29 Superhero Inspired Newborn Photoshoots That Your Inner Geek Will Love

You do not need to be a comic book or superhero geek to get on board with this list! It's basically just cute little babies in colorful superhero costumes, but boy are they adorable! And if you happen to be a true superhero fanatic, you have officially found the best baby list on the internet. From Superman and Batman, to even the Avengers, there's something for everyone's superhero-loving heart. Knowing that we have all these superheroes fighting crime and making sure our planet is safe will definitely make you feel very safe.

These 29 adorable superheroes will brighten your day and give you something to smile about!

29 Let's start with Superman.

He's ready to save the world, but he has to take a short nap first. Because, you know, priorities.

28 That's OK though, since he has plenty of friends to help him.

After they all take a nap, of course.

27 Look at how adorable this one is with his cute Clark Kent glasses!


26 And this one with his cover up outfit.

Nope, can't tell he's Superman at all.

25 Here's Batman with his squad

Look at how adorable and tiny he is! ?

24 Batman is also a big fan of napping.

It's the best way to get ready for a night of crime fighting!

23 Look at that cute little Batman pout.

Via: etsy.com

Dreaming of driving his batmobile.

22 Here's Spiderman also chillin' with his besties.

Actual squad goals.

21 Just a normal Peter taking a normal nap.


20 Here's Wonder Woman being a true boss, while also looking flawless.

How adorable is her crochet costume?

19 And here she is making sure Superman is safe.

Via: etsy.com

Gotta keep an eye on everyone.

18 Look at this one with her fluffy tutu.

So darn cute!

17 Here's Wolverine looking all badass with his claws.

Look at that hair though!

16 And here he is taking a nap, because, guess what? Superheroes love napping.

Via: etsy.com


15 Here's Flash dreaming of all his superhero friends.

FOMO is real.

14 And here he is catching up with them.

Via: anniejanephotography.com

Superhero gatherings seem like so much fun!

13 Look at Green Lantern being all cozy.

Via: etsy.com

More like Green Naptern.

12 Here's a cute little Ninja Turtle ready for some adventures.

Also wondering where the others are.

11 And here's one living the best life anyone could live.

Via: etsy.com

The pizza life. ???

10 Look at Captain America putting his shield to the best possible use.


9 And here he must have dreamt of pulling a prank on Iron Man.

Judging from his face, it went as planned.

8 Look at Thor being all peaceful and cute.

But also making sure his mjolnir hammer is safe.

7 This one is pure perfection!

Look at the tiny feet!

6 Here's Iron Man thinking of ways to prank Captain America.

Via: etsy.com

While being utterly adorable.

5 And here he is with Captain America.

Via: netnews.vn

Just doing superhero things.

4 Look at Hulk with the gang.

Why so serious, Hulk?

3 Sorry, I'll never ask you again.

Don't be sad, Hulk! Your friends will come back. They're probably just changing costumes and helping grandmas cross the street.

2 Much better.

Friends make everything better.

1 And last but not least, here are the Avengers taking a good ol' group nap, because superheroes may be strong and powerful, but they (just like the rest of us) can't resist a nice long nap.

Who could blame them?

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