25 Times We Wished 'Forever 21' Would Forever Go Away

I have only shopped in Forever 21 a handful of times, and that’s only because my little sister was OBSESSED with the store back when she was in high school. I don’t think I ever really bought much from them, aside from maybe a pair of jeans and a nice jacket that I could wear for interviews.

In my humble opinion, I never liked having to schlep into the city just to shop for items I could’ve found for a heck of a lot cheaper in my local department store or at TJ Maxx in Brooklyn.

I also found the store to be pretty hit-or-miss too, but I suppose that’s most clothing stores in general. The jeans I purchased didn’t last too long before they developed an unfixable hole, although the nice jacket I could wear over a dressy shirt for interviews has been going strong even after seven years.

All in all, my experience with Forever 21 has been decent, unlike the following 25 people who had such bad experiences, I’m surprised they didn’t ask for a refund or swear to never step foot in a store ever again. And if you're a Forever 21 shopper, take this list as a warning.

25 Never Prosper

Man, oh man, @Luciextoo’s expression is the exact same one I always have on my face whenever I go into the store on the rare occasions that I am in Union Square and have some time (and cash) to shop there.

Maybe I just have a vastly different sense of style, but I don’t understand why anyone would want to prance around with a giant embroidered rose on the back of a baseball jacket. Is this supposed to be Forever 21’s version of a shout-out to the Disney animated film of Beauty and the Beast? Why not just have plain baseball jacket?

Then again, I also can’t figure out why the jacket is white. That is going to be a huge pain to clean up if even one iota of dirt gets on it and I’d bet money it’s not easily washed, so whoever purchases this item is going to have to constantly schlep to the dry cleaners in order to keep it looking nice. No thank you, I’ll pass and stick to my dark colored clothes. Black jackets are MUCH better for a dog walker that is constantly getting jumped on by muddy pooches anyway, since the stains don’t show as much.

24 Looks Like Someone Flunked Geography Class

Via: Imgur

The amount of flop in this description makes my eyes want to bleed. That’s not a Union Jack, that is the Australian flag! Did someone flunk geography class when they were in elementary school?

Look, I get that the two countries’ flags look VERY similar to one another, but Forever 21 should be ashamed of themselves. It takes all of TWO MINUTES to fact check which flag this is on Google. C’mon people, put some effort into it so that you don’t make your employers look foolish and for the love of all things holy, hire more editors so that they catch this mistake before it goes live!

Then again, who knows what goes on behind closed doors. Perhaps whoever wrote up this description was planning on quitting their job and decided to troll their soon-to-be-former employers by deliberately mixing up the flag so that the company would look incredibly stupid.

I sure hope that is the case, because I’d rather believe that someone that worked for the company tried to play a prank in order to make Forever 21 seem ignorant than that someone was so dumb that they couldn’t fact-check the design’s claims on Google. Maybe they didn’t even realize that there’s a difference between Britain’s flag and Australia’s flag...

23 Worst Return Policy Ever

Did anyone else shudder with revulsion when they read this tweet or was it just me? I thought coming home to discover that my brand new leather jacket that I had just bought from a local cheap clothing store had a big whole under the arm was bad. But finding out that you just bought something that already had stains on it is instantly vile.

Plus their return policy is annoying AF, meaning you only get store credit.

Okay sure, @Phantomous89 could just tossed the item they ordered from Forever 21 into the washing machine or hand wash the item if it is too delicate in order to get the stains out, but that is NOT THE POINT. According to this tweet, the company has pulled these kinds of shenanigans with their orders before and that is SO GROSS.

It’s one thing for a company like Forever 21 to wash a clothing item and sanitize it before putting it back in stock or on the rack in the store, but it sounds like for whatever reason, they dropped the ball and sent @Phantomouse89 USED CLOTHING TWICE. Just EWWWWWWWW. This makes my inner germaphobe want to never, ever step foot inside Forever 21 ever again.

22 The Challenges Of Being Short

Via: Me.Me

 Behold, a sweatshirt dress that keeps you covered from the knees up AND keeps you toasty warm on those cool summer nights. Or is it? When you’re short and literally NOTHING is designed for your hobbit-esque self, it becomes quite the delightful guessing game as to what the item is SUPPOSED to be, instead of what it looks like when you try it on.

Much like @Karouiikaro, if I attempted to put this sweatshirt on, it would look like a dress because I am five-feet exactly. It is SO darn frustrating to be short and have literally NOTHING designed for you.

For example, when I was in high school, we didn’t have uniforms, just a dress code, and we were allowed to wear capri pants in the spring. Trying to find a pair of capris that actually FIT ME and didn’t look like regular-length pants was an absolute nightmare for me. I’m pretty sure I cried in the dressing rooms at one point because I was so sick of not being able to find anything in my size. I wound up going to New York and Company and found a pair, but I had to visit several stores that day JUST to find capris designed for short women.

21 Balto Thinks This Shirt Is Too Cheesy For Words

Via: Imgur

My jaw dropped when I spotted this shirt and I can’t believe that Forever 21 is actually SELLING something that would make Anna Wintour get the vapors if she ever saw this on the website.

This thing honestly looks like one of those cheesy graphic shirts with wolves, cats, and orcas that they always sell at flea markets and street fairs.

I also have to wonder — who thought it was a good idea to make a PLUS SIZE SHIRT with a GINORMOUS WOLF on it? That is just ASKING for someone to get made fun of, especially if the buyer decided to post a public photo on social media websites like Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.

Cruel people could also make “Moon Moon” jokes if they saw someone wearing this online or even in person. For those out there that aren’t up to date with meme history, Know Your Meme points out that the “Moon Moon” meme revolves around a well-meaning but really dumb wolf that often has really silly monologues.

Think the “Doge” meme, only with a doofy wolf that could put the Disney character Goofy to shame with his lack of intelligence. Why Forever 21 thinks anyone would buy something like this, I have no idea. Even most dog lovers wouldn’t touch it with a 10-foot pole.

20 Cough Up The Dough To Hire A Translator

Via: Imgur

When it comes to coming up with designs for tattoos or clothing that feature another language, it is always a good idea to ask a native speaker of said language to double and even triple check that your translation isn’t something offensive or completely nonsensical. Otherwise, it’s just going to make you look pretty darn foolish.

Didn’t Forever 21 think to double-check that this was the proper translation by a native speaker BEFORE they allowed the design to go onto the shirt and production to start? C’mon my dudes, you could definitely cough up the dough to hire ALL OF THE TRANSLATORS in order to make sure that every design written in another language is correct.

The fact that this shirt’s design is essentially spouting nonsense is both utterly hilarious and pretty darn sad because we all know that Forever 21 could have afforded to get a translator to look over this before it hit the stores. It would’ve been chump change for them. Guess people will just have to avoid buying and wearing shirts with logos written in another language so they won’t have to worry that the English translation is either something highly insulting or plain ole’ gibberish.

19 Forever 21 Laughs At Your Pain

You can always count on Forever 21 for designing items that truly leave us scratching our heads and wondering what the heck they were thinking when they came up with the ideas.

Out of ALL the things to base a purse on, why the heck would anyone pick the laughing emoji?

If it had been a plain circular purse, that would have been a bit weird but cool. It could’ve been a nice item to take with you to the beach or on a coffee date.

But really, who the heck wants to go out in public with a laughing emoji purse? Was it designed to get people to start laughing at the buyer?

To add more insults, this purse looks like the cheesy plastic backpack we ‘90s kids used to wear back in the day. I remember being SO PROUD of the giant smiley face backpack I bought from Claire’s as a teenager, and I took that thing with me EVERYWHERE because I felt SO COOL that I had one. Ahhh, youth.

Sorry Forever 21, but there are some trends from the ‘90s that really shouldn’t make a comeback and plastic bags with facial expressions are one of them.

18 Camo High Heels: For Out Running T-Rexes In A Forest

Oh man @_Natvv, I am with you on being depressed when seeing these shoes from Forever 21. Did the designer watch the first Jurassic World movie and after seeing poor Claire running from a Tyrannosaurus Rex think to themselves “Hmmm, what she really needed was a pair of camouflage high heels to help her hide from the hungry dinosaurs?”

Jokes about poor Bryce Dallas Howard’s character’s costumes in Jurassic World aside, camouflage high heels? REALLY? Who in their right mind is going to be frolicking in high heels in the middle of a FOREST? I can’t speak for everyone, but if I’m going to be walking around in some woodsy area, I want to wear comfortable hiking boots — not a pair of heels that would either make me break my ankle or give me the worst set of shoe bites and blisters EVER.

It really is depressing to see that Forever 21 doesn’t realize why these pair of heels are going to flop. Not only do they look absolutely ridiculous and impractical, but what the heck are you going to wear them with, anyway? It’s not like most people have access to army uniforms that they can wear with these things.

17 Rain, Rain, Go Away...

I think no...maybe its just me. #Forever21Fail

A post shared by Riannon Zellmer (@riannon_lynn) on

Rain ponchos are always ugly looking, but this one is a real head-scratcher. It literally looks like someone took some Saran wrap and draped it over the poor model to wear like some Harry Potter-esque cape.

Isn’t the purpose of a rain poncho supposed to be to protect one’s outfit from getting caught up in a downpour?

This thing looks SO flimsy and I wouldn’t be surprised if it broke after a few uses. All it is going to take to destroy this poncho is one heck of a heavy rainstorm and BOOM — your outfit is ruined and you’ll walk into work or school looking like a drowned rat.

To add more insults to this look, this contraption doesn’t even have a HOOD. What about all of the people with curly hair that spend HOURS blow-drying and flat-ironing their hair straight? All of their hard work is going to go down in flames the minute that they step outside with this thing on a rainy day.

No hood and a weird design? I agree with @Riannon_Lynn, I’ll take a hard pass on this contraption. If it is raining cats and dogs outside, I’d rather don a waterproof jacket with a hood OR stick with an ugly but serviceable yellow rain poncho with waterproof boots.

16 Tigger Is Working For Forever 21 Now

The company is known for their odd slogans, but “My Best Friend Is A Mermaid” and “Tigers Do It Better” are real head scratchers.

In regards to the t-shirt on the left, who the heck is their best friend? Ariel from Disney’s film The Little Mermaid? Will the item give the wearer magical powers to change their legs to a tail so they can go under the sea and show off their trendy shirt to their fishy pal?

With the t-shirt on the right, I have a sneaking suspicion that Tigger from Winnie The Pooh came up with that slogan. Maybe he was feeling proud of himself for helping Winnie and Piglet find a new jar of honey after Eeyore and Owl failed miserably and pitched the idea to Forever 21.

Disney jokes aside, the design for both t-shirts are SO LAZY and I don’t get why anyone would buy them. You could get a plain white t-shirt or baseball shirt, some iron-on letters and have a DIY job that didn’t have such ridiculous slogans for a heck of a lot cheaper.

Maybe THAT is why there’s still tons of these t-shirts hanging on the rack; since no one would want to step foot outside wearing ‘em.

15 Tupac's Ghost Is Cackling Madly Right Now

#2pacornot2paconmynexttrip #forever21fail #why #styleisweird

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If there is Internet in the Great Beyond, then Tupac Shakur must be cackling uproariously at this weird shirt that Forever 21 is selling in their stores.

It is horrifically ironic that a rapper that often discussed societal injustices and poverty in his songs before he died, now has his likeness plastered on a trendy t-shirt that is being sold in a store that mainly caters to the middle to upper class.

Tupac must be thinking to himself “Man, if I was still living in the realm of mortal men instead of the Great Beyond, this shirt would make a FANTASTIC inspiration for a song about the villains of Capitalism and how weird it is to slap the image of someone that discussed all the injustices happening in American society. Especially to people that aren’t white, onto a t-shirt that looks like it can rip easily. I really have no idea what they were thinking with this one.”

Sadly, Forever 21 will probably never see the irony of plastering Tupac’s image all over a crop top designed for young women to wear while they, themselves, have come under fire for various controversies, such as plagiarizing from other designers and not giving them any credit.

14 Shoddy Workmanship Is Shoddy

I’m with @Kokoshell on this one. Forever 21 was selling this hunk of junk for $14.99 and it can’t even hold up? Can we say epic flop? Oh yes we can!

I feel her pain though. I bought a cute pair of simple black leggings with red trim around Christmas time. Although it was from TJ Maxx, not Forever 21 since I can’t be bothered trekking into the city to shop at the latter when I have some cheap department stores right within walking distance to where I live.

You’d think that leggings would last for a fairly long time, right? WRONG. Much like @Kokoshell, I was furious when I discovered a GINORMOUS hole on my left leg that I had to mend only after I had worn them a few times. And I’m not exactly a whizz with sewing. I can mend basic stuff, but it’s pretty obvious when I try to fix a gaping hole like this one.

I was so disgusted with the fact that these leggings couldn’t hold up to usual wear and tear that I tossed them in the garbage. Why these stores and these designers can’t come up with clothes that are durable and last a long time, I’ll never know.

13 Looks Like Someone Used A Shrinking Spell Gone Wrong

This post is one of the reasons why I am always so leery of ordering things online from eBay or even Amazon. There’s no opportunity to try it on and there’s no guarantee that it is going to fit. If it doesn’t, then there’s a whole rigmarole to send it back.

Thankfully, I’ve never had too much of an issue with ordering online and everything I’ve purchased (like my Princess Leia/Star Wars shirt) has fit perfectly, but I’ve heard some horror stories even worse than this Instagram post.

This poor woman looks like she accidentally used a shrinking spell from Harry Potter on that top and now she’s stuck asking Professor McGonagall for advice on how to make it bigger.

@Cottoneyejen, I hate to break it to you, but there is NO WAY in hades that you are going to be able to stretch that plaid hunk of junk into a “normal-sized shirt.” Not even a spell from Harry Potter can turn an item designed for some willowy young model into a cute long-sleeved shirt that can be worn by an older woman. It’s just not going to happen. Just work up enough courage to toss that item into the trash or donate it.

12 Primrose Everdeen Would Be Jealous

Between the flesh tones and the duck tail, I have a sneaking suspicion that @JustALittleKaios would be MUCH better ripping that item off and trying on another dress that actually fit her body.

Did Forever 21 rewatch The Hunger Games films and think to themselves “Hmmmm. Katniss Everdeen’s sister Prim was nicknamed ‘Little Duck’ because her shirt was always tucked out of her skirt. We should totally use that idea in our latest dress and it will become a brand new fashion statement!”

Pop culture jokes aside, it is always a bad sign when fabric bunches up like that. I don’t know if it is due to the fit or if it is due to the fact that this dress wasn’t crafted right, but I hope she shoved that item back on the hanger.

Even if she COULD find some way to smooth down the ducktail, who wants to wear a dress and constantly have to worry that the fabric is going to bunch up to form a VERY visible lump on one’s tookus? I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t want to wear a walking wardrobe malfunction and deal with that stress. No one wants to think about their clothes ripping apart in public. Just nope, nope, nope!

11 Meggings Designed By Scary Spice

Meggings are a bit of a joke on the Internet, but some men—such as Huffington Post contributor Aimee Heckel—enjoy wearing this new trend because they’re designed for the male body and allow for more range of motion, especially when working out.

Personally, I feel if we ladies can get away with wearing leggings as pants, then I see no reason why men can’t join in on the fun and wear ‘em too.

That being said, meggings are all fine and dandy, but it’s astounding that Forever 21 thought that LEOPARD PRINT was a good pattern to include in their line. I don’t think that even the most hipster-y of all hipster dudes would want to touch a pair of leopard print leggings with a 10-foot pole, let alone try them on and actually have a courage to wear them outside.

Not that I can blame them, of course. Leopard print is one of those things that most people can’t pull off. I had a furry pink leopard print reversible vest and I want to die a little inside from embarrassment because my teenage self thought it was a good idea to wear it when I met Hanson at a meet-and-greet for their album This Time Around.

To any brave soul that is thinking of buying these meggings: just don’t. You’ll regret it forever, trust me.

10 Hire More Creatives, Dagnabit

Jamie Corbett’s a comedian that was trying to be snarky about Forever 21’s choice of designs on their clothes, but he does have a good point about how ridiculous their slogans are.

Heck, just a few entries above there’s a photo of a t-shirt that says “My Best Friend Is A Mermaid” and THAT is one of the less weird slogans that they have used in the past.

Knowing Forever 21, they’d see this tweet, wouldn’t get the joke and would say “Ooo, this is a good idea for a t-shirt!” Three months later, they would debut a new baseball shirt with a stock photo of a taco underneath the slogan “I like tacos” with a smiley face emoji at the end. In all honesty, I’m shocked they haven’t already done something like this even BEFORE @JustJamiie posted this tweet.

The company REALLY needs to move away from the ridiculous slogans, because people are going to get tired of such nonsense and won’t buy the items, no matter how hard they try to market it as “quirky.” Time for Forever 21 to hire some really creative designers that can come up with trendy items that don’t make them look utterly foolish!

9 Tale As Old As Time..

Anyone else start to sing the theme song from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, or am I the only one that wondered if this hat is a subtle shout-out to Belle and Prince Adam?

Well played, Forever 21, well played. The rose is a nice nod to the enchanted rose from the animated film that was a constant reminder to the Beast/Prince Adam that time was running out to break the spell and the slogan is a hilarious reference to everyone’s favorite fuzzy ruler.

I personally wouldn’t purchase the hat because I don’t like wearing baseball caps, but I’d crack up if I saw someone wearing this out in public because I’d run up and start gushing about how much I adore the original Beauty and the Beast too.

That being said, as amusing as this cap is, I’m not sure how many people would actually buy it since there are WAY cuter t-shirts and such from Disney that AREN’T rip-offs and they will probably last a lot longer than this thing.

Besides, I don’t know if anyone other that die-hard Disney fans would get the joke and most people would just think that the store had lost their minds during the designing phase of this cap.

8 Preach The Gospel Truth, My Dude

This tweet from @Lalevantine pretty much sums up what trying to buy ANY sort of cool-looking jacket from Forever 21 entails. If there’s not some sort of weird slogan bedazzled with rhinestones in the back, then there’s some sort of random embroidery. The sucky part is that it’s not usually tasteful and discreet — it’s usually bold and in your face.

Sometimes I wonder if the designers for the company had a few drinks, watched the Suicide Squad film and took just a little TOO MUCH inspiration from Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn. There’s really no other explanation for why some of their jackets are practically dripping in fake jewels and gaudy embroidery.

People used to make fun of the Ed Hardy line back when I was in high school and college for being way too “in your face,” but even if it wasn’t my cup of tea, I’ll give them credit in that at least their designs looked like vintage tattoos and not some sort of weird Harley Quinn inspired fever dream like Forever 21.

Seriously, they need to PUT DOWN THE BEDAZZLER and lay off the quirky slogans. It’s okay to just have a plain old jacket, my dudes and trust me, the world won’t end if you don’t add rhinestones to the back of it.

7 Tone Deaf Much, Sis

Forever 21 has come up with some pretty wacky designs, but this one is just so darn tone deaf and insensitive that my jaw dropped when I saw this tweet.

@Dalenaletmeknow has every right to be mad at the company for approving this stupid shirt. First of all, there’s WAY more to Mexican and Mexican-American culture than a flipping CACTUS, an ear of corn, and a SOMBRERO.

Like what kind of nonsense is this?

Second, you’d think the designers would have at least seen one of the “cultures are NOT costumes” that make the rounds on social media websites like Tumblr or Facebook and realized that putting stereotypes of someone’s culture onto a bland white t-shirt is a TERRIBLE idea.

Third, this is SO RIDICULOUSLY TONE DEAF, especially given the racism that many Mexicans and Mexican-Americans face in our society today. One of the higher-ups should have canceled this idiotic design the minute they saw it, but perhaps they were taking a nap and someone that was utterly clueless about such matters went behind their back to get it approved.

Whatever the story behind this t-shirt is, there’s only one thing to do: stop production and toss the remaining items into a bonfire while taking the steps to ensure that such a terrible misstep never, ever happens again.

6 Let Overalls Stay Dead

Really, a green sweatshirt crop top? Can ANYONE please tell me who or what really needs to wear something like that? Isn’t the entire point of a sweatshirt to KEEP YOU WARM, especially after (or during) a workout session? Let me tell you, a crop-top sweatshirt isn’t going to do JACK to keep your stomach warm when you’re exercising and it is a wee bit chilly in the gym or outside.

I’m also baffled by the onesie looking thing in the beginning because good lord, HOW IS THAT COMFORTABLE? It HAS to be a total pain when nature calls and you’re running as fast as you can to the bathroom.

I’m also curious as to what someone would do if (and let’s be real, when) those snaps fall off. Do you take this to a seamstress so that he or she can put new ones on or is the answer to simply chop off that bit of fabric so it turns into a regular old t-shirt? Inquiring minds want to know!

Finally — overalls? Are they kidding me? Who is even going to wear that? I haven’t worn a pair nor seen anyone wearing overalls since I was little. Just let some ‘90s trends stay dead, jeez.

5 Zenon: Girl Of The 21st Century Is Laughing So Hard Right Now

Who designed these leggings, Zenon? I can’t be the only ‘90s kid that saw this and thought that they look EXACTLY like some of the costumes from that old Disney Channel Original Movie Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century.

If I didn’t know any better, I would have thought that this was something created for Phillip Rhys’s character Proto Zoa since I vaguely recall him wearing some kind of silver leather jacket when he was singing "Super Nova Girl" at the end of Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century.

I’m honestly baffled that some designer was like “Ah yes, let’s put shiny silver material over plain old black leggings. That will be a total hit with the Millennials today, since they are nostalgic for everything Disney and this looks like something Zenon or Proto Zoa would wear.”

I hate to break it to you Forever 21, but while many ‘90s kids are nostalgic for the good old days, we do NOT want to wear leggings that make us look like we walked off the set of a kid’s movie set in a futuristic space station.

You’d think that they’d realize this after seeing that NO ONE has touched those things, but some people are slow learners I guess.

4 Abraham Lincoln Said The Only Thing To Fear Is Fear Itself

As a former English major, current bookworm, and Poe fan, I laughed hysterically when I realized that Forever 21 attributed the quote on the shirt to George Bernard Shaw instead of the incomparable Edward Allen Poe.

It’s even more embarrassing for Forever 21 when one Instagram commenter, @Kat_Amaran, pointed out in the thread that Shaw a) never wrote much about being in love and b) on the rare occasions that he did, it wasn’t a positive thing. Unlike Poe, whose work was often inspired by his wife’s long battle with tuberculosis and her early death. All of this is easily fact checked, and it is utterly baffling that the company didn’t have someone use Google to make sure that it was the correct author.

@Lbrooklke also noted that this shirt was the last one on the rack and there are potentially dozens of young women frolicking around wearing this shirt with a MAJOR literary misprint on it. I’m not sure whether I should laugh or cry about that.

This shirt COULD have been a good way to inspire young people to read Poe but instead, it is now the laughing stock of the literary nerd world. Good job, Forever 21.

3 Kitten: 1, Designer: 0

No matter how old I get, I will NEVER understand how designing shirts with holes in them is a “trendy look.” Ripped-up jeans are one thing since they have been fashionable since practically the dawn of time, but this is a white t-shirt. It is ALREADY pretty much see-through and you want to add to that? NOPE, NOPE, NOPE.

The designer must have been dreaming if they thought this would appeal to the young generation. It doesn’t look “cool."

It looks like a kitten decided to practice their scratching on this shirt when it was hanging up in the closet or something.

@KrisMirano has a good point — why on earth would ANYONE shell out $13.50 for a thin white t-shirt that has holes all over it when they can simply hit up their local thrift shop and find a threadbare t-shirt in the exact same condition for a much cheaper price?

Plus, even if someone DID want to fork over the money for this thing, they’d have to wear a flesh-colored undershirt because ANY brassiere is going to show, no matter what color someone wears. If they don’t have one, then they’re going to have to go out and buy one and that means coughing up some extra dough. I don’t need to a crystal ball to know that’s not going to fly with a lot of shoppers.

2 Cue Shopping-Induced Migraine

The look on the guy’s face in the meme is pretty much the same expression everyone that is older and found themselves shopping at Forever 21 for one reason or another has made when they picked up an item.

Heck, I wouldn’t be surprised if Forever 21 really DID design and produce a jacket with the words “Mondays Suck” in big, bold letters that you can see from half a block away on the back. That seems like the bizarre yet tacky approach they’d go for.

It’s like yes, no one likes Mondays, but it is just a wee bit outlandish to essentially scream that for all the world to hear with an embroidered jacket so bright it would make Walt Disney throw up. Tone it down Forever 21, jeez.

It’s one thing to have a few “quirky” items in your store or in your line, but they take it to a whole different level. I thought the Ed Hardy leather jacket my little sister bought from the department store here in Brooklyn was gaudy with its studs and ginormous embroidered skull on the back, but I quickly learned that I was terribly wrong the minute she dragged me to Forever 21 in the city and I picked up one of their shirts.

1 Bozo The Clown Thinks This Is Ridiculous

Forever 21 considers these ugly as sin things pants? Really? Are they kidding me? I don’t blame @Vpapaderos for laughing hysterically at the design or for urging @Sofpapa84 to try them on for a good chuckle. I would’ve done the exact same thing with my friends when I was her age.

Can these “clubbing pants” even be considered ACTUAL pants since there’s a big space on the legs?

Between the ridiculous design and the vomit-inducing print, I can’t see how ANYONE would want to wear something like that.

It doesn’t look like clubbing gear, it looks like a used prop from Austin Powers or That ‘70s Show. I’ve seen belly dance pants that were HOMEMADE that looked WAY better than this pair of “pants” from Forever 21.

Although the funniest part about this Instagram post is that @Ms_Nessa_Ness84 remarked that it took poor @Sofpap84 20 MINUTES to put these things on. I just have a hilarious mental image of someone struggling to shove their legs through the “pants.” Just a young girl, swearing up a storm because their foot keeps getting stuck in the cut out areas. I know that if I tried these things on for a good chuckle with my friends, that’s what would happen with me since I’m pretty uncoordinated.

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