehicle in the hands of a valet so it all goes down to the person, but those who own top of the range supercars are always going to be a little more hesitant to trust it with someone.

For all they know, the valet in charge has never been at the wheel of a car as powerful and people are fearful of what others will do with their cars.

18 Driving Around With Scrapes


Those who drive supercars spend a significant sum of money in order to own one and part of having one is being able to show off the car when driving it around, posting images of the vehicle and just being proud of it.

This is why it is very rare that you see a supercar being driven around with slight bumps or scratches on it, unlike other vehicles on the road. That is because people are very proud of owning them and don't want them in anything other than perfect condition.

That means that most supercar owners will immediately get their vehicles tended to, even if it is just the smallest of issues, which isn't really a bad thing at all.

17 Overtaking Dangerously

Photo: YouTube.com

Being behind the wheel of an incredibly fast and powerful supercar can be a very scary thing at times, especially for new drivers, and some may be quick to use that speed to get around the roads a little quicker than they should be.

However, other cars, which lack the same ability can stop a supercar from hitting its potential, which often leads drivers to be frustrated. Because of this, many drivers will try to overtake other cars, often doing so in a dangerous manner, simply to get past.

Despite the fact that supercars can obviously handle hitting high speeds to get past other cars, if the move is deemed dangerous and is caught by cameras or the police, then they will be punished just the same as anybody else.

16 Driving On Narrow Roads

Photo: Motor1.com

Narrow roads can be a tricky situation for any car, especially bigger vans or lorries, however, for supercars they can be a real hassle, with the vehicles often being built very wide, making narrow roads a risky drive.

Misjudging the width of a supercar can result in a whole world of pain that can lead to a driver having to pay a serious amount of money in repair work, which can often be even more than the car originally cost if it is a serious situation.

Because of this, most drivers won't even risk going down a narrow road in order to avoid the possibility of getting stuck or scratching their car, which isn't ideal if a narrow road is needed.

15 Use Too Much Throttle

Photo: Industry Tap

This is one of the most common mistakes that new supercar owners make, with drivers often opening up with too much throttle, which can result in chirping tires to cause a lot of noise that will gain people's attention.

However, the major issue with doing this is that it can quite easily destroy the wheels, whilst also setting the car off at an incredibly fast speed, piling on far more than is needed or expected.

This can then lead to the car swaying off sideways, which can be very difficult to regain control of, and is the main reason why drivers must not use too much of it.

14 Seeing All Blind Spots

Photo: AutoExpress.co.uk

Something else that supercar owners are unable to do on the roads is seeing all possible blind spots like you would expect to be able to do in any normal car, which can be an issue due to how important checking blind spots is.

There is a reason that driving instructors push for people to check their blind spots carefully, however, in supercars this can become an issue as seeing through and spotting them is often impossible due to the design.

This is why many supercars have sensor technology and cameras to aid the driver, however, nothing is more reliable than just being able to check, but that sadly isn't always possible.

13 Race On The Road

Photo: Hotcars.com

Something that tends to annoy a lot of other drivers when it comes to people who own supercars (apart from simply being jealous about the situation), is the fact that a lot of drivers try to turn everything into a race, simply to show the cars speed.

Racing around on the road is incredibly dangerous, no matter how much free space there appears to be, and it can lead to some major accidents, which is why it simply is not allowed, with no exceptions.

Thankfully, the vast majority of drivers are very sensible and obey the rules of the road, however, those that don't do run the risk of being seriously punished if they are caught.

12 Expect A Comfortable Drive

Photo: The Drive

For a lot of drivers, the most important reason for buying a vehicle is how comfortable a drive it is, and how comfortable it would be for potential passengers on journeys with them, but when it comes to supercars that simply isn't a thought.

For those who are seeking comfort during their driving, a sedan would be the best possible purchase, not a supercar. Even though they provide an amazing drive due to the speed, comfort isn't at the top priority of any supercar.

The cars are made very low, tucking the driver down, with seats that are more like racing car seats than a comfy, luxurious one, so don't expect to be relaxing whilst behind the wheel of a supercar.

11 Carry Much Luggage

Photo: Car Throttle

As we have mentioned several times already on this list, supercars aren't always the most practical cars in terms of doing mundane, daily tasks such as shopping or taking luggage ahead of trips.

The main reason for this comes down to a real lack of space, with supercars often being designed to be as aerodynamic as possible in order to improve the speed and to make sure they are as lightweight as they can be.

As you can see in the image above, there really is a lack of room for much at all, meaning dropping a friend off at the airport might not be something that is possible.

10 Save Money On Fuel

Photo: Top Speed

The reason that supercars are able to hit the speeds that they can is due to the large, powerful engines that are found inside of them, however even though those engines provide a ton of power, there is one negative that comes from that.

Those engines are very thirsty and require a lot of fuel in order for them to run, and sadly that fuel is often very quick to run out, so anybody looking for an efficient car that will save them money on fuel should look elsewhere.

Supercars must be filled up often, and can frequently cost an incredible amount of money which is a cost many forget to take into account when thinking about prices.

9 Relax

Photo: YouTube.com

For some people, driving will never be a relaxing experience as some drivers are constantly on edge when they are behind the wheel of a car, but for many driving can be a relaxing experience, especially when you get onto the right roads.

However, relaxing isn't really something you can do when you're at the wheel of a supercar as the speeds they can hit means that you must be incredibly alert at all times, especially because the other drivers around you are likely busy gawking at the car and not focusing themselves.

On top of this, the police do tend to keep an extra careful eye onto supercars and will be happy to pounce as soon as something illegal is done, meaning you are unlikely to get away with anything.

8 Brake Harshly

Photo: Bullitt Auto

This is something that will likely only really affect those who are new to driving around in a supercar, as the more experienced people have working with the power and speed of the vehicles will know all about the braking abilities.

Supercars are able to hit huge accelerating forces and whilst that is always impressive, a cars braking ability is equally as important, especially when a car is hitting very high speeds.

The brakes on a supercar need to be used correctly, taking into account the speed of the car, with harsh braking likely leading to serious issues, which must be considered.

7 Go On Long Drives

Photo: Shift 'n' Drive

As mentioned earlier in the list, supercars are fuel guzzlers and need to be topped up on a regular basis that can lead to some serious costs, which means long journeys are often not possible.

This can be very frustrating as all the best open, windy roads that allow supercars to really show their real potential aren't exactly just next to an urban area and tend to take a while to get to, meaning it can become a costly experience.

On top of that, the more remote a drive becomes the less likely it is that there will be a local gas station, which means the driver must work out how much fuel is needed beforehand to plan out the trip.

6 Get Over Speed bumps Smoothly

Photo: YouTube.com

This is another one of those issues that most cars simply do not have to worry about, but those six-figure supercars can find an absolute nightmare. This is a very common and frustrating problem that supercar owners have to encounter.

Because of how a supercar is laid out with the aerodynamic focus, there is often very little ground clearance, unlike conventional cars and because that there isn't much room for the car's front spoiler to get through.

This means that supercar owners must take absolute care when going over speedbumps, often doing so at incredibly slow speeds and sometimes even at a diagonal angle in order to create as much clearance space as possible.

5 Avoid Everyone's Attention

Photo: DriveTribe

For some people, this isn't really an issue as many people buy a supercar with the sole purpose of gaining as much attention as possible, but for others, that isn't something that they want, despite owning a fantastic vehicle.

Most people don't get to see many supercars outside of television and films, and therefore when it does happen in real life the car quickly gains a lot of attention, especially if it is in a city centre.

Thankfully, most people will stand from afar and take a picture or post a video on Snapchat and leave it at that, yet for others, it can lead to them crowding the vehicle or posing next to it when it's parked, which can then become a bigger issue.

4 Expect Other Drivers To Be Nice To Them

Photo: AutoCar.com

It is always nice to be nice, but sadly that isn't always the case, especially on the roads when a lot of people can be very selfish, focusing on themselves and getting their journey done as quickly as possible.

When someone sees a supercar they often make two decisions, either offering to stay out of the way or the opposite, becoming a nuisance. From something as simple as not letting them out to the ridiculous of trying to race one at a traffic light, other road users can quickly become an annoyance for supercar drivers.

Thankfully, for the most part, people tend to just get one with their normal routine without causing too much of a hassle.

3 Get Out Easily

Photo: WeAreCurated.com

Getting out of a car is something that most people do not think about when they are doing it, as it is a fairly simple thing. However, when supercars are involved it can be a whole new ball game.

Considering how low to the ground the seat is, and how wide the doors often open up, getting out of the car can actually be a difficult task for some people, especially if anybody happens to have sore joints.

This can especially be difficult when parking is concerned, with the doors opening up wide it is important for plenty of space to be given, or getting out can simply be impossible.

2 Park Wherever

Photo: Pinterest

Whilst most people do not need to worry about parking their cars in specific places, those who own a supercar know all too well about the importance of being careful where they leave the cars.

When you own a vehicle that is worth six figures it certainly isn't a bad idea to be a little wary about leaving the vehicle around, especially on urban streets where many people might be walking around.

This makes things tricky for the drivers as parking the car down a side street is equally as dangerous as there is often no cameras in order to spot any possible damage, making the simple situation of parking a much bigger issue.

1 Speed

Photo: Expat Media

This is a major issue that often comes up when supercars are being discussed as a lot of drivers like to make sure they're getting the most out of them when they're on the roads and these cars are built with speed in mind.

Supercars can go at incredibly high speeds and whilst that is the obvious appeal for them, when those cars are on the road they have to obey the same laws in regards to how fast they can go as any other car.

So, even though they can go from 0-60mph in the blink of an eye and can drive faster speeds than most people have ever experienced, they still must follow the law.

Sources: TheDrive, YouTube, Jalopnik & Truth About Cars

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