It's 30 Going On 13 For These People Whose Parents Still Treat Them Like Children

Think having a college degree, a solid career and a family of our own makes us an adult? Not according to these parents. In their eyes, their children will always be their little princes and princesses. Anyone who’s never been treated like a child by their parents (since they’ve become an adult that is), will find these stories hilarious. As for the poor souls who know exactly what these people are going through, well, we guess they’ll just shake their head in total sympathy and understanding.

Embarrassed adults around the world share their own pictures and stories of how their parents still treat them like children. From instructions on eating a kiwi to the adult man still made to sit on his dad’s shoulders, these parents need to learn to let go. Fast.

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15 Because every 30-year-old wants a Ninja Turtles birthday cake

We’re not sure how this guy felt about receiving a gigantic Ninja Turtles cake for his birthday. If we took one spontaneous guess, we’d probably say the guy was feeling anywhere between a 5-year-old and a 10-year-old when he received that cake. To be fair, the cake looks amazing. And it must have taken a lot of effort to make it. It’s no amateur cake that’s for sure. Even so, this is the kind of cake we’d give to a young child or maybe, at the latest, a teenager. It’s not exactly fit for a 30-year-old, is it?

Sometimes parents seem to forget their kids have grown up. While this guy may have been a Ninja Turtles fan as a child, he probably isn’t digging them anymore. Even if he is, we don’t think he appreciates them making it so obvious by brandishing it on an enormous cake. However, it is a common occurrence that parents hold on to the likes their children used to have. Maybe this guy’s parents don’t know what he’s into anymore. If this guy wasn’t so polite, we’d imagine his answer would be something like, ‘’Anything but this. Anything but Ninja Turtles!’’ We guess he could send them the link to this article so they can figure it out for themselves.

14 Say cheese!

This young woman’s mom insisted that she have her picture taken with the balloon. And we can see her reaction to this request in the picture above. Let’s just say she looks anything but impressed. It’s her 28th birthday and she is being made to have her picture taken with a bright pink balloon that looks more like it was made for a 9-year-old. In other words, we can see why she wouldn’t be in the best of moods. We think we’d feel the same. Parents don’t seem to realize that their adult children don’t like being treated like little kids. We know this is a just a proud and excited mom, but she needs to give her daughter some space.

When parents pull tricks like this, what they don’t realize is that their kids only resent them for it. We doubt this girl felt like the adult woman she is when she received this little girl’s balloon with a big butterfly on it. It’s no surprise she didn’t smile for the camera. She’s clearly too old to be doing stuff like that anymore. And we know for sure we would also be feeling as unimpressed as that girl looks if the same happened to us.

13 When your mom leaves instructions on how to eat a kiwi

Cutting a kiwi shouldn't require instructions. Yet this girl's mom seemed to think instructions were necessary. A mother can pass on a lot of wisdom to her child. Who knew cutting a kiwi was one of life's great lessons? Some parents cannot or do not want to let go and so it can happen that the child also gets an instruction how to cut open a kiwi. Actually, one should think that a kiwi would be easy to open/eat.

Does eating a kiwi really require a manual?

Maybe there are people who do not know how to open a kiwi and that's why a little guide can sometimes be very helpful. And let's be honest, who wouldn’t want a little note with a lovingly painted picture of how to open a kiwi? There is an internet guide for everyone and everything, so why not for your own child. If it's just a little guide how to open a kiwi, maybe it's just a way of expressing her love for her child and showing she cares. Unfortunately, there are also the kind of parents who are really serious and their adult children with 18/25 or even older, who they treat like children. It is not only not good for the psyche of the adult, it also causes conflicts in the parent/child relationship.

12 She still needs dad’s permission?

In his own old-fashioned way, this father is only trying to protect his daughter. We’re just not sure if it’s appropriate to measure the length from her shorts to her knee in order to keep her safe. It must be frustrating for this young woman who is clearly old enough to make her own decisions and wear what she wants. Someone needs to remind her dad that. Surely he can tell whether her shorts are too short just by looking at them. He doesn’t need a measuring stick to confirm his beliefs. Or perhaps he’s just trying to prove a point to his daughter?

Imagine having to endure this every time we go out in shorts or a skirt! What a nightmare! To be fair to the guy (and to all parents out there who act in a similar way), he is only doing it because he cares. We always tend to think they’re doing these things to make us miserable. In reality, they’re just doing it because they want to protect us and keep us safe. Our parents have a different perspective sometimes. We have to respect that. But also have the courage to speak up about it.

11 We bet this guy didn’t wish for this on his 21st birthday

Via: reddit.com

Turning 21 is a big deal for most people. It’s a time when you’re becoming an adult and a big celebration because, let’s cut to the chase, you can legally drink. We bet this guy had a number of wishes when he blew out his 21 birthday candles, but we doubt one of them consisted of his dad holding him on his shoulders. To mark the occasion of his son’s birthday, this dad posted this picture on Facebook and, no doubt, his son was left red-faced to say the least. We know we’d be cringing if the same thing happened to us. So we totally feel for this guy.

Frankly, he doesn’t look too impressed in the picture.

Then again, how many 21-year-old dudes want to be carried on their dad’s shoulders? It’s not the coolest thing in the world. The picture on the left looks cute and normal. Most dads carry their sons on their shoulders. The picture on the right, however....well, we don’t have any words to describe it. Let’s just say we like the first picture better. We know what wish this son should be making when he blows out the candles and we bet you do too.

10 It’s the thought that counts

We bet this guy was super happy to get a Hello Kitty onesie from his mom. At least he found the funny side. If he didn’t, he wouldn’t have posted a selfie of him wearing the onesie. As sweet as it was that his mom bought him a present, what was she thinking? What in her mind made her believe her son would want a pink and white onesie? It’s not an outfit most adult women would wear, let alone a grown up guy. This guy looks like he is at least 30. The last thing he wants in his closet is a Hello Kitty onesie. We’re just glad he finds the funny side because if it were us, we doubt we’d be taking selfies and posting them online. We’d be shoving that onesie to the back of our wardrobe. But the better alternative really is to set things straight with mom.

Explain why the Hello Kitty onesie just isn’t something you would get any use out of. It’s better to be honest than to keep receiving Hello Kitty onesies that you’ll never wear. Sometimes it pays to be cruel to be kind.

9 This married father of three doesn’t need his mom’s sandwiches anymore

His mom, on the other hand, disagrees. In spite of him being 34 years old, married and a father of three (a grown up basically), she seems to think he still needs his mom to bring him sandwiches to work every day. And you won’t believe the lengths she goes to in order to make sure he gets them. According to this guy, his mom has to get a security card from the front desk guard, take the elevator up three floors and sneak into his office to leave the surprise pack of sandwiches. Some may call it sweet. Others would find another word for it. A less positive word.

Or maybe this guy just can’t part from his mom’s sandwiches?

You can see in this picture the bagged sandwiches with a sticky note attached that reads: ‘’love mom.’’ If we were 34 years old and our mom was doing the same thing to us, we can’t say we’d be too pleased about it. Would you if your mom were doing the same? She had the chance to treat him like a child when he was one. She needs to treat him like the adult man he is now. And an adult man, believe it or not, can make his own sandwiches.

8 The work of an overprotective father

Getting your first car is always exciting. By the looks of it, this woman’s car was a present from her father. How cool is that? Yep, it certainly looks like a cool car. Until you see that giant sign on the bottom left corner of the back of the car. This woman wouldn’t have stuck this one willingly. We’re guessing her father stuck it on for her – maybe it was the deal breaker of getting the car. Her father either did it or told her to do it if she wanted the car. Either way, that kind of thing has got to slay the excitement of getting your first car. Who wants to drive around with that on the back of their motor?

At least she’s got the car on her side, though. It’s bad enough that she has to have that sticker degrading her vehicle but at least the car is nice. It kind of draws your eyes away from the sticker. Then again, we don’t think she’d have sealed a deal on a Ford Pinto or a Reliant Robin. We’re just curious, though. How many calls do you think dad’s got so far? We bet she’s driving as carefully as possible. She’s not going to risk losing that car is she?

7 The smiley-face lunch never gets old...when you’re five

A 21-year-old woman confessed that her father makes her the same smiley-face sandwich lunch every time she goes round. While it’s sweet that her dad still puts that much effort into constructing such an imaginative and entertaining lunch, he’s got to remember that his daughter isn’t five years old anymore. Sure, this lunch would indeed be entertaining for a child, but his daughter is a young woman. We know a lot of parents deal with the same situation where they fail to remember that their children actually aren’t children anymore. But they need to realize it.

Not all kids get such an artistic lunch.

It sounds like it’s time for his daughter to confront him about it. She doesn’t have to be mean about it. She can tell him in a perfectly fair way that won’t offend him. All she needs to do is explain that while she loves the energy he puts into her lunches, she feels like a child when he does it and she’d prefer that he steer clear of making artwork out of her food. Or something like that anyway. We know she doesn’t want to hurt his feelings. But if it makes her feel like a child, she should definitely make her feelings clear and heard.

6 Mum just wants you to be warm

Via: reddit.com

The look on that guy’s face ....priceless. Though we can understand why. How many 40-year-old men want a knitted baby blue hat? The worst part of it is, now his mum has knitted that hat for him as a Christmas present, he feels obliged to wear it every time he sees her. He doesn’t want to hurt her feelings after all. But here’s the reality: if he continues being polite and not saying anything, do you know what is going to happen? His mom is going to keep on knitting him hats. We know he doesn’t want to offend her, but in the long run, not saying anything is going to sting more.

For a woman, it wouldn’t so bad. Women do wear knitted hats. Guys, on the other hand, don’t really wear knitted hats – especially in that light shade of blue. We don’t think it would be such an issue if it was this mom’s daughter but she should have realized it wasn’t a guy’s kind of hat. We know these parents care, but we don’t know how they don’t see the obvious mistake they’re making. This guy should confront her about it before he gets even more hats.

5 You’re not officially an adult until you have kids... apparently

Via: reddit.com

Many parents seem to believe their kids are not adults until they have children of their own. It isn’t until their child has their own kids that they start treating them like a grown up. Frankly, we don’t see the sense in that. Nobody knows this better than this person. They are made to sit at the kid's table until they have their own kids and they’re not happy about it. But at least, they’re not afraid to say it’s not going to happen.

Why, after all, should you have children just so your parents don’t treat you like a kid anymore?

As a matter of fact, this is something many adults tend to do. When people have kids, they often don’t take those without kids as seriously. It’s unfair. We believe in that phrase each to their own. Everybody has the right to choose which path they take in life. Some prefer to have kids early in life, while others want them later or not at all. Nobody should be judged for it. Having kids doesn’t instantly make you an adult. Sure, it does change you. But that doesn’t mean it makes you more mature. Forget what your parents think and go your own way.

4 Every child needs to be vacuumed

This is the first time ever we’ve seen a mom vacuuming her child. Well, technically he’s not a child. He’s a grown man. But that’s not the way his mom sees him. In her eyes, he’s still her little boy who needs to be kept clean. And the way she does that is by regularly going over him with a little vacuum like you see in the picture. As annoying as this must be for this poor guy, we find his mom’s oblivious expression absolutely hilarious. She looks totally unaware that her son is taking a picture of the pair of them. Clearly, she’s too focused on the task at hand. Keeping her son clean is her number one priority. He may be in his 30s, but he still needs taking care of.

If only she realized he isn’t a kid anymore and that he can clean himself. As cute as it is that she cares so much, the guy doesn’t need her coddling him anymore. He doesn’t need to be vacuumed to stay clean. Somebody just needs to let his mom know that and we think it needs to be him. Just be straight with her. Unless you like it that is.

3 It’s never too late for pocket money, according to this dad

This isn’t the worst helicopter parenting we’ve witnessed. We doubt this person’s too unhappy about finding 20 dollar notes around their home when their father leaves. Apparently, this person’s dad makes a habit of sneaking money around their house every time he visits. We don’t think it would be that unpleasant to find cash hidden in the chandelier or underneath the guitar strings. But we’re not this person. It probably isn’t the best feeling when your dad thinks you still need pocket money.

It could definitely give some people a worthless sort of feeling.

While it’s quite adorable what this dad does, he should know better. It gives the impression that he doesn’t think his child can make their own money or that they need his money. Nobody wants to feel like they’re still being helped financially by their parents. Then again, they could look on the bright side and enjoy the treats. We guess it depends on the individual. However, we think most people would agree that this is an act of helicopter parenting. The dad can’t see his child as a grown up to feel the need to keep sneaking money around their home whenever he calls round.

2 It never ends

Via: reddit.com

For some people, the helicopter parenting never ends. This Reddit user made that clear for us. They’re 42 years old and they’re still being treated like a child by their mom. It’s not like they’re a teenager. They are in their 40s. By that age, we think anybody would know when to wear the right coat, when to shave, and how to hold a knife right. It’s frustrating enough to receive this coddling when you’re a teenager, but can you imagine how annoying it would be to still get the same treatment as a 40-year-old?

We’re not oblivious to the fact that this person’s mom obviously cares a lot. She just needs to do it in less of an overbearing way. She should know by now that her son is an adult and that he’s big enough now to know whether he’s wearing the right coat or in need of a shave. Unless she wants him to resent her, she should put a stop to this helicopter parenting and start treating him like a man. What man, after all, wants to be treated like a little kid? You may think this is cute, but if you were in the same position, you know you’d be on the same page as this person.

1 We know what would make her feel better

Via: reddit.com

If her mom stopped treating her like a child, then yes, she probably would feel a lot better. We know a parent will never stop caring about their child, no matter how old they are. But sometimes it’s just too much for some people. They’re happy parents care, but they don’t want to be treated like a kid. When she gets sick, she knows how to take care of herself. She doesn’t need mom treating her like a baby.

We’re sure she’ll be in a rush to call mom after this.

But this woman obviously knows it’s because her mom cares. You’ve seen a lot of examples on here of parents treating their kids like children and some of them are...extreme. While we know all of the parents on here just do these things because they care, they need to see their kids for who they are: adults. At 36, we presume this woman’s been sick enough times to know what to do and how to deal with it. She can take care of herself in spite of what mom may believe. Though your parents treated you like a child? That’s nothing in comparison to these examples on here, is it?

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