26 Times We Felt Like Signing Off Of The Internet

As humans, we have always been at the top of the food chain. We are intelligent, powerful, persevering and sometimes, apparently, very dumb. Sure, we may think there are plenty of dumb people all over the world. There are over 7 billion of us after all, there’s bound to be someone like that. And we may have even had an encounter with a dumb person ourselves. It could have been our friendly neighbor that believed our planet is flat. Or it could have been our old aunt that didn’t believe in global warming, no matter how much evidence we show her.

But these days, thanks to how widespread the internet and smartphones have become, we tend to notice them a lot more. We need to think about how many people we know have an account on social media. Which is why we believe some people should be banned from accessing any computers or smartphones. And although we can choose to unfollow some of the people who share dumb things online, there are some posts that are so dumb that they actually deserve to get a comment or at least a ‘like’.

While we are fearing for the future of humanity, we also decided to take some of the “best and brightest” in the category of ridiculous posts from people and share them with us.

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26 How Old Were They When They Were Born?

On one hand, we could say that this man is right, because no one turns 0, and no one really celebrates their actual day of birth when they are born with a birthday cake. But then on the other hand, how could he possibly forget that there are numbers that have 0 in them? Did he go from being 9 straight to the age of 11? We don’t think so. But at least we have proof that sometimes, it’s actually possible to forget certain numbers exist.

25 London, New York or Tokyo?

We’re not sure where to start with this one. We could go for one of the world’s attractive tourist spots like Greece. Or we could make a pun and talk about turkeys in Turkey. There’s also Trump’s biggest enemy at the moment, Mexico. Or talk about the current sad state of Puerto Rico. And all of these are just from the top of our heads. We still don’t know how people mistook Europe for a country, or how that one person claiming to be from England managed to misspell it so badly.

24 A Classic Song About Chasing Dreams

This girl was really ‘Jason waterfalls’ when she posted the tweet without looking up the actual name of the song. But after some research, we realized that people don’t actually know the lyrics of this Grammy-nominated song.

For years, people thought the group was singing about some guy.

Whether that was ‘Go Go’ or ‘Don’t go’, it’s up to you, but we’re here to tell you that the correct lyrics are ‘Don’t go chasing waterfalls’ and the song talks about chasing impossible dreams. You’re welcome.

23 What Was He Trying To Say?!

Where do we even start with this one?! We’re not quite sure what the highlight is here. Whether it’s the fact that Africa is in lowercase. Or the sad attempt at making a text heart. Or the terrible misspelling of Connecticut.

Or even the fact that the only error the person noticed is that they started the sentence with a lowercase M. The possibilities are practically endless. In the meantime, we were wondering if anyone has visited the kids in africa, or has seen the beauty of Connetcoot?

22 Let’s Go Shopping!

When we were young all the adults kept telling us that we shouldn’t share any personal information on the internet because it’s dangerous. Now, we’ve grown up and we’ve even managed to make lifelong friends and meet partners thanks to sharing personal information online.

But there is a certain line you definitely shouldn’t cross, and sharing your credit card with complete strangers is one of them.

It’s even worse that she also shared her CVC code. All we have to say to her is to have fun repairing her credit score.

21 Fun Fact

The more you know has turned into the dumber you become. If you’re a seasoned driver, you may already know what those bumps are for, and you may have even used them before.

But for all of you out there that have no idea, these bumps are on the steering wheel so that you don’t have to look away from the road when you want to press the horn. It’s definitely convenient, and definitely not for blind people who can’t even see the road.

20  You’re Fanta-Stick

Several years ago, everyone on the internet was obsessed with a picture that later became a very popular meme. And that picture is now called ‘Imagine How Is Touch The Sky’, which makes no sense, right?

There were a few theories about the possible meaning behind the picture, and to this day none of them have been confirmed.

However, in the meantime, other similar pictures started to pop up online, where people tried to make a puzzle out of them. Fun fact: these types of puzzles are called ‘Rebus’. And then we get to the part where people try all kinds of combinations to crack the code. Fantastic.

19 Is There Another Option?

This would be like someone saying “I hope I get to be a person when I grow up” or something equally ridiculous. Can you have multiple daughters that are boys? How does biology work in this girl’s mind?

Or perhaps the issue is that she doesn’t know enough English. We’re still trying to figure it out. Hopefully, someone was nice enough to explain everything to her. We’d feel pretty bad if all she did is just get laughed at all over the internet.

18 They Should Have Used Bigger Fans

Last year’s Hurricane Irma was listed as the most devastating hurricane in the past couple of years. It reached Category 5 and managed to devastate everything in its path.

There are plenty of locations that were in the way of the hurricane that are still recovering to this day.

And sure, we’ll try to understand all of these people who thought getting a fan to blow in the opposite direction would be helpful. Especially since hurricanes are terrifying and extremely dangerous. But we also wonder whether they have studied basic physics.

17 Isn’t It Ironic?

The older generations really love getting a kick out of commenting on how the younger people are always on their phones. And we can see a great example of that in the photo.

But the most ironic thing is that the person who posted this photo actually had to take their phone out and take it. Thus, contributing to the overuse of smartphones. Maybe they should have taken a selfie with their daughter and posted the photo same caption. But only ironically, of course.

16 Pork Lion

The Iberian pork actually refers to a certain breed of pig that comes from the Iberian Peninsula in Spain. It’s an ancient breed called Cerdo Iberico, which has black hooves and has been living in the woodland parts of western Spain, eating acorns for thousands of years.

Apparently, it is supposed to be amazing.

Sure, the person that shared this photo may have misread the word ‘loin’, but the word ‘pork’ is right next to it. They even mention the food tasted like pork themselves!

15 Maybe It’s Complicated

The model in the photo is Tayane Leao, who comes from Brazil. She has been known in the modeling industry since 2009 when she won the Ford Supermodel of the World contest. Perhaps the person who posted the relationship status was just hoping no one noticed the picture of the girl.

Because her name is definitely not Vitoria. But we guess they had no luck in that department. And we’re still wondering why they decided to post a photo of the model because Facebook posts the pictures of both people when a relationship status is updated.

14 Mother Nature Works In Mysterious Ways

The most popular mountain in the USA, Mount Rushmore took 14 years to complete. The faces of four US presidents are carved on it, those being George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln.

The idea for the sculpture came from Doane Robinson, and the sculpture itself was made by Gutzon Borglum.

So no, this is not the magical work of mother nature. Unless you try to make a stretch by saying nature made humans and then they made the sculpture.

13 This Sandwich Has A Weird Taste

On one hand, we already know about the story of the vengeful wife who left the plastic on the cheese of her husband’s sandwich on purpose. She had even written ‘Not Sorry’ on top of the plastic.

This was because the husband called his wife a ‘sandwich maker’ and made her mad. But with this photo, we’re not sure whether this person’s significant other is following the footsteps of the story we mentioned. Or if they are either a terrible or a forgetful cook.

12 The Statue Of... Eiffel?

Here’s a fun fact about the Eiffel Tower: a con man called Victor Lustig managed to “sell” the Eiffel Tower twice back in 1925. But back to the ‘Statue of Liberty’ in the picture.

First thing’s first, we’re not sure where this girl is from, but we doubt it’s easy to mistake a tower for a statue.

And one is located in the States, on an island no less, while the other is in France, and on land. But maybe the girl was going off the fact that both are representations of freedom. Who knows.

11 What Happens If You Have Triplets?

Going off of Shelby’s very sound logic, that is a really long time to spend with a couple of babies in your tummy. There’s plenty of people who have gone through a pregnancy or two and always warn others about the troubles they faced.

It’s definitely not an easy time. But then if it really took 18 months for a pregnancy with twins, because each must take turns to develop, imagine being pregnant for 27 months. Those babies would certainly take their time.

10 Shadows Are Confusing

As we can see from the comment that this guy has made, shadows can be very confusing. If he’s having trouble getting around the fact that the different color on the tennis racket doesn’t produce a shadow, we hope he never sees a flame.

He is going to be so confused when he notices that fires don’t actually produce shadows.

Or what would happen if he went to an art show that featured installations with shadows. His mind would be blown!

9 In West Philadelphia Born And Raised

In case you’re wondering, much like the person who posted this tweet, that actually is Will Smith, the actor that plays the part of Will Smith in the popular TV series. Just like with Michael J. Fox playing a guy named ‘Michael’ in Spin City.

It’s just something that happens in writers’ rooms of TV shows. First, they write the story and characters, and then a casting director comes in and hires actors. But sure, we’ll go along with the tweet and agree that the resemblance is uncanny.

8 Eighty-what?!

As a joke, several months ago, people misspelled ‘Bon Appetite’ in the most ridiculous ways. But it all started with someone trying to spell the popular French phrase and failing terribly.

So there were different variations, including ‘Bone Apple Tea’, ‘Bone App The Teeth’ and even ‘Boneless Teeth’.

Unfortunately, no jokes stemmed from this tweet, where the girl is trying to claim that she has Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or ADHD. But we’d definitely love to see more variations of common acronyms from her.

7 Newest Model Of Camo Jackets

We’ve seen plenty of people making the same old joke whenever they see someone dressed in camouflage, about how they don’t see anyone there. But this is just taking the joke to a whole new level.

What once was innocent online banter, this man has turned into what seems to be a profitable business endeavor. Unless of course, both of them are joking, just for the sake of some online recognition and getting their 5 minutes in the spotlight. Whatever the case, it’s funny and dumb enough for our list.

6 Did She Growed It Out?

Here is another status where we are not sure what’s the point that was being made. Of course, we understand that the girl got a haircut. But the part where it went back to being curly is confusing.

Did she expect to have straight hair forever after her appointment?

Was she happy it went back to curly? Does she know that she’s actually talking about camping gear in her comment? Sure, she’s trying to say ‘tense’ but at what cost? Her spelling is ridiculous all over!

5 Get Ready To Cringe

Does the person who posted this picture know how elevators work? They are supposed to take you from one floor to another. Of course, there is going to be a button for the floor you’re on! The buttons don’t just magically disappear when they get to your floor.

What would happen to someone who wanted to get to your floor? There is absolutely no logic behind this photo and we are very surprised and how dumb this person must be.

4 Flying Turtle

Assuming that the kid in the photo is at some kind of a petting zoo, that’s a really cute picture. Although, we do recommend to all parents out there to avoid posting too many pictures of their children of social media.

The most confusing part of the entire picture is obviously Jonathan’s comment, whoever he is.

And the question that stems from his comment is whether he’s never seen a bird or a turtle in his life before. It will remain an unsolved mystery for sure.

3 Too Many Twins Have Been Affected

Yes, there was Lindsey Lohan in The Parent Trap. But there was also Adam Sandler playing his twin sister in Jack and Jill. And Lisa Kudrow in Friends. And we can’t forget Leonardo DiCaprio’s twin in The Man in the Iron Mask, a role that got him a Golden Raspberry.

Perhaps this person has never thought about what goes on behind the scenes of movies and how Hollywood works. But perhaps it’s actually better to live in blissful ignorance and not think about the complexities of show business.

2 These Synonyms Look Delicious

The joke about misspelling cinnamon rolls goes back all the way to 2011 and stems from a teacher’s blog post. But the joke has been around for so long that there are actually new additions to the synonym rolls.

And they include more lexicology.

Specifically, it includes people trying to say the words ‘synonym rolls’ using all sorts of synonyms. There were people trying to make ‘sweet glazed rolls’ and even ‘equivalent rolls’. And we can’t forget the best part is making them just like ‘grammar’ used to.

1 Young People And Their Technology

People born in the 2000s and later are never going to know the struggles of having to long press a button to unlock a phone. And having a keyboard right on your phone. Which also meant having to press the same button four times in order to get to the letter ‘S’.

And don’t even get us started on punctuation marks. That’s why the young people of those days invented all kinds of acronyms, from LOL and ROFL to BAE and DMs. They were so inventive, they even came up with social media!

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